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Little Samson (NES)

Little Samson NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Taito America Corporation
Developed by: Takeru Co.
Released: 1992
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

A feature of the game is the presence of four game characters, each of which has unique abilities. The first four levels are passed by each hero separately, which allows the player to become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses; In all subsequent levels, the player can switch at any time between the characters.
The game has a password system that provides direct access to various levels.


  • Little Samson is a young man named after the game. Is able to throw bells at opponents, jump higher than other characters and cling to walls and ceiling.
  • Kikira the Dragon is a fire-breathing dragon. It is able to attack opponents with fire and soar in the air for a while, which is especially useful at levels with jumps. The player can increase the strength of his attack by holding down the fire button, waiting for some time and releasing it (the volley's strength at the same time depends on the color that Kikira takes).
  • Gamm the Golem - golem. Large and awkward, moves slower than other characters, jumps low, can attack opponents with a blow of the hand in any of the four directions. Gets less damage from enemy attacks, can walk on spikes.
  • K.O. the Mouse is a mouse. Has the lowest level of health compared to other characters. Can walk on walls and ceiling, and also make their way into narrow passages, inaccessible to other characters. Can attack opponents, leaving behind a bomb.


The story told in the game is uncomplicated. The raging storm freed from captivity the dark prince, who decides to capture the whole world. The fate of the kingdom is under threat, and the king sends four heroes an order to come to his palace. From this moment begins the game part, in which the player will collect the heroes in the palace and lead them further into the liberation campaign.