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Star Control II (3DO)

Star Control 2 3DO
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)
Perspective: Top-down
Visual: 2D scrolling, Fixed / Flip-screen
Pacing: Real-Time
Gameplay: Arcade, Mini-Games
Interface: Direct Control
Vehicular: Space Flight
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Crystal Dynamics
Developed by: Accolade
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS

Star Control II is the continuation of the popular arcade game for Panasonic 3DO. The game has a wonderful story, many new races, as well as new spaceships. As in the previous part of the game Star Control, the game consists of two parts, the strategic part of the game and shooting. We, as before, the alliance has to face the race of unfriendly aliens. Capture the planet and fight a lot.


The Alliance of Free Stars was defeated in the war and each remaining race took one of two alternatives from the Hierarchy: to fight for the Hierarchy as slaves or to be isolated from the outside world by a slave shield. After conducting an all-planet referendum, the earthlings chose the second. The protagonist is a descendant of a member of the government project "Star Control", whose goal was to find and study artifacts left from the race of forerunners. A scientific expedition sent to the Vela system discovered a giant factory of the forerunner for the production of ships. When the shuttle did not come after them (due to the fall of the alliance in the war with the hierarchy), people decided to colonize the planet. When they were able to build the skeleton of the forerunner and provided it with a minimum necessary for survival, they sent it to the Earth to find out what had happened.


You have a modular flagship Vindicator (the name can be changed at the will of the player), accompanied by one cruiser Earthlings. During the game you will have to contact different races, and diplomacy will be more useful than military operations. To improve the ship, it is necessary to collect resources by dropping controlled probes on planets, and buying new technologies from the trading race of Mielnorm. The escort, accompanying the flagship, can reach 12 ships. Battles take place, as in the first part of the game, but with the death of the flagship, the game ends in defeat. There is a possibility of withdrawal from the battle of a separate ship or the entire fleet.

New races

Chmmr - a product of a close symbiosis of the races Chengessu and Mmrnmhrm. Appear at the end of the game. Ship: Avatar.
Pkunk is a branch of the Ekhats who long ago left their brethren in order to avoid constant wars. Ptsants have mental abilities that enable them to see the future. These abilities give them a fun nature. Pkanki became more like tukans than pterodactyls. Ship: Fury.
Supox are intelligent plants, symbiotic coexisting with the Utwigi. Ship: Blade.
Utwig is a humanoid race with highly ritualized behavior, all emotions are expressed by changing masks in strict accordance with the code. Mental abilities give them an opportunity to use the Ultron - mental amplifier of Forerunners, which is absolutely useless for other known races. The ship: Jugger.
Zoq-Fot-Pik - three symbiotic-connected races from one planet. In ancient times they began to live as one race, and since then they do not know which of them is Zok, who is Fot, and who is Pik. Ship: Sting.
Orz is a creature from a different dimension, which is mapped into perceived reality as a kind of fish. The speech is not translated completely due to the lack of suitable terms. Ship: Nemesis.
Melnorme - a race of merchants, reminiscent of sea stars, chairs or rolls. In wars do not participate, preferring to trade information in exchange for information. In the game there is only one representative of this race - the trade master Greenish from the ship Inevitably Successful under All Circumstances. Ship: Trader.
  • Druuge - a race of slavers, consisting of the Crimson Corporation. Ship: Mauler.
  • Thraddash is an aggressive race that looks like a cross between a boar and a rhinoceros. Their internecine conflicts destroyed the culture eighteen times (for the time of Star Control 2 events, as a result of the player's actions can be destroyed by the Ilvratov race), each time discarding their technological level several centuries ago. The ship: Torch.
  • Slylandro - gaseous creatures that live in a gas giant called Source. Since they can not leave their world, Slilendro, in exchange for information about himself as a form of life, have acquired an automatic self-reproducing probe from the Melnorms to explore the universe and attract intelligent life forms to their planet for communication. Ship: Probe.
  • ur-Kuany - the second branch of the Ur-Kuans, genetically modified Dnyarri, were used as workers and soldiers. Unlike managers and scientists (green Ur-Kuan Kzer-Za), who decided to preemptively enslave all races, the Black Ur-Kuans decided to prevent all foreign races preemptively in order to avoid possible enslavement, which is the second kind of player's loss (except the death of the flagship). Winning the war with doctrines from Kzer-Za and getting the right to act, they move along the galactic spiral, destroying all those who get in the way. Ship: The Marauder.

Changes in the position of races:

  • Androsinthes disappeared after the appearance of Orz in their system. Arilu, who are enemies of Orz, declare that Orzes destroyed them; Neutral trader Melnorm also leans toward this theory.
  • Ehaty, by order of his queen, are combat slaves of the Hierarchy. In this regard, in their noble society, prerequisites for a civil war are brewing.
  • Shofichsti blew up his star to destroy the Ur-Kwan's armada. The counted members of this race survived.
  • The races of Chengsu and Mmrnmhrm decided that to defeat the hierarchy they must merge into a new race - Chmrr.

End game

In the process of the game it is reported that you must win until January-February 2159. After this period, the Ur-Kwana Kor-A wins the war at the Ur-Kwan Kzer-Za, and begins a large-scale destruction of all races, including those who were subordinated to Ur-Kwanami Kzer-Za and acts as your enemies in the game . This takes them about a year and during this time you need to get past the game. Otherwise, after the destruction of all races, they attack your orbital base and inform you that you have lost.
It is interesting that after the "clean-up" of the Kor-A you can easily get those artifacts for which you had to carry out assignments, since the Kor-A destroy all the troops guarding artifacts. For example, a bomb Utwigov, women Shofiksti, artifact Mikonov.
Kor-A does not touch the planets that are "under the shield".
Although the Melnorms promise to "get out" of this sector of the galaxy by the beginning of the Cor-A procession, in reality they remain in the game until the very last moment.
If the Kor-A won the war against Kzer-Za and started the movement, then in this case Utwigi and Sapoksy will not go with them to battle. Also, the patrols of Kzer-Za, when they collide with you, can let you go without a battle.

Additional facts

Curious history is associated with Star Control 2. Accolade company was let out a rumor-joke that the game was fully developed by one programmer, who did not suit the ships from StarCon 1. So he added a game of ten more ships for each fleet, each of which was stronger any of the ships of the first StarCon. Learning about this, Accolade bought out the modified code, brought it into a divine appearance and began to sell.
The 3DO-version of the game is in a state of abandonware.


Do not let Pkunk's ships approach Yehat'y-Yehat will destroy them. Protect Zot-Fot-Pik from warlike Ur-Quan. Ur-Quan is a common name for Kohr-Ah and Kzer-Za. Kohr-Ah are black ships trying to destroy everything in this part of the galaxy. Kzer-Za (green ships) want to enslave everything and everything.
Without money, you do not buy fuel. To make a living, blast spacecraft or extract minerals and send them to Earth. Find Melnorme and trade. Note that Melnorme is always located wherever there is a supergiant star. You can use them as interstellar refueling.
To fully implement its stellar mission (to destroy the Sa-Matra), you need to solve several mandatory tasks. We list them.


The solution of this task is necessary for the success of your space mission. To collect an ultron, you need to get the components to it.

Crystal Spindle

The spindle is in Pkunk'a. They will give it to you if you visit their homeworld.

Aqua Helix

The spiral is on C, Draconis I, it controls Thraddash. To Thraddash handed it to you, you need to earn their respect - destroy a dozen of their two ships. Not having done this, visiting their home world is useless: you will be killed and only. Also do not steal the water spiral - this will lead the Thraddash into a frenzy.

Rosy Sphere

A pink ball is in Druuge on their trading planet. Druuge trades on slaves, the price of a pink ball is the crew members. But you can also exchange the ball for packing eggs with Muson (look for Brahe I).


You will find an ultron from Supox'a on P Librae. Put all other parts in the ultron using the "use" point. Deliver the ultron into the world of Utwig. They will provide you with a bomb, without which not to destroy the Sa-Matra. The bomb is on the second moon, on C, Hyades VI. When you arrive there, there will be five Druuge ships. They are not difficult to destroy, if you have the tools "Hellbore" and the system ATS. The easiest way to destroy space ships Druuge with the help of "Earthling Cruiser". Being at a sufficient distance, you will fire them with several nuclear charges. If you do so in a timely manner, Utwig and Supox will attack Kohr-Ah'a, and you will win time to defeat Ur-Quan'y (between the ninth and twelfth months).


Solving these problems is also a necessary condition for your progress. Ensure the destruction of Syra Mysop'om on the way to the former world of Syreen on p Copernicus I. Take the Syreen spacecraft from the vault to s Camelopardalis I. Go to Myeon, let them take the "Deep Child" from the new planet. On the way to Brahe I you lose most of the fleet. Have, however, in mind that you still have to fight with the five Muson's ships. From the surface of the planet, take the solar device (Sun Device). To inform Syreen about Syra, you should either buy information from Melnorme, or visit the ruined world and ask Musop why the destroyed worlds (for example, Brahe) are found only in their system.


On Gorno you will be mistaken for Ur-Quan'a, and Shofixti will attack your ships. Most importantly - do not kill him! Tell him who you are. As soon as Shofixti understands this, he will be happy to help you.
It is necessary to restore the population of Shofixti. A few Shofixti women you will find in Admiral Zex'a for a Cerenkov I. But in exchange he demands a huge and very aggressive creature with 6 Lyncis I. After receiving the creature, the admiral will try to capture you, but the creature with 5 Lyncis will free and kill the admiral, which will allow You get women Shofixti. Go back and give them to Tanaka. Two months later you will receive a ship Shofixti, in addition, you will be reduced the cost of the crew.
You will not be able to avoid civil war in the world of Shofixti. But later Yehat can give you the necessary spaceships.


The world of Umgah is held by the speaking animal (Talking Pet), you must get it. Get the shield "Taalo Pyshic" on 5 Vulpeculae I-s, do not be rude with Orz! The shield will protect you from the tricks of the talking animal. It will try to destroy you by sending to the battle with the Ur-Quan armada. After you attack the ten commanders of Umgah, the speaking animal will surrender. Go back to the planet. Umgah will provide you with valuable information about Musop, as well as 500 units that you can sell to Melnorme, and four vessels. Hurry to leave Umgah: they are preparing an attack on you, in addition to this, you will receive a no deposit bonus poker.
After the war, Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm unite on one planet in Chmmr. Use a solar device to speed up their merging. Chmmr is necessary for you, only they will be able to provide you with three important services - Chmmr will provide you with an unlimited resource, build an excellent ship, better than your own spaceship, and, finally, perfect the bomb.


The Chmmr dwellers will transport you back to Earth, and two weeks later a bomb will be placed in your flagship. You have six open positions. We recommend filling them with one highly efficient fuel system and five crews. Get also at Chmmr ten "avatar" (Avatar) and save two ships Pkunk. However, whether the series "Avatar" is the most suitable means for combating Ur-Quan'oM and Kohr-Ah'oM. "Jugger" Utwig'a absolutely invulnerable to the Ur-Quan'a and almost invulnerable to the ship Kohr-Ah'a.
Use the Portal Spawner to move to the constellation of the Crateris, and head to 5 Crateris V. Use the talking animal to divert the orbital fleet. Try to keep the game at this stage. Move to Sa-Matra, you are attacked by three ships Kzer-Za and three - Kohr-Ah. Set against them the "avatars" Chmmr. The ships that you lose here will be replaced by Yehat's Terminators and Pkunk's Furies. Next, the talking animal will tell you about the Sa-Matra configuration. Pkunk's ships are effective in dealing with shield generators. After destroying the shields, concentrate your attack on the green spots and fireballs. Destroy them, fly to the flagship ship and celebrate the victory - the last task is completed.


The game involves several optional tasks, the implementation of which will simplify your mandatory missions. These are the goals.


Clear the world of Spathi from the biological forms that feed here. Tell them about the purpose of your journey to their moon. Force them to send space ships to Earth. On the moon they will leave Umgah Mind Caster. You will need a Caster in three cases. First, in the hypercosmos you can call Melnorme - it will arrive on your ship. Secondly, with the help of the Caster you can contact Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrmmr. Thirdly, you can deceive Ilwrath by convincing them that Dogar and Kazon are directly talking to them. If you do not want to wait for Umgah Caster, you can get Burvixese Caster on Arcturus I-a (Arcturus I-a). We recommend you such a replacement only if you have a "Portal Spawner".


On a blue planet in a Pavonis, the dreadnought Ur-Quan'a crashed. Eliminate the accident and pick up the twisted apparatus. Visit the world of Arilou in the far upper corner of the quasi-space on the right. Provided that you have a Ur-Quan, they will fill your vessel with a useful "Portal Spawner", which will save you both time and fuel.


Zot-Fot-Pik will immediately join you. These guys will provide you with important information about finding the main enemy - Sa-Matra and who wins the war of Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah.


Iridescent worlds The fate of this ancient and dying race is closely related to the ten rainbow worlds that point to the galactic core.
lylandro will provide you with information about the code sequence for research probes, as well as information about Precursors.


When entering their system, use the Caster to confuse Ilwrath in the target selection. Perhaps they are attacking Thraddash, so take the trouble to pick up the water spiral there first, and then send Ilwrath to their heads.

Variant of walkthrough

The game begins in the Solar system (Sol). From here, go to Mercury or Jupiter-B to get radioactive elements. Go then to Pluto, there you will meet the interstellar ship of the world Spathi - they should be added to yourself. Now get fuel on Earth and go to Gruis to convince Spathi to rejoin you. Wait until they pack themselves in the red shield. Go to Spathiwa and get Umgah Castor. Next, go to (3 Copernicus I and take Muson's eggs.) Talk to Musop about "Deep Child." Now you can go to Scorpii, then go to Betelgeuse and speak with Syreen about the offending ships. Go to Camelopardalis I-a (Ur-Quan world) and investigate the door.They will send you to Betelgeuse - go there until Talana directs you to Musop to inform them of the Organon.As far as Musop is away, go to Brahe and get a sunny Go to Krueger I at the spindle, then go to the vicinity of Draconis 8) and persuade Thraddash to act together - do not let them attack Kohr -Ah. Next, go to C Draconis I and take the water spiral. Go to C Persei I and bargain with Druuge about the pink ball, it can be exchanged for a box of eggs Musop'a. Go to the neighborhood of p Librae (Supox world) and get a broken ultron. Use the spindle, water spiral and pink ball to restore the ultron. Go now to the neighborhood of p Aquarii I (the world of Utwig) and give them an ultron. Now you can get a bomb in £ Hyades VI-b. Then go to the world of Ilwrath - a Taurus. Use Umgah Castor: let Ilwrath attack Thraddash, not you. Go to r | Vulpeculae II (world of Orz) to create an alliance. Now go to 8 Vulpeculae II-c and take the device "Taalo", then - to a Pavonis VII and investigate the crash site of Ur-Quan'a. Go to Quasi-Portal (36,8, 633,2) and wait at the main entrance to the quasi-space (bright point on the star map -Starmap, green hole on the hyperspace screen - Hyperspace Screen). Quasi-Portal necessarily comes on the seventeenth day of each month, but sometimes appears on other days. Go to the outer star, meet Ariloulalelei (Ariloulaleelay). Take the "Portal Spawner" and find out about the talking animal (Talking Pet). Go to the p Orionis (Umgah world) and get the talking animal. You need to come here again for the reward.
Now go to Procyon II and use a solar device. You help Chmmr, and they tell you how you should finish the game, and provide an unlimited resource. Transport back to Earth. Buy more good interstellar ships and get ready for the final battle with Sa-Matra. In the surroundings of your ships go to 8 Craterius V. Before colliding with Sa-Matra, use the services of a talking animal. Save the game and attack the Sa-Matra.