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Grand Theft Auto (PS1)

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) PSX
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
Perspective: Top-down
Visual: 2D scrolling
Narrative: Crime
Published by: Take-Two Interactive Software
Developed by: DMA Design Limited
Released: 1997
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Game Boy Color (GBC), DOS, Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Identify the genre of the game Grand Theft Auto is very difficult. At first glance, this is a strategic "action" of ordinary races on micromachines in an isometric projection. But then it turns out that someone is chasing you, and you collect bonuses and shoot - in front of you an arcade. And only by playing enough time, you understand that the GTA is something more. GTA continues the thought, which was first said aloud to the creators of Dungeon Keeper: "Be bad!". You get into a modern city and are free to do whatever you want there. Choose any car, throw it onto the pavement of its owner (you are a criminal, it's already impossible to take the path of correction) - and go! To go to the next level you need to earn a certain number of points. How you will do it depends on you. You can perform tasks of the mafia, you can steal and sell cars, you can kill everyone around. You can choose a mission, throw it halfway and do something more interesting - everything is determined only by your desire. You live in the world of GTA and decide what and when to do it.


  • During the game, you almost always see a yellow arrow pointing to the next item that you need to visit for the next mission. It is only a direction to the goal, not a path to it, which can be quite long and confusing. Here you can use the knowledge of orienteering on the terrain: if you are moving a course that is at an angle to the direction of the target, and this direction changes greatly when you move, which means that the target is close.
  • If at the moment you do not want to perform tasks, then just do not pay attention to the arrow.
  • When you score the number of points needed to go to the next level, a red arrow will appear, which will indicate the path to the boss of the local mafia. He will praise you and open the way for you to a new level.
  • On the game screen in the upper left corner, the currently active weapon, armor and key of the camera (if you have one) are indicated, and in the right - the current account, the number of remaining lives and the coefficient multiplied by each point you earned.
  • When you start the game, you can access the first level of the first city of Liberty City. In addition to external differences, the cities differ in the level of complexity of the game, which gradually increases with the transition to each new level. Complication is expressed in the fact that it is necessary to score more points, the missions of the mafia are becoming more and more zamorochennymi, and the police - all the more efficient.
  • Drive cars. For every good blow you get 10 points. Press pedestrians - 100 points for each. Steal the cars, throwing their owners on the road (also 100 points). If a freshly stolen car you crush her own owner, you will get 700 points. And if you steal a police car and crush her master, you get 7,000 points. For hijacking a school bus, only 50 points are given, but 250 points are paid for the hijacking of Lincoln. The murder of a policeman is estimated at 1.000 points. If you kill a pedestrian or a police officer from small arms, then points are doubled, and if from a flamethrower, then multiply by five. Stolen cars can be sold. Buy them in the docks. It is desirable that the machine is in good condition. You can not sell equipment larger than a standard car (i.e., trucks and buses), as well as police cars (no one wants to quarrel with the police). If you sell two cars of the same model in a row, then the price for the second falls. Subsequent same machines become cheaper even more.
  • There are several bonuses, as well as tasks for which you are rewarded. This, for example, is the task of earning a given number of points over a certain time, and the police do not pay any attention to the destruction and murders at the time. We managed to get 25,000 bonus points. Or another option. If you crush all the Hare Krishnas in a group in one fell swoop, then this is also rewarded. In general, the game encourages "seriality". If you kill the second person, as long as the points for killing the first person have not disappeared on the screen, the amount doubles.
  • In scattered boxes around the city, among other things, sometimes there are bonuses that increase the multiplier of your points. But the main means of earning is to fulfill the tasks of the mafia, which not only bring income (even in the case of partial execution), but also increase the multiplier of points (with full execution).
  • In case of death, if you still had life, you will start a new game in the nearest hospital, but without a weapon and bulletproof vest.
  • The location of the police station is important. The closer to him you will arrange a pogrom on the road, the faster you will sit on the tail.
  • Car repair shops are the most important places in the city. For money, the mechanic guys will not only repair your car, but will also save you from police persecution. From the gate of the car shop you leave not only on an almost new car, but also with a clean biography.
  • In the store of weapons from your car will make a bomb with a clockwork.
  • A telephones are the main means of communication between you and the mafia. Task for the mission you get on the phones that are marked with a red arrow. The choice is offered by several phones and, accordingly, several missions. In some cities, the assignment is issued as soon as you reach the level. You can sometimes "run into" the mission by simply hijacking the car. Sitting into it, you will receive a message stating that this machine should be delivered to a certain area. In addition, part of any mission is to race from one phone to another with a strict time limit.
  • In most cases, it's not necessary to understand the meaning of the mission. It is enough to follow the instructions of the yellow arrow - and everything will turn out.
  • The degree of interest of the police in your person is indicated at the top of the screen by police officers (up to four if all the city forces are thrown at your capture).
  • If you need a car, but you do not want to tease the police and you do not care about the stolnik for the theft, shoot two or three times by car from the gun. Its owner will be frightened and run away. You will get a car, but you will commit a crime much less than hijacking - just shooting on the street.
  • In the city of San Andreas there are buildings on the roofs of which you can climb the stairs. Come there on a super-motorcycle and jump home from roof to roof - guaranteed a lot of thrills. In addition, the police will not follow you if you climb the stairs.
  • If you have a high coefficient of multiplication of points and many more lives, and you can not escape from the chase in the auto repair shop, then to save the ratio, it is more profitable to be killed or die from the explosion than to be arrested. But if you have a key, it's better to be arrested, because in this case you will save your weapon.
  • After you have stolen and sold many cars in the dock, shoot one of them (make sure the cars are on the dock) - it will explode, and others will explode, and you will get a lot of money in addition to those that have already received for sale.
  • In the area of ​​South West Brix in Liberty City, docks, where they buy stolen cars, are close enough to the car repair shop. When you have a high multiplication factor (5 and above), you can throw everything and deal only with the sale of cars. Keep one car in case of flight. When the police finally understand what's going on, and they come for you, quickly drive to the car repair shop to get off their hook. In addition, this is a great time to crush a few "cops".
  • How to steal and save a police car? Steal any car and put it near the car repair shop, then kill three people. When a policeman arrives to stop your ugliness, kill him and take his car. On it, drive up to a car prepared in advance, change into it and already on it enter the car repair shop. All! The police are not following you now, but the police car is quietly waiting outside.
  • If you leave the Coach, every police car that crashes into your bus on the back explodes immediately, and you get money for killing a policeman.
  • If you do not want or can not perform missions, increase the multiplier, etc., that is an absolutely honest way to win the game. You have to steal cars and put them somewhere in the lane close to each other. When they are typed quite a lot, shoot several times in one of them, so it explodes. The other cars will also explode, and you will get much more points than you need. For greater effect, put the machines so that not one of the cars explodes, but several at once - this will bring much more money. Just do not forget to prepare a high-speed car and scout the way to the car repair shop, because after the explosion all the city police will be pressing you.
  • In the city of Liberty City, in the second part, in the North Fort Law area there is a military base with a tank. To penetrate the base, use an ambulance, a police car or a gasoline truck. Unfortunately this tank can not shoot, but with caterpillars it will crush so many cars that it will bring you not one thousand points. However, if the number of collisions is too large, the tank explodes, as well as any other machine. And do not admit the policeman to your tank - it is able to easily pull you out of it just like from any car. Two more tanks can also be found in the second part of Liberty City in the docks of the Northwest Estoria district - south of the Kings area. But they also can not shoot. You can only ride, although it's a lot.
  • In the city of Liberty City, drive to the Law Island area, between Estoria and Brix. There, take a super-motorcycle near the house to the right of the bridge and slowly go to the northeast in the passage between the houses. Here you will find a springboard from which you must jump to the islet. It does not need much speed here. It is much more important to accurately aim. After the jump you must land in the middle elevated part of the islet. Landing on the right or left of it will lead to an explosion. Go around the whole island, and you will find many useful things, including a rocket launcher (only in the second part). To return, you need to jump back, but it's already easier, since you only need to enter the springboard on the island, and with the landing there will be no problems.
  • The city of San Andreas, the second part. Go to the lower left corner of the map. There is a springboard. Take the super-motorcycle, standing on the left in the bushes. It is green and therefore it is difficult to see. A small acceleration and a jump. Overclocking should be just small, because, on the one hand, the super-motorcycle is a very quick car and quite a short acceleration, and on the other - where you land, very little space for braking - unnecessary acceleration at the start, and you are in the water. Approaching the information symbol, you will receive the message "The doors to destruction are now open". Jump back. Now you have two secrets. The first one is East Marina, a tank at a military base: there you will shoot plenty. The second secret is Southeast Richman, the easternmost edge of the Richman area. Go to the park. There you will find another tank under the grate in the underground garage. The entrance to it is to the east and passes along a long underground corridor. Go there better on foot: you can drive by car, but it will be difficult to leave.
  • The city of San Andreas, the first part. Drive to the Northeast Sunview area. There, moving north, pass through the armory shop, then through the house (the passage is slightly to the right). Continue straight on the pier, when it is finished do not stop, but ride along the water, along the darkest part of it - there is an invisible road that will take you to the island. On the island you are waiting for a tank.
  • City of San Andreas. Drive to the North East Richman area. There on the lawn you will find a green Penetrator. On it it is necessary to go strictly forward. You will pass through a narrow passage between the houses and jump out onto the springboard. Jump from it - and fly a long pond. When you land, you get the Insame Stunt Bonus and 50,000 points. But in order to successfully complete this jump, a very strong acceleration is necessary. You should gas directly from the place where you found the car, not for a second to lose speed and do not turn off for half a degree. On the trampoline to your right will be a box with a flamethrower and another Kill Frenzy - do not get distracted by it, then take it. A good idea is (in order not to crash into any car) to put in advance on the road that you have to cross during the dispersal, a couple of cars across the traffic, blocking the way for everyone and thereby organizing a safe corridor for yourself.
  • San Andreas, the first part. District Central Richman, south of the Soviet Hill. On the path in front of the house is parked superbuggy.
  • San Andreas, the second part. Go to the hospital in the Atlantic Heights area. It is located between the central and western parts of the area. In the central part of the hospital there is a passage from north to south. Go along it to the south, and on the lawn between the trees you will find super bugs.
  • City Vice City, the first and second parts. Go to the island in the Vice Beach area. In the southern part, go along the pedestrian bridge to the military base (you must be well armed), kill there all, seize the tank and shoot plenty. The passage connecting the island with the mainland and suitable for the movement of technology appears in the southern part of it after you have climbed into the tank.


Enter the password for the player's name:
GROOVY - all weapons.
WEYHEY - 9.999.990 points.
BLOWME - coordinates.
EATTHIS - Wanted Level Max.
FECK - Liberty City (parts 1 and 2).
TVTAN - San Andreas and Liberty City (parts 1 and 2).
URGE - all cities (parts 1 and 2) and Vice City (only part 1).
CAPRICE - all cities (parts 1 and 2).
CHUFF is a game without the police.
TURF - all cities.
MADEMAN - all cities and all weapons.
THESHIT - all cities, all weapons and 99 "lives".
BSTARD - all cities, all weapons and a lot of money.
SATANLIVES - 99 lives.
PECKINPAH - All weapons, armor and Jail Card.
EXCREMENT - Five Times Multiplayer.
HANGTHEDJ - God's mode.
SKYBABIES - Select the level.
INGLORIOUS - Level selection + additional options.


While on the main menu screen, press: Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square.