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Grand Theft Auto (DOS)

Grand Theft Auto, GTA DOS
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: Top-down
Visual: 2D scrolling
Interface: Direct control
Vehicular: Automobile
Setting: Contemporary, North America
Narrative: Crime
Published by: American Softworks Corporation
Developed by: DMA Design Limited
Released: 1997
GTA DOS control keys
Grand Theft Auto (abbreviated - GTA) - a multi-platform computer game, the first consisting of the famous video game series Grand Theft Auto.
The player will assume the role of a criminal who can roam freely around the city and carry out various tasks of a criminal nature, such as assassinations, hijackings, etc.


Grand Theft Auto is made up of levels in each city the game - at every level, the player must collect a certain number of points, in addition, he is given five "life" -attempts.
The number of points the player is presented in the form of money that a player can spend for example, repainting their vehicles and other purposes. However, spending money, the player loses proportionately and earn points, delaying thus the transition to the next level.
Received the required number of points, the player must visit a certain place on the map, and then it goes to the next level.
The main distinguishing feature of the game is that the player is free to choose: he can travel freely and do whatever he wants. The player can optionally visit any place in the city, smashing cars and killing people in the streets, steal or sell expensive cars. Nevertheless, for the passage of the level required to perform a certain set of missions.
In quest of the game is also present freedom of action, as is usually the player chooses the road to a fixed destination. This level of freedom is atypical for most action games; freedom of action, movement and variety of opportunities become the hallmark of Grand Theft Auto series and made it one of the most famous and best-selling series in the history of the gaming industry.


There are different ways to score points needed to pass each level.
A certain amount of points you can gain by committing various crimes, such as ramming cars (10 points) or killing police officers (1000). The more serious the offense, the more points earned. More serious offenses will attract the attention of the police. Another way to make money - stealing cars and selling them at the docks. This usually brings a few thousand points.
These actions can bring the player to a certain number of points, which is not enough compared to the millions of points needed to pass the level. Consequently, for the passage of the levels necessary to perform the mission. Upon successful completion of the mission, the player "pay" a large number of points, usually around 50,000.
Also, when the mission score multiplier increases by 1. When the set points are multiplied by a factor. For example, if the multiplier is three, then for the murder of a police officer charged 3000 points instead of the usual 1000. This applies to all assessed on points, including payments for completing missions.
The game is not possible to save.


The game features three cities, modeled from real cities. Liberty City (New York), San Andreas (Los Angeles) and Vice City (Miami).
Grand Theft Auto DOS title screen


Most of the missions the player gets via telephone, arranged in abundance in the city. But you can also get more orders came to the right place, or sat in a particular car.
Once a player gets the job, he can not undertake to perform other missions until it completes (or failure) current.
Missions are quite diverse. The player is invited to engage in bank robbery, shootout with gangsters, car chases with the police and other gangster affairs.


Police occupies a very important place in the GTA, limiting the player in his actions. To get under the attention of the police, the player enough to commit several offenses: crush pedestrians encounter police car, start a gunfight on the street. In addition, the level of attention may increase with up to four units, and the police in relation to the player at the same time will be more and more aggressive, until you call SWAT. Sometimes the level of attention of the police increased due to the conditions of the mission taken (for example, during a bank robbery).
The purpose of the police - to arrest the player, but if the level of attention is high enough, the police chasing the player could kill him. If the player is arrested, he is finally at a police station - no weapons, armor and multiplier points.
Get rid of the police in three ways:
  • Escape from the chase. Make it a high-level police attention is difficult.
  • Find "badge", which will reduce the level of attention to zero.
  • Go to a mechanics and repaint the car.


  • Pistol - good when used against a single enemy.
  • Automatic - has a high rate of fire.
  • Flamethrower - very destructive and efficient, but has a very short attack range. Can also be used to destroy vehicles.
  • Grenade Launcher - the most destructive weapon in the game.
  • Bulletproof vest - can withstand three hits and a version of the game for the Game Boy - ten hits.


  • Additional life - while taking this bonus is added to one life.
  • Modifier points - while taking this bonus for each crime will be given several times more points, depending on the value of the multiplier.
  • Badge - reduces the level of attention of police to zero. However, taken once the icon no longer appears in the same place again possession of the city.
  • Rabies - when taking this bonus timer is counting down the time during which the player must collect a certain number of points by destroying cars and killing people using weapons issued with infinite ammunition. If a player gets the right amount of points, you get a solid bonus and the level of attention of the police is reduced to zero. But if a player does not gain the required number of points, the level of police attention gained during Rabies is not reduced, and the player has to hide from his pursuers.
  • Accelerator - Increases movement speed player or car.
  • Prison Key - as soon as the player is arrested, the key is automatically applied and released from jail a player, preserving all existing player weapons and all points.
  • Coin - bribe police.


The game features a huge number of cars, starting with the fastest sports cars and ending with slow trucks. Each of them can be stolen protagonist of the game. Each car explodes after a certain number of shots from any weapon or after a single shot from a grenade launcher. Trucks stand 40 pistols, light vehicles - 15-20. Cars explode after several clashes with the truck or limousine. Some vehicles also include additional missions and hidden throughout the city. Cities also works w / station, which allows the player to quickly get to the desired point of the city (PC version only).
Besides cars, the player can also move around on motorcycles that are faster and more manageable. Motorcycles have better patency (they can go up the stairs) and they can not be run over pedestrians. In a collision with another vehicle the player falls off the bike. Later motorcycles began to appear in the games of the series only since Vice City.
In the city you can also find a variety of vehicles of urban services: Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars. None of these machines can not be repainted or sold. The game also has a tank. He can push the other cars, but after many collisions explodes himself. The tank can withstand 4 hits from a grenade launcher. In the last mission of the tank cannon can shoot like a grenade launcher. Tower turns left and right arrows, hold down the Tab.


The game Grand Theft Auto has seven stations, and radio frequency police who can hear when the character is in the vehicle, however, in each vehicle can receive only a limited number of stations. In the version of the game for the PlayStation every car had only one radio station.
The main theme of the game is a musical composition «Gangster Frіday" - Craig Conner, who no longer appears on any radio play. Except leading radio, songs on the radio is never mentioned in the game. Nevertheless, soundtracks are listed in the appendix to the game.
Collector's Edition Grand Theft Auto game soundtracks included on a separate CD.


Original «Grand Theft Auto» was developed for DOS and was later ported to Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation and Game Boy Color. For the Game Boy Color version was introduced censorship: cleaned the blood and other violence.


  • One of the "Easter eggs" in the game is known bonus «Gouranga», gave for the mass destruction of a group of Hare Krishna monks.
  • El Burro - a person who takes a player mission in San Andreas also appears in GTA III. There he is the leader of the gang Diablos in Portland and also gives the player the task.
  • Head Radio station is one that appears in several parts of the series Grand Theft Auto.
  • Music tracks «Grand Theft Auto» can also be heard on the radio station Lips 106 in GTA III and during saver style Commodore 64 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
  • Earlier versions were planned for the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64, but they were canceled.
  • Many of the songs from the game were used as background music for DJs in GTA 2.
  • The official website of Rockstar in the section "Special vehicles" referred to the boat. In the game you can not manage it, but it appears several times in some missions.
  • One of the cheat codes in the game "6031769" - a reference to the classic game Manic Miner.
  • Originally wanted to give the name of the game Race'n'Chase. March 22, 2011 published a document dated 1995, with a description of the concept of the game, which eventually became the first game Grand Theft Auto.
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