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Fade to Black (PS1)

Flashback 3D, Fade to Black PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

Famous French developers from Delphine Software have launched an excellent adventure game worthy of their predecessors in this genre (from the same company) - Another World and Flashback, - the game Fade To Black. The products of this development team are famous for their high quality programming and exciting game action. We were looking forward to a new game from the series Another World, and now in the collection for a wonderful car SONY appears Fade To Black. Before us reveals an amazing world of adventure and exploration, where dangers and surprises wait for every corner.
In this game you will not be able to just wander through the rooms and look into the cupboards. You will be surrounded by alien aliens. Each of them has its own way of acting, but the goal for all is to destroy you! If you want to wade through this whole horde alive and unharmed, you need to properly arm yourself, or learn how to strike striking blows at a speed. To the game does not seem monotonous to you, in the middle of you waiting for this arcade action. Our hero is kidnapped by an enemy research vessel, and a mad race begins along the corridors. Everything happens as in Star Wars. Your business is to track the way on the map, do not climb where you should not, do not crash into walls, knock down small obstacles and shoot at enemies from a laser cannon as soon as you see them. Forward! In the game Fade To Black you have to go through 13 levels. On each of them you are waiting for a completely new environment - from a gloomy, sterile prison complex to stunning other worlds with fantastic graphics.
The game Fade To Black is a continuation of the popular game Flashback: The Quest for Identity.
During the development of the game had various working titles: Project Morphs, Flashback 3D and Crossfire.
Despite a number of flaws, the game Fade To Black received good reviews and an average score of 7 out of 10 in most gaming publications.


If your defense has already taken a lot of strikes, find the nearest device for recharging and refuel with energy.
When you come across enemies, a small radar scanner appears, marking for you their position in space. If you turn on combat mode, Conrad will squat (with his movements limited to short rushes) and prepare the weapon for battle.
In this game, the main thing is caution. In each new room you can be shot. In order not to be an easy target, make it a rule to enter each room with a gun at the ready. It's also nice to go through the flashlight on the walls (using the L2 and R2 buttons). If there are a lot of things in the room, it's better to enter, crouching or squatting, that you do not run into a stray bullet.
For success, it is important to select the correct controller configuration. Perhaps the most convenient configuration is Expert 2. You get better control over the movements of Conrad; after a little practice, you will achieve their absolute naturalness.
In the battle mode, keep the R1 button pressed all the time (you should release it only during turns and evaders from enemy fire). Due to this Conrad is guaranteed from accidental falling into a hopeless situation.
Approach the electric fields and jumping mines by pressing R1 + Up. Thus, it is more convenient to prepare Conrad for a successful jump. You can also press Left or Right during the jump. Conrad can jump around the corner, avoid landing on the electric floor, etc.
When approaching the corner, press R1 + Left or R1 + Right. Conrad will be able to look around the corner, not opening to the enemy, and will have time to take a fighting position, if there is a Morph or some other abomination wandering around.


Note: Using the tricks codes, do not pay attention to the titles "Invalid Code"!
First of all, you need to enter the code of activation of tricks: Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle. After that, exit the password screen and immediately return to it again. Now enter any of the following codes:
Endless protection - Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X (or Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X)
Invulnerability - Triangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle;
All FMV (video) - Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X;
Level selection - Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Square.


Level 02 - Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, Square, X;
Level 03 - X, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X;
Level 04 - X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle;
Level 05 - Square, Square, Triangle, X, X, Triangle;
Level 06 - Triangle, X, X, X, X, Circle;
Level 07 - Circle, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X;
Level 08 - Square, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Square;
Level 09 - Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle;
Level 10 - X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X;
Level 11 - Circle, Square, X, X, Square, X;
Level 12 - X, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X;
Level 13 - X, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.


Bull Morph - That's who creates real problems! He has no other weapon, except for a huge mass and bullish habits. In this type it is necessary to shoot, until it has approached, otherwise you will have major troubles.
Morph Troopers - These soldiers - strangers, able to change the form of a lizard-like humanoid to a lump of dirt, will meet you most often. They can either fire at you from laser weapons (if they are lizards), or suck you in full (if as a piece of dirt on the floor).
Morph Sergant - This is the same as Morf Paratrooper, only having much faster speed (and therefore more able to evade your shots) and armed with a more powerful laser pistol.
Spider Droid - This is one of the first enemies that you will meet in the course of the game. Nevertheless, it looks creepy, but it is protected well, so that a newcomer can not cope with it easily. Perhaps, for this you will need two strong blows.
Walking Robots - If you want to defeat these handsome men, you should have an armor-piercing gun. Ordinary laser beams simply bounce off their armor. The best advice - no means of struggle, - it's better to get out!
Sentry Droid Robots - As you would expect from sentinels, these robots ply back and forth along the corridors, carrying their own service. As a rule, it is difficult to aim at them, but it is armed with a heavy rifle, so it must be taken seriously.
Patrol Robot - This is a reduced and less dangerous (but equally disgusting) version of the robot - the sentry, scurrying back and forth somewhat faster than its larger brother, but armed only with a weak laser.
Purple People Eater - Very powerful and fast "stranger". Be careful: if you meet with him without an explosive or armor-piercing gun, you need to be ready for melee.

Level 1 - Prison

Get out of your camera, knock down the floating balloon. In the corridor, step on the slab to open the door, and slip through the door until it closes. Step on the green plate. The green power field to your right will be turned off, and the robot-watchman will move forward. Wait until it passes the red plate; then the red power field will turn off before you, and you can escape. Destroy the automatic cannon to the right and back again. The security guard-Morf will rush after you - shoot him. Enter the teleporter and use it.
On the second floor, recharge your protection with a special device, open the door with the sign of the red cross. Go ahead and be ready to kill the giant mechanical spider that will jump at you from above. Search the nearby buffet, find the cartographic scanner and hint. Read the hint. Use the console and exit the room. Now run to the door with a spoon sign; Prepare to kill Morph right of you. Exit through the door to the hall, open the drawers and take away the mine and the source of energy. Go further and kill Morph on the left. Shrink the box. Open the door. You will meet a poor cook, begging not to kill him. It is a pity that you can not kill this guy, because as soon as you enter the refrigerator room (door to the left), he will entice you into a trap and will find two Morfs on you. Kill them and use the console code.
Go back to the first corridor and get ready to kill another Morph. Once again, go to the second corridor (where there was a spider) and enter the door next to the box. Do not pay attention to the Morphs (you still can not kill everyone). Now at a fast pace: use the lever, run into the newly opened door and kill behind it a mean Morf. When the door closes, you are safe. Go to the left and get ready for the explosion. Now is the time to take advantage of the portable power source. Press the red button, go to the next door and use the console next to it. Behind the door there is a Morph generator, so beware of attacking from behind. Go through the door. In the hall, shoot Morf, trapped. You can also shoot a half-dead person here, or you can leave it for a few additional moments in the video.
Shrink the boxes and read the new message. Open the door ahead. Go through the door on the left to the first corridor. Give a volley to Morfa, and then walk to the new door (next to the kitchen). In a small room, be ready to kill Morph as soon as the door opens. In the room with consoles go to the left door, shoot another Morf and use the console code. Exit and go to the door opposite. Here kill Morph and quickly approach the left door - it will open in front of you. Jump over the electric floor and kill the two Morph security guards. Use the right teleporter and press the button to turn on the electric floor. After shooting the next Morph, enter the room with the TVs and remove the key from the box. Do all the way back and use the left teleporter. In the hall go through the large door behind the column and turn on the console. Exit to the second door. Now the second teleporter is working in the corridor. Recharge with energy. Use the second teleporter, give a volley over the flying robots and use the console to turn on the trolley.
Go behind the trolley at the door (it opens only for the trolley). If this fails, open the door next to the control console of the trolley and find the second console to return the trolley to its place. In a small corridor, press the button to use the nearest teleporter. At the top, shoot Morph and run through the dark hall with two guns on the walls. Open the door, but now do not pay attention to the console. Open the next door and kill the security robot. Now run along the corridor and open the door at its end. This is the office of the prison governor. Stand in front of the glass wall surrounding his desk, and with the help of a jumping mine, finish him off. Be ready to kill the guard who appears behind; take the key from him. Open the drawer in the office and get the key from the hangar. Exit to the room through which you entered. Using the console, exit and again run through the hall with shooting guns. Use the teleporter in the same small corridor and immediately turn on the teleporter on the right (before it was turned off). After landing, shoot down the flying robots and enter the shuttle to complete the level.

Level 2 - Morph Base

Read all received messages: they contain information on how to pass this level. In the first room, if necessary, recharge the energy and go to the door to the right. Shoot the two Morphs (now they are harder to kill) and go forward to the door. In the first box, take the explosive bullets and replace them with your usual ones (their stock is unlimited and they are twice as powerful).
Continue to move forward until you find a room with a console and power source. Recharge (if necessary) and use the console to access the cameras. Kill the Morphs and guards until you reach the door that you can not open. From here, return to the corridor and enter the next door. Skip between the mines, open the door, kill the Morphs and use the far one of the two consoles. From here, go back to the first hall. Open the back door and gently go forward; Prepare to kill two mechanical spiders that will attack you from both sides. After doing this, enter the door to the left and turn left into a small corridor. Go through the open door, step on the first switch on the floor, then on the second one. Step backward - and both force fields, red and green, will turn off. Now jump over the second switch and get the plasma bullets out of the box (they will come in handy later).
Now, go all the way back to the room with the door that you could not open; now it will open. Turn around the corner - and see the professor you were looking for. (Look for bullets in the box that are induced by heat.) Use the console to turn off the force field. Go past the old man and move slowly. Now you must only go, do not run, otherwise the professor will not follow you. Open another door in this room (not the one you entered) and shoot all the Morps. In the washroom, turn left, kill the guards, then open the door at the end of the corridor and guide the old man to the teleporter. Disappearing, he will give you a data cube containing a powerful computer virus capable of disabling the security system. With this cube go back to the room with two consoles, but this time use the second one. Choose a cube from your luggage and use it near this console. Now run! Do not pay attention to the shots, but just run to the same teleporter to have time to escape!

Level 3 - Mine Enterprise on Mars

In the first room, turn right and shoot two Morphs: now they are even stronger, but some of them are not armed. Clear from the MPs a large green hall in which you are. If you have lost a lot of energy, then an additional source is hidden behind the secret door exactly opposite to the one you entered. Look for the train of the trolleys and click the nearby button to turn on one of them. Follow her everywhere: four doors open only for trolleys. Kill all those who are outside the door, and search all the boxes to get more keys that provide access to various sectors. There is a console behind one door; turn it on. In addition, somewhere near here you must find radiation protection and a source of energy.
With your keys open all kinds of doors - and you will find three pieces of blue mineral, called Risidium. In one of the rooms with Rizidium behind the force field a spider hid; kill him before stepping on the switch on the floor, otherwise this piece will be gone. In the same room there is another door; if you open it, the "Radioactive Area" signal will flash. Take advantage of your radioactive protection, and then with four jumping mines destroy the Morphite miner, hiding around the corner to the right. Go out into the corridor and enter the door to the right, bypassing the nasty creature hanging on the wall. Open the door and shoot the robots and the Morf security guard engaged in a smoke break.
Step on the floor panel and read the message that the computer will give out. You will understand how to operate a drilling machine: just insert the Risidium into a small hole in the left side of the machine. When she moves, follow her. You will need to recharge it several times. When the car reaches the end of the corridor, the laboratory door opens and lets her in. You, too, must slip inside. In this room, you can dump radioactive protection that absorbs a lot of energy. Look in the box opposite the document with the coordinates of the station. After reading it, you will receive a message from friends; read it and you will be teleported to the next level.

Level 4 - Space station on Venus

Look at the door near the console; there is radiation everywhere, so quickly kill the robots and enter the safe room to the right. Look back to the right and kill Morph, who fumbles with the console code. Recharge, use the console and remove all of the boxes.
Go to the opposite part of the room, open the door and go to the hall. Do not enter the first open door to the right, but use the teleporter. Go forward, then to the right through the door, avoiding shots from guns and bypassing the electric floor. In the next room search the nearest box, in the other do not look and go around the mine. Run through the door and do not stop when the guard calls to you; instead, step on two switches on the floor in front of you. This will include a force field that will kill the approaching Morphs. Go to the right through two doors, make your way between jumping mines. Go to the far end of the room and find in the box area scanner. Shoot the two Morphs that will appear from behind.
Now, go all the way back to the teleporter and use it. From the same hall where the teleporter is located, go to the right along the wrapping corridor, which ends with the door. There will be two Morphs - one ahead, the other behind. Of course, shoot both. Open the door, not paying attention to the inscription "Radioactive room" - this is a hoax. At the very beginning of the room, turn to the right in a small corridor near the red force field. Step on the switch on the floor, and the force field disappears. Kill the guards and in the two boxes find the two keys.
Exit the same path as you entered. Now go into the big door from the hall to the right. It leads to the zone of the upper deck, and behind it is something like a bridge. This is the most difficult place of the level: you have to go between the beams of the laser, which shoot through the whole territory. Watch for lasers, just choose the moments between shots and take advantage of every opportunity. On the deck, you can ignore the door on the right - there are only a couple of grenades behind it - but you will have to deal with two Morphs.
Stand in front of the platform, remove the gun and aim at the console to the right of it. Shoot two times; The force field will weaken and you will free up the flying head, which will move forward to the left door. When the door opens, you can run into the room. Shoot the guards or ignore them - it is important for you not to lose sight of this flying head. Follow it to the air shuttle - and go to the next level.

Level 5 - Pyramid

This is the most difficult level in the whole game. From the room in which you land, run to the door on the right. Do not pay attention to the shooting gun: on this bridge there are three blue force fields that will completely restore your energy if you use them carefully. In the next room, search the far box near the wall; there must be red and blue stones. Approach this box from the far side, otherwise you will wake one of the Golems standing in this room. They are very slow, but invulnerable. With the key found in this box, return to the first room (if necessary recharge from the blue field). Use the right teleporter.
Search both boxes, do not pay attention to the switch on the floor and do not touch the button on the wall! Be sure to take the jewelry from the second box, they are necessary. Exit through the door and run under the gunshots. Open the next door. There are two sources of energy. On the next door, give a volley of four guards and enter the room with the pool. In the blue room search both boxes. When you get close to the second one (with the switch), the cannon starts to fire; Click the button on the wall to stop shooting. Again make sure you get a colored gem. Exit to the room with the pool and press the button on the wall. Now the switches on the floor work; just step on one of them - and a red force field will appear.
Return to the starting point of the corridor leading to the room with the pool; there are two statues. First, move the right one, then the left one. Be ready to act: Golem will pass behind the left door. Run forward to the first switch on the floor so that the force field is turned on. Stupid Golem will follow you and burn in the force field. Go away and pick up the eye left by the Golem. Return to the room with the pool and go to the pool on the other side. A hand will appear from the water; give her the Golem's eye, and she will be completely satisfied. If you now check your wealth, you will find in it a new thing - the code of the pyramid.
Now go back to the same corridor and go to the wall just opposite the room where Golem was hiding. A secret passage will open. Shoot the robot, bypass all the jumping mines, get another crystal from the box; jump out of the force field and go to the previous room with a teleporter. Take advantage of it. In the room where you land, use another (left) teleporter. In the following rooms, shoot three Morphs. Run along the corridor full of jumping mines, trying (if possible) to avoid them. In the bird's hall, kill all the guards. Here you must get one paralyzed bird.
To paralyze it, use one of the four switches on the floor. Step on them, including stun guns, hidden behind the crystals in the wall. When one of the birds is stunned, take it. Then pay attention to the picture on the wall, describing the evolution of the Morphs. Remember her. Now enter the door to the left of the hall. Here kill the two Morphs, go around the Golem and go to the end of the curving corridor to the door. Open it. If you are lucky, the three Morphs here will be occupied with killing one Golem; they will not pay attention to you, and you can kill them one by one. If you are not lucky, then the guards will notice you and you will get under a very unpleasant cross fire. When you do get rid of the Morphs, go to the group of icons to your right: these are the same drawings as in the picture in the bird's room, only in the wrong order. You are required to rearrange them so that the Morph evolution looks right. If you do everything right, then you will open the door next to the one you entered.
Kill the mechanical spider, and then search the nearby box and find another crystal. Go out to the other door and return to your landing room. From here, go to the room you visited first (with two Golems). Go through the first door to the left. Here, carefully examine the mosaic on the floor and remember it. Use the teleporter, jump over the force fields - and you are in the oracle room. Here you need to "go by the oracle". This means that you need to step in the same order in which the mosaic lay on the floor of the previous room. It's simple; You just need to remember exactly the look of this mosaic. When you do this, another flying head appears and orders you to free the bird. Do this (ie just "use" the bird) - and in gratitude she will give you the code of crystals - a model of six crystals of different colors that you must have. You already have four, and now there will be one more. Return to the hall with two Golems and look for the crystal in the second box. Be careful: at the same time the Golem will come to life behind you, and the gun on the wall will begin to fire with paralyzing volleys!
After taking the crystal, go to the panel on the left wall of the room. This is the exact copy of the pyramid code. Look at the code you have and place the buttons under the icons in the same position (ie, press the first and last button). Now enter the second door (right) in this room (hurry, the paralyzing cannons will begin to fire at you again and the second Golem will appear!). Use the teleporter. In the dark hall, run forward, avoiding a new paralyzing shelling, and keep to the left. Here beware of two more Golems; this time they are brown and a little stronger. Arrange the hall to deceive the Golems and win some time, then run forward along the corridor to the left. Open the door. Here begins the final part of the level. In this room, you must place all the crystals in their nests according to the code. One crystal already stands still and can be used for orientation.
If you did everything right, then right above you there will be a pyramid. Go out the back door. Behind the door, turn left into the other door and recharge the power here. Take out the heat bullets. Now go out and go down the long corridor. When you get close to the center, another monster will attack you. You must eliminate it and go to the teleporter in the room in front. Having done this, listen to what the bat says and enter the teleporter.

Level 6 - Landing Area

Immediately after your appearance, shoot Morph right above you. Robots will kill each other, so do not waste time and bullets on them. Kill one more Morph around the corner. Now go to the shuttle, next to which you can see the panel on the floor. Press the control buttons to start the game in the flights.

Level 7 - Dungeon

Now you control the plane. Here everything is very simple - you are flying ahead and destroying the same pilots as you are. Try not to bump against walls and pipes - this is very harmful to your health (remember that it is impossible to recharge here). This is quite a boring arcade part of the game, so stay more often and go wherever the road leads you. (In a room with four teleporters, choose the left one: the path will be shorter.) When you reach the impasse, just go to the wall in front of you.

Level 8 - The Flagship of the Morphs

And again for the cause! Kill Morf, and then the flying robot. Open the door on the right and use the medium teleporter. Step on the switch to stop shooting from the gun. Go to the right, kill the robot and one more sharp-pointed guard. Open the door to the right in the same corridor and give a volley through Morph. Search the box, beware of the tentacles on the wall; jump over the switches on the floor to deceive this creature.
Exit and head straight into the corridor (where there was a sharp-armed guard). Go into the upper room (the second incubator), kill everyone there and get the key in one of the boxes. Exit and go to the right. In the next corridor, open the left door and get another key (beware of the Morphs!). Exit and head to the left corridor (with a force field and electric floors), then return to the first corridor. Now go into the door from the opposite side of the entrance. Kill two flying robots, and then walk along the corridor with many switches on the floor.
Avoid stepping on the switches - they include force fields that can be dangerous for you. On the right along the corridor there will be a door - enter it. When you get close to the box, two Morphs will appear behind; kill them, and then shoot a button to eliminate the force field. Take everything from the box, go out and go further along the corridor. Kill the guard to your left (behind the bars), then run to the right side of the corridor. There is an invisible switch that turns the grate.
Go through the door on the right. Here you have to solve an intricate task: jump between force fields along electric floors, avoiding jumping mines. But before that you must disable two large force fields blocking your path. To do this, first step on the switch closest to the wall, then to the next one. It will set you free - but not for long. If you fall into a trap between two force fields, then you have to start all over again. Then enter the hall (force fields can arise from behind and kill you, so be careful).
Shoot all Morphs (there are many of them here). We advise you not to pay attention to the door on the left side of the room: there is nothing particularly important for the completion of the game, but if you want, you can inspect it. Then open either of the two doors to the right. Shoot two two-armed guards, then go left and attack the Morph inside. Ahead of the teleporter you will be attacked by another invulnerable steel creature, however you must defeat and teleport it!

Level 9 - Command post on Earth

At your appearance, a terrible crossfire begins, so you better start shooting immediately. It is recommended to use armor-piercing bullets (one such clip is in the box on the right). When you kill all the Morphs, a giant robot-guard will do. You can not kill him, so run away from him and hide behind boxes (and if you need to refuel, then go to the door to the right). In the next room, kill the robot-machine gunner and go through the door.
Talk to the wounded guy in the corner; he will tell you where to get the key from the command post. Use the teleporter in this room and, ignoring the subsequent shooting, run to the left, through the door. Here kill the two Morphs. Go ahead until you reach the room in which the three Morphs hold the person hostage. Eliminate the guard and talk to this person. He will give you the key. Exit this room to another door (shooting is now over) and then use the teleporter again. Open the left door and go to the right to talk to the station commander. He will say that at the next level you find Sarah. Open the second door and use the teleporter to finish the level.

Level 10 - Dormitory

The first one you see here is a guardian. But do not believe your eyes: when you approach him, he will turn into an alien. You are witnessing an impressive process of metamorphosis in real time (the wonderful work of Delphine!). Finish this rascal. Go through the door ahead and make your way through the following rooms.
In one of the rooms you will meet a man in uniform. Talk to him and he will give you the access key. Go to the next door, killing the Morphs. Ahead you will find Sarah. It will distract the attention of the guard, and you must quickly finish him off. Come to her - and she instantly teleports, without even saying thank you. In a tiny room, turn right and go down the corridor. Shoot all the guards and use the teleporter to slip away.

Level 11 - Reactor room

As you probably already know, John (the leader of the people's revolt against the Morph empire) laid a bomb on the base of the reactor room. Unfortunately, he can not bring it into effect. Now this is your job. Run forward, ignoring the giant robot, and open the next door. In the corridor, jump between the arrow points; they quickly pull you in the direction indicated, and if you are inattentive, then they will pull you straight to one of the mines! Open the door and run away from another guard. Enter the door on the right side of this corridor and quickly shoot a robotic machine gunner in a green room. There are two doors in this room; on one is written "Airlock 1", and on the other there is no inscription. If you pass into the second, you get the opportunity to recharge, but generally through the first road is shorter. You will fall into one of two very similar corridors: in both there are two doors, there are mines, arrows on the floor and force fields.
First you must go to the furthest room; The door to it will be seen behind the force fields. Jump over the arrows on the floor, then use the first door system as a cover. Wait until the force field moves away, and run to the door. In the next room you will see a lot of arrows on the floor. Some of them are useful, and others will lead you to deadly force fields. Your goal is to get to the control panel at the far end of the hall. After doing this and using the panel, go back to the corridor, and then to the first door. Be careful when entering the door. Do not run, but jump, because there is an invisible switch on the floor ahead, which includes a force field. Enter the door with the inscription "Reactor Area" (Reactor Area); entering, you can see the title "Destruction process initiated" on the screen. This means that your work is done and now you need to get out of here quickly! Now do not waste time on robots - just run to the left from the reactor room and on to the teleporter. In gratitude for the work you will sneak out of this place.

Level 12 - The brain-master

In the first room, shoot a robotic machine gunner, then use a teleporter. Jump between the force fields and electric floors. In the room, kill the Morphs and move slowly so that not a single mine explodes. Keep Left. Somewhere in the hall you will meet a Morph of another type: it looks like one of the Morphs miners with flat hands, but in addition it is semi-invisible.
In this room you need to go in two doors. The first is just opposite the entrance; there is a hole near it, and if you are not careful, your tentacles will tear apart. Behind this door there is nothing important, except for additional sources of energy, so go there only if necessary to recharge. The second door is right-rear. Enter it and advance along the corridor, killing all semi-invisible guards. Enter the door at the end of the corridor and step on the switch. As soon as the lattice is removed, move forward. You have to get past the moving force fields and jump over a few arrows on the floor that can pull you in the opposite direction. We need to hurry, because the grilles are not permanently removed! If you get stuck in the middle of the corridor, then you have to start all over again. In the next corridor, also jump over the arrows and enter the door to the left. Here you stumble upon an invisible labyrinth: it is made of glass, and you almost do not see where you can go, but where not.
Take a step forward, then left, back, two more to the left, and then forward and right - to the right lattice. Step around the yellow lattice and slip through it (you will lose some energy, but there is no other way out). Run forward without stopping, or the field will pull you back. Now turn right and run to the door. All this must be done quickly. Otherwise, the giant Morse, who appeared from behind, will kill you with one bite! In the next room, shoot all the guards, then run forward and open the next door. Here, step forward, jump over the switch on the floor, top up and jump over the next switch. In the next room, run forward, not paying attention to the shooting gun. Open the door to the left and, avoiding mobile force fields, move forward to the teleporter. Using the teleporter, go ahead and open the door. Kill all Morphs (usually there are a lot of them), run forward and again use a teleporter (in fact it's not a teleporter, it just opens the second door in this room). Open this door (on the right, if you face the entrance) and run forward. When you enter, the first person met will begin to transform into a clawed steel monster. Overtake him and, without stopping, follow Sarah along the corridor. Open the doors and jump into the space shuttle to finish the game.