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Fade to Black (DOS)

Fade to Black DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Shooter
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
Fade to Black DOS control keys
The main feature of the program was, and remains to this day full of authenticity and naturalness of movements absolutely all the characters involved in the game as the story progresses. Those who are not able to spend their free time over the decision of the arcade-puzzle, we advise to do it now. Really, never too late to return to a good game.

But for those who have been graduated from «Flash Back», we strongly recommend you to take up the continuation of lo «Delphine Software», called «Fade to Black», published in a 1995

Despite the fact that both programs are absolutely not similar to each other in appearance, they share a lot. Firstly, the same group of authors and the main creator of the project, Paul Kuisse who has worked on both games. Secondly, the protagonist, a scientist Conrad Hart, who flees from captivity and in the first and in the second case. The third race of hostile invaders-Monte Ministers itself the initial situation, in which the main character at the beginning of the story gets. This is already enough to with a clear conscience called «Fade to Black» continuation of the old games. Especially, if you remember, it was the ending is somewhat vague, which leaves hope for a new adventure.

As for the fine series, the program has undergone significant changes. This is not surprising, as many as 2 years have passed, for which play computer technology far ahead. And «Delphine Software» proved that it is quite able to keep up with life.

The action takes place in real game time with your direct control of the character. World «Fade to Black» absolute volume and painted with the utmost care. The setting is shown not in the first person, "the eyes of the hero", but from the side, in Steeles series «Alone in the Dark» or «Bioforge". You look at the events as if by means of a "virtual camera", revolving around the main character. In this ever-changing picture perfect view allows to navigate in a three-dimensional game world, to choose the right direction, aim and perform a host of other necessary actions.

All movements Conrad surprisingly authentic. It can smoothly walk and run, jump and crouch, aim and shoot and much more, without which successfully pass on the story of the game is impossible.

However, such a rich pictorial series and options for possible action, in spite of a good user interface and a variety of control modes require you to prolonged exercise. Without this it is practically impossible to quickly and accurately control the main character and instantly navigate in space. Given that these two aspects, along with the need to use your loaf, solving puzzles (associated primarily with the discovery of various locks), are the most important elements of the game, successfully complete the «Fade to Black» will be very difficult.

Most of this description will be devoted precisely to different management regimes as a guarantee of future successful game. Judge for yourself in the game involved more than half of the keyboard keys, each responsible for a well-defined, it is absolutely necessary action, without rapid implementation which you simply have nothing to do in the «Fade to Black». Even when controlling using the mouse have 2 completely different modes, to understand the specifics of which are not easy.

We will try to help you with this and, on the other hand, to get acquainted with all the other aspects of the program.

So, in 2190 AD The entire solar system is invaded by an alien race-MetaMorph. Their main feature (except pathological hatred for all living things other than themselves) is the ability to morph easily take many forms other creatures. Earth and the other planets captured and enslaved. The situation of people in more than sad and demeaning - they turned in uncomplaining herd, humiliate and ruthlessly exploited. And, apparently, the invaders actions are controlled by a powerful mind that, in general, and a good hook as destroying the intellectual center, it would be possible to do away with the invasion of the whole. Only here who will do this?

Your hero woke from cryogenic sleep (this point is the link with the first game), surrounded by numerous enemies, morphs and was sent to the correct base camp for political prisoners. There he met a Resistance leader John O'Connor, is also in custody.

The couple managed to escape to the space station, the captured "Mandrake", the rebel organization, which actively cooperates O'Connor ...
Fade to Black DOS title screen

Now the task of Conrad, who became one of the rebels, is in constant sabotage and using the "Mandrake" destroy the empire morphs. All alone Conrad fights with the enemy, breaking a barrier zadruga, trying to get to the main clue mystery - what is the mind of the one who controls the actions of the invaders ...

So, you start traveling around the world «Fade to Black» ...

First of all, let's deal with the main menu of the game, because it looks more than strange.


The main game settings options, as well as the current state of the recording and playback modes are packed in a special box information, the first access to which is opened at the time of initial installation of the game.

Directly in the course of events you willy-nilly will have to periodically refer to the "device". This is done as follows. While in-game, press ESC. This will reveal a few screens a previously saved game. Pressing the UP key twice to close the screens and put them in the same Infocell, about which there is a speech. Turn LEFT and RIGHT buttons box horizontally, you are consistently displayed on the screen one of the faces, which are the main options «Fade to Black» main menu. To activate the mode used ENTER.
To continue your work with INFOCELL game, press the UP or the DOWN, and then - ENTER.
NEW GAME - the beginning of a new game.
Before you begin any of Conrad's first mission, you need to select the appropriate level of complexity to your experience:
EASY - the most simple;
MEDIUM - middle;
HARD - the most difficult.
Then lit up the option NEW GAME, you will enter directly in the first game screen - the room where Conrad begins its full deadly adventure.
Here, as in all other modes, the ESC - return to the closed INFOCELL.
FLAY DEMO - some very detailed demonstration of the game pieces to help settle, adapt himself at least outwardly to the manner of action of Conrad, to learn the basic techniques of game and some elements of combat tactics and movement. You clearly are presented almost all the main modes - opening doors, firing, reloading, teleporting, etc. Game nuances. DEMO mode in the game is very useful. Look at it several times before you start to manage Conrad alone.
To download DEMO use ENTER, to exit - ESC.
CHANGE SOUND CONFIGURATION - Audio Setup menu. This mode is extremely voluminous and includes a huge amount of music as a soundtrack, with a variety of background music, as well as containing various options for sound design (special effects).
- SOUND MODE - Select a sound mode:
NO SELECTION - without any sound. At the same time the more you do nothing in the audio menu;
SELECTION - selection of audio support for the game. Further, it becomes possible to configure four sound modes:
- SOUND VOLUME - volume of special effects;
- MUSIC VOLUME - volume of the music;
- SOUND - listening to 100 (!!!) different sound effects present in the game;
- MUSIC - audition and selection of 52 (!!!) music tracks with completely different melodies, rhythms, arrangements, etc. nuances.
- ESC - return to a closed box. In this case, the game will remain just made permutation you.
CHANGE GRAPHICS CONFIGURATION - graphics settings menu. There are also plenty of options that can be selected depending on the power of your computer. The maximum possible settings require that the presence of a Pentium processor and a good graphics card. However, in the conventional video modes, the picture on the 486DX / 50 looks great.
- GRAPHICS RESOLUTION - resolution graphics options:
320x200 - a regular VGA;
320x240 - improved version of the VGA;
640x400 - excellent SVGA-image rapidity only available Pentium.
- SHADINE TYPE - type of shading the image:
(In the first game mode vdet much faster.)
- GRAPHICS QUALITY - the overall quality of the graphics:
For maximum speed LOW QUALITY preferable, although it does not have the image of perfection, which is inherent in the regime HIGH.
SELECT MOUSE - Mouse selection as a game controller - MOUSE MODE ON.
Here it is installed and the sensitivity of the mouse.
SELECT JOYSTICK - joystick choice as an input device and its calibration mode.
PLAY MOVIE CLIP - view movies - and the introduction of a variety of plug-in program episodes. Each new piece is added to the video library automatically after the first time you see it in the game. From now on you at any moment you can get access to the entire list and select from it the right to view.
EXIT GAME - completion of the game and exit to DOS.
The most important part of the game screen is located in the lower left corner of the HEADS UP DISPLAY - Status indicator of the main equipment used by Conrad.
SHIELD STRENGTH INDICATOR - the vertical scale, the extreme left of the display HUD. This is the power indicator of the protective shield of Conrad. It shows the state of the damaged ™ protective suit of the protagonist. When the yellow bar is lowered to the bottom of the scale, the shield becomes ineffective, and Conrad almost no protection. If the shield close to the critical state, the image on the HUD flashes.
Protection during the game can be retrieved from any state to the maximum efficiency. To do this, in the course of action to find CHARGING STATION (charging stations) and use SPACE key recovery. Boles details about this will be discussed below.
ENERGY RECHARGERS (portable energy reducing agents) can and must be found by you as the game progresses.
ACTIVE SCANNER INDICATOR - next HUD'a mode (optional, located on the top right). This is an indicator showing the type of operating the scanner. The specific name of the active at the moment, such as IDA, marred on the screen.
In order to activate the desired scanner, press 1 until such time until the name of the device that you want to use.
We note in particular - some scanners for normal use energy shield. When you activate it, the protection force is slowly but surely reduced. So use these types of scanners accurately. (Different types of scanners and characteristics of their work will be devoted to a special section herein. This is equally true of the shield types, and other major used in the subjects of the game.)
SHIELD TYPE - news inscription on the HUD, located to the right, directly beneath the data on operating the scanner. Indicates the type of protective shield, you are using at the moment. This marred the desired name on the display. To activate another panel, press 2 to as long as his name appears on the screen HUD'a. Before starting the other protection, you must first find it, because at the beginning of an alternative you do not play.
When you change the ordinary board on another option, for example, anti-radiation suit your protection force will gradually melt away. Keep an eye on this indicator constantly.
BULLET TYPE - the inscription on the HUD display, located on the right, under the shield of the data. It provides information about the type of ammunition, which is currently loaded gun Conrad.
To change the ammo, press 4 for as long as you do not appear necessary cartridges (if, of course, is in the INVENTORY). Conrad starts the game with only one type.
Near provides information about the number of minutes that Conrad brings.
AVAILABLE ROUNDS - digital number of rounds indicator currently remaining in the cage and ready to fire. ENTER - reload the gun by inserting a new full clip.
USE - the last option on the display HUD, located at the very bottom. This is an indicator of the subject, which is currently used by Conrad (keys, code cards, reducing energy, etc.).
To select and activate the desired object, press
5 until shows the desired item.


Moving the hero made using the keyboard, joystick or mouse. And for each of the input devices, there are several possible modes. As for the keyboard, full control includes the use of 67 different buttons and their various combinations. About all this variety, you will learn from the chapter "Control", and now let's talk about some of the main modes.


For aiming, press the right ALT, to enter into the battle mode. At the same time, if you took aim precisely on the image of your opponent a red square with yellow arrows signaling that you, if you open fire, in no case will not miss. To use the right CTRL shot in combat mode.
Reloading weapons made by pressing ENTER. The new clip contains 9 rounds.
Especially note the following - if the image appears Conrad big yellow circle with a red mark, which means that you aim weapons morph or fighting robot. The red LED indicates which side of the camera, showing the moment of the episode is the enemy. Immediately turn around in the wrong direction, and immediately open fire in response.
Conrad also can use in battle jumping mines. In order to throw it, you must press the right CTRL (but not in combat mode).

Maze map

Automatic card is revealed gradually showing those parts of the maze, you were able to overcome, and where you are in at the moment.
Turning automap display by pressing the M key
To move the map on the screen, use the cursor keys.
Reducing and zoom - respectively - and + Keypad on the keyboard. To exit from the map display mode and return to the main game screen - ESC or re-AM.


INVENTORY mode contains items and messages that you collect and get in the game. Necessary information
selected from two rad.
At the top "shelf" are located the objects themselves, which from left to right:
- Bullets to the gun;
- An object that can be used;
- Explosive devices;
- Shield type;
- Type of scanner;
- Means of communication with his accomplices (here you get the message needed to properly complete the task Accordingly, the purpose of each regular missions can be found here, according to the mode COMMUNICATIONS..
To activate the mode, use the INVENTORY I. Switching between types of equipment (top shelf) made the TAB key.
Leafing items of each type, for example, various types of cartridges, boards, scanners, etc. (Bottom shelf), use the side arrow keys. To read the information on the selected object, located in the lower panel of the demo screen, press the right SHIFT.
To activate the selected item - ENTER.
Exit the view of equipment Mode - I and ESC. Keep in mind that at the beginning of the game you have no other option but to conventional pistol ammunition, wristwatches, scanner cards, conventional shield and "pager" for communication with the management of "Mandrake". However, in the room where your adventure begins, as soon as possible to find a very useful thing - BOUNCING MINE, but only in a single copy. Take it in your INVENTORY filled recently, nothing has not yet been occupied by the window - explosive devices. By the way, jumping mine beware. She has the ability to bounce off the walls and a failed roll can get back to you, to, to break nearby, causing significant damage.
A crucial point in the game is the ability to get a message to the "pager". From time to time your communication records received new reports of changes in mission and new purposes. This appears on the screen: NEW MESSAGE. The first thing you need to do in this case - to immediately check the content of the message by entering the INVENTORY mode by selecting the appropriate keys and read his latest key RIGHT SHIFT. In addition to communications can be transmitted and concise tips, very useful (HINT # 1, etc.).
By the way, working with means of communication, like all the other manipulations with objects in the INVENTORY, is conveniently carried out using the mouse cursor. To do this, left-click to select the desired type of objects from the top row. Then activate the specific thing from the bottom list and click the left mouse button (hold) on the instrument display, which Conrad holds (at the bottom). In this case the monitor will display the relevant information about the subject or text of the message.
Right click - return to the previous mode, and the output of INVENTORY.

Types of used bullets

Your main weapon is a gun. The effectiveness of its actions depends on what ammunition was loaded. There are 7 options. The available will, of course, only those that you'll find in the game.
NORMAL BULLETS - conventional bullets. With them, you start your adventure.
EXPLODING BULLETS - explosive. They are much more powerful than the first. However, with each successive version of the list below will also be stronger than the previous ...
HEAT-SEEKING BULLETS - bullets, homing on the thermal radiation emitted from the target.
MAGNETIC PULSE BULLETS - magnetic pulsing.
ADVANCED PLASMA BULLETS - improved plasma bullets.
Incidentally, with regard to pulsed magnetic bullets, they are not shown on the display HUD'a, as the remaining ammunition, because it is used for firing is not the number of rounds, and available at your disposal energy shield.



Access to them in the INVENTORY through the second icon on the left top of the line.
WATCH - shows the time elapsed since the start of the game.
KEY, CODE - different keys, access code cards, etc. little things. Give the opportunity to gain access to the locked room. When these necessary items to complete the game lifted, Conrad uses their own as needed. Calling them out INVENTORY optional.
ENERGY RECHARGER - charging devices of the energy system. Increases energy Conrad half maximum capacity. Particularly useful when there is no recharging stations.


NORMAL SHIELD - a normal shield. It protects against light enemy fire, creating around him a small magnetic field. Energy consumption is almost required.
ANTI-RADIATION SHIELD - anti-radiation shield. Conrad Protects against radiation exposure. Causing loss of some energy.
CAMOUFLAGE SHIELD - camouflage shield. Conrad Makes invisible to all morphs but morphs predators, using the same method of camouflage. It requires decent energy consumption.


MAP SCANNER - shows the local view of the current level of the card, which is Conrad. Energy consumption does not cause.
INFO SCANNER Displays (in%) of the amount of energy remaining in the purpose for which you lead the fight. The information is very useful to the same amount of energy consumed by the data of a scanner is not great.
FIELD SCANNER - an extremely useful device that indicates where the special, carefully hidden, floor slabs or sections, when clicked, which revealed a hitherto closed doors. Other scanners can not identify it. As well as this is not done visually.
ENERGY SCANNER - shows all operating power sources of replenishment of the current game level. And he uses it very little.
OBJECT SCANNER - shows where the current level are special containers with different, very useful in-game items (many of which have already been mentioned above). It uses very little energy and is extremely necessary, as these devices (ie, containers) - your main source of new items, without which the successful completion of the game is simply impossible.
In addition to those things, which we have already mentioned, in the course of the plot you will find a medical first aid kit and some other necessary things, information about which (meaning useful custom properties) can be found by placing them in your INVENTORY.

Intolerance of useful objects

In addition to the things that your character can carry with them through the maze and use at any time in its (your) judgment, in the «Fade to Black» has several key facilities that are neither take nor move somewhere else is impossible. Yes this is not necessary. Using them where they are, you not only get additional wearable equipment, but also the opportunity to be transferred to another location, get indoors to recharge your shield, and much more, it is absolutely necessary in the course of the game.

Closed containers (LOCKER)

Most of them contain items that can be useful in the future. Therefore, exploring the maze, make sure that nothing is overlooked.
To open the container, stand next to a strictly opposite it and press SPACE.
In order to sort out lying inside objects, use the lateral cursor control arrows LEFT and RIGHT.
For removal of an object from a container in your INVENTORY, press SPACE.
To close the case, none of it does not pick up, use ESC.
If nothing in the container, the door opened and then slammed shut automatically. At the same time the computer will tell you that LOCKER EMPTY (empty container).


teleporters system arranged morphs quickly transports you into a certain location of the maze. Existing teleporters illuminates when Conrad comes on board at their base.

To teleport, go into the "cockpit" and activate the teleporter pressing SPACE.


Some panels, mounted on the floor (including visible to the naked eye), open when you click on them still closed doors or that much less pleasant, activate induced at the labyrinth sector enemy weapons, automatically opening your hero quick and extremely destructive fire. Some panels hit inadvertently stepped on a good charge of electric current.

To bring the panel in place (and open the door, if you're lucky) simply step on it. And, as a rule, these time limited modes. Therefore, to open the doors, run as fast as possible.

If you suspect that this floor panel - trap, bypass around or jump over it (J).


Stand in front of a panel and press SPACE, to enable the device or gain admission to a particular place.


Step on a special platform in the floor and press SPACE to recharge and restore the protective shield Conrad.


This is one of the most important structural elements of the program. «Fade to Black» has 7 slots to which you can record the current state of the game. This is done at any time you wish. To record on a course of action, log in using S or ESC to SAVE MENU (7 screenshots of still images taken at the time of recording, or silhouettes of cameras, if slots are free Frames Display -. Red). LEFT and RIGHT buttons to rotate the screens so far, until the free (or one that you want to rewrite).
Then press ENTER to select YES to confirm, if you overwrite recording made previously. The game will be saved directly to the point at which you left it, and made a stop-frame helps to visually navigate on subsequent downloads of the game.
To play a previously saved game, select Menu LOADING loading or 1NFOCELL mode (by pressing UP-DOWN), or directly in the game by using the button L.
After selecting from a blue colored screen and confirm by pressing YES, you will be able to continue with the interrupted place.
If the course of action would be killed Conrad, select RESTART option and continue the action from the beginning of the current level.
CANCEL and SAVE, LOAD, and means the same thing - a return to the interrupted current game without any changes.


We turn to the most voluminous section descriptions - using a variety of devices, with the help of which the character management, and distribution functions and command buttons. After reviewing the contents of this chapter, we strongly encourage you to experiment with the practice of management to choose from all the opportunities provided by the option that you will find the most convenient. We note only that each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, recognized fast enough ...
The most common modes
- Call the information box - ESC, UP, UP.
- Turn on / off sound and music - LEFT CTRL + S.
- Enable / disable mouse control - LEFT CTRL + M.
- Switching of control modes using the mouse (icon - real) - G.
- Increased sensitivity of the mouse - LEFT CTRL + X or LEFT CTRL + Y.
- Lowering the mouse sensitivity - LEFT CTRL + SHIFT + X or LEFT CTRL + SHIFT + Y.
- Turn on / off control with a joystick - LEFT CTRL + J.
- Calibration of the joystick during the game - LEFT CTRL + SHIFT + J.
- Reducing the size of the game screen - FI.
- Increasing the size of the game screen - F2 (there are 11 options).
- Switch different graphics resolution modes - F7.
- Reduce the brightness of the screen - <.
- Increase the brightness of the screen ->.
- Switch between three degrees of clarity drawing environment image - LEFT CTRL + D.
- Switching options shading game objects - LEFT CTRL + F.
input Tools
Although the majority of game modes is controlled with the keyboard, you can easily be used to move the character and basic actions mouse or joystick.


To walk, hold down the left button.
To run - left and right simultaneously.
To turn towards moving the mouse in the appropriate direction.
Go to battle mode (return to normal) - right click the mouse.
Aiming to combat mode - moving the mouse in the appropriate direction.
Pistol shooting - click the left button in combat mode.
If you set the mouse sensitivity a little higher than the average, this management option would be quite convenient, and many, no doubt, like its simplicity and unpretentious. In addition, Conrad mouse can expand faster than other input devices.
But at the same commands weight will remain in the competence of the keyboard.


Short press ahead - step.
Permanent press - run.
Button 1 - opening of doors, activation devices, the removal of objects and shooting (in combat).
Button 2 - to enter combat mode and get out of it by pressing.
Button 3 - jump.
Button 4 - with pressing the left and right - Side step in the appropriate direction (and in combat mode, and beyond).

The icon mode

When controlling the mouse authors have proposed to the user is very kind (especially for this kind of games) command return mode using the icons. Somehow it resembles the familiar old quest interface, the relevant actions were caused by the activation of the right key icons at the top of the screen. In the «Fade to Black», these options are applied directly to a game image and appearance are more unusual.
Let's try to describe them, but first a few words about the conditions that accompany the management team through the mode icons:
- Select this option by pressing G;
- To perform an action, you must move the mouse pointer on the appropriate command symbol and click the left button;
- If you want to leave on the screen is only one icon, press LEFT ALT and then click its image. All other characters will disappear from the screen;
- Pictogram for ugmolchaniyu mainly located in the center of the screen. If you do not like it, press the LEFT SHIFT, click on the group icon, hold down the left mouse button, drag them to the desired part of the screen. The same proceed with the rest;
- The management in the icon mode, all the rotation and the hero in the battle, and beyond, you move the mouse in the appropriate direction while holding down the left button. At the same time, if you need to quickly get into the battle mode is not over an icon, right-click. Repeated pressing lo - a shot from a pistol.

Thus, the icons in the ICON mode:
- Silhouette of man stood - stand still (up to neutral, leaving the battle mode);
- Silhouette of a running man - to escape;
- Silhouette of a walking man - keep a normal pace;
- Silhouette of jumping man - a jump from a place (without a running start);


G - switches the active mode of the mouse on the icon of the control option.
LEFT CTRL + T - switches between the following options:
- - - Text and speech, only the text, but it;
-> - Increase screen illumination;
- <- Reduction of screen illumination;
- F1 - reduction in size of the screen;
- F2 - increasing the size of the screen;
- F3 - decrease the volume of sound effects;
- F4 - increase the volume of sound effects;
- F5 - reduction of the volume of background music;
- F6 - increasing the volume of background music;
- F7 - change the graphic resolution modes: 320x200, 320x240, 640x400;
- F8 - on / off limit speed limit updates information on the screen;
- F9 - switching picture modes fight between the general plan (a distance in the back) and big (just because of the head).
LEFT CTRL + J - ON / OFF joystick.
LEFT CTRL + SHIFT + J - calibration.
LEFT CTRL \ 1 - enable / disable the mouse control.
LEFT CTRL + S - vktyuchenis / vyklyuchenis sound of music and special effects.
LEFT CTRL + D - changes in the quality of the environment rendering.
LEFT CTRL + F - choice between two possible options for shading objects.
LEFT CTRL + D - to switch the image from color to black and white.


The PAUSE (P) - the game stops (until pressed again). UP - run.
DOWN - to sit down (a very important mode that allows you to dodge many shots).
LEFT - turn left.
RIGHT - turn right.
The following keys are located on the Keypad:
8 - run;
5 - to go at a slow pace;
2 - to sit down;
0 (INS) - quietly back away;
4 - turn left;
6 - turn right;
1 - Side step to the left;
3 - Side step to the right;
7 - view diagonally to the left;
9 - same as the right;
, (DEL) - fast 180-degree turn;
- - Switching between normal mode and the battlefield; ENTER - reload;
+ - Shoot a gun (in battle), throw bounces mine (as usual);
* - A short step forward;
/ - Jump.
Other commands are executed with the main keyboard:
RIGHT SHIFT + DOWN - fast 180-degree turn;
PAGE UP - a short step forward;
PAGE DOWN - a short step backwards, backwards;
RIGHT SHIFr + UP - go ahead at a normal pace;
RIGHT SHIFT + LEFT (RIGHT) - ladders steps in the appropriate direction;
RIGHT ALT or V - to switch between modes: normal and fight;
RIGHT CTRL or V - to shoot a gun in combat or throw mine in the normal state;
ENTER - reload the gun;
SPACE - open closed containers, activate circuit breakers, buttons, teleporters, pick up items from LOCKER, etc .;
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - selection of appropriate numbers of items from the INVENTORY;
7 - to look forward;
8 - Look to the left;
9 - look to the right;
0 - to turn around and look back;
M - the inclusion of the card mode (see the special button in the relevant section.);
J - jump;
1 - open INVENTORY;
U - use an item selected from the INVENTORY (before that it is necessary that its name illuminates the bottom line of the display HUD);
L - loading a saved game;
5 - Record the current status of the game.
in the «Fade to Black» game is the basic information on the operation and management. Structurally, the program consists of
6 main levels and several sublevels. In principle, each passage requires some well-defined action, although certain nuances. The game is completely new and very interesting, so we're not going to bother you with their tips and advice on solving individual episodes.
If you still experience insurmountable difficulties, in the next "Encyclopedia" editions, we will come back to this game and help you to solve a particularly difficult situation.


- Open all the containers, which will be able to find. They - the main source of your "well-being" in the game;
- Pay special attention to the energy of Conrad. Memorize the location of the nearest charging stations and return to them at the earliest opportunity;
- ENERGY RECHARGER take care to "rainy day", when surely there will be other sources of energy recovery;
- Watch for messages transmitted to you from the center. And MESSAGE, and HINT may be useful information;
- In the new building come with ready to fight and shoot as soon as you catch the enemy in sight;
- Watch for the appearance of the display pointing to Conrad enemy weapons. The faster you turn around toward the red mark, the greater the chance of survival;
- Constantly recharge the gun, not to stay in the heat of battle face to face with an armed enemy, and discharged their own weapons;
- Mines, try to throw around the corner, so that they, jumping down the hall, not to harm you;
- Usefully apply the newly found objects. Sign up and experiment for yourself which of them you are more suitable;
- Try to walk more than a run (where possible) to permanently save time;
- And more often to keep a successful game. Equally successfully pass again some sections is very difficult. It is better to protect yourself in advance.