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Star Fighter (3DO)

StarFighter 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Vehicular: Flight / Aviation, Space Flight
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Studio 3DO
Developed by: The World Federation Entertainments Network
Released: 1996
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

Shooting simulator. something between Wing Commander and Shock Wave. "Medium" in the genre, but not in quality. Star Fighter is the glory of 3DO. The game is characterized by an excellent control system, realistic gravity and aerodynamics. Experts will appreciate both the maneuvering possibilities and the schedule of valleys, hills, canyons, lakes and roads.
Your fighter ship is equipped with excellent weapons, but enemies also have laser cannons, ground-to-air missiles, aircraft, submarines, aircraft carriers, satellites and spacecraft.
Your fighter ship is equipped with fine weapons, but enemies also have laser cannons, ground-to-air missiles, tanks, submarines, aircraft carriers, satellites and spacecraft. Your opponents have a good attacking tactic, and, leaving your pursuers, you will have to maneuver between buildings and mountains. The goal of the game is to destroy everyone and everything, gaining as many points as possible and not perishing. The goal of most missions (sixty in all) is to destroy the object or to protect the base ship.
The game is characterized by an excellent control system, realistic gravity and aerodynamics. Experts will appreciate both the maneuvering possibilities and the schedule of valleys, hills, canyons, lakes and roads.

Information on screen

The bar at the top left of the screen shows the degree of your protection. The longer its length the better you are protected. In case of damage to the protection, its filling with color is reduced, and you need to wait until the protective properties are restored. The numbers under the strip are your glasses, which are given for the destruction of enemy objects.
If the mission is limited in time, follow the timer in the lower left corner.
The numbers and letters below, in the center of the screen, show the coordinates of your fighter on the strategic map.
The type of active weapon and its number are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. In the lower right corner, the collected crystals are displayed.

Strategic Map

The strategic desk shows your location, as well as the location of enemy targets, the base ship and support aircraft. It's impossible to fly out of the map - it's looped.
A - stop at the chosen goal;
В - get additional information about the chosen goal;
C - job description;
D-pad - move the pointer to another object;
R / L - scale change.
A white moving point on the map is your plane. "M" is the base ship, "F" is the support aircraft. Red points are enemy planes. The letter "V" or "X" indicates enemy targets. Small pictures inside the red circle symbolize enemy satellites. Green or red dots are targets that should be destroyed. The small red letter "A" - allied aircraft, and the blue letter "P" - aircraft with spare fuel.


A is the speed of flight;
В - antimissile charges ECM;
C - switch to the view from another camera;
L - change weapons;
R - use weapons;
↓ - up (in the peak - movement in the horizontal plane);
P - calling the card;
X - set the camera, change the configuration parameters, exit the game.


Air-to-air missiles (in English "air to air", or "A-T-A") are used against air targets.
Air-to-ground missiles (A-T-G) are used against ground targets.
The ECM charges destroy the missiles approaching you.
The laser destroys the selected target with a beam.
Megabombs allow you to destroy enemy targets on a vast territory.
Megacorel allows you to move faster and several times increases the strength of the weapon.
The multi-mis-sle missiles allow you to destroy several air targets at the same time.
Beam Laser is a self-guided laser.

Methods of the game

Attitude - the degree of aggression;
Regroup - joining other aircraft to your
During the battles;
Attack - attack by individual aircraft;
All attack - the attack of the object by all planes.

Combinations of crystals

Some combinations of collected crystals give or take away additional opportunities. Collect up to four crystals. If you take the fifth, the first will disappear.
Blue, Blue squares - ten A-T-G projectiles;
Purple, Purple squares - ten shells A-T-A;
Purple, Orange, Purple, Orange squares. - ten minutes;
Purple, Green, Purple, Green squares - Beam Laser: self-guided laser beam;
Blue, Green squares - five ECM;
Blue, Yellow squares - motor gain;
Turquoise, Green, Turquoise, Blue squares - fifty ECM;
Turquoise, Turquoise squares. Green star - the crystals you have collected will be replaced by others;
Turquoise, Yellow squares - three multi-charge;
Green, Yellow, Green squares - WingPod: an additional engine with a laser gun will appear on the wing;
Green, Green, Green stars. The red square is a mega-ship;
Purple, Blue, Purple, Blue squares - ten multisks;
Purple, Green, Blue squares - damage control;
Purple, Red, Blue squares - engine damage;
Purple, Red, Purple, Red squares - ten megabombs;
Purple, Yellow, Blue squares - damage protection;
Red, Red squares - laser amplification;
Red, Yellow squares - strengthening of control;
Yellow, Yellow squares - increased protection.

Cheat Mode

Cheat mode is enabled through the ''Configure'' option from the main menu. Select the ''Enter Player Name'' option from the configure menu. Enter COFFEE_N_PICKLE as a name (note the two spaces). Select the ''Enter Player Name'' option again. The phrase ''CHEAT NOW'' will appear at the bottom of the name entry screen to confirm correct code entry.
SHOW_ME - Display All Hidden Bonuses


  • The goal of the game is to destroy everyone and everything, gaining as many points as possible and not perishing. The goal of most missions (total of sixty) is to destroy the object or defend the base ship.
  • During the battles, colorful crystals appear on the screen. They are formed after the destruction of enemy targets and, collected in a certain combination, expand your possibilities.
  • You can also replenish your resources by collecting falling parachutes. As soon as "Parashute drop detected" appears on the screen - switch to the mode of the strategic map and find the place of the parachute reset. Your task is to direct the fighter directly to these containers and "catch" them before they fall to the ground or disappear. Remember that such opportunities as megakorabl, megabombs or self-guided laser, dropped by d parachutes, are given but a short time. If you want to get them for a long time, then use crystals.
  • When a warning appears on the screen about the launch of an air-to-air missile by an adversary, immediately start performing maneuvers to avoid it. If you did not succeed, you can turn on the ECM.
  • If you do not have air-to-air missiles, try to fly as low as possible, out of the reach of enemy fighters, making your way between the hills. Do not forget, however, that the hills are dangerous - among them, a ground-based air defense system may be hidden.
  • SAM rockets - ground-to-air (from the words Surface-to-air missiles), which are fired at you from ground installations, have a limited altitude range. Therefore, one of the ways to avoid them is a sharp climb. If the missile overtakes you, then use the ECM.
  • Extra life appears every time after recruiting 250,000 points.


Consider a few initial missions.

1-1 - Rookies Start Here

It is required to destroy three vehicles carrying rockets. These cars start at the same point where you start your journey and you (on the right side).
Replenish your military arsenal and return to the base ship. The entrance is from the back of the ship.

1-2 - Aerial Strike Training

It is necessary to destroy three ground targets. When approaching, they shoot you with homing packs.
At this level, you do not need to return to the database. Game) automatically takes you to the next level.

1-3 - First Wing

It is necessary to destroy enemy missile installations located in the mountains, as well as laser cannons covering the enemy's facilities.
After completing the level task, you can either return to the base immediately, or try to podkonapit weapons.

1-4 - Ground Combat

It is required to destroy six tanks in the mountains, six towers and six structures on each side of the road.
To minimize your losses, start by destroying the enemy's laser cannons, then tackle the tanks, and after them - the towers. Having bombed the towers, return to the base.

1-5 - Stratolines

At this level, it is necessary to destroy two air bases.
You will not have time to collect weapons. Everything is given 120 seconds. But there is no need to take care of returning to the base: the game automatically takes you to the next level.

1-6 - Academy Exams!

It is necessary to destroy the satellites and laser guns. The optimal tactic is to select "AGGRESSIVE" for your aircraft (pre-fly to them and press X). The task is to destroy the lasers marked on the map.
Time at this stage is also limited, in addition you need to have time to return to the base.

1-7 - Aerial Combat Training

Three enemy airbases are subject to destruction. You need to return to your home base.
Having flown to the enemy base, immediately retreat back, because Departing brisk aircraft begin a merciless attack. We recommend setting the mode to "AGGRESSIVE".
Weapons can be "collected", knocking it out of various ground structures.

1-8 - The Space Station

There is a battle with the main base and enemy companions (with a return to the base).
First, destroy the base, because the missiles it launches significantly complicate your mission.
Satellites of the enemy are equipped with a powerful laser, so do not fly to a large cluster of satellites - they will destroy.
Points for destruction of meteorites are added.

1-9 - Central Intelligence

The task of this level is the destruction of the enemy city (with a return to the base).
First, deal with the guarding megacity rocket launcher, then - with satellites and laser cannons, and then start building.

1-10 - Roket Pad

It is required to destroy two rows of missiles marked on the map with a cross. The objects are protected by rocket launchers and laser cannons. From defensive installations and begin your attack. A rocket explodes easily. Return to the base.

1-11 - Chemical Delivery

It is necessary to destroy the ground base. Attacking it, first attack a large yellow structure: it is from it that airplanes fly. Destruction of the air base at this stage is not necessary, you can immediately return to your base.

1-12 - The Wastelands

Enemy targets are as follows. On the island: three radars and three lasers. On the ground: four radars and a building.
First, attack the island with laser guns, and on the ground - on a large building with a radar rotating on it. Then grab the radar and return to the base.

1-13 - Sneak Attack

It is necessary to destroy planes and ground targets and return to the base.
Do not fly far from the base, because it fires planes with a powerful laser, which will quickly destroy the enemy.
Destroy ground targets, start with laser guns. Just fly along the edge and bomb one after another. The main thing here is to destroy a plant that produces airplanes. Then take care of the radar, but be careful: almost behind each of them are rocket launchers that target you.

1-14 - Supply tine

At this level, it is necessary to destroy the ground base and several airbases, then returning to their own.
Airbases start to destroy with the latest. Shoot it without stopping, because if you stop the fire, it will release the aircraft. Do not fly up to the middle of the column, because then you will begin to shell several bases at once.
Destroying the air targets, proceed to the ground base. First, it is necessary to neutralize lasers and missile installations, then - other objects.

1-15 - Transmission Towers

Destroy the two towers, protected by lasers, rocket launchers and two aircraft.
The towers explode very quickly, so it makes sense to suddenly fly and fire on the tower. The ambassador of the destruction of the first tower from the second must be dealt with in half a minute, then return to the base.

2-1 - Scanner Down

To get the notation on the map, you need to destroy the almost unprotected tower in the bottom corner of the map on the right. Now destroy the enemy planes, guided by the map, and return to your base.

2-2 - Outpost

It is necessary to destroy aircraft (without returning to the base). Use the "AGGRESSIVE" mode. Your main task will be to avoid missiles.

2-3 - Down In The Valley

It is necessary to destroy five enemy bases and return.
Start with the easiest - with the one that is next to the place from which you start. It is guarded by three laser cannons, which must be detonated from the very beginning.
The second base is located in the lower left corner. It is necessary to blow up two missile launchers, then two lasers and, finally, all the other objects.
The third base is the one on the lower right. First, undermine the yellow structure, then - laser guns.
The fourth base is on the left (it is the second, if you count from the bottom). First of all, destroy two plants.
On the fifth base there is an aircraft factory and four rocket launchers. It is the most difficult, and for it, take the last turn.

2-4 - Blanket Bombing

First, blow up laser cannons in the mountains. Then it is reasonable to destroy missile installations. Immediately fly away from this zone, or you will be shot by lasers guarding enemy objects. It is required to return to the base.
To blow up objects marked on the map with a cross, accumulate energy first. Do not try to break the laser cannons that cover the objects. Just fly on another object, blow it up and quickly fly away.

2-5 - Command And Control

It is necessary to destroy enemy satellites.
To destroy the two most powerful of them, gather the squadron of your ships and set the mode to "AGGRESSIVE". But you must take part in the battle too: ships can not cope without you. Destroy then small satellites, enemy airbases, and return to your base.

2-6 - Traitor

It is required to destroy several well-protected towers (those that are marked on the map) and return.
Fly to the tower, seek its destruction and immediately retreat, so that you do not have time to shoot down. Always try to move very fast.

2-7 - Brainwashed

We must destroy planes and some enemy ground targets.
Destroying the aircraft, do not fly away from your base - it will need to return.
Destroying ground targets, first try to neutralize the rocket launchers and lasers.
Parachutes will help you to type different types of weapons.

2-8 - Sea Breeze

It is necessary to destroy carefully guarded ground bases of the enemy without returning to the base.
First, blow up a plant that produces airplanes, then laser and rocket launchers. Only then you can start for the main goals.

2-9 - The Park Training Camp

It is necessary to destroy ground targets located on the island (with a return to the base).
The island is protected by enemy ships, which produce rockets. First destroy these ships, only then - ground targets, and first - laser guns and missile installations, only after them - the main goals.

2-10 - Chemical Plant

It is required to destroy buildings protected by lasers and rocket launchers (with return). Goals are marked on the map with a cross.
Wait for the small parachute to fly out. If you are given four engines and one thousand units of each weapon, turn on "AGGRESSIVE" and, without releasing the "fire" button, fly along the line of lasers and rocket launchers.
You have to crush four blue buildings. Having made a successful raid on each of them, quickly fly back.

2-11 - Remote fuel Depot

The goal is oil rigs and ground targets. The rigs are guarded by ships, laser cannons and rocket launchers.
First, destroy this defense. Ground targets marked on the map, blow up last. Return to the base.

2-12 - Enemy Attack Platform

It is necessary to destroy the space bases (with the return to the base).
That base, which, unguarded, is on the sidelines, can be destroyed very quickly. However, it produces a huge number of missiles, be careful.
The second base is covered by satellites and lasers. First, fire it from afar, so try to blow up the satellites.

2-13 - Remote Mining Station

It is necessary to destroy three air bases and land settlements (with return). The bases should be blown up very quickly, until they managed to release a large number of aircraft.
If the planes are already out, go lower down to the ground to wait until the inexperienced enemy pilots themselves have broken their planes.
After the destruction of bases, engage in ground targets. They are almost not protected.

2-14 - Enemy Arms Meeting

It is necessary to destroy four satellites and two air bases.
To quickly destroy satellites, turn on air missiles. Floating on satellites, release the maximum number of missiles and immediately fly away. Repeat such raids until all the satellites are blown up.
Then destroy the planes and the main airbase and return to your base.

2-15 - Damn Rookie Pilots

Your main task is to protect your ships. First of all, do not allow them to undermine, and then chase after enemy ships. Use the "DEFENSIVE" mode, so that the ships become "hiding" behind you. Return to base.