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Myst (3DO)

Myst 3DO
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle-solving
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Panasonic Software Company
Developed by: Cyan
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Nintendo DS (NDS), Windows 3.1

An adventure with many riddles on a deserted island.
The brothers Sirrus and Achenar all over the island of Myst scattered the colorful pages of the mysterious book of their father Atrus, mixing the times and destroying the former prosperity. Searching for pages, overcoming obstacles on the way to them and make up the content of the game. You will come across safe codes, and a half-written note of important content. You will have to manage with the lifts, which strive to go too high or, even more unpleasant, refuse to move. One priceless book is on a sunken ship in the lake, the other is hidden in the library.


From the central part of the island you can be transported in four epochs. For the transfer you have to install some codes and find a magic book - your own for each era. In each epoch you find one page for Cyrrus and one for Aachenor, return to the island of Myat and insert these pages into the red and blue books from the library. When you collect four pages for each brother, they will require that you go through the fifth period, and tell how to do it. If you knew this from the beginning, the game would be much simpler.
Myst island

On the dock

There is an entrance to the dungeon. Down there, go to the projector and expand it by pressing the large button at its base. Pay attention to the paper. Press the green button in the upper left corner, On the appeared panel it is necessary to enter the number of switches (markers). There are eight of them on the island - on the quay, near the huge wheels, at the planetarium, near the spaceship, in a shady place with a small pool and columns near the library, near a brick building, a wooden shack and a clock tower. You need to try to translate all the markers to the "on" position (up). You will have to worry about the marker on the clock tower later. Read Atrus message to Katerina, his wife, flashed by the projector.


This is the next building behind the planetarium. Every wall here has interesting things. Pay attention to the books in the closet. If you insert a red page in a red book (or a blue page in a blue book), an image of one of the brothers appears; Brothers want to get missing pages. Explore four whole books. The book with squares contains an important diagram 158.

Wall map

Each of the switch-markers on the island illuminates a certain group of buildings. The markers have a more important meaning, which you will learn from the longitudinally torn note (see below). It is useful to redraw the map.

Tower (white mark on the map)

Embrace the tower and rotate it until the line turns red. The tower glows red in four positions associated with books (a ship, a large tree, gears, a spaceship).

Pictures next to the bookcase

Also with meaning. Go into the elevator, close the door and press the button to get into the tower. If you correctly turned the tower (it should equal the pointer of the sunken ship), then the ladder with the book will show you where the book is hidden, and the ladder with the key will prompt the answer to the puzzle to get the book. Inside the tower you will find a board with three dates on it (for the Planetarium).

In the Planetarium

Put out the lights (switch behind the door), sit on a chair and click on the control panel. Set the key dates (from the board found in the library: October 11, 1984 - 10:04. January 17, 1207 - 5:46 and November 23, 9791 - 18:57). Specifying the correct dates. You will see three different constellations. If there are rules, then you need to return to the library and find these constellations in the book "Stoneship". Paying attention to the symbols above the constellations. The result of your research will be: leaf, insect (beetle) and snake.

Transfer from Myst to other ages

In a shady place near the library

Around the lake with the ships there are several columns, on which must be drawn the same as those associated with the constellations of the planetarium. Touch the sheet, beetle and snake - and the flooded vessel will rise in the bay. In the captain's room you will find a book that can take you to the era of "STONESHIP AGE".

Wooden house

The code combination 7-2-4 will open the safe, in which matches are hidden. Kindle the oven with a match, which must be put under the boiler, and turn the handle to the stop (green icon). Wait until the blows stop (this is a lift lifted from the basement, controlled by warm air flows from the furnace). Then move the handle in the opposite direction until it stops (red icon), quickly exit the house and enter the elevator in the niche cut through the trunk of the giant Nereva to the right of the house (see location on the library card). You need to get there before the lift in the tree goes underground. If the lift began to lift you, click on the white button to your left. The lift will let out steam and will go down. Below, in a small room is a magic book that can take you to the era of CHANNELWOOD AGE.


In the clock tower, using the castors. You must set the time to 2:40. To do this, turn the small wheel (clock) twice, big - eight times (five minutes each). Now click the button. Enter the chapel, and use the levers to set the wheels to position 2-2-1. In order to rotate only the middle wheel, hold any of the side levers. Reset is performed by the vertical lever to the right of you. A magical book that will take you to the era of "MECHANICAL AGE ", is in giant wheels near the pier.


In a brick building, if you walk from the library, just behind the columns, adjust the generators so that they give out exactly 59 volts (buttons 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10). To understand what voltage each button gives, press them one at a time. If you exceed 59 volts, the fuse will fail. Now you need to take turns to get on each of the two towers and switch the levers there. One tower is located just behind the brick building, the other is visible behind the spaceship. Turning the switches to the "down" position, enter the spaceship. Perform on the organ the melody specified in the book "Selenitic Age". If you bear the ear has come, you will have to count the notes from the ground (8, 20, 23, 13 and 6. respectively, including the base as a unit). The book, which will appear at the end of this concert, will be able to transfer you to the era of "SELENTIC AGE".


Climb the stairs to the left and. Looking in the telescope, determine the direction to the lighthouse (135 degrees).

Go to the umbrella

Under it, click on the rightmost button to start the pump to pump water out of the basement of the lighthouse. Now let the water out of the big chest standing in the basement (for this there is a valve on the side wall of the chest). It will become easy, and if now, returning to the umbrella, flood the lighthouse again, the water will lift the chest (the valve should be closed), and in it you will find the keys from the top of the lighthouse.

Battery charge

There is a generator that allows you to charge batteries that provide lighting to the island. The batteries sit down quietly, so do not yawn. If you still do not have time, and the light goes out, go back to the lighthouse and recharge the batteries again.

Middle button under the umbrella

This button allows you to visit the rooms of the brothers Cyrrus and Achenar and replenish their books with pages.

Ahenar's Room

In the drawer you will find the left half of the important text:
Murker Switch...
The vault is loc...
the island of M...
uchieved very...
instructions are f...
each of the marker...
Turn every one of...
"on" position. Th...
as a final step, tu...
there to th...

Use the red button

in one of the walls to return. You will see a compass on which you need to set the direction to the lighthouse - "SE" (southeast, which corresponds to 135 degrees, found with a telescope).

Use now the leftmost button

Under the umbrella. It drives a pump pumping water out of the ship's hold. Having enclosed the page in the book of Achenar, please similarly Sirrus, delivering the page (blue) and him.
Anton TonskiyMarch 15, 2018 at 2:39 AM


Find five microphones

They convey the sounds of water, fire (thunder), clock, crystal (flute) and wind. Turn everyone on. Near the microphones "Crystal" and "Water" you will find the red and blue pages respectively.

Go to the radio tower

Through the Wind tunnel and correctly orient each of the five plates. The coordinates are as follows. Water -153.4, fire 130.3. Clock - 55.6, crystal - 15.0, wind - 212.2.

Code Sequence

Pressing the button Sigma (Σ). You will receive a sound sequence, which you can open the door, located near the spaceship. The sequence is as follows: crystal - water - wind - fire - watch.

Advance on an underground ship

The sounds at each station indicate direction. If you have listened, press the sound button to repeat. The sound of the "plink" points to the north, the "bluff" to the west, the "flat" to the south and "Shshsh" to the east. Combinations of sounds indicate north-west, south-east, etc. To get to the book "Myst", you need to navigate in such directions: N, W, N, E, E, S, S, W, SW, W, NW, NE, N, SE (traditionally N - north, S - south , W -falls and E-east). It remains only to find the book "Myst".


The pages needed by the brothers are in rooms with thrones. Explore yourself and the thrones in each of the rooms.

A simulator in Ahenahar's room

It is used to understand how to rotate the tower. Here is one of the methods. Move the left lever one division up, and lift the right lever for about seven seconds until it stops. Then return it to its original position and simultaneously move the left lever back one division. The arrow on the indicator stops rotating and a characteristic sound corresponding to the part of the light is heard. Sounds are deciphered in the same way as in "Selenetic age" (see above). You need to go south. Practice on the simulator until you have a "sense of time", because the position of this tower will not be visible to you. Do not confuse the rotation simulator with the real one, hidden in the room above the elevator.

Geometric icons

You can open the room with the "Myst" book from the control panel. The code sequence (a circle without a lower half, a rectangle, a circle above the three triangles, the painted left half of the circle) can be set if you explore all the islands that open to you when you turn the tower. On two stands is indicated by half the code.


The lifts are controlled by streams of water, which must be skillfully switched from one elevator to another. The switches are located in the places where the pipes branch out. If the water flows in the right direction, then you will make sure of this by hearing a murmur. Rise on the first lift (the first from the beginning, and not the nearest behind the stairs). To do this, enter the elevator, close the door and use the lever. Having risen, look for a switch that you can open and close the door to the stairs (a cross on the map). On the stairs, go down and switch the water to the lift next to the stairs. On it you will go up to the brothers' rooms, searching for the pages they need there.

In the room of Sirrus

You will find the second half of the note found in the era of "Stoneahip Age". This half says:
...Vault Access
...of Myst
...ated in very plain view on
...yst and access can be
...easily if the simple
...ollowed. First locate
...switches on the island.
...these switches to the
...en go to the dock, and,
...rn the marker switch
...e «off» position.
Further you can walk along the bridge, which expose the generator, separately standing near the place of your entrance. Switch the water on it, then pull the handle.
To switch on the next elevator, bring to it a pipe connected to the mechanism that you will operate with a rotating handle.
Turn on the elevator and go upstairs to find the book "Myst".


(this will be reported to you by four-page brothers), you should go to the library, select the book on the right in the central shelf from the far right, and find the diagram 158 (the diagram is shown above). Then go to the chimney and on the panel that appears there, reproduce the diagram 158. The fireplace turns and you will see the green book "Dunny Age". as well as one blue and one red page. Appears Atrus, he asks you to bring him a white page.

End game options

If you give Ahenar or Cyrrus the color pages they need, they will ruin you. Appearing to Atrus without a white page. You will incur his displeasure. The white page is in the repository. To get to the repository, you need to follow the half-written note, the first half of which you found in the Stoneship period, and the second half in the Channel wood.
Marker switches - access to the repository. Island Myst. The repository is located in the most prominent place on the island of Myst, and access to it is easy to obtain by following simple instructions. First find out all the marker switches on the island. Translate each of them to the "on" position. Then go to the pier, and, finally, turn the marker switch there to the "off" position.