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Boulder Dash (NES)

Boulder Dash NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Puzzle elements
Published by: JVC Musical Industries
Developed by: First Star Software
Released: 1990
Platforms: Nintendo (NES), DOS

Digger remake. This time with a good sound and an eye-pleasing picture. All as in the best houses. Such games sin to blame for plagiarism. It's fun, fast, not easy. The complexity has increased significantly due to the presence of a timer. Now we have to not only run away from enemies, but also from time. All fans of the genre are recommended in small doses before and after meals.


Quest 1

Ice World 635870;
Sand World 840137;
Ocean World 840967;
Relic World 225378;
Volcano World 752053.

Quest 2

Boulder World 423480;
Ice World 457397;
Sand World 432579;
Ocean World 864111;
Relic World 995065;
Volcano World 827100.

Quest 3

Boulder World 532375;
Ice World 243481;
Sand World 606664;
Ocean World 692551;
Relic World 724892;
Volcano World 772974.

Quest 4

Boulder World 724045;
Ice World 723846;
Sand World 231750;
Ocean World 228733;
Relic World 923838;
Volcano World 184904.