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Mega Man X3 (SNES)

MegaMan X 3 Rockman SNES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Art: Anime / Manga
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1996
Platforms: Super Nintendo (SNES), PlayStation (PSX, PS1), SEGA Saturn

A qualitative and robust ending to the adventures of the glorious X-robot on the 16-bit console. According to the schedule and dynamics, the game surpasses the previous two parts, and there are plenty of innovations in it, so you will not be bored. Enemy mechanisms have become much more evil than before, they will have to fight with conscience. Bosses are also very powerful, and the main enemy will appear before you in such a strong incarnation, which you have not yet encountered. The number of secret capsules at levels has doubled. Also, if your blue robot is tired, you can call for help from the red partner, who will temporarily replace it (on the pause screen with the R button). Uncommon play from the X-series, which will not leave you indifferent.


The action of Mega Man X occurs indefinitely during the 22nd century (21XX year), all the Mavericks were neutralized due to the efforts of Dr. Doppler. The use of his Neurocomputer was able to suppress any abnormal behavior in the Refloids and prevent them from frenzy. Many of the most advanced of the Platoids gathered near their new mentor, who founded the town of Doppl. Going with Dr. Doppler, the Refloids were ready to enter a new golden era.
A few months later, the Mavericks, which were to be neutralized by the Neurocomputer, unexpectedly appeared and began to rebel. At the headquarters of the Hunter on the Mavericks, all the intelligence showed that Dr. Doppler was the mastermind behind the invasion. Soon, X and Zero took the challenge to destroy the invading Mavericks and bring Dr. Doppler to justice.
A few hours later, an emergency contact occurred at the Hunter's headquarters at the Mavericks, which are under attack from Doppler's power. X and Zero immediately returned to the base to stop them.
After defeating the Mavericks at headquarters, X and Zero fought against the Mavericks around the city of Doppl. Analyzing the vanquished Mavericks, Dr. Kane pinpointed the hidden Doppler laboratory. When X collided with Doppler and defeated him, he learned that Doppler was not responsible for Sigma's rebellion. Doppler was infected and created a powerful new organ for Sigma called "Kaiser Sigma", which eventually was defeated by X. However, Sigma turns into a viral form (from Mega Man X2), chasing Ix, forcing him to try to possess his Body.
There are two finals of the game. They both show that Dr. Doppler has created a real antivirus. One final shows that Zero took the Doppler antivirus and used it with his saber, descending and causing Sigma's death blow. The second finale shows that if Zero wins and repairs (which includes getting Zero's Saber for X), then Dr. Doppler himself comes to the rescue, sacrificing himself to use the antivirus for Sigma.


3421 2337 6378 7156 All 19 items obtained w/Vile destroyed w/Leg and Arm Capsule;
8447 4335 6646 5556 All heart tanks, all subtanks, no robot changers, no bosses defeated;
5418 3153 6877 3155 All Weapons, Hearts, Ride Armors w/Zero's Saber;
1454 3535 6162 7162 At last boss with everything, including Golden Suit;
3668 4884 3851 4221 Blast Hornet and Blizzard Buffalo defeated;
7745 5253 1441 5486 Blast Hornet defeated;
3661 4888 3851 2227 Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, and Gravity Beetle defeated;
3661 4884 3351 2227 Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Gravity Beetle, and Toxic Seahorse defeated;
1778 5232 3541 6488 Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Gravity Beetle, Toxic Seahorse, and Volt Catfish defeated;
3661 4884 3321 8227 Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Gravity Beetle, Toxic Seahorse, Volt Catfish, and Crush Crawfish defeated;
3661 4888 3327 8221 Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Gravity Beetle, Toxic Seahorse, Volt Catfish, Crush Crawfish, and Tunnel Rhino defeated;
7771 5231 3541 2486 Blizzard Buffalo and Toxic Seahorse defeated, no upgrades;
5275 1266 1751 5458 Blizzard Buffalo defeated;
8216 4156 6742 3821 Crush Crawfish defeated;
6764 7864 3622 8653 Doopler stage 1 with Z-Sabre and Full armor;
8677 3261 3662 8322 Doopler Stage 1 with Z-Sabre, all Ride Armors and full Armor;
4664 8854 1272 3753 Doopler stage 1 with Z-sabre, all Ride Armors, all Sub-Tanks and Full Armor;
6778 8864 3362 8753 Doopler stage 1 with Z-Sabre, all Ride Armors, Leg and Arm parts;
6774 8864 7362 8753 Doopler stage 1 with Z-Sabre, all Ride Armors, Leg, Body and Arm parts;
2671 3251 3282 6542 Doopler Stage 1 with Z-Sabre, Arm and Leg parts only;
4868 7851 7282 6783 Doopler stage 1 with Z-Sabre, Leg part, Chimera, Frog and Kangaroo Rider Armors;
8661 6264 7322 8522 Dooppler stage 1 with Z-Sabre and leg part only;
4778 7851 3587 6683 Dooppler stage 1 With Z-Sabre only;
2677 3251 7282 6542 Dooppler stage 1 with Z-Sabre, Arm, Leg and Body parts only;
3317 8683 6772 3873 Doppler Fortress 1 or 2. Gold chip and Z-Sabre;
5414 6585 6872 3112 Doppler Stage 1 - All weapons, hearts, subtanks, robot armors, gold chip, and zero saber;
8127 4365 6316 5311 Dual Air Dash, Hyper Crash, Energy Recharge, no bosses defeated;
8841 5233 6646 5856 F-Ride Armor 4 Heart Tanks 3 Sub Tanks Leg Capsules No Bosses Defeated;
1454 3365 6162 7183 Gives you all Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, Ride Armor, Regular Armor pieces (No Super Chips), Maverick Weapons, and the Z-Saber;
7743 5256 1441 5486 Gravity Beetle defeated;
5114 4185 6872 3111 Have Everything Except Z-Sabre, and have 3 of the 4 Chips;
6414 4585 6872 3111 Last level with all power ups;
6718 1861 3627 8656 Last Level with NO items, NO armor upgrades, NO power-ups. (Bit, Byte and Vile are all beaten);
8367 1683 6772 3878 Level 1 of Dr. Doppler's lab. All upgrades except the Z Sabre;
3723 1283 1751 1456 Neon Tiger defeated;
7741 5231 3441 2486 Opening Stage beat;
8317 1683 6772 3876 Start off at Dr. Doppler's lab;
8127 4565 6316 5316 Super Armor, Dual Air Dash and Energy Recharge, no bosses defeated;
8127 4535 6316 5311 Super Armor, Dual Air Dash and Hyper Crash, no bosses defeated;
8127 4565 6316 5351 Super Armor, Hyper Crash, and Energy Recharge, no bosses defeated;
2376 2163 6258 7841 Toxic Seahorse defeated;
5765 1263 1756 5488 Tunnel Rhino defeated;
5768 1267 4758 5488 Volt Catfish defeated.