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Samurai Pizza Cats (NES)

Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, Samurai Pizza Cats NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Tecmo
Developed by: Tecmo
Released: 1991
Platform: Nintendo (NES)

The game Ninja Cat is made in cartoon style. It is accompanied by original oriental music, good special effects and purely Japanese graphics. Your task in this fairy tale game is to free one of the towns and restore justice to it.
Long ago, in the head of Professor Yastreb, an insidious thought arose, namely, the idea of power, of power over the whole world, of all who quietly live in it. Start the implementation of this not very original thought, he decided with a simple town, seemingly no different from all other towns. But, unfortunately Hawk, in this city there were very brave cats who decided not to put up with the idea of ​​capturing their home town by some kind of Hawk. Here they are:
A fat cat - possesses an indescribable power, by means of which he breaks through huge stones blocking your path;
A cat in red clothes carries a device behind his back, which allows him to break through tunnels and passages in some places;
A cat in a helmet, with wings behind its back, can fly. This opportunity will save you time and save both life and energy;
The fourth cat, in green clothes, swims like a fish, and not only over the surface, but also under water.
Besides all the bells and whistles, each of the cats has its own weapon and superweapon, which you can use in extreme cases (↑ + Turbo-B), but this weapon is not infinite, and its remainder can be seen on the HELP ticker in the lower right corner. Superweapons can be replenished and updated, collecting on the road squares with a picture inside. It is also useful to embed a pigeon flying past, because sometimes good prizes come out of it.
The game is divided into eleven levels, in which the picture of the action is very diverse. Also various are the bosses with which you have to fight after passing each stage.


  • At the stage of "Skyscraper" boss - the head of a pig flying in the air, you have to beat at the moment when it flies on the bottom of the screen, moving on you.
  • At the stage of the "crater of the volcano" you are waiting for a serious boss, one of the leaders of the gang of professor - fox. The fight with this boss is doubly difficult: firstly, the eternally crumbling ceiling of the dungeon is interrupted, and secondly, very fast boomerangs fired by foxes. To defeat the fox, you need to beat him on the nose, and the best option is first to properly spend your powerful weapon on tickling the fox nose, without getting off the ground, and then finish off the fox with a couple of punches with a sword or other weapon that you currently own.
  • At the "Water" stage - the next boss - thrush-captain. He will blow bubbles into you, which you can, if you want, slam or just dodge them. You need to beat the captain in the head.
  • On the "Ship" (the second hit on it) you have to fight with two bosses in a row. First it will be a dragon that lets you fire and balls (you need to beat the dragon on the paws and head), then the controlled robot with the monster inside, letting you fireballs and waving in all directions with your hands (first the robot must recapture the hands, and then beat on Belly, where the monster sits).
  • On your next call on the "Ship" you need to go to the platform where you will fight with the leader himself, with Professor Yastreb himself, who got you through the game with his biorobots. But now its turn came, and he himself went out to "say hello" with you. First, the Hawk swings at such a speed along the top of the screen that it seems it merges with the background. But after a while he will stop, and at this point you must cut him and quickly shed it, expecting a sharp, quick counterattack of the Hawk. After several successful attacks, the formidable Hawk bent. The ship will lose control and crash into the mountain, but do not worry: the ninja cat will have time to jump off and land safely.


2 - 427123;
3 - 140901;
4 - 260388;
5 - 600445;
6 - 912210;
7 - 192397;
8 - 128256;
9 - 924748;
10 - 641114;
11 - 390227.