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Batman (NES)

Batman NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Sun Corporation of America
Developed by: Sun Electronics Corp.
Released: 1989

A dark knight on the streets of Gotham fights fiercely with the Joker's minions. The hero can beat the enemies with his fists, and also use weapons with limited ammunition - boomerangs, a pistol, powerful flying disks. Batman also knows how to climb higher, clinging to the walls. The mechanics and complexity of the game is close to Ninja Gaiden, and the atmosphere in it is also gorgeous. The gloomy streets of Gotem, appearing to us in an 8-bit style, like in the film, frighten and fascinate at the same time. A worthy embodiment of the story of the Dark Knight on the NES.


  • Consider that Batman's fists are in themselves a serious weapon - their strengths are enough for most opponents.
  • The most useful skill is a jump with a rebound from the wall.
  • Lives in the beginning are given three, but the continuations are endless.
  • At the first level ("the streets of Gotham") there will be no special problems. With the boss, too, if you have a shared disk.
  • The second-level boss ("Chemical Factory") is tenacious and destroyed in two ways: first with shots, then fists. And immediately leave the battlefield - can collapse the walls and deprive you of the fruits of a deserved victory.
  • At the third level ("the ruins of the laboratory"), more precisely, on its second sublevel along the waterfall, rise on the left side. You must step on the stone that opens the passage to the end of the level.
  • With the boss of this level is best to deal with betarangs.
  • But for the victory over the boss of the next level requires a fair endurance. Find yourself on the screen some secluded place (for example, the third high pillar), where he misses you. And when the boss will sweep past you - beat.
  • It's useless to hide from the Joker. But remember: when you beat him with your fists, the Joker can not shoot. Hence your task is to be able to get close to it.