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Road Rash (SEGA)

Road Rash Sega Genesis
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view
Vehicular: Motorcycle
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1991
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, SEGA Game Gear, SEGA CD / Mega-CD, SEGA Master System, Amiga

The first game in the series of the best illegal motorcycle races on busy tracks - Road Rash. The game became a hit. Here you not only have to come to the finish line first, but not yet be arrested by a policeman. After coming to the finish line you get a certain amount of money, on which you can improve your bike. But the most interesting thing in the game was beating up an opponent. You can beat him with your fist or your foot. Stick it off the motorcycle, and it does not put you there for long. Just do not look into the cars, because the track for the race is not who did not close. Remember that this is not a legitimate race on superbikes. You can also lose your motorcycle if it has too much damage. In total, the game has five varieties of tracks.



  1. 00000 07DJ1 12G9A 1786E;
  2. 00000 07D71 13IJJ 2N7SR;
  3. 00000 07QF0 03J53 37GL5;
  4. 00000 083O0 12NIK 473FC;
  5. 00000 083S1 12K38 5782A.
Enter your password below to run the game on the fourth level, with more than $ 7,000,000 to
Your account! 34441 01MS0 NV8UC 3QJ8R.

Bike select

Shuriken 400

Level 3 31007 02TO1 007B4 30OME.

Panda 600

Level 1 10101 02DV1 01GS7 11FKR;
Level 1 11342 00980 101C1 11HFU;
Level 1 11312 00BJ0 100LM 11UCI;
Level 3 31007 02TO0 007TH 31NL2.

Banzai 750

Level 1 10000 00NE1 011D9 126OU;
Level 3 34441 01MSO NV8UC 3QJ8R;
Level 3 31007 02TO1 009FT 32OLD.

Kamikaze 750

Level 1 10000 00PP1 0109M 13J0J;
Level 3 31007 02TO0 10BLL 33NM1.

Shuriken 1000

Level 1 10000 01A61 010N9 14I1J;
Level 3 31007 02TO1 11CE5 3401P.

Ferruci 850

Level 1 10000 01ES0 110G4 15BMT;
Level 3 32673 01R01 011DO 35T7Q;
Level 3 31007 00824 031S1 351EF.

Panda 750

Level 1 10000 026A0 1132H 16IOA
Level 3 32674 02EA1 100ET 36RCN
Level 3 31007 031S0 002ET 360DD.

Diablo 1000

Level 1 10000 02FM0 101B1 177E9;
Level 2 11145 02T91 110TN 2F9MV;
Level 3 31007 00115 37176 031S1;
Level 4 00000 03231 0100J 479KT.