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Darkwing Duck (NES)

Darkwing Duck NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1992
Platforms: Nintendo (NES), Game Boy, TurboGrafx-16

The same Darkwing Duck, cartoon series hero. One of the best creations of Capcom on the Disney license. This game for us will always be fanned by a light veil of nostalgia, we love it for what it is. The quality of "Darkwing Duck" is truly on top. Very good graphics, Amazing music - these 7 tracks you can listen to endlessly. Seven levels: bridge, where fighting with Kvagoy city - where hiding Utkooboroten, sewage - the lair of the Liquidator, the shipyard - megavolt shelter, skyscraper, where Professor Moliarti experiencing their infernal machines, forest - dwelling Bushruta ship and the main villain - Steel beak. Great, even try out for "Mega Man" gameplay. In addition to conventional gas gun, there are three types of weapons: lightning, flying in two directions, hyper-ball that falls apart on the ground, and the arrow, for which you can cling to reach inaccessible peaks. In the game there are bonus levels, available via a shot at some point. Also in the archive with the game is its prototype, slightly different from the original.


  • ↓ - squatting;↓ + A - jump or descent;↑ - protection with a cloak;
  • A - high jumps,Turbo-A - low;B - single-shot, Turbo-V - bursts;
  • SELECT - switch to superweapon and back;


In addition to the main humane weapon, which was the main one in the cartoon, the gas pistol, there are various types of “super-weapon”.
  • Thunder gas: compensates for not being able to shoot diagonally. Two lightning bolts are fired up and down at an angle of 45 ° and fly to the end of the screen without obstacles. The weakest weapon, equal in strength to a gas pistol (concerns only one of the lightning, both are equal in strength to a heavy gas). Good for knocking down flying eggheads when battling with a Steel Beak.
  • Arrow gas. Hitting an obstacle, it sticks to it, after which you can stand on it and jump onto some inaccessible territory. Also, the most powerful weapon (three times as large as a gas pistol), kills almost all enemies from the first shot and works well against super-surviving enemies at the end of the level (kills from five shots).
  • Heavy gas. Medium power weapons (twice the gas pistol). It is good that it helps to “cover the squares” - it hits in all directions in the horizontal plane. It is good to use when you need to go down into some narrow gap, and then someone walks.


  • QuackerJack - runs left and right at the end of the “Bridge” level and jumps to a platform above or below if the PE is on the same floor with it. The king of toys helps to get rid of the gallant hero doll Mr. Banana Brains, throwing a banana peel from the top floor at this stage. At the very beginning of the fight you should hang on the platform above the lowest one (the one where Kvag runs) in a position where the banana skins fall right alongside the Black Cloak, but do not touch it. Then you need to choose a heavy gas (HG) as a weapon and throw projectiles on the surface, on which Kvaga runs, while not forgetting to jump a level higher, otherwise Kvaga will touch the character. This method will provide the fastest simple victory over the enemy.
  • Wolfduck is invulnerable while the full moon is visible in the sky. He just throws the boxes, which you can either jump over or destroy. When the moon is covered with clouds, you need to shoot at the running Wulfdak, reduced to the size of a normal drake. Wolfdack is the only character from the bosses who wasn’t in the animated series. It is coined by developers specifically for the game.
  • The Liquidator - has the ability to hide under water and become invulnerable at this time. In addition, it can cause helpers, fish, which, jumping out of the water, can seriously spoil the health of the Black Cloak. For the quickest and most trouble-free massacre of Livvigad, the use of arrows (AG) is recommended.
  • Bushroot - the doctor is quite difficult to get projectiles - he now and then jumps over vines. At the moment when one of the bullets fired by an emergency pistol hits it, it immediately rises to the topmost liana and orders one of the three trees to throw green balls from which to dodge (or close the cloak). For a faster victory over him, you can use arrows (AG).
  • Megavolt - emits electric charges, from which you need to run away in time. He is one of the easiest bosses in the game, and it will be a little difficult to defeat him, even using ordinary gas. However, its level is the most difficult.
  • Moliarty - Professor Moliarti's car, emitting fireballs, is quite dangerous. It is necessary to break one of them and, while Moliarti will repair it, shoot at the mole of the villain. It is also necessary to guard against the wrench, which Moliarti throws into the Black Raincoat, jumping onto the upper or lower platform.
  • Steelbeak - at the beginning of the battle with the state of emergency sits in his booth and controls the flying egg heads. Shooting at flying opponents, you must simultaneously fall into the glass booth with a hidden Steel Beak. To do this, at the very beginning of the battle, you have to hang on the left upper chandelier. When the booth is broken, the main agent V.O.N. Steel Beak. He will run around the room and from time to time hide behind the shield with which he throws if the player gets on the ground. Defeating him will not be difficult.