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Mario Bros. (Arcade)

Mario Bros Arcade Machine
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Nintendo Co.
Released: 1983
Platforms: Arcade Machine, Nintendo (NES)

The goal of the game is to destroy all the enemies that appear on the level. Mario and Luigi can move left and right as well as jump. The main way to attack enemies is to jump up, hitting from below with a raised hand the platform on which the enemy is currently moving. After such an attack, the enemy rolls onto his back and remains motionless for a while (is in a stunned state). You need to have time to get to him and kick him out of the level before the enemy has time to roll over and stand on his feet. If you manage to do it in time, the enemy finally fails, falls over the bottom edge of the screen and, judging by the emerging fountain of blue splashes, drowns in the water. If not, the enemy regains consciousness and accelerates, while changing its color. If the player repeatedly knocks down the enemy and again does not have time to kick him, the enemy accelerates again, but this will already be the maximum speed for him (also this "maximum level" is automatically acquired by the last enemy (except for the fly) remaining on the level). If you strike from below an already stunned enemy, then he will immediately wake up, but he will not accelerate.

When an enemy is destroyed, a coin appears from the pipe, catching which the player receives additional points. When collecting enough points, the player is given an extra "life".

Also, the player can use "POW" (abbreviated "POWER") - a block in the center of the playing field, from a blow to which all enemies standing on the platforms turn over, as if from a blow (does not affect enemies that are in the air at the time of impact, for example, on flies when they flew up). In the event that the enemy is already “stunned” by the blow at this moment, he returns to the “active” state (while he does not accelerate). In fact, the bonus allows you to knock out all the platforms at once, including the floor, on which it is no longer possible to attack an opponent. "POW" can only be used three times; the number of remaining times goes between regular levels, is restored during bonus ones.

Approximately every 5 levels, players are invited to play a bonus game - at this level there are no enemies, but only coins that need to be collected in a limited time. If the player manages to collect all the coins, then in addition to their value, he receives additional points, if not, only the value of the collected coins.