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Die Hard Arcade

Die Hard Arcade Machine
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Arcade, Beat 'em up / brawler, Quick Time Events (QTEs)
Published by: SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Developed by: Sega AM1 R&D Division
Released: 1996
Platforms: Arcade Machine, SEGA Saturn

The player automatically moves between rooms where enemies and bosses are waiting for him. And because Since it's a bitmap, the game mainly focuses on hand-to-hand fights. The character can punch, kick, jump, grab and throw. All this can be combined into combo attacks for more damage and entertainment.

Also, weapons sometimes come across in the rooms, both cold (pipes, axes, bottles, knives, clubs) and firearms (pistols, machine guns, anti-tank rifles and rocket launchers), but the firearm has limited ammunition, however, it can ignore enemy blocks. In addition to conventional weapons, the character can throw furniture at the enemy (TVs, cuckoo clocks). Often, enemies also have weapons. You can make them drop it with a couple of blows, and then pick it up for personal use.

There is a little trick with the pistol in the game. If you go with him behind the back of the enemy and press the blow, then you can delay him and put on handcuffs, thereby the enemy will disappear, no matter how much health he has.

In addition to weapons, there are pickups in the game, such as first-aid kits (pills, jars, plus boxes) and additional clips for pistols (H) and machine guns (M). Most often they fall from beaten enemies, but sometimes you can find them under furniture if you kick it properly. Separately, you can say about the lighter. In conjunction with a gas canister, it allows you to set enemies on fire, but disappears from inventory after a while. The only item that is immediately in the player's inventory and is not found anywhere else.

Enemies in the game are of different types and with their own fighting styles. They become stronger towards the end, which is expressed in the presence of a second bar of life and the ability to block the character's attacks. In addition, almost any enemy, if possible, will pick up an ownerless weapon and put it into action. At the same time, enemies have infinite ammo on any firearm and some can shoot from a prone position, as well as stealthily hit while pretending to give up.

Separately, there are bosses in the game, these are large enemies with an increased health bar and damage. Almost any boss can kill a character in a few hits or two combinations. But they don't use weapons except for the very last boss.

If the player dies, they can respawn with full health and a gun if they have credits (extra lives) or coins in the arcade version. In the Sega Saturn version there are 3-4 of them, the arcade version is limited by the number of coins used, but the PS2 version has a mini-game similar to the Sea Battle machine for obtaining additional credits and another game mode. The player needs to tarped as many passing ships as possible in one minute, and if he hits, he gets extra lives. But the supply of torpedoes is limited.

Even in the game there are QTE moments where you need to press the specified button in time. During the automatic movement of the character between rooms, there is a chance that he will meet with an enemy who can be knocked out on the move or dodged from his attack. If you fail the QTE, the game will continue, but you will have to deal with the enemy yourself, or some of the character’s health will be taken away.

The game can be played alone or with a second player.


Terrorists captured a skyscraper with a gold vault. Unfortunately, the president's daughter, Caroline Powell, is also there, whom they want to capture and demand a ransom. A police detachment went to rescue the girl, but the landing was unsuccessful. Half the team died, and the helicopter they arrived in was shot down. Now two policemen will have to make their way with their fists to the office where the boss of the game sits and save the president's daughter on their own.