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Resident Evil 2 (PS1)

RE2, RE 2, Resident Evil 2 DualShock PSX
Disk 1 - Leon, Disk 2 - Claire. Restart emulator after swap CD.
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle-solving, Survival Horror
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Capcom Entertainment
Developed by: Capcom Co
Released: 1998
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), Nintendo 64 (N64)

The first game from the series Resident Evil brought the company Capcom truly world-wide fame and good profits. On the wave of success of the first game it was decided to release a sequel, and it came out. But first of all it is worth mentioning the fairly well-known facts associated with Resident Evil 2. This, of course, is not published in the beta version of the game, called fans of Resident Evil 1.5. The development of the second part of the franchise was very active, and if there was no doubt about Leon Kennedy's presence, then the motorcyclist Elsa Walker was supposed to be his companion. It was supposed and alternative weapons, and a few other gameplay, as gloomy and frightening. However, ultramodern buildings and more primitive models of monsters did not suit the producer of the game Shinya Mikami, and the project, ready for 70%, was closed. The fans of the series are still waiting for Capcom to give the world the release of this game, however after a typical collection of profits on 4-5 parts it is hard to believe. So, in the prototype was a lot of things, not included in the original version of various enemies and weapons, such as bulletproof vests and hand grenades. There was even a disk released a few months before the release was canceled, with the beta version of the game. This is the only playable version of RE 1.5 that exists at the moment. There are a lot of bugs and flaws in it, however, it was possible to go through the whole scenario of Elsa.

Resident Evil 2 begins with a video narration about the spread of the T-virus. It turns out that the entire Raccon City is now infected. As the protagonists we can choose a young policeman Leon Kennedy or sister of Chris Redfield, Claire. Here you should pay attention to the first feature of the game - two discs allowed to fit two parallel storylines. And, if you change the order of the choice of discs and start playing for Leon (the disc of which has always been numbered as number 2), then you will see an alternative development of events. And it's worth it. In addition, the level of play for different characters is different, whatever one may say - for Claire still play easier.

After an impressive intro video and running through the streets of the city, full of zombies, it becomes clear - there is no need to spend ammo and water the enemies with turns, trying to destroy everything and everything. From the very first minutes of the game, we will need reaction, wit and speed. And from the first minutes you realize - the game is very different from its predecessor. Instead of the gloomy mood of the mansion, our heroes find themselves in the binding of city streets, then - into the unfriendly dark police station, the eerie sewage system. And then - the real fear and oppressive atmosphere of the laboratory. Saving cartridges and the ability to wiggle the "brains," the study of enemies and the surrounding area - a unique combination of real pleasure from quality gameplay and nerves, stretched in anticipation of a new fright.

Enemies, weapons, bosses, locations, lighting, music, even the sound of footsteps (different depending on the surface) - anything that could create a suspense, an atmosphere of intense expectation of something terrible - everything was used to its fullest. Already at the site, we will meet with one of several NPCs, Brian Irons. And there is an impression that, in addition to the main characters, everyone in the game slightly went mad. Which is not surprising when there is such a nightmare. Strange girl Sherry, frightened by every shadow, half-crazy little wife of the scientist Annette Birkin, mysterious half-asian Aida Wong ... With hubby Annette you'll meet again - and this meeting will be remembered for you. Well, the storyline of Aida, in my opinion, has become one of the legends of the game world. Also in the game there is a couple more survivors - it's Hank and Tofu, but to get the chance to play for them, you'll have to work hard. Well, the mysterious "fifth" survivor? After all, someone had to drop the bazooka from the platform? ... Do not make secrets out of simple guesses - having a good ear, you yourself will guess who it is.

The game has a more modern appearance, and this applies to everything, including the appearance of the characters, and weapons, and levels. For the drawing of characters, the latest graphic gadgets of that time were used. The weapon, although it moved from the first part, began to look more modern, and a couple of new samples appeared - an electric cannon for Claire and a shotgun "assemble yourself" for Leon. Juicy videos, thick colors and a lot of gloom where it's needed. And suspense. Now it seems that the game is a little lacking, but for those times, believe me, it was something.

The newly traced enemies became more active and vigorous, zombies now differ from each other, and all living things try to bite your heroes. Dogs, crows, eerie "lizuns" and even walking plants, apparently, are triffids :) Bosses are drawn in a savory, creepy, silent Mr. X is generally a "separate song". The events in the finale are so dizzying and impressive that they resemble a cross between a revived nightmare and a dashing swirl. It seems that now you will not meet a person who did not play this game, but if you somehow missed it, we urgently recommend that you read it.

The music of the game deserves special praise. Composers have tried to glory, and sounding on the screen is difficult to call music - this is a separate experience in the field of Survival-horror. The closer to the end of the game, the darker the music sounds, and the more clearly the track is heard in the final credits of the game. Years later, Capcom released albums Biohazard 2 Drama Album, and the old tracks sounded in the rock-processing is not less savory than in the original. Impressions add juicy, clear sounds - every single moan of a zombie, every roar and scream of monsters thicken the paint.

From the drawbacks of the game, you can select unreleased dialogs on the engine - in the third part of this you got rid, you can skip them, well, here ... you will have to listen to stories every time you pass. However, the game is worth it. Another drawback - too clearly sustained linearity and predictability. But the game's replayability does not fall from this. First, there are parallel storylines, and secondly, records and prizes for quick passage, as in any part of the series. Well, in the third ... Then, no matter how pathetic it may sound, they knew how to make games with the soul. And taking out the old Resident Evil 2 from the shelf, one can not help thinking that this strong, good horror film sometimes attracts no worse than modern thrillers and games in this genre.


Question: I went through scenario A for Leon and script A for Claire, but I can not find the Unicorn Medal and one of the keys. I opened all the doors. True, I could not open one, though, and did not find a lighter. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong and what should I do?
Answer: In order to find the Medal of Unicorn Medal, look under the diary in the office of STARS Office. Clearly, we can not know what key you missed, but you can find the lighter on the seat in the Save Room room when you exit from the upper tier of the Main Hall.
- Question: I play the script on Claire Redfield and can not find the second half of the blue Jaguar Stone. I managed to find the first half when I decided a puzzle with a clock. Do not tell me where to find the second?
- Answer: The second half of this stone you will find after solving a puzzle in the Storage room, placing two Red Jewels on both sides of the stone. To get one red stone, you must light a fireplace in the Briefing Room using the lighter found on the second floor in the room with the shipment point (2F Statue Hallway), and get the second red stone after you install the statue on the 2F Statue Hallway.

Rebecca Chalet Picture

If you search the table on the left side of S.T.A.R.S. office, you will see the inscription "It's tracked someone must have searched if." However, you can search it many times (sometimes up to 50) while you find the film's rudder. Take it to the Dark Room and see a portrait of Rebecca in basketball uniform. And what did you expect to see?