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Welcome to Pia Carrot (PC-FX)

Pia Carrot: We've been waiting for you PC-FX
Genre: Simulation
Perspective: 1st-person
Art: Anime / Manga
Narrative: Adult
Published by: Cocktail Soft
Developed by: Cocktail Soft
Released: 1997
Platform: NEC PC-FX

In this game you have to play as a Japanese high school student Yusuke Kinoshita. He wants to have a good summer vacation, but he has no money at all. Having no choice, he takes a job at his father's restaurant. Thus begins this adventure, which will be much more exciting than the holidays he dreamed of. He will meet many girls and will have to decide which one will become part of his life.

The game is a dating simulator in which you have to schedule and choose the actions of the main character. At the beginning of the day before going to work, you need to choose actions that will change depending on the situation. Then create a work schedule. After work, choose which girl to meet and what to talk about.

All this affects Yusuke's statistics in girls, making him more (or less) attractive to the latter. In the end, you need to win the heart of one of them.
Pia Carrot: We've been waiting for you PC-FX title