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Soko-Ban (DOS)

Soko-Ban DOS
Genre: Puzzle
Perspective: Top-down
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen, Isometric
Interface: Direct control
Published by: Spectrum Holobyte
Developed by: ASCII Corporation, Thinking Rabbit
Released: 1987

For those who have spent the last quarter of a century on the Moon and have not seen any of the hundreds (maybe already thousands) of clones, I will explain the essence: there is a multi-storey building (warehouse). Each floor is a labyrinth with crates scattered around in disorder. Our protege (loader) needs to place them in the marked places. The whole point is that the boxes can only be pushed in front of you. It is impossible to move to the sides and pull towards yourself. The labyrinth, meanwhile, is quite cramped, and it costs nothing to corner the box. And although caring developers left the opportunity to undo one last move, you have to think through your actions many steps ahead. As a result, if the initial levels are sometimes passed even the first time, then in the future you can spend more than one hour on some of them.

An interesting fact: according to Wikipedia, the task of automatically solving the most difficult levels is beyond the power of modern computers. And you say chess...

Given the year of release (1984) and the four-color video mode, the game looks pretty decent; in particular, the labyrinth is made not flat, but pseudo-volumetric.

Summarizing the above: the game is the standard of a logical arcade. For those who are not afraid of difficulties and 320x200 resolution, even now she is more alive than all the living.