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Splinter Cell (GBA)

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell GBA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform
Visual: 2D scrolling
Narrative: Spy / Espionage
Published by: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Developed by: Ubi Soft Divertissements Inc.
Released: 2003
Platform: Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Two CIA agents were planted somewhere on the territory of Georgia, and the main character Sam Fisher must find them and take them home. Sam has a variety of techniques that help him covertly enter the enemy territory, hide from the patrol; clinging to hands, moving along the cornices or, creeping over the ceiling, get out through the open window to avoid encounters with enemies. A total of 11 missions, including training, where players can master the various techniques Fisher must perform in the course of the assignment.
At the disposal of Sam are various devices: special pintles for opening secret doors; night vision goggles, thermal goggles, smoke grenades and a pistol with a silencer. Fight, however, will have a lot, including many bosses one on one.


  • UP button on the D-pad - "interaction" with items such as Medikits, guns, Safes, computers, etc.
  • DOWN button on the D-pad - duck, squat or go down.
  • LEFT and RIGHT buttons on the D-pad - move left or right. To run, press the desired direction button twice.
  • Button A - Leap.
  • Button B - Strike, use of weapons.
  • Start button - pause menu.
  • Button Select - switch from the gun to gas grenades and vice versa.
  • Button R - Use the Stoicky cam, and simultaneously with the buttons on the D-pad you can change the camera angle.
  • Button L - Snatch the gun, select the distance for throwing grenades.
  • Close Attack. Press the B button when standing next to the enemy and inflicting a blow to him, but you should not have a weapon.
  • Climbing. Go to the pipe, stairs, cable or fence, press the UP or DOWN button on the D-pad and scramble up or go down. Press the A button and the LEFT button or the RIGHT button on the D-pad to jump to the desired direction. Press the DOWN button twice to slide down faster.
  • Shimmyng. Sometimes, if this is possible, you can jump down from some cornice so that, clinging to its edge, hang by pressing the DOWN button on the D-pad. Pressing the LEFT or RIGHT button on the D-pad, moving with your hands, start moving to the corresponding side. If you press the UP button on the D-pad, then pull up and climb up.
  • Hard Shooting. When you hang, clinging to something with outstretched legs, you can get weapons and fire at the enemy. Sometimes this can help out in a difficult environment.
  • Drop Attack. If you jump from above to the enemy from a pipe, a ledge or a high stack of boxes, you will immediately knock it off your feet.
  • Rappelling. Duck near a pipe, press the DOWN button again on the D-pad to reach the rope. Be careful while doing this, because you can not go up in this situation, so try to take a position so that the guard passing by the window does not notice you, otherwise he will immediately turn on the alarm and the mission will end.

Bonus levels

If you connect GameBoy Advance to Gamecube version of Splinter Cell, you can open 5 hidden levels.
Open the prize mission 1: You must complete missions 1-5 with a score of 60% or higher.
Open the prize mission 6: To open the prize level 6, open all safes in missions 1-9.


  • If the goal of the mission is a hidden penetration, then, firstly, the enemy can detect you only a certain number of times, and besides, if someone is destroyed, be sure to hide the corpse. Leave the corpse in sight - the enemies will see it and will almost certainly find you. And if the mission is combat, in which you need someone to destroy (assoult mission), then you can not hide, just destroy the enemies as much as possible and as quickly as possible. If there is no secluded place, somewhere in the shade, where you can hide the corpse, then you can, for example, eliminate the lighting, and then the enemies will not find the corpse. Sometimes it's much faster and easier.
  • If you destroy the lighting, shooting lamps, you can hide it would seem even in a completely hopeless situation. In the rooms it will be completely dark, and the enemy will practically not be able to detect you.
  • Squat down, move forward, crouching. In the mode crouch mode, even if you run crouching, then your steps are not so audible, and the speed is almost the same.
  • When sentry dogs attack you, it makes no sense to hide somewhere in the dark, they still smell you, so shoot them or hide in the nearest pond, and they will not find you by smell.
  • The enemy guards will not open fire if you have captured one of their comrades in hostage. But you just have to remove the pistol from the hostage's temple, as soon as they open fire, be careful.
  • When discharging the wall mine wall mine, be careful, if the light is green, you can discharge it, and if red, it is about to explode.
  • Drop cans or bottles, it helps you not only to distract the attention of the enemy, but also can knock the guard off your feet if you hit exactly into the head.
  • Rollout rolling move is an excellent technique. With the help of it you can dodge enemy fire and leave the terrorist in a fool.
  • Save ammunition. A single shot in the head will be enough to eliminate the enemy, especially since in this way destroy it much faster.
  • The device Cammera Jammer helps you to escape from the security surveillance camera, which, in principle, can not be destroyed. By the way, you can throw a signal rocket and thus "confuse" the surveillance camera, and chemical flares allow you to neutralize digital sensors heat sensor. If you do not know if there is danger outside the door, use optic cable. If the guards hide behind the door, you will immediately find them.
  • Sometimes the crosshair of the sight becomes bigger or smaller. If the crosshair of the sight is large, then in this situation, an inaccurate shot is possible, and if the crosshair of the sight is very small, then the shot will be exactly on the target. Of course, try not to move while aiming.
  • Some characters in the course of the game must be captured alive, and then interrogated, so be careful, and if you kill someone who owns vital information, you will have to repeat the mission first.
  • In the course of certain missions you have no right to kill anyone. There may be many reasons for this, but the fact is a fact. So do not use a deadly weapon against them, try to neutralize them in other ways, for example, knock down or use Sticky Shooker.

Game elements

  • Alarm Panel. If the enemy activated such a panel, then an alarm will sound, and his friends, who are nearby, will immediately be on guard. If you hear the alarm sound, find the alarm panel, press the UP button on the D-pad to turn it off.
  • Automatic cannon. Automatic guns are very dangerous. If you are on the line of fire, then immediately turn into a sieve. To cut down such guns, press the UP button on the D-pad, then press the A button as quickly as possible, and then the guns can no longer be ignored.
  • Security camera. As soon as you enter the field of view of the camera for a fraction of a second, the alarm will immediately sound, be careful. Each camera has a "dead zone". If you stand in it, then the camera will not help you. To find out if you are in the camera's field of view, use your sticky cam device. The red cone is just the camera's field of view.
  • A computer. Always try to enter the computer wherever you see it. As a result, it will help you to complete certain goals, sometimes turn off the light, and then the enemies will not be able to see you, or cut down laser traps.
  • The locked doors. Use your lock pick lock to open the doors. To do this, you just have to try to go through the door, and then you'll get to the screen of the master key. Use the D-pad to move the pick on the screen, and point it at the blue blocks. When you click on each of these blocks, the door will open.
  • Doors Key Card Door. To open such doors, you need a corresponding key card. To understand which key card you need, you must find the painted box on the door or next to it. It can be red, yellow and green. When you find the map of the desired color, you can go through the door.
  • Laser ray. If you stumble upon such a ray, then either the trigger instantly works or an explosion occurs. To see the laser beam in time and not to fall into such a trap, use thermal glasses.
  • The mines. Mines are pretty cunningly hidden on the ground, and if you step on them, write was gone. In order to detect them in time, use thermal glasses. Lamberd promptly warns you if there are any mines in any given zone.
  • Safety deposit box. Open all safes and then get access to one of the nine prize-winning missions. To do this, go to the safe, press the UP button on the D-pad, and then use the R and L buttons to scroll the digitized wheels. Press the RIGHT button to enter the PIN code.

Weapons and devices

Press the L button to grab the gun or set the distance at which you intend to throw a grenade. Then press button B, fire a pistol and throw a grenade.


  • Pistol SC Pistol. This pistol shoots special soporific arrows. Enemies in case of hitting quietly fall asleep peacefully.
  • SC-20K. A long-range sniper rifle, used only in battles with bosses.
  • Gas Grenades. Gas grenades are used to cut down enemies. They do you no harm.


  • Night Vision Goggles. In dark rooms, you can see well, detect enemies, obstacles, etc. in a timely manner.
  • IR. Infrared night vision goggles. With their help you can find laser beams and mines in a timely fashion.
  • Sticky Camera. Using this device, you can see in a timely manner where your enemies are hiding during the movement and the surveillance camera. The camera's overview section is highlighted in red on this device, so stay away from the red zone, otherwise the surveillance camera will detect you.

Other items

  • First Aid Kit. Naturally, it is used to heal in case you get damaged. Press the UP button on the D-pad, standing in front of the medicine cabinet, and immediately use it.
  • Key Cards. Used to open the corresponding doors. There are three levels of such key cards: red - a low-level map, yellow - a map of the middle level of secrecy and green - a high-level map of secrecy.
  • Boxes with ammunition. Run up to them and take the ammunition that is contained in the box. As a rule, you will find three cartridges or a pair of grenades.