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Speed Punks (PS1)

Speed Freaks, Speed Punks PSX
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Vehicular: Automobile, Track racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Developed by: Funcom Dublin Ltd.
Released: 2000
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

A worthy competitor in the kart racing market. You choose one of six playable characters (three secret ones will become available if you successfully progress through the game) and start the race on any of the 12 tracks located in four countries. Karting looks very schematic, literally four wheels and a steering wheel, but all the characters have different driving techniques, maximum speed, suspension angle, etc. So it is possible to find the best combination for any track, road surface, etc. The most fun part of the game is the four-player mode with a quad-split screen that doesn't detract from the dynamic action of the game. The game itself looks great - bright colors, dynamic lighting, beautiful special effects, scenic tracks, colorful and funny characters, perky music and good kart control. All in all, a great game!


  • Use the top buttons on sharp turns, otherwise you will not be able to fit into the turn.
  • Always aim directly at the power-up boxes, otherwise there is no chance of getting them.
  • Leading is very unhealthy, try to stay close to the middle, and on the last laps, give full throttle and try to get ahead.
  • Collect all Energy Chargers if you can. They will provide you with energy for turbo boosters. Among them there are especially interesting ones - they instantly give maximum energy.
  • Never use all your energy to accelerate - the higher the energy level, the easier it is to survive an accident or collision.
  • If you are left without a weapon, you can ram your opponents with your card, send them into walls or other obstacles.
  • Be sure to look around, do not miss the place for cutting, you can win with minimal effort.
  • Stay away from water and grass. Sometimes it seems that these are suitable places for cutting. It's not worth the risk unless you enable Turbo Boost.
  • Place Bombs and Gunes in narrow places and on sharp turns, where rivals will surely hit them.
  • On tight turns, slap the Turbo Boost button. By adding power, you can more clearly pass the turn.
  • Avoid jumping on the tracks, it's better to slow down a little on the ground than to lose a lot in the air and on landing.
  • A great start is the key to success in difficult races. Train him more often to bring him to full automatism.
  • Hold the accelerator between the third and fourth (green) light and get a noticeable advantage at the start over everyone else. There are several degrees of turbo start called Great Exellent and Perfect. Depending on your choice, it depends how close (in time) to the fourth green light you need to press the gas. The closer the better, but don't overdo it.
  • Look at the map for alternative routes, find where to cut corners and win precious split seconds. But this is not at all easy, it will be necessary to think carefully, otherwise you will not find well-hidden secret passages. The pirate ship at the end of the very first lap is an obvious cutoff. In Neon City, the cutoff will open on the fourth round, to the left of the ring road, it is worth finding it.
  • As you understand, each driver and car behave differently. Try to choose a car and a character with their eyes open. The well-known dilemma between weight and speed: light cars (Cosworth and Tabatha) are very fast, but they do not behave well when cornering. However, pilots such as Tempest, Monty, Brains, and Monica are good at both. But Wedgie and Buster are rather slow, but their huge weight allows you to go through any turns without losing speed.
  • By combining power and all turbo find options, learn to win regularly on the track. Find a tire-pupping power-up, stay close to your opponents and activate it. When you hear the pop of the last punctured tire, turn on the turbo and fly to first place!
  • Various power-ups and turbos can be found on the sides of the tracks. For example, in Skate Park and Drift Arena. They are very useful, but it is often not worth chasing them if you do not want to fall behind your rivals. Sometimes this can be useful and even necessary, but you should not abuse it.
  • To make it easier to navigate the usefulness of various power-ups, we will arrange them in order of importance: Drop-on-the Leader Bombs (drop a bomb on the leader), Type-popper (tire piercer), Homing Missile (homing missile), Rainbow Wave (rainbow wave), Invisibility (invisibility), Normal missile (normal missile), Three-pronged missie (three-barreled missile), Normal Bomb (normal bomb), Machine Gun (machine gun), and lastly Green Slick (green slippery strip). All of these weapons are very powerful and worth hunting for. When used correctly, they can instantly turn the tide of a race in your favor.
  • Don't forget about the Air Brake, which allows you to accurately perform maneuvers in the air, avoid dangerous walls and obstacles, and land accurately on the track. They are very useful in bad areas, such as the track in Drift Arena.
  • It's best to wait until the "full-turbo charge" is full, and then "fly" with it.
  • Unguided Missiles are ineffective against opponents in front, but against those behind, they are very good! You can also very cleverly shoot down rockets fired at you from behind.
  • Do not use guided missiles when the opponent is trying to cut corners. Such missiles follow exactly along the track and will not hit the target.