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Heroes of Might and Magic II (GBC)

Heroes of Might and Magic II
Genre: Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: Top-down
Pacing: Turn-based
Gameplay: RPG elements
Published by: 3DO Company
Developed by: KnowWonder
Released: 2000
Platforms: Game Boy Color (GBC), DOS

The plot of the game is different from the PC plot. If in the PC version we were the successor of the throne, then we are playing for a simple hero who must perform various tasks.
Most of all I liked in this game that it stores a lot of everything from the PC version - it's very pleasing. Do not take a long time to get used to some other gameplay. If you played on the PC in Heroes of might and magic II or III, then you will not notice a big difference in the gameplay.
To play, as usual, we need a hero, which we can pump out (improve) with the help of artifacts (things), which in turn will improve (add) the various criteria: attack strength, defense level, hero's endurance (increase the number of steps ), The number of magic points. Also, improvements take place with a set of level (Lv), and in order to gain a level, you need to participate in battles and type "Ex" (experience). In the concept of combat, everything is still the same, even the "surrender" function remains (if we attack the enemy, then he attacks us and vice versa). "Still, for example, a dragon, using his fire attack, can attack several of your There is still magic that helps a lot in battle, if you have a small army, we can make up our own army from different races, which is very convenient.You can recruit the best warriors from each race and then we will be almost invincible.Tactic plays a significant role in the battles , Since, probably, 80% of it depends on the outcome of the battle. You will not only lose a warrior, but you will not lose a single warrior, which is very important for the calculation of points.Do not forget to use magic, since it plays not the least role in the battle, especially if the enemy is very strong You can use different spells, some of them will damage the enemy, some will weaken it, some can treat your army, so they need to be chosen based on the situation.
As the company progresses, it will be more and more difficult to play further, and here you will have to use your tactics at the limit of possibilities.
As usual, to build something we need resources: wood, mercury, stone, rubies, diamonds, gold. And to replenish these reserves, we need mines that need to be seized, sometimes while fighting for them with the enemy.
In the castle we can build, as in the original on the PC, various buildings: a tavern, a dock, a ford, a guild of magicians, etc. By the way, the interface in the lock is very different from the interface in the first part on the GBC.
Here almost all functions are saved from the PC, even the possibility of finding a treasure has remained. For those who do not know, I'll tell you. During the game, we approach various buildings, including obelisks. Having collected the necessary number of obelisks, it is necessary to find a place marked on an open map and to open a treasure. Also, at any time of the game, apart from the battle, we can save the game, and then continue it from the place where we stopped (made conservation).
Graphics are simply excellent, except for some nuances. The schedule can be equated to Segovskaya, but here it is not so colorful, rather like on NES (this formulation is hard to understand, but it's clear to the player who played both consoles in real life). The only drawbacks of the graphics itself are that few colors are used, just like on HEC, and the screen resolution, of course, plays an important role and because of this it's a little difficult to determine in battle what kind of warrior is before you, the dwarf Or goblin. Still, I did not much like the fact that near the mine with the resources that we will seize, there is a resource showing what the mine is with, which is a bit confusing, but after a couple of rounds you get used to it.
Music, of course, is not the masterpieces that are now playing in modern games on modern hardware. But I think that out of four stereo channels everything was squeezed out to at least slightly bring this music closer to what we could then hear on the PC in the original.