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Mega Man X (SNES)

MegaMan X Super Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Platform, Shooter
Art: Anime / Manga
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1993
Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES)

Mega Man is back to business. True, not the Mega man that we know by eight-bit parts. Here the case occurs a hundred years later, and the hero's name is X (although, if you want, you can call Mega Man, he will not be offended) Zlodeyev in the future is no less than in the present, and therefore Iksu has to work properly with his wrist gun and received from enemies Weapons. A brave robot crushes crowds of enemies and bosses, doing good and justice. The main gameplay difference of Ix from the classical Mega Man is the ability to cling to walls and, pushing back, climb to any height. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is gorgeous.


The action of Mega Man X occurs indefinitely during the 22nd century (21XX year), and approximately 100 years after the moment of the last incident. Archaeologist Dr. Cain discovers in the ruins of a research center, in which once worked the legendary developer of the robot Mega Man Dr. Thomas Light. Among the ruins, Kane finds a large capsule, which contains a very advanced robot with a human level of intelligence and emotion and even free will. Dr. Light wanted the new robot to have common sense and understanding of the controversial aspects of human morality. Kane for several months studied a robot, which he called Mega Man X or simply "X" and decided to duplicate it.
Soon, the first release of the reploids, robots, which can think, feel, learn and grow, as well as humans, takes place. During the year mass production of reploids was established. Nevertheless, with the free will to the Platoids, the possibility of criminal activity has come, such reboids have become outcasts, they have been branded as Mavericks.
Since public protests against several incidents with the Mavericks become too large to ignore their appearance, the government, on the advice of Dr. Kane, forms the elite of the military police called Maverick Hunters. Hunters seize or cut off any reploid who pose a threat to people, suppress the insurrections of the mavericks, and perform other tasks as necessary.
Kane designs a very advanced reploid named Sigma, almost invulnerable. Sigma takes control of a small island, surviving all the members of the human race. Claiming that people limit the growth and potential of the reploids, he calls on his supporters to begin mass extermination of people. Mega Man X, feels guilty for being an accomplice to such a dangerous race, joins forces with the "Hunters on the Mavericks" and with his Zero supporter who he was awakened by the unknown to stop Sigma at all costs.


8441 2176 44234 Sub-Tanks, All Turbo Hearts, All Upgrades, All Bosses Defeated;
5724 8418 3588 All 4 Subtanks, no armor, no weapons, no hearts;
2653 3858 7584 All 4 Tanks, all heart tanks, and all bosses defeated;
8447 4666 6156 All abilities, heart tanks, sub-tanks, all bosses defeated, Zero's buster;
6624 5468 8588 All armor upgrades, subtanks;
4723 2486 1324 All Bosses Defeated - No Leg/Body/Helmet/Buster/Heart/SubTank;
4653 4688 7884 All bosses defeated 2 turbo hearts 2 subtanks;
2137 3188 8121 All bosses except Boomer Kuwanger and Sting Chameleon dead;
2556 2582 7114 All bosses except Sting Chameleon dead;
3676 4667 5148 All powerups and armor upgrades, all bosses beaten the first time through;
3748 8612 5524 All Subtanks & Hearts, NO Armor & Weapons;
6485 1146 2321 All Upgrades No bosses Defeated;
5583 4618 5824 All Upgrades, All bosses defeated, 1 turbo heart;
4423 8832 7824 All Upgrades, Chill Penguin Defeated, Storm Eagle Defeated;
8141 2136 4426 All weapons, sub tanks, hearts, and levels completed;
4764 8768 7748 Arm Capsule only;
5147 8437 4536 Armored Armadillo defeated;
7374 2268 6281 Beat the top half, and have collected the power ups on the top half;
4764 5788 3748 Body Capsule only;
5151 3427 4261 Boomer Kuwanger defeated;
5286 7136 5124 Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle dead;
4768 7258 1871 Chill Penguin Defeated;
5337 5377 4171 Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, and Flame Mammoth dead;
2147 5277 1281 Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, and Spark Mandrill dead;
6431 5168 8171 Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill, and Armoured Armadillo dead plus slide ability and head capsule;
2656 5112 3164 Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Spark Mandrill, and Armoured Armadillo dead;
7431 3842 8523 Everthing unlocked ecxept no beaten Sigma;
8437,2788,8161 Everyone accept sting chameleon defeated, 6 heart tanks, 3 armor upgrades, and 3 sub-tanks;
8441 2336 2421 Everything obtained except Leg Capsule;
3733 6838 8744 Final Sigma Level/Last Battle;
1764 1488 7748 First mini-level beaten;
1573 5232 7264 Flame Mammoth defeated;
1447 1838 1271 Full armor, 2 hearts, 2 sub-tanks, Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle and Flame Mammoth deafeated;
5447 4177 4536 Get an extra life tank;
6111 8747 4181 Have Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, & Boomer Kuwangtang dead w/ chest, helmet, arms, leg upgrades, 1 sub-tank, & a turbo heart;
4664 1718 7748 Head Capsule only;
1556 6642 7448 Launch Octopus defeated;
5382 8566 2656 Leg Dash No bosses Defeated;
4425 7272 3821 Leg Dash, Helmet Enhancement, No Bosses Defeated;
1422 1412 7756 Leg Dash,Helmet enhancement with no bosses defeated;
2653 7248 6488 No Leg Dash, Chill Penguin Defeated;
5385 7136 6321 Opening Stage beat;
5131 7358 4181 Spark Mandrill defeated;
5385 7136 6861 Sting Chameleon defeated;
6483 7376 5124 Storm Eagle defeated;
3475 5668 2581 To have all Turbo Hearts, all Sub-Tanks, and all Armor Upgrades with no bosses defeated.