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Mega Man 3 (NES)

MegaMan III, Rockman 3
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Art: Anime / Manga
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1990
Platforms: Nintendo (NES), Game Boy

The third part of the Mega Man series about the fight Mega man robot with Dr. Wiley. It is in this part that the Protoman first appears (originally called the Breakman), the first robot of Dr. Wiley and Light.


After being defeated twice by Mega man, Dr. Wiley reconsidered his views and re-united with Dr. Light. Their joint project, a giant robot called "Gamma" was supposed to be a new defender of the peaceful life of people. Wiley created eight new robot masters who were sent to various planets to search for a source of energy for Gamma, but during the dispatch they stopped obeying and went crazy. Upon learning of this, Dr. Light sent the Mega man to eliminate a new threat in the face of these robots. However, now Mega man received a robot robot named Rush (Rush), able to transform into a different transport. A new character appears in the game - Protoman, the first robot of Dr. Light and Mega man's older brother, who fled from his creator. He appears on 4 levels of the game and tests Mega man's strength in fights. Later it turns out that the loss of control over the robots was only a distracting ploy of Wiley, and the doctor himself kidnapped Gammu to capture the world. In addition, he reconstructed eight robot-masters from the last part. Now Mega man must once again stop Dr. Wiley, who is obsessed with taking over the world.


  • P: Plasma Cannon - the main weapon of Mega Man. It has an unlimited charge.
  • MA: Magnet Missile - Mega Man shoots homing magnetic missiles. Fly on enemies by yourself.
  • NE: Needle Cannon - Mega Man shoots a burst of needle shells. Rapid Weapon.
  • HA: Hard Knuckle - Mega Man releases a huge fist. Powerful weapon, but slow.
  • GE: Gemini Laser - Mega Man shoots a powerful laser. Able to bounce off surfaces.
  • TO: Top Spin - During the jump, the Mega Man rotates around its axis, like a top. Energy is taken away when it hits the enemy.
  • SN: Search Snake - Mega Man releases snakes crawling on the surface. The similarity of the Water bubble from the 2nd part.
  • SP: Spark Shock - Mega Man shoots an electric ball. Some enemies temporarily stops.
  • SH: Shadow Blade - Mega Man shoots a giant shuriken flying a few steps and returning back. You can shoot diagonally. The similarity of a metal blade from the 2nd part.
  • RC: Rush Coil - Mega Man causes a Rush robot dog, equipped with a spring on its back. Able to throw to a great height.
  • RM: Rush Marine - Rush turns into a submarine, used only in water levels.
  • RJ: Rush Jet - Rush turns into a jet board, you can ride it. If you constantly jump, the energy scale will not fall.


  • Energy drink "E" - a can with a liquid inside, completely fills the health scale. Unlike other items, it is portable and used at the right time. You can take no more than nine pieces, but if you still take it, it will be 10, but it will still be displayed as 9
  • Gun Pill - restores the scale of the state of the weapon that is currently selected (except for the Hand Gun).
  • Energy crystal - immediately restores the hero's health scale (not full).
  • Head Mega Man - gives extra life.


The player will control the robot character named Mega Man. Compared with the previous parts, Mega Man has a new opportunity - sliding, allowing him to dodge enemy shots and move faster through the level. The game has increased the number of bosses - eight new and eight old, reconstructed. However, Mega Man receives new weapons only after the destruction of one of the new bosses. Also, the game has a new type of bonuses, which is of a random nature.

Assistant Rush

For the implementation of auxiliary activities, Dr. Light created a cyborg dog Rush for Mega Man. Rush can improve his abilities as they are received from Dr. Light. Rush has the following abilities: see above.