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Final DOOM (PS1)

Genre: Action, Compilation, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Williams Entertainment
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

After the appearance of the famous Doom game, its sequel first followed, followed by countless imitations. And here comes its final version (supposedly). At least, its developers - the company Id Software - at one time assured that for computers Final Doom will be the last in a series of classic games in the genre of corridor shooting (FPS). But now we know that this is not so! In particular, in 2000 there was a kind of remake of this game called Doom Forever, and computer owners enjoy the game Doom 3. Well, even if this game is the "last volley", then this volley is deafening! In Final Doom collected 30 of the most interesting levels of 64, included in the computer version. The game has three parts: Master Levels, TNT and Plutonia. In each of them - the longest and most complex levels, and some are so confused that more time is spent not on a shootout with the enemies, but on the search for an exit. In addition, much more emphasis in the game action is made on solving puzzles. It is possible that the newcomers of the game in Doom this version seems too complicated. But even experienced veterans will find in it a lot of unexpected and interesting; these are new elements of the labyrinths (for example, holes in the walls that turn out to be passageways), and hands, legs and other parts of the body that hang from the ceilings (especially at the level bearing the expressive title of "Human Barbecue"), and much more.
Perhaps, some disappointment will befall those who expected to see new versions of the new heroes. Characters, unfortunately, are old, and some of the most interesting monsters from earlier versions, for example, Mankubus and Cyberdemon, appear only for a few minutes.


  • Having met the Cyberdemon, you need to speed up your own movement significantly. He, although standing still, releases three missiles in a row, and a direct hit kills you instantly.
  • Fighting with Arachnotrons, shoot them with a super-gun, bypassing them in a circle. Do not stop for a second, otherwise they will hit you with their plasma strokes.
  • At level 27 ("Ghost Town") water is poisonous, as in a toxic pool. If you stand in it, you will suffer damage.
  • Against Cacodemons choose a machine gun or plasma gun and fire mercilessly. Then they will not have the opportunity to release a fireball.
  • It is always useful to confuse the enemies so that they attack each other. You will save your own forces (and ammunition), if you do not have to kill them yourself!
  • When you are attacked by a gang of monsters, first of all, disable the former Marines with machine guns, shotguns and rifles: you will not stand up against these weapons for a long time.
  • "Some walls are fake, and you can go through them." Usually there are secluded places, where valuable items are hidden.
  • With Bulldog it is quite possible to manage one on one, but do not let a few of them drive you into a corner. Usually, one shot from a super shotgun is enough against them.


  • Rifleman. The weakest enemy in the game. When you kill him, you get a cartridge clip (for a pistol and a machine gun).
  • Shot gunner. With it will consult more difficultly. His shotgun deals you considerable damage, especially at close range. But after his death shotgun will get to you.
  • Chain Gunner. The most dangerous enemy of the former human race. You have to deal with him quickly and mercilessly. It is advisable at some distance and periodically hide in shelter.
  • Imp (Thorny Devil) He scratches his powerful claws and lets you fireballs.
  • Knight of Hell Throws balls of toxic waste. To deal with him will be a lot of work for you. Avoid his green balls, otherwise the game will quickly end for you.
  • Baron of Hell. Even more dangerous opponent. Looks like Knight, but much larger than his brother.
  • Lost Soul Is a burning skull. The trouble is that they attack suddenly and usually from a subtle, so from time to time look around. In addition, he is rapidly attacking.
  • Source of pain Erupt souls are cast out.
  • Cacodemon. The flying monster is a little like a "balloon". Emits fireballs a la Imp.
  • Arachnotron. A walking spider armed with a plasma gun. A serious opponent.
  • Revenant. This is a skeleton, but it is not so easy to disassemble it "by the bones". He owns a dangerous weapon - homing missiles from which it is very difficult to slip away. Therefore, as soon as you saw this walking miracle - immediately destroy it, otherwise you will not get better.
  • Demon. He walks slowly. His weapon is his fangs, so do not let him get close. Demons are of two kinds - visible (a sort of pink "piglet") and semi visible. If you are bitten, and the enemy is not visible - then look at both and look for a transparent shadow.
  • Mancubus. Moves slowly, but two guns mounted in his "hands" will quickly catch up with fireballs. Meet near the end of the game, so be on your guard.
  • Cyberdemon. The most huge and ugly of all enemies will meet you only one level (at the end of the game). Very dangerous and owns a rocket gun. Kill him you will be long and tedious, which is why at the level of many missiles (especially for you left).



Pause the game and press Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle.

Level select

Pause the game and press Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X.

Weapons, ammunition, and keys

Pause the game and press X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left(2). Now all weapons, ammunition for them, and keys for the current level will be available.

Map all lines

Pause the game and press Triangle(2), L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square. Now all walls and boundaries will appear on the map for the current stage.

Map all objects

Pause the game and press Triangle(2), L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle. Now all objects including enemies, items, weapons, and secret switches will appear on the map.

Transparent walls

Pause the game and press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right. Now your character may see through one layer of wall or sprites.