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Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict (Game Gear)

Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Top-down
Pacing: Turn-based
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
Developed by: Sonic Co.
Released: 1995
Platform: SEGA Game Gear

Everyone knows about the three games in the Shining series for the SEGA Genesis console! More sophisticated players and fans have made it to the Shining Force CD (compilations of portable Shining Force Gaiden and Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya). However, I'm sure very few people have come across one of the most interesting from the point of view of the plot and the connection between the first and second Shining Force, a game for the Sega Game Gear, which was never officially translated into English. In Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict, we will meet our favorite heroes and villains, visit familiar places and look at the universe from a slightly different angle. Through the efforts of the fans, this unknown chapter about the Shining Force has nevertheless become available in the language understood by the majority of the population of planet Earth, and now we can enjoy it. And in order for you not to miss something important and not experience any special difficulties, this walkthrough was written. Hope you find it useful!


The forces of darkness, the armies of Runefaust and Dark Dragon were defeated and destroyed when they tried to conquer the whole world. In spite of everything, Max led the squad known as the Shining Force and led him to victory over the darkness. Peace reigned again, however, a new enemy is ready to unleash its forces on people and avenge Dark Dragon.

You see how several people run into the dilapidated temple. It turns out these are the surviving minions of the Dark Dragon. And the witch Mishaela herself leads them! Max rushes in behind them, accompanied by Adam's robot and several other friends. The protagonist of the first Shining Force once again gathered a small squad to fight evil. Max says it took a long time to chase Mishael, but now he found her. The witch replies that if Max has a case, then it must be resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately for the hero, she is not the same old Mishael that he defeated before. One of her associates, Lynx, says the witch shouldn't worry. He is there and she can always rely on him, and not get her hands dirty about you herself. Mishaela tells Max that it looks like he came after her to destroy her dreams, so he will have to die.

The villains are removed, and only Lynx remains in place, he calls on the Shining Force to show what they are capable of. Max says you can't miss the witch, so the squad will have to split up. He sends Adam and the centaur Mead in pursuit of her. The robot asks two more friends to go with him - the warrior Paig and the archer Sonette. Meanwhile, a battle breaks out between Max and Lynx. The villain realizes that our hero is stronger and is trying to hide, but the old warrior Ridion, who has bypassed the enemy from the rear, does not allow him to do this. However, with the help of a deceptive maneuver, Lynx still escapes, and Max urges his friend to hurry to help Adam and the others.

At the same time, the second half of the squad is catching up with the witch. The robot tells Mishael that her anger and rage are useless, and he will end her soon. Adam attacks the enemies with his laser cannon, but they manage to run away. The witch declares that it is not so easy to kill her now. She orders her companion Eiku to destroy those who stand in their way. The magician tells Adam that he is only following orders, so nothing personal. He attacks the robot with level 3 Blaze magic. Now the witch and her minions have time to retreat.

The newly united detachment resorts to the aid of Adam. Max asks his friend if everything is fine with him, but he can't even answer. The hero asks the soldiers to stay here and help the robot, and he, together with Ridion, will go after the witch. Friends protest, however, after Max's words that someone will need to take care of Adam, they agree. Two Shining Force warriors catch up with Mishael, but she assures you that you cannot stop her. The witch casts the Spark spell and a powerful lightning strikes the heroes. Before they wake up, Mishael asks Magus to destroy part of the temple wall so they can get out, which he does. The witch squad is hiding, but Max and his partner are already on their feet. They set off in pursuit of Mishael to prevent her from carrying out her cunning plans.

In the next scene, we see that the remaining warriors brought Adam to the port of Hassan. If you remember, the heroes of the game Shining Force II will visit this small city on the continent of Parmecia, but already abandoned in the future, and meet Rohde, a crazy historian who dreams of finding the legendary Caravan. It turns out that, despite all the efforts of the Elder and the early repair, the robot will no longer be able to fight on a par with the others, so he decides to gather a small detachment of strong warriors capable of attacking the trail of Max, who went in pursuit of the witch. A trio of familiar characters from the opening scene arrive at the Elder's house. Friends are worried about Adam, but he assures them that everything is in order with him and the self-healing system built into his body may not allow him to fight as before, but certainly will not leave him a useless piece of metal, unable to help his friends.

Just then the magician Hawel (who, by the way, is the father of Chaz from Shining Force II) is in time and calls on the warriors without waiting for Knuckles to go on a campaign. Friends were already about to move, as a couple of new characters appear. This is the granddaughter of Elder Cynthia and the young warrior Ian, who needs to talk to him about something. The elder sends them to the house and reveals that Ian got lost on his journey and accidentally wandered into Hassan. He thinks the warrior also has something to say to Adam, but he will have to wait for you to return. At the gates of the city, the detachment, ready to go, overtakes the monk Knuckles who slept through everything in the world and joins you and the friends led by Adam finally go on a campaign.

Chapter 1: The Ancient Shrine, A new journey begins

In the Temple of Taros, and this is it (this is where the heroes of Shining Force II will fight with the legendary titan for the possession of the Caravan), you stumble upon a thief, accompanied by a squad of goblins, who is trying to understand how this miracle of ancient technology works. He says that if they fail to get Caravan to be useful, then on the orders of a certain woman who hired him, the relic will have to be destroyed. Of course, this will not allow the Shining Power, which arrived in time just in time. The thief tries to retreat, and in the meantime, after long and seemingly endless rantings, your first battle begins. The battle is very simple, if not elementary. To begin with, it is worth dealing with the slugs that have settled in the side passages, and then move the whole group upward, systematically destroying all the advancing enemies. It will not be difficult to do this, since there are a lot of obstacles in the temple in the form of collapsed columns and stones that impede passage, and from the very beginning there will be three characters in your squad who can attack from a distance. Do not forget to use the magic of healing the monk, if the need arises and the victory will be yours.

After the battle, you see that the thief did not manage to escape and now he will have to answer to Adam and Mead. It turns out that some strange woman took his gang hostage and demanded to steal an ancient relic from these ruins. The thief, who calls himself the great Ruburan, tries to hide, but his friends stop him and say that they will not let him go until he helps them get on Max's trail. After a little skirmish, they head back to the port of Hassan. Meanwhile, a drama broke out in the town. Mishaela with her servants rushed inside and demands to give her the Elder, at the same time she wants to capture his granddaughter. Ian manages to take the girl away and at the same moment the Shining Power is in time to help him. Cynthia forgive Adam to save her grandfather, Ian joins the squad and a new battle begins.

To begin with, send one of your fastest warriors to the left behind the fence, where there is a chest, inside which you will find a Speed ​​Chicken. At the same time, try to repel the attacks of the first enemies with the main group. After it is finished with them, move further down to the next opponents. Leave the large group to the right of the house for last. Do not forget to replenish your health and only then head towards them. It is best to lure them one by one on yourself and destroy them with quick attacks of several characters. Neither Goblins Hunters nor Orcs will give you any special problems if you do not give them freedom.

The battle is over, and the squad rushes into the Elder's home, where Mishaela asks if anyone other than him can get Caravan to move. The old man replies that only he is capable of this. Ruburan remarks that this is the woman who captured his men. The witch recognizes the thief and complains that he was captured. His attempts to attack Mishael do not end with anything, and the latter assures you that if you cannot get Caravan to move, then you will have to look for Max on foot. Before the witch disappears with the Elder, he asks Adam to look after Ian, because for some reason, he is very important. The old man does not have time to finish, and Mishaela evaporates, making fun of the Shining Power at last. In the next scene, some time later, Ruburan reveals that he has already heard the name Max and met this man, even before the appearance of the witch. Friends do not believe him, but he cannot blame them for this. Adam asks Ian to lead the squad, which must go in search of the hero, and he agrees. The Elder's granddaughter is trying to follow you, but Adam forbids her to do this and says that Cynthia must stay, because this trip will be too dangerous for her. Ruburan graciously agrees to show the way, and the Radiant Power sets off. Before leaving the hospitable Hassan, you can save the game, use the Speed ​​Chicken (it is best to give it to Paige) and buy everything you need (weapons and items) here for the further adventure.

After a short journey, Ruburan leads the squad into the valley and says that in order to get to his secret hideout, you need to go through it as quickly as possible and preferably unnoticed. This place is teeming with monsters and there are a lot of them. And then they appear as if they had been waiting for you all this time. There is no choice but to fight them! This fight will be somewhat more difficult and longer than the previous ones. Do not try to immediately cross the bridges, it is better to meet the enemy on the approaches to him and destroy one by one. When the first wave of enemies is finished, gather all your warriors on the other side and head upstairs. The dark gnomes in the north are pretty strong, especially when supported by archers, so you shouldn't attack them alone. Keep in a tight group and don't forget about healing magic and herbs.

After defeating the enemies of Ruburan, impressed by your strength, he jokingly invites the Shining Power to join his gang. Cynthia suddenly appears, who has been following the squad all this time. She cannot just sit back and demand to be taken with her. After a short discussion, the friends agree and head to the Ribble Camp, where they can rest and gather their thoughts. Don't forget to purchase new weapons for some of your warriors, and replenish your supplies of medicinal herbs. Despite the fact that there are already two healers in the squad, sometimes its presence in the inventory of ordinary soldiers is absolutely necessary, and mana ends very quickly at first. When you finally finish your business, you get out of the Ribble Camp, and Ruburan leads the party to the bridge, right behind which is his secret hideout. Suddenly, the bridge begins to sway and our old-new friend Kraken appears from the waters of the river! Cynthia remarks that it looks like the rumors in the camp turned out to be true, and the monster does appear here. Adam urges his friends to cross the bridge at any cost, and Ian must show his strength again.

This time, you have to slowly and unhurriedly move along the constantly crumbling bridge, lining up in a line. Do not scatter the squad and do not run far ahead of individual characters. New tentacles will spawn out of the water as you move up, so it's best to postpone the breakthrough, despite Adam's calls. Kraken Legs have very good defense, and Kraken Arms can attack your heroes through the cage. To complete the picture, a couple of bats hang on the other side of the river, ready to put the unlucky heroes to sleep at any moment. Thank God, the monster itself will not take part in the battle, and will wait for its death only in Shining Force 2. Therefore, do not forget to heal, keep the squad as tightly as possible and victory will be yours.

When it's over, Yogurt, whom we remember from the first game of the series, will suddenly appear on the shore. He will start to go crazy, run on the spot and eventually go swimming in the river, despite all the dangers awaiting him there. Desperate guy! As soon as the madman disappears into the water, one of the people of Ruburan's gang will appear in his place, and he will recognize the boss. He will drive off Kraken with the help of some unpleasant smelling thing and the squad finally gets over the bridge, which finally collapses behind them. Adam says that now there is a way for you, only forward. A man from the gang turns out to be a certain Nosshu, who warns the chief that that strange woman has returned, and things have taken a serious turn. Ruburan no longer wants to waste time, and the squad is sent to his secret base. Before continuing the adventure, you will be offered the opportunity to perform the usual actions of resurrecting characters, working with inventory, etc. in a separate menu.

When the heroes arrive at the thief's hideout, it turns out that Mishaela is already here. The witch is trying to force the rest of the gang to join the Army of Devils in order to attack the god Volcanon together (hello, Shining Force 2), assuring them that their boss has been captured and will not help them in any way. Ruburan is horrified that they helped such a great evil and decides to put an end to it, but Mishaela only brushes him off with magic, after which he notices that the thief has not arrived alone, but accompanied by the Shining Force. She says she doesn't have time to mess with curious rats like you. Suddenly, she attacks Ruburan's subordinates with lightning and kills them. According to her cunning plan, the witch sends Lynx to Max, and she retreats, leaving the army to deal with you. A battle begins in which you have to withstand the onslaught of a huge number of bats. First, send your squad upstairs and deal with the group of opponents in the center. Before moving on, restore your health and take the Milk of Protection from the chest on the right. After a while, it turns out that the fight will not end as quickly as we would like. A secret room will open, in which new enemies will be discovered, who will immediately go down. Clear the area up the stairs, where Ruburan, attacked by the witch, lies and take up defense in this place. When the Bats are defeated, all that remains is to destroy the Cannon. But before you do this, do not forget to send one of your warriors to the room from which the mice appeared to take the Wine of Power from the chest.

The battle is over, and the thief grieves for his lost friends. Nosshu says they were too scared to fight. Ruburan tells him that he himself has a chill from this terrible woman. He will no longer allow the devils to do whatever they want and, in order to avoid the repetition of his mistakes by others, asks Ian to take him into the squad. Nosshu also wants to go with the boss, but he persuades him to stay and look after the shelter. On a sad note of goodbye, this scene ends. Again, the game allows you to save, use the received items and buy new ones. Remember to do this before moving on. Apparently, the detachment went in pursuit of the witch and overtakes her on a mountain path, where she and her henchmen are trying to cope with the winged warriors (remember the city of Bedoe and Piter's birds from the second part). Finally, she manages to deal with them and with the help of magic, she somehow seals the powers of Volacnon. Mishaela says that one hindrance has become less and it is time to go to Grans Island (the capital of which, by the way, is Granseal) to prepare for the implementation of her plan. The witch leaves her warriors in case the god protector wants to do something, and right then the Shining Power, which has to deal with them, ripens.

Not a very difficult battle, where you have to liberate parts of the mountains separated by bridges one by one from opponents. Be careful and do it in turn, because the Dwarves, accompanied by Bats and Cannons, can quickly surround the warriors and attack from several directions at once. Only after having dealt with all the opponents on the left side of the map, go to the Dark Mage. He does not hesitate to attack the squad on the approach and go down to the Bats, be careful. Finish it off by those who have at least one free slot in the inventory, the Bread of Life will drop out of the enemy. The fight is over, Adam and Ian hear Volcanon's own voice. It turns out that all this time he was monitoring the movements of the Army of Devils and keeping an eye on Ian. Mishaela went to Grans Island and the troop's path goes there too. You will need to find a way to help Max, who is on the trail of the witch. As his contribution to future victory, the god provides you with the flying Kiddo warrior and opens a passage in the mountain leading to the north. The Shining Power continues its journey and this is where the first chapter of the game ends.

Chapter 2: Target: Grans Island!

Step by step and day by day, Ian and Shining Force approached Grans Island. Meanwhile, Mishaela, who had suddenly disappeared, was awaiting their arrival. You see how the witch is discussing with her minions a plan to capture Max. This important business is handled by Lynx, while Magus is sent to meet a squad of Radiant Force approaching Pacalon. He says that he has prepared his clever traps for them and goes to see how everything goes. Mishaela starts talking about the fact that the old man kidnapped from Hassan may still be useful to them, because he alone knows the secrets of ancient relics, besides, if Ian really turns out to be the son of “that very” person, then they have a new powerful enemy. After a little skirmish over who will be the one who will defeat the Shining Force, the villains go about their business, and you return to the squad that moves through the cave to the north. Knuckles notices movement ahead and tells you that you are not alone in this dangerous place. It turns out that Ian and his friends are indeed awaiting a group of Magus' soldiers who organized an ambush here. The mighty Orc Lord sets off an earthquake, the columns in the cave collapse, and you have no choice but to engage the enemy who set up this trap.

The fight will be quite difficult. First you need to deal with the opponents who are located nearby, and then move upward along one of the passages. It is best to choose one of the side, wider and safer ones. Going straight is fraught with the attack of all the forces of the enemy and the rapid destruction of several of your warriors. Black Smoke is able to attack with magic at a distance and overcome obstacles through the air, with the support of other magicians and cannons, this can have a very negative effect on the health of the characters. Having dealt with the main forces of the enemy in the center, send Kiddo to the left to the chest to pick up the Milk of Defense and only after that attack the Orc.

At the same time, Magus himself with his Army of Devils storms the city of Pacalon. The unyielding centaur knights fight to the death, but the villain washes away the rallied troops with the waters that overflowed the river banks, and is about to launch a final attack when the Shining Force unexpectedly appears. Adam notices that the city is under siege and calls on Ian to help allies in trouble. The hero deals with the enemy soldiers and Magus has to switch his attention from the walls of Pacalon to your squad. This time, the battle will also be difficult. The main task is to cross the bridge, which is very well guarded by many enemies, ready at any second to pull up from their seats and attack your warriors. There is no specific tactics here, you just need to withstand the onslaught of the first opponents and gradually lure out the rest, remaining on your bank. Beware of magicians who can destroy several of your warriors in a couple of sessions. It is better to play it safe and be treated with all available means, if the healers do not have time. After all the enemies in the area of ​​the bridge are finished, take the Apple of Courage from the chest to the left and move upward, where the Dark Knight is already waiting for you.

The Army of Devils will be defeated and the hapless Magus cannot believe this has happened. Lynx immediately appears, who, as usual, begins to mock his comrade and sarcastically asks how it could have happened that his plan failed. Magus begs the villain to help him and he agrees to cover him this time, saving him from the Shining Force. Meanwhile, two female warriors emerge from the city saved from the siege. This is the centaur Sylvia, the knight of the kingdom and the winged Julia, the friend of Kiddo, who arrived here shortly before the Shining Force. Sylvia thanks the warriors for defeating the army that attacked the city and asks to take it with them. Julia also wants to fight on Ian's side and your squad is replenished with two fighters at once. Before continuing your journey, you will visit Pacalon, where you can purchase new weapons, use all the special items and look into the “Deals” store menu, where you will find interesting goods.

You are again shown Magus, who, following his paranoia, caught one of the soldiers of the Army of Devils of being a traitor. A certain dragon warrior named Eric, who wanted to join the ranks of his army, just wanted to see a witch, but the villain considers this behavior strange and orders the execution of a potential spy. Lynx intervenes, again appearing out of nowhere. Once again, he taunts his comrade and says that Magus, as usual, from scratch blames innocent people for nothing. However, he wishes to fight Eric to find out how strong he is. During their short duel, Magus again tries to attack the dragon warrior, who decides to retreat and abandon the fight with Lynx. Naturally, a search for him begins, as a result of which the soldiers of the Army of the Devils stumble upon the Shining Force, all this time moving north to the city of Moun, passing through which they will reach their goal - a place called Nazca. But it will not be so easy to get to the areas familiar from the second game of the series, and a new battle begins.

The main difficulty of this battle is the size of the map and the location of the opponents. First of all, deal with the enemies to your left, and then slowly move upward. Here, for a start, it would be better to destroy the detachment on the right and already, then go further, but there is a possibility that they will attack your warriors at the same time as the upper opponents. Try to prevent this and attack enemies separately. Higher on the map, the situation will repeat itself and your squad will be squeezed in a vice from both sides. Take up a solid defense and stand to the bitter end. The last three remaining enemies from the north of the map will approach the place of the battle, throw all the remaining forces at them and you will win. After the last enemy falls, Magus assures that he will definitely not lose the next time, and Adam calls on the soldiers, as planned, to visit Moun. It will not be a revelation to anyone that the villains managed to get to the city earlier and have already prepared a trap. Magus begs Lynx (God, how are these couple already tired) to help him in the implementation of the cunning plan that he has prepared, but refuses to get dirty and leaves his comrade. At the same time, the Shining Force approaches the gates of Moun and is met by three residents of the city. They deceive the heroes, saying that the Army of Devils left after hearing that you were approaching. Shining Force is invited to go inside and before they understand anything, the gate closes and Eric, who tried to warn them, is left out of work. Magus is glad that Ian and his friends bought into his ruse and ended up inside the city walls. He declares that you are completely surrounded and that you had better prepare for death. However, before the start of the battle, the villain prudently disappears.

The first stage in this battle will be the chest located at the top of the map. Gather your squad and move towards it. Destroy a group of enemies nearby, take the item and wait for the opponents on the left to come up. Since the enemies move in very small detachments, it will not be particularly difficult for you to defeat them and the next batch of adversaries without loss. Before you go further, search the well near your house with one of your warriors, a pleasant surprise awaits you! Opponents can try to pinch you at the top, so move to the center of the map and try, repelling their attacks, at least with some of the soldiers to get to the second well at the bottom left, where the bonus is also hidden. Thus, you will also cut off some of the forces that are ready to go to the aid of the Dark Mages and Priests, who represent the main danger in this battle. Gather an army and attack the remaining enemies.

Magus laments that you have managed to defeat his warriors again. He realizes that Lynx's absence from the army was a fatal mistake. However, he reminds Shining Force that they were on the verge of death and disappears again. Eric demands to finally open the gate and when Ian and Adam go out to meet him, he wonders how you managed to win under the circumstances. It turns out that the dragon warrior cunningly wanted to infiltrate the ranks of the Army of Devils in order to avenge his father Elliot, who served King Ramladu in the first Shining Force. The ruler was manipulated by villains, but he could not betray his master. Eric does not want to repeat his father's mistakes and intends to destroy Mishael and her henchmen, which is why he joins you. Thus, in your squad, finally, a full set of twelve warriors is recruited. Before continuing the journey, Eric suggests stopping in Moun, freed from the forces of evil, and gathering strength. We distribute new weapons, buy everything we need, use additional equipment. As for the improvement of heroes and the transition to a new class, everything is somewhat more complicated than usual. As in the first part of “Change”, similar to the old “Promote” is available from the tenth level, but, nevertheless, it is better to pump heroes to the maximum twenty and only after that transfer them to a new level. Thus, you will increase the indicators after improvement and get the most powerful characters at the output. But the choice is still yours.

In the next scene, we see Mishaela arriving in person to witness all of Magus's failures. The villain assures that his plan would have worked if not for Lynx, who left him, but the witch says that these are just pathetic excuses and if he fails this time, the consequences for him will be dire. Magus assures that he will send his most powerful warriors and put an end to the Shining Force. Mishaela disappears, and Lynx offers his friend his help, but the self-confident commander of the Army of Devils rejects her and says that he will figure it out and show everyone how powerful he is. By the way, the whole dialogue takes place against the background of the Nazca flying ship from Shining Force 2, which turns out to be the northernmost point of the continent Parmecia, where your squad was moving all this time. Noticing the emerging Shining Force, Magus promises that he will send Ian and Eric who joined him to the grave using his cunning traps.

This battle will be quite long and dangerous, due to the new enemy - the Witches and the sudden appearance of opponents on the map. Get ready from the very beginning to defend against enemies located to the left and above the squad. Once they are finished, reach the chest in the west and lure out the remaining warriors in the center before heading upstairs. Do not rush to attack Magus and take care of the second chest in the north. After that, it will already be possible to take on the annoying villain. It is guarded by powerful soldiers and a healer, so choose your most protected warriors to attack. Before dying, he cannot believe that you have defeated his best warriors, and he admits that perhaps you are the very legendary Shining Power (as if it was incomprehensible without him). Magus got what it deserved, but you still don't know how to get to Grans Island. Suddenly, there is a voice saying that Ian did well. It turns out that the familiar goddess Mitula, Volcanon's ally, was watching the squad all this time. She says that you must prevent the early rebirth of the Devil. Max is defeated in a battle on Grans Island and the Shining Force needs to be sent to his aid. Mitula gives Ian a Necklace of Light, a necklace that, according to legend, should belong to him. The goddess also says that she persuaded one of the magicians of her city Tristan to go with you and help you on the hike. The magician turns out to be a girl named Minto, who tells Adam and the others that they can use the flying ship of the ancient Nazca to travel. Minto joins the squad and opens the ship's entrance, urging her friends to follow her. Ian and the Shining Force set out to meet through the gathering clouds to the island of Grans, where the Army of the Devils awaits them.