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The Great Circus Mystery (SEGA)

The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie SEGA
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Puzzle elements
Published by: Capcom U.S.A.
Developed by: Capcom Co.
Released: 1994
Platforms: SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES)

Another game dedicated to the cartoon characters of Disney Mickey and his girlfriend Minnie. This time, all the action of the game takes place in an amusement park, there is a circus and a haunted house. As usual, you need to defeat evil. A very big plus is that this game can be played together. Beautiful graphics and good soundtrack will delight you throughout the game.


"Left", "Right" - go in the appropriate direction.
"Up" - to cling to obstacles with a hook, crawl up.
"Down" - crawl down, bend down.
"A" - take a stunned enemy, throw
him, shoot, vacuum (depends on the suit).
"B" - jump, swim up.
"C" - change of costume.
"Z" - dressing up.


A big heart is the replenishment of all energy. Little Mickey Mouse is life.


1st level

Haunted Circus. Mickey, Minnie and their friends were about to drive out of town for a picnic, but Mickey overslept, and because of this, he and Minnie missed the first bus. When the mice got to the supposed place of the picnic, there was no one there, apparently all their friends decided to relax alone. It seemed that the day was ruined, which Goofy confirmed, sadly passing by, but Mickey saw a circus tent, located on the lawn nearby. Assuming that one of the friends will definitely be there, Mickey and his girlfriend went in search of the runaway companions. On the way to the circus tents, you will come across a lot of strange koloboks in caps, which are very convenient to throw at the same ones, only you first need to process the ballheads by jumping on a single part of the body. This technique will be very useful to you throughout the game. Try not to get hit by the bombing produced by balloons, and those who have a bad heart, I want to warn you, do not be alarmed at the sight of a clown jumping out of the box. While this may sound like a joke, clowns are still dangerous. The first boss at this level is a fox dressed as an astrologer, juggling with fireballs. If you don't fuss and run randomly around him, then it is possible that you will be able to do away with him without wasting energy. You need to jump on the villain only when he throws his torches at you.

After a little more, after defeating the boss, you will meet with Donald, digging in the clown rags. After a short conversation, you can pick up a little thing to your liking, that will be a janitor's suit, complete with a vacuum cleaner. Now you can use it to vacuum various enemies, and the work is highly paid, you will receive coins, a silver coin today is equal to one dollar, and gold is five times more expensive than silver, that's all the simple arithmetic.

Now you need to go back and climb onto the circus tent using the cubes that have now appeared. Wandering circus performers are very poor, they do not even have the means to patch the hole in the roof, but this is only in your hands, because through it you can get inside and watch the rehearsal. Having ridden a lot on the trapeze, you can see a deadly (this only applies to you) number: a cartoon cannonball. After passing the cannon, you will go out into the street through another hole, this time in the wall. The boss that you will meet after that is terrible, but only in the open spaces of his native savanna, and now it is just a circus lion, beaten by trainers and caught a cold due to constant drafts during the tour. Despite all these misfortunes, the ex-king of beasts moves quite quickly with the help of giant jumps (you can find out about the place of landing by the shadow) and uses his runny nose, sneezing on all your attacks. I can't offer you any special tactics in the fight against sopaty, just choose a convenient moment and jump on his lush hair.

2nd level

The Jungle. Here you will meet sad ghosts who are looking for Pluto to take good care of his stressful condition. In gratitude that you were not afraid of them, they will give you a safari suit. In it, you can use a hook to climb various kinds of walls and swing on special shiny nests, as well as descend on vines and ropes found at some levels.

Many small seedlings roam the jungle, the most valuable in them is wood, for which a gold coin is given. In some places, an evil hunter, in whom it is easy to recognize Pete, will try to shoot you, but this will only cause himself a headache. The first boss is a turtle, or maybe turtles, who will take them apart! You need to beat her after she jumps out onto the shore and sticks out of the shell. If this animal decides to play pranks and begins to splash in the water, splashing you, then it is best to jump between the two nests located above the pond. Then you will have to climb several giant trees inhabited by snails, squirrels and other living creatures. Climbed up? Well done, now go down the vines. Somewhere in the middle of the descent there is a back street in which there is a door to the General Store, a small shop where you can buy the necessary things. After passing the valley of geysers, you will find yourself in the reception room of the real king of beasts. This is not a lion, but a big and stupid monkey. She will try to get you in every possible way, so change into a safari suit and jump on some wall. There you will not be hit by the nuts that the primate shakes off the tree, and from there it is easier to jump on his stupid head, but sometimes you have to climb off the tree, otherwise the monkey will knock you down by jumping from above or starting to rush head over heels all over the screen. If you want, you can go down to the ground and, in your usual form, leave the monkey with nuts.

Level 3

Haunted House. Poor dull ghosts! How, you still do not know that the evil and terrible Baron Pete drove the poor people out of the house, and now they have nowhere to lure gullible passers-by? Pete does not carry out his villainous plans alone, he has many accomplices, ghosts, small and therefore very evil. With them, you will have to fight for the rest of the game. To make your actions more efficient, the dull ghosts presented you with a cowboy suit, and completely free of charge, but with a hint that you will help them. With this costume, you and the sea of ​​ghosts are now knee-deep, because you, like any decent cowboy, now have a pistol, and you can shoot everyone who gets in your way. The only bad thing is that cartridges, like everything that has a material basis, have the property of disappearing without a trace at the moment when they are very necessary ...

So, you find yourself in an old abandoned house, sitting astride a toy horse. What to do? Is it really not clear, jump over the skulls of the skeletons, they will know how to protrude from the walls where they were walled up several centuries ago. You should not stand on ceremony with ordinary ghosts, but you need to be on your guard with mirrors, the almighty Pete does not sleep. In the library, he will come to you with a picture and immediately begin to burn your heels with a hot flame. If you like it or not, you will have to jump, and not just like that, but on his head, but this maneuver may not always turn out to be successful, because the evil spirit of Pete can move into books that were previously peacefully resting on the shelves. Dealing with the picture is only half the battle, you will have to go outside and get to the tower, in which another henchman of Pete - a large and evil ghost, settled, and also face heaps of zombie candles. They are quite harmless, unless you jump into the flames. The ascent to the tower will take a long time, so do not forget to look into the store, the entrance to which is ad-walled with golden bricks. The boss is extremely dumb and easy to kill, especially if there are bullets. If they are not there, try using small ghosts in order to jump on top of a large one, but I think this will not come to that.

4th level

The Caves. Oh, those gloomy, eerie cavernous vaults that make some people feel very claustrophobic. The caves you are in are inhabited by slugs and insects, so terrible that even jumping on them is disgusting. Also, the cave can suddenly fill with water, which poses a serious threat to your existence. But one cannot speak so critically about the underworld, there is not only bad in it. The grottoes are filled with magnificent crystals, some of which can emit wonderful rays that you can walk on. Just near this place is the entrance to the shop.
The first underground boss is a fox-metro builder, striving to become a Stakhanovite in addition, using only a jackhammer for this. Its early destruction is in your interests, because the bastard methodically crushes the floor under your feet, and there ... no, not an abyss, but sharp thorns, so dare to fight. Proceeding further, look at both, somewhere from above there is a passage to a room where you can get hold of life. After the dinosaur egg rolls on you, get ready to meet the second boss. This time it is a Jurassic Park fossil. Enjoy the opportunity to ride a dinosaur. Happy? Well done, now let's get to work.

The dinosaur, of course, will try to throw you off your back, so much so that it stumbles right on the spiny tail. Don't let him do this by jumping green on his head. If the reviving green fungi get in the way, then you can easily cope with this problem by pushing them with your foreheads.

5th level

The Frozen Plains. Arctic cold, slippery ice and cold water are what you will face at this level. But if you live somewhere in the south, you can admire the aurora borealis. The main thing is just to find a quieter place, where annoying ice will not get to you. You have to spend about half of the game plunging into icy water. As a follower of Cousteau, try not to bump into the local fauna. Sea urchins and jellyfish are extremely aggressive towards strangers like you. Somewhere under the water (where exactly, for a long time to tell) are the entrances to the store and the room with life. By the way, it was only at this level that I noticed golden cubes with a clock freezing enemies.

Now about the bosses. The first is foxes again. This time he sat down in an ice mortar and tries to stab you with thorns located along its edges. The safest place is the upper corner, climb there by changing into a safari suit. From there it is easy to jump onto the enemy when he is having fun below, and there you will not be hit by the deep-sea mines that the cunning fox throws at high tide. You need to jump when the fox sticks out of its shelter. The second boss is a thundercloud. We will not carry out experiments with static electricity today, suddenly the TV set deteriorates, it is better to test our vacuum installation. Suck in pieces of the cloud, but be on the lookout - the cloud snaps into snowflakes and can completely freeze you. It is necessary to act quickly, as water vapor tends to condense. After all the cloud has been sucked in, the level can be considered complete.

6 level

The Baron's Castle. Baron Peet himself hid in his ancestral castle. It's amazing why all the castles that the heroes fall into are packed with all sorts of dangers? This is not fair. For example, now you have to get over the burning ditches, dodge heavy maces swinging on chains and still do a lot that real heroes do. It is also strange that the great and terrible Pete has opened a branch of a cow shop in his castle, where you can clean up before a battle with three bosses. Two of them are already familiar to you from the previous levels, this is Pete from the picture and the fox-juggler. Only after finishing them will you be able to make your way into the corridor leading to the chambers of the owner himself. It (the corridor) is quite long and crooked, but if you try, you can find the entrance to the room with replenishment of energy and life. (Hint. Look for the room after you pass the fire-breathing columns and shooting Pits. The entrance is in the ceiling, but how to get there, figure it out for yourself.) The cannons will not do much harm to you, the main thing is just not to go under the cannonballs, but how to pass them , there and right up to Pete. Angry, fat and big (takes half the screen) Pete, although stupid, but his attacks are quite diverse, so take the fight against evil in his face with full responsibility. The villain's vulnerability is his head, but he knows this without you, and therefore he protected it with the help of a horned helmet. As long as the hat is intact, Pete will be able to do nasty things to you with impunity. After the helmet is scrapped, try jumping on Pete's head - this is the most effective method of dealing with villains. More he will not be able to do anything to you, and the world after the sorcerer's departure to another world will find peace, and everything will be as before. This is the case in most games we know, but this game is one of the few exceptions.

Before the finale, you have to fight another representative of the forces of darkness - a fire-breathing dragon. He only knows how to breathe ... fire. Fortunately, his fiery breath is easy to avoid, and you probably guessed that you need to jump on the dragon's head. Only after the death of the fire-breathing kinsman of our GREAT DRAGON (no offense will be told to him), you can rejoice for all the inhabitants of the nearby area, saved from the tyranny of the evil Pete and his minions. Here is a happy ending for you, now you can go to the circus, and just frolic on the lawn.