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automobili Lamborghini (N64)

automobili Lamborghini N64
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view
Vehicular: Automobile, Street racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Titus France SA
Developed by: Titus France SA
Released: 1997
Platform: Nintendo 64 (N64)

Automobili Lamborghini is an arcade style racing game similar to the Ridge Racer or Need for Speed series (early). There are 4 game modes: Arcade, Championship, Single Race, and Time Trials. Arcade and Championship consist of a series of races and is where you can unlock the different cars in the game; Single Race is a practice mode in normal race conditions (configurable), while Time Trials is a single player race against the player's best times.

To challenge these modes, the game features eight vehicles that look like real supercars: the two default cars, representing the Lamborghini Diablo and the Lamborghini Countach; and six unlockable cars won by beating all six championship configurations, representing the Porsche 959, Ferrari F50, Ferrari Testarossa, Dodge Viper, McLaren F1, and Bugatti EB110.