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Who Shot Johnny Rock? (DOS)

Who Shot Johnny Rock? DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV), Video backdrop
Gameplay: Arcade, Shooter
Setting: Interwar
Published by: American Laser Games
Developed by: American Laser Games
Released: 1994
Who Shot Johnny Rock? visual clues
Who Shot Johnny Rock? is an interactive film by American Laser Games originally came out in 1991 for Arcade and personal computer. Later, the game also came out for Sega CD, 3DO and CD-i. After American Laser Games was shut down and the rights of the games were bought by Digital Leisure came as device independent game to a DVD player.
Who Shot Johnny Rock? title screen


The story is set in Chicago in the year 1930 where the mafia and crime prevail. The player is a private detective who was hired to solve the murder of nightclub singer Johnny Rock. In addition, the player has to question several persons, criminals to shoot and save the innocent.


As with most other games of American Laser Games, the game is a first-person shooter using Full Motion Video with real actors. In the arcade version control is done with a light gun in the form of a Thompson machine gun pistol. On the PC, use was made of the computer mouse or an optional PC Shot Gun. Also on 3DO one could possibly play the game with additional light gun.

Furthermore, the player has a certain amount of money in his pocket. Thus he must buy ammunition. When the player shoots an innocent, he is responsible for his funeral expenses. The player itself touched, be deducted the medical costs of the prize money. The game ends when the player does not have enough money to buy ammunition, to pay or repay doctor costs the undertaker.