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Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Vehicular: Automobile, Track racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Papyrus Publishing
Developed by: Papyrus Design Group
Released: 1994
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
NASCAR Racing DOS control keys
The company «Papyrus Disign Group, Inc.», became famous in the computer market gaming software powerful race «Indycar Racing» released in 1994, "car" program «Nascar Racing». This is a great racing simulator formula «Nascar», very popular not only in America but also in Europe. The game is an official licensed product of "real" races, and that says a lot, since such an honor rarely awarded games. After starting the program, you look from different angles fragment of one of the races, and it's not just a publicity stunt company. Game features allow you to monitor your race subsequently on all these points, and even driving a car with many of them.
NASCAR Racing DOS title
Now go back directly to the description. By clicking the button, we go to the main menu containing the following items:
SINGLE RACE - single race;
CHAMPIONSHIP - the launch of the full championship;
PRESEASON TESTING - pre-season testing, and running your car;
MULTIPLAYER RACE - a race with another player using a dial-up;
DRIVER INFO - complete information about the drivers and all your opponents, and editing data;
OPTIONS - choice of parameters of the game;
EXIT - the end of the game and exit to DOS.
Now, the details of all the listed items.
Let's start with the most difficult and necessary for further game.


With his help, we set the basic parameters.
CONTROLS - direct control of your car during the race.
- SET CONTROLS - on the keyboard keys can be distributed by means of which is carried out:
STEERING - Steering left and right;
ACCELERATION - increase engine power. The movement of the vehicle ahead;
BRAKING - Braking;
SHIFT UP - overdrive;
SHIFT DOWN - reduction gear;
REVERSE - change of direction of movement of the car, rear
Redistribution of buttons is as follows - the cursor is on the desired option, for example, STEERING, press ENTER, the computer and prompts you to select your button for steering STEER TO THE LEFT, THEN THAT RIGHT.
After completion of these operations, select DONE and returns to the submenu CONTROLS.
Calibrate Joystick is as follows - the joystick is translated consistently in extreme angular positions, and then pressed ENTER.
- NON-LINEAR STEERING - movement of the vehicle when cornering: linear - nonlinear.
DONE returns to the menu OPTION.
REALISM - the degree of approximation to the conditions of a real game race.
- RACE LENGTH - length of track in a percentage of 1 to 100.
LONGER-SHORTER (long-short).
- CAR DAMAGE - ON / OFF - crash during race
(well no).
- YELLOW FLAGS - ON / OFF - whether in the present race yellow flag warning about violation of rules (yes, no).
- RACE LAP - counting laps riders.
- WEATHER - weather conditions on the track:
RANDOW - random, changing regardless of your wishes, or
CONSTANT - constant, chosen in advance.
Choosing constant conditions, you can flesh out some of the highlights:
TEMPERATURE - Fahrenheit temperature from 50 to 100 degrees;
WIND DIRECTION - direction of the wind (ENWS and so on ...);
WIND SPEED - wind force from 0 to 30 miles per hour.
DONE - return to the OPTIONS.
NUMBER - the number of your opponents in every race from 1 to 38.
STRENGTH - the skill level of the opponents in the percentage of 80 to 110.
DRAWING - the number of riders, placed at the start in front of you, if you choose a single race without any qualification and did not want to start from last place.
HEARD - how many cars you can hear in the course of the race (from 1 to 7).
DRIVING AIDS - help the driver to drive the car.
AUTOMATIC / MANUAL SHIFTING - shift mode - auto / manual.
BRAKING HELP / MANUAL BRAKING - assistance during braking / manual braking.
DONE - return to the OPTIONS.
Setting the graphic elements of the game. This option depends on the speed of your computer. The higher it is, the more options you can include in the action.
- GRASS TEXTURE ON / OF / AUTO - showing grass at the edges of the track - on / off / auto.
- ASPHALT TEXTURE ON / OF / AUTO - the presence of the pattern in the asphalt surface - on / off / auto.
- OBJECT TEXTURES ON / AUTO / NO - display pictures on the direct object of the game - on / off / auto.
- GRANDSTAND TEXTURES ON / AUTO / OFF - the presence of a collision on the ground - on / off / auto.
- WALL TEXTURE ON / AUTO / OFF - Mode display pictures on the walls - the on / off / auto.
- HORIZON TEXTURE ON / AUTO / OFF - the display mode of the horizon on the screen - on / auto / off
- CAR TEXTURE ON / AUTO / OFF - the availability of pictures on the cars participating in the race - on / auto / off
- SMOKE / DIRT ON / AUTO / OFF - display of smoke exhaust pipes and dirt flying out from under the wheels - on / auto / off
- SKIDS / PAINT ON / AUTO / OFF - the picture mode splashing cars - on / auto / off
For those who have chosen the automatic graphics settings, there are options to increase or decrease the rate at which the graphic information will be updated on your computer monitor:
- DECREASE / INCREASE MAX.FRAME RATE - from 10 to 30. DONE back to the menu OPTIONS.
The option allows you to customize at will sound design of the game.
- MUSIC - music (from 0 to 100%).
- PLAYER ENGINE - the engine noise of your car (0 to 100%).
- SKIDDING - wheel slip cornering and braking (from 0 to 100%).
- OPPONENT ENGINES - the noise of car engines rivals (from 0 to 100%).
- SOUNDS - additional sounds (from 0 to 100%).
- ANNOUNCER - Ad speaker (0 to 100%).
DONE back to the menu OPTIONS.
Now let us return to the main menu.


As we mentioned, you can not only find detailed information about all the participants in the race, but also to create their "own" in its sole discretion.
PLAYER - selecting this option, you will see the riders for whom you have to play. If you do not like something, you can edit absolutely all positions.
- NAME - name and surname (you can enter your own).
- NICKNAME - a nickname that will give you the fans.
- TEAM - the team for which you are going to act.
- HOME TOWN - your hometown.
- CHASSIS - Chassis selection: CHEVY, FORD, PONTIAC.
- TIRES - choice of wheels: GOODYEAR, HOOSIER.
Once you have created a "self" can be assessed and their rivals.
OPPONENTS - if you want to replace the participants can use the option SELECT and perform manipulations described above.
Finished with this preparatory work, back to the main menu to start for the race itself.


This mode is needed if you just want to go or do you need to test your machine.
Please select one of the nine suggested routes. The selection is made with the cursor keys. In the upper right corner of the screen is an image of the route with a bird's-eye view. Below are the main characteristics: its full official name, the length in miles and the number of laps. Confirms the selection by pressing ENTER. After that you get access to the new submenu, where:
REPLAY - repeated moments of your drive;
TESTING - training test drive;
GARAGE - garage where you will be able to prepare the car for
driving. Here you can do the following:
- TIRES - replace the wheel:
RIGHT FRONT - front right;
RIGHT REAR - rear right;
LEFT REAR - rear left;
LEFT FRONT - front left;
STAGGER - camber;
- FUEL - fill your car with fuel;
- SPOILERS - replace the spoilers;
- SUSPENSION - configure several parameters related vehicle wheels and steering features: camber, rigidity of the hydraulic cylinders, the rotation angle of the wheels, and so on;
- GEARS - change gear ratios in the gearbox;
- OPTIONS - here can be written in memory of the game and change your settings in your car (SAVE), download one of the recorded versions or delete existing.
After leaving the garage, you can re-download the track and drive a car improved PRESEASON TESTING. Feel the difference! (Would not it be worse ...)
REPLAY - if you want to see videopovtor you liked the race track, select this option and run the video, the panel is displayed in the bottom of the screen.
Apart from the usual VCR buttons - forward / rewind; play and stop - there are a few new buttons:
- Camera - to view the race from twelve different angles, even including helicopter shooting, not to mention the cameras on the bumper, directly in front of the car, in the back, and so on;
- Car - car otsmotren choice for any other member of the race;
- Scissors - Installation of a separate piece for future recording;
- Floppy disk - recording track to "videotape." There may be further new download, a new record and erase.


Choosing one of the routes is similar to option PRESEASON TESTING we get into a submenu, where you can see the familiar REPLAY, - GARAGE, as well as new items:
- PRACTICA - the beginning of the participation in the competition, a free ride on the track of the upcoming race, familiarity with her and her detailed study;
- NEXT SESSION - transition to the next stage. QUALIFY - qualifying race, the fulfillment of which depends on the place from which you lift off later in the race;
- STANDINGS - the list of participants qualifying arrival. Further:
- WARMUR - free ride, warm-up before the main scoring race;
- STANDINGS - here shows the location of the parties and after qualifying place at the start of the future;
- RACE - the actual race.
During the race you are driving a car, using the keys, you distributed the menu OPTIONS / CONTROLS.
However, apart from these main buttons there and support, "hot" buttons to help you get during the race a lot of useful information and, if necessary, to quickly change some graphic settings of the game.
The company «Papyrus» provides you with a unique opportunity to lead the race, not only while sitting in the cab of the machine, but also to control its movement in two modes - being, as it were behind the car and behind-the-top. Switching angles by the button F10.
Information about your place in the race, as well as the modes of operation of the engine is given in alphanumeric form on the top left and bottom of the screen.
If you lead the race from the cockpit of the car, in the upper left corner of the display appears periodically indicating your place on the track at the moment, the numbers range traveled and the number of your car. On the dashboard, pay particular attention to the digital speedometer (left), display shift (if you make a manual switching), where:
RPM - engine rpm;
MPH - speed miles / hour;
GEAR - the transmission number.
You also made available a large amount of current technical information on the screen called Buttons:
FI - LAPINFO - data on the lap (lap number, car number leader);
F2 - STANDINGS - your current position and location of the four closest competitors;
F3 - FUEL - the amount of fuel remaining (the top line); F4 - TIRE TEMP - the condition of the wheels of your car;
F5 - TIRE CHARGE - data on the need to replace the wheels; F6 - CROSS WEIGHT - data on the weight of the machine;
F7 - SPOILER - state spoilers;
F8 - STAGGER - the collapse of the rear wheels;
F9 - PIT STATUS - necessity refueling and repair wheels.
Remove information by pressing the same button.
A few keys to help adjust to your taste the graphic image on the screen:
3 - double tap will remove stadium facilities;
5 - picture and the inscription on the fence removed the touch;
6 - removed skyline with a beautiful forest area (only in the form of the cabin);
7 - the inscription on the cars - at the touch;
8 - dust and dirt from the wheels, engine smoke;
9 - One-touch pattern on the pavement.
If you need to stop the race, vozpolzuytes button P (pause). If the course of the struggle you are not satisfied, press ESC, and then you will be offered:
REPLAY - see the replay;
RESUME - to reconsider, to continue the race;
EXIT - to leave the race.
Do not forget to enjoy the final location of the drivers by selecting STANDING. If you then press ESC, you will be able to satisfy you record the result on the disk, or printed out.
All this was only a prelude to the crown of the necessary software.


We strongly recommend to start the regular season only after detailed examination of the management of the car, after numerous tests and single races, since the game with external simplicity (configuration track oval just about everywhere) is very complex. The machine, even a simplified version control (automatic transmission, aid in braking, linear motion) is subject to the road all the laws of physics - it throws on bends to the fence, with a sharp turn steering strongly pushes and keep her on the line is very difficult. When getting into the act another 38 contenders, it becomes simply unbearable. Yes, and the route is not simple. Especially ninth, WATKINS GLEN. However, you feel the strength to compete in the championship and select this option.
The following submenu reads:
CONTINUE - continue begun before the championship;
NEW - to start a new one.
If you choose a new championship, the computer will ask whether you are going to update an existing record of the previous tournament or start all over again. By selecting YES, you get access to the schedule of races. Championship consists of 15 races. Yellow marked next. Press ENTER you download a track. All further steps are carried out the same as in mode SINGLE RACE. The same GARAGE, PRACTICE, QUALIFY, WARMUP, and, finally, the race RACE. We recommend that consistently through all the stages to get used to the track and in the qualifying competition to occupy a decent place. (Winning the actual race, starting from the last position, it is extremely problematic, as the car in front pass you along well, very reluctantly and forcibly them on the road - it is not grateful.)
Qualifying race is divided into two stages. First you pass the first round, the result is not going to offset. The main task - to disperse your car and cross the yellow line as fast as possible. Go-ahead green flag means go crediting terms (one or more). End of the qualification is a black-and-white flag.
We strongly recommend to take this step with the included buttons F1 LAPINFO (shows the number of laps, your last and your best result) or F2 STANDINGS (allow you to compare your performance and ranks with the result of other drivers). A small advantage is that you begin to qualify for the latest and high-speed targets known to you. All you have to do is show the desired result. But check fleeting, and thus it requires an even greater focus than in the race with rivals.
After the required number of laps and finished the scoring race, press A. This will allow you to shorten the process and ending by selecting ACCELERATED TIME, just to get to the final table. Find it yourself, shed a tear, and then DONE, then log in to the official table, be sure to jump over your head you do not succeed, and then click DONE.
This allows you to:
VIEW - one more time (well, as you can!) Look at the result;
PRINT - print out the results and hang over the table;
SAVE - save the result of the race in the computer's memory to further your championship started from next
DONE - offer struggle in the next race.
To do this, press EXIT. Then enter the name of the file that will store the results of the last check-in and press ENTER.
The next message prompts you to:
YES - continue the championship and take part in the second race;
NO - stop at the moment the game.
The next time you want to renew the contest, select CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON, then CONTINUE and continue with the next phase of the struggle.
But please, do not select the NEW and the request OVERWRITE SAVED SEASON not answer YES. This will erase all your previous achievements and the championship have to start again.
Record the current state of the week and can be Cup after qualifying. Asked computer SAVE RACE WEEKEND answer YES. So the game you can continue later from the same place.
Some advice on the tactics of the race.
- The highest speed can be developed only with a manual transmission (unless, of course, to be able to use it).
- Carefully take turns as a collision with a fence to anything good will not.
- Do not pushing rivals. This usually leads to accidents or at least serious skidding and the vehicle is stopped. To make up for lost time in such cases will be very difficult.
- When overtaking risk, but justified under any circumstances, do not go into the "physical" contact with a foreign car.
- To get ahead, in any case do not "undercut" the way for those who are particularly in a hurry. Often look better in the rearview mirror and miss too stubborn to come. You still have time to overtake them, if you keep the average speed high.
- Overtaking safely performed on straight tracks, as when cornering at high speeds any sudden movement of the helm to lead the car to the side, and as a result of collision, you will find yourself on the green lawn, and your hand reaches for the ESC, to beat the race.