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Jungle Strike (DOS)

Jungle Strike DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Diagonal-down
Visual: Isometric
Vehicular: Flight / aviation, Helicopter, Hovercraft, Motorcycle
Published by: Gremlin Interactive Limited
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES)
Jungle Strike DOS control keys
Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean is a nuclear explosion. It would seem that nothing really so special about it. Previously, some countries quite often "played with nuclear muscle" in order to test new weapons systems (so they say), but really - just to scare potential enemies. But beyond dumb show of force since 1945 is not reached. But in this story wrong. A sense of future troubles intensified. And for good reason. From the conversation of two pretty young people, we learn that the explosion has nothing to planned nuclear test war. It vdet of collusion between the two, apparently, major terrorist groups. One of them has some nuclear capacity, which for three days should bp sent another group. The ultimate goal of this venture, no more and no less - to blow up Washington to wean Americans to pry into other people's business (for some reason just seems so because it is in fact what we are talking about the drug trade).
Meanwhile, television interrupts its transmission specials on explosion off the coast of South America, which destroyed the whole island and caused damage to the whole surrounding area. Highlights the fact that the responsibility for our nuclear outrage over one's hand. And at this time in your office is most unpleasant conversation. Occurrence of all alarmed. Appropriate, as we like to say, "security forces" are on high alert.
At least the tracking and reporting of the Americans working at the level (thanks to Congress that does not cut investments in the space program.) Otherwise, how else would you, the President and his intelligence agencies were able to so quickly get to the bottom of what is happening? The secret is simple - the spy satellite not only taped overheard two unknowns, but also managed to take pictures of their faces. Who are the mysterious strangers that sweet couple? Carlos Ortega, the influential South American cocaine baron. In his possession is a huge private army, freeing him recently from Florida prison. A lot of good men were killed to put it in there, it's all, apparently, to no avail. His companion, the one who just stands today nuclear weapons, none other than Ibn Kilbaba son madman-general of the first series of games («Desert Strike»). Apparently, it's dad is alive and well. My son also went on a curve track terrorist, but even then - it is even more ruthless than his father (really, the possibilities are endless human).
So you have serious opponents and set up are very cool.
And how, by the way, we have a situation with the plan? No, not the same, which is enough to have plenty of Ortega and the military, the present? Indeed, the plan is, and a good ... It's simple. First you need to kill all the terrorists ibn Kilbaby, light flooded the city of Washington. Then, when the presidential motorcade will travel to the White House - to ensure his safety. And finally, the third - to catch more people ibn Kilbaby. Many of them know where the jungle is the fortress of Carlos Ortega. By the way, do not be afraid, Carlos has no relation to Daniel Ortega, the Nicaraguan president. And had never, not even when he was still in opposition. Because besides you entrust this operation there is no one, the President once again appeals to you. This is not surprising - yet fresh in the memory of a grateful nation your historic victory in the desert. However, now do not have to manage the good old "Aras", and a new, more modern machine «Super Comanche Attack Chopper». But any discomfort because of this you will not experience. So, go to the game.
The main game menu is as follows.

CHOOSE YOUR CO-PILOT - select the co-pilot, your partner. It is extremely important preparatory stage of the game. Just as in the first part, «Desert Strike», you only control the helicopter and press the button to fire. Precise aiming at the same exercise is your partner. Of course, if you are approaching the target back to it, whether even a genius, still smears. But we hope that such an unusual battle tactics will you use infrequently. This means that a good shooter will have many opportunities to show their skills in full splendor.
In addition to fire, CO-PILOT is responsible for the winch. More confident he will hook the hook fuel tanks and containers with ammunition, the more you will have a chance to survive in this bloody meat grinder. Believe me, wound round and round in a vain attempt to catch a bottle of kerosene (and all this under heavy fire of terrorism), a thankless task and deadly. So, choosing a mate, be guided on this skill. Remember also that you are not, and he will run up and down the ladder, jump and catch potential candidates for captives. You are offered a choice of five partners. More precisely, at the beginning of the game just two, as the rest are missing. Unfortunately, it is they who are most powerful. But what if the will of the creators of the game until the trio are restricted.
As they say on bezrybe cancer - a fish.
- Mike Sierra. Nickname "Mr. 3-D." He is very young. And the smell of the academy. As for the fighting qualities, they are very peculiar. On the one hand - with a winch can pull the bone out of olives. On the other - not even to shoot a white seal on a black background.
- Scott Antonio. Nicknamed «Ego». The most collected of all.
Non-military life for him there. Wants nothing. Controlled by the same medium and with a gun, and a winch. Always ready to fight and never sleeps. (The latter, incidentally, is alarming. And if he falls asleep at the crucial moment, his head on the trigger? No, boss says he does not have to. Believe me.)
- Not until Grant Foster, nicknamed «Faceman». A little hot when fired, but controlled winch so coolly that can easily freeze even campfire. Unfortunately, saw him for the last time away, right on the coast of South America (if not there, where the hosts unforgettable and doomed to a painful death on your hands Ortega?).
- Rosalind D. nicknamed "Unichtozhitelnitsa." Good girl, according to the nick. She is tough and unyielding pilot. Stubborn and persistent. Good at all, except that she has a hand shake when aiming. Last heard about it somewhere in the jungle.
- Fennel, nicknamed "Wild Bill." In this coterie, he is definitely the best. It is a pity that we are destined to meet any time soon.

Much good we could heap up together. Bill - the best shot, and uses a winch as well as the lasso (so in this case, based on his cowboy hat, he knows what's what). Fennell well known laws, and it costs nothing to break them. Since freedom of choice you have is limited, take a partner from the first two and go back to the game menu.

CONFIGURE GAME OPTIONS - make the setting of key parameters. Special bells and whistles here. Just like in the first series.
- DEFINE KEYS - very comfortable keys:
LEFT - turn left;
RIGHT - turn right;
UP - to move forward;
DOWN - move back;
LEFTCTRL + cursor LEFT / RIGHT - displacement of the machine to the left / right;
C - machine gun;
X - mean missiles «Hydra»;
Z - powerful rockets «Hellfire».
If for some reason you want to change them (to complicate your life, no less) - please. The right button on the menu control redistribution empty, experiment yourself to perdition ...
In addition to these buttons, the game has a few more "hot" keys that duplicate the basic settings:
F1 - sound on / off;
F4 - translate keyboard control on the joystick, and vice versa;
F5 - quickly remap buttons;
F6 - Shalya calibrate the joystick;
F10 - stop the game;
F12 - go to the DOS.
Call this menu can be in combat mode button ESC. For particularly clumsy is a special button F4. Tapping directly into the game allows you to incrementally expand your helicopter for the most accurate aiming. CHOOSE CONTROL METH - control of the helicopter with a joystick or keyboard.
SOUND - sound on / off.
ENTER PASSWORD - completing another task, note, or better yet write the program produces a password. When you restart the game you will be able to start with a new level.
START CAMPAIGN - the beginning of a new mission. On the example of the first job, "one Washington DC» look at strategy and tactics in the battle, and what distinguishes «Jungle Strike» from the first series of the game.
From a conversation in the office of the President of you have already briefly introduce your problem. But without a detailed study of the battle it is better not to get involved. You again to help the magic button FI, F2, F3, where:
F1 - electronic map showing the location of all your helicopter and ground targets (their own and others);
F2 - electronic notebook with full information about the objects that somehow have come into contact;
F3 - the control board the mission in the episode. So, your goals in order of priority, their main characteristics, ways to counter and other "stuff".

1. MONUMENTS - Terrorists attack the capital. Protect the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress and the Jefferson Memorial from destruction. These buildings - the greatest historical sites.
Once you start this mission, immediately understand what is fundamentally different is the beginning of «Jungle Strike» from the first series of the game.
If the «Desert Strike» your only enemies were the terrorists and everything to do with them, one way or another, related, but now you have just two opponents. And in fact the terrorists will periodically go even to the background, and the main enemy is time. In «Desert» you can hover over any number of desert shooting an enemy helicopter and performing their job. Limit you early in the game only by the presence (or rather, lack of it) fuel. In «Jungle» everything is different. You always need a hurry. Sometimes refuel something once. It is better to break up due to lack of fuel, losing one life, than to allow the destruction of terrorists, say, Jefferson Memorial. In this case,
your job is not immediately stopped. You gently chided by the President on the carpet, quickly build a new memorial, and you will fly again. But all this is somehow not very sporty. So if you want to go scene clean, not be distracted by the intermediate stuff. Had shot and immediately - further. You expect great things. (All of the above applies to all missions is set.)
2. TERRORIST HQS - government building seized by terrorists and used as headquarters. (See how far they have already come?) Must find and destroy the headquarters. Proceed carefully - did not break all the enemies. Leaders (frisky fleeing men in red shirts) it is necessary to capture, to learn about the plans of terrorists. The problem is that too many staff - as many as four.
3. CAR BOMBS - booby-trapped cars used by the enemy to blow up foreign embassies. They must be found and neutralized before five embassies will explode. The difficulty lies not only in time to save all of the objects, but also in the fact that the model used cars are not known. Do not shoot at any foreign car. (If you like to know which of them are outsiders ...) Otherwise, the mission is terminated.
4. AKBAR - secret agent at number 86. Locate and take
Akbar on board the helicopter. He - our confidential informant. We only know that he was kept in the basement. The importance of the job is the fact that only he knows where and when an attack on the President.
5. MOTORCADE - presidential car on the road to the White
House. Protect it from terrorist attack. Repel all attacks over the road and make sure that the limousine reached their destination. Much to ask - do not shoot the President's car. He is very big, and probably very expensive. Later in life, you have to work on his recovery. And the tribesmen do not understand ...
6. SNIPER - an enemy sniper, do jobs ibn
Kilbaba. Sniper must not destroy, but only to neutralize and capture necessarily alive. He, too, can tell a lot about the insidious plans of the crazy boss. Sniper will shoot out of the government building in the shape of «U». Do not kill him!
These are six missions for your first job in the game. On an electronic map, in addition to these goals will affect a lot of other information. Check it out too.

- HARV - Bus heavily armed terrorists. Large and very green. Meet him - little joy. But I'll have to do. Bus combines good armor and strong firepower. Equipped with missiles "ground-to-air" enormous destructive power. (Analog - Rapier Sam of «Desert Strike»). But the rate is poor. During the shooting dodge the missile volleys, using the button LEFTCTRL + cursors. Attack buses in those moments when they are recharged.
- ATTACK VANS - minibus terrorists very peaceful blue and white. Those that look so innocent machine flooded Washington and threaten the Jefferson Memorial. Punch a hole in a historic building and send you to the base of a failed task it is worth nothing. They must be stopped. This is a very bad moment in the game, as long as you are good with a few goals, one of which could easily ruin your holiday. - FUEL DRUMS - cans, containing one hundred servings of fuel. Picks them off the ground, but when the fuel level in the tank of your helicopter will be low, as more than one hundred items to take with you will still be impossible.
- AMMO CRATES - containers of ammunition. Take them as well, only when your machine gun and rocket launchers will be almost empty because to bring ammunition for the future can not be, and therefore, a part of the stock's potential remains unrealized.
- AMMO TRUCK - something new, never seen before. Yes this is our truck, green are lovingly covered with an awning. Scurrying back and forth myself. But all this is no accident. Under the cloth gift for you - one container of ammunition. True, they can only take a very original way - destroying the machine. Poor drivers, no other is Japanese kamikazes or chained to the wheel captive terrorists! However, the terrorists - the same people. Well, not so well, in fact! One hopes only that the radio-controlled truck. What they have in America and this is possible. - LAUDING ZONE - the landing zone. This place is absolutely safe and is designed for the landing of your soldiers and prisoners, missing. Do not forget, as in the first game, with the broken two unbeaten give. Are we to that level of armor protection for your helicopter will rise again and again with each newly planted by man.
Along the edges of e-cards can be found the following:
- Top: the amount of ammunition on board the helicopter. HELLFIRES - 9 up, HYDRAS - 60 maximum, GUNS - 1000 maximum. Note missiles middle class compared with the first game is much greater. The ego can not please the true fans of shooting;
- Right: ARMOUR - Armour - 1000 peak, FUEL - fuel - 100 max, LOAD - the amount raised at the side of citizens, LIVES - remaining number of lives are at your disposal, or helicopter (as you wish);
- Bottom: SCORE - your total account. After successful completion of all tasks assigned to you, you will be asked to continue fighting exploits. Do not forget to write the code of the next level, and before take off, carefully read all instructions on the new mission. Insanely fundamental differences will be. So with this you can do it without our help. But be ready for the unexpected turns in "reality Ortega." What-what, and territorial diversity in combat missions is more than enough. Any tips that somehow makes your life easier and delay the inevitable demise, let's not.