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Discworld (DOS)

Terry Pratchett's Discworld
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and select
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Perfect 10 Productions, Teeny Weeny Games
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

A series of novels «Discworld» sold in the United States and the United Kingdom with a total circulation of 12 million copies. Its author , the eccentric Englishman by the name of Terry Pratchett , came up with the world is round and flat as a pancake that is floating in space on the shell of an enormous turtle , and peopled it to be extremely strange creatures . Part of the world -ROM parodies some cliche of post- Tolkien fantasy novels , but this , of course , the idea is not reduced . Pratchett boundless ingenuity , humor and the most amazing way combines the warmth and easy cynicism .
Terry Pratchetts Discworld DOS title
The game begins in the city of Ankh- Morpoke - one of the most famous places where the action is a series of novels «Discworld». This city is described as "... just as full of activity and a thriving business , like a dead dog on a termite mound ." Somewhere in hiding malicious and a fire-breathing dragon , he eats the local population and setting fires . To find and defeat him, clearly needs a hero. The situation is complicated by the fact that , according to the authorities , the dragons do not happen in nature , therefore, no need to deal with them - and the change in the official point of view can , God forbid, lead to an undesirable drop authority bosses. Those wishing to show heroism is not , and the Rector of the University of magicians appoints to the post - dropout wizard Rincewind - it is very likely that in this case he does not think so much about how to rid the city of the dragon , and the fact that most to get rid of the burden .
As with all adventure games , here you have to walk a lot, talk to other characters and explore new places . It is also necessary to collect information and magic (and common) items - gradually going to have a considerable pile of Rincewind pozhitok . Fortunately, he is accompanied by a reasonable and a roomy trunk with legs - Porter , who can even stand up for his master in case of danger.
The style of graphics «Discworld» adventure game reminiscent of some of the company «Sierra» - animation or comics , but with a great sense of style. Without a good knowledge of English will remain the humor beyond the perception of the player , and therefore , the program will lose almost half of its charm.


The game interface is 99 percent is based on the use of the mouse. When you move the cursor on the screen next to the active objects ( objects , creatures , etc. ) there is the name of the subject - so you can distinguish between active objects from the usual design elements . The mouse buttons are the standard cursor ( that is, without the use of selected subjects) are assigned as follows :
- A single click of the left mouse button - move Rin svinda to the specified location . The same action , but directed at the very Rincewind or Porter , has a special meaning - a window opens with the objects that are available to the character ( of the system works with objects - see below);
- Single right click of the mouse - to provide information about the object, a brief description or a more detailed discussion ;
- Double click the left or right mouse button - to perform any actions in the game , depending on the selected object.
As the game Rincewind acquires , as mentioned above, is quite a decent amount of things. Thus he can carry very little - the main storage becomes Porter . Calling the box with items that are in it , you will , if necessary , you can change the size of the screen, " ottaskivaya " the limits of its scope , using the cursor and pressing the left mouse button. If the window is only shown in part of the subjects , the scrollbar it appears on the right point marker . By moving it up or down , you can access and invisible at the moment subjects. To further explore the right thing , located among other property , or to make it some kind of action , use the same mouse clicks , as well as for active screen objects . There is only one "but" - single left click selects the object to be used on the Home screen or in the property . When you click outside the window of the property window closes and returns you to the game .
The remaining 1 percent unmentioned interface has the key F1, opens the user menu with a standard set of functions to save the game , restore , exit to DOS and configure game settings.


Act I

The Adventures of Rincewind start with his room. Open the cabinet and take out the bag. Exit the room and find ARCH CHNCELLORS ROOM, talk to him. In CLOSET grab a mop . Return to the room and mop Rincewind wake Porter (inside is a banana) . Go to LIBRARY and give the banana to the librarian, then you will get in return for his " Guide to finding the dragons ." Take this guide Chancellor . Now you have to collect 5 items for the construction drakonoiskatelya . In DINING ROOM will substitute mop stick sleeping magician. In this case the University is temporarily out - it's time to visit the city . Exit the tower and talk to the gatekeeper , ask him a question . Take a frog and open the gates to the city.
On a map of the city you should find the following places : Tavern «BROKEN DRUM», PALACE, PARK, INN, UNSEEN UNIVERCITY, ALLEY, LIVERY STABLE, CITY GATES, SQUARE and STREET.
Go to the area , take the pan with the tomato and fling him into a man in the stocks . Take another tomato and catch the worm on the ground . Speak with a street thief to have Rincewind appeared skill theft, but at the same time , and practice in the new art . Go to a psychiatrist , get out and go again. If the troll closes back butterfly net for butterflies come in, do not troll until peresyadet - you definitely need to pick up this loafer .
On the Street , visit the toy store . Take the rope and a toy out of the box . Tie a rope to the worm . Next to take a picture of a fishmonger . Go to the barber shop , a couple of times to talk to a lady , then - with the hairdresser . While the barber will stand and dreaming , steal from his pocket twist hair (you do not just take and steal it !)
We take the Stables of the bag seed.
Near the palace to talk with a high guard and ask him a question. Enter the palace , go to the bathroom and take a mirror. Put it in the property Rincewind , not Porter .
In the Alley step on a stone that will throw Rincewind on the roof. Look for the background a high tower , and go there . Attach the mirror on the tip of the flagpole and stir it once - the mirror absorbs the dragon's breath . Again return to the roof and go left until you find a ladder draped between rooftops . Click on it to Porter picked up at the bottom of the ladder and added it to his property . To come down to earth , get in the box . Your business in the Valley is not over yet . Go right and enter the door . Look on the box, click on the bulb - shutter. Place the corn in a flask and free midget double click - ungrateful hide in a mouse hole . Exit the house and run the alchemist in a worm hole on a rope to catch a midget .
The bar «BROKEN DRUM» talk first with a funky guy who kept hiding under the table , and then - with the bartender . Take a mug and matches.
Enough feats , it's time to return to the University . Walk around the building along the path and take a bag of fertilizer . Put a scoop net assets Rincewind each side, a ladder to the window and catch a butterfly net flying pancake at the top of its flight.
Go to the pantry and matches light the lamp , take off the shelf package with starch . In the kitchen, grab a banana and a frying pan . The library approach the suspicious type, which from time to time turning his head with a banana in your ear. Talk to him about the banana.
Go to the room and give him the Chancellor pan , twist hair , midget , staff and dragon breath in the mirror.
When you see the map of the city , keep Rincewind with dragon - oiskate Lemma down and to the left - on the approach to the dragon flicks are becoming more frequent. When you finally find the dragon , look a little movie and keep his exploits...

Act II

In BARN take the screwdriver from the wall . Go back to the university library and give a person with a banana all the treasures of the dragon in exchange for a banana. Now - hotel . Take the sheet off the bed and in the bathroom - soap suds .
Behind the building of the University take away the trash , and the kitchen - a bag of flour.
The library librarian give banana - during which he will open the door to the L- space . Each of your visit will be there to change the time of day from day to night and vice versa. Sign in L- space , and then wait for a while - at the library will be a thief and steal a book. Later, you can get it at their disposal , and yet not touch the book , even if you can - otherwise you face death in the L- space. Notice where the thief pulled the book to open a secret passage , do the same and follow him . Appears night map of the city . Make sure the thief to discover HIDE-OUT.
Refuge near correction in the left tube - later it will come in handy for eavesdropping password at the door.
In Hotel Rincewind put on a sheet and try to open the box beside the bed. The attempt ended in nothing but upset about it should not be .
Go to the park and plug drunk mouth frog. Net catch a butterfly.
On the Street Lane locate where the toilet , open the door and read the inscription. Go to the lighted corner and use the butterfly in the light , then take the pot from the window sill .
The bar «BROKEN DRUM» look at the picture that hangs behind the small peasant , and when he turns around , quickly otpeyte from his glass. While the bouncer will deal with bullies at each side, a ladder above the entrance to the drum and remove the drumstick . To return to the daytime , use HOLE, which appears near the University on the map and go to the L- space .
Go and see the same bar «BROKEN DRUM» afternoon. Speak with a funky guy ( he will add some new information ) and see the exposed drinks - you are interested in «COUNTERWISE WINE». Make the bartender for a drink , grab a glass .
On the Street , take the alley to the outhouse and pick up hoodie . In the toy store and pick up the doll head through L- space of . Again, take care that the thief is stealing a book , but this time, get to the shelters before he (the thief go there immediately, but some time to wander through the streets ) . When, finally, he will be there, use a glass tube on the right to eavesdrop password.
In Hotel again do the same trick with a sheet and open the box - this time you'll have a pass to the gate of the city .
Go through L- space . Go to the dining room and strike the gong drum stick. Get out of the University and take a bag of plums left gatekeeper . On the Square go to a psychiatrist , talk to the troll and wait for their turn to receive. Get a psychiatrist sheets with ink stains ( Rorschach test ) . Get out and go back and talk to a girl and get a note from her . Buy a donut from a street vendor , go to the alley where there is a mysterious machine with chickens , wait for the mechanic and give him a donut . Speak with a street kid.
On the Street go to the barber shop , the barber give a note , and when he leaves, his use of the device - you get a gold tooth from a donut .
We CITY GATE open the box , take out a barrel of gunpowder and fireworks. Give pass the guard at the gate and go beyond the Ankh- Morpoka . Go to the DARK WOOD. Along the way you will be able to pick up the egg and feather. In the Dark Forest look for witches hut and fill the pot of porridge from the boiler .
Near the horizon card extends EDGE OF THE WORLD. Shake the coconut palm trees , fish off his butterfly net out of the water and unpack the screwdriver. At the same time can take the lamp , although no benefit from it seems to be no .
On the Street at the fishmonger rope catch octopus. Put it in the toilet and porridge . Will substitute caviar at the fishmonger prunes (as is known , prunes as a laxative ) . We take the loo with his pants belt with a gold buckle.
To get to the palace , give the guard sheet with ink blot . Talk to the farmer in the queue and put the trash can on the head clown . While the jester to clean, pour into a bath suds and take the hat with gold jingle . Go through L- space .
In the area SHADES go right to the end, until the " fun house ." Talk to Big Sally (you should have read the inscription in the toilet !) And ask for the " special version ". Give her the egg , coconut and flour to get the yellow pants . Again, go through the L- space .
On the Square pants give the boy to learn the secret of " firm " handshake and get a bra. Put a bra on the stairs ( of his property ) .
Again, go to the Shadows and use the secret handshake to get the gold from the mason trowel . Go right perekin'te stairs to the attic with a bra window and climb to the resort of thieves . Try to take the key, the thief tickle feather and take - still golden key.
Visit the Alley . Put the doll in Rincewind property and go up to the roof. Plug doll tube. Go down and go to the alchemist 's shop .
Put the powder keg at the fireplace and tie a rope to it . Go out and ignite matches wick that protrudes out of the pipe . You will receive a gold brush .
You have all the gold objects , give them to the dragon in the crib .
On the Square to talk to the witch and ask her a question , to get the carpet . Sarcastic remark will cause the witch wants to kiss and close your eyes - rather grab a cookbook from the stand side by side. Go through L- space .
In the Library , before the coming of a thief, take the book Dragon ( now it can be done ), and " apply " it to the cookbook - that you change the cover . Now put in the new cookbook cover the empty space bookshelf ...


In this act you must collect six items that will make a hero out of Rincewind .
Take the Kitchen skimmer , and the Chancellor of the room - a pointy hat.
Go to a bar , " Leaky Drum," a look at the drinks ( you are interested in «KLATCHIAN CACTUS JUICE») and double- talk to the bartender. Take the screw out of the glass and tie a rope to it .
In Refuge knock on the door and get the pudding out of porridge. Go to the Shadows , speak again with Big Sally and climb into the attic. Open the bag and pull out a knife. At the wall , where he worked as a bricklayer with a slotted spoon remove the black spot that turns into a camouflage suit - an indispensable attribute of the tough guy .
On the Street go to the hairdresser and take the scissors and a book on schedule .
Twice again visit a psychiatrist at the Plaza , talk to a girl and give her a book with a schedule to get an autograph . Take a street vendor package with leeches and open it. With a knife cut the belt in a mysterious car in the alley. Take the pan with egg , catch a snake. Feed it a fertilizer and sprinkle starch. Talk to Amazon .
Then go from town to WOODS - not to be confused with the Dark Forest ! Find a well, turn the handle , fill the pot with water from a bucket , a screwdriver , unscrew the handle and take it with you.
The Palace guard to give a sheet with ink blot or a leech . Take the brush out of the bathroom . Go past the throne to the right and go down into the dungeon. Use a worm burrow with a rope near the prison cells . Inspect the rat and " open " it - you'll have a midget . Use the handle on the torture device right - you get a sword. And take a bone from the skeleton.
In the toy store dip bone in a jar of glue and go to the Inn . In the bathroom , fill the pot with soap . When he came out , go right. Give the dog a bone . Talk to the sailor , then - with the innkeeper . Look at the tattoo sailor and talk to him again .
In the Alley mingle with the alchemist . When he leaves, take a camera with a goal , having the shape of the box, and go to the University, in the dining room. Replace the old wizard 's staff starched snake.
It is time to catch a missing parrot. Get out of the city to the Edge of the World and use the whistle on Rincewind . Light the fireworks and throw it in the parrot. Attach the stick to the dip net and fish off their parrot. However, problems have not disappeared completely - you still get a whistle. Look at the hat and fasten it to the fork. Remove the chain of scarves and hats will go down on her bottom. Find a tortoise shell gleam of metal (this
there is a whistle ) and take it. Again, use scarves to climb to the top. Go back to the Inn and give the pirate parrot and a whistle .
Stable Management , use a brush with soapy water and it otdrait bumper carts . Then look at the bumper sticker on the number and ( at the map will appear dragon lady Ramkin nursery ) .
In the Alley put a knife in the property Rincewind and go to the roof. File off a ladder with a knife . Go down and talk to the fallen ninja. Now the donkey out of the stables will be on the Plaza, in the stocks . Shield back and cut with scissors brush with donkey tail (it will be a mustache for the hero) . The Reserve lady Ramkin get to the house and knock on the door. Walk around the house . Look for a bunch of dragon dung and talk to the lady Ramkin . Again, go back and knock on the door, then go around the house and steal from the cell outlet, leash and nail.
At the gate to talk to the guard about the sword. Get out of the city and in the cabin witch in Dark Forest by woolen yarn leave the yard. Take the hammer of a pile of wood and " apply " socket on the sheep . Plant a midget in the camera and take a picture of a sheep . Fold the sheep portrait with a portrait of an octopus. Get in the door. Look at the elixirs and talk to the witch of them. To kiss her , bite off a piece of a love casseroles . Take the elixir of truth.
In the mountain MINE try to give the blacksmith sword - that would require the work glass of wine. Go back to town and talk to the Street barber. Go to the area and chat with street boys .
Then go to the Mall and put the rubber band in the property Rincewind . Climb to the roof , go to the tower and hook the strap to the tip of the flagpole . Risky jump down will produce a long-awaited decal with the tattoo.
The bar " Leaky Drum" hammer a nail into the post ( on the left side bar) and hang it on the portrait sheep . Talk to the boastful "hero ." Once you have the mug , pour elixir of truth in them and continue the conversation - you know , where there is a temple . Ask the bartender berry wine («ELDERBERRY WINE»), - is in the cellar full of mice and grab the wine is not possible.
Go to the Inn and look at the door from inside the room. Talk with surly at the door (use the "angry " version of a call) , and unscrew the door with a screwdriver. Beech scare all the mice in the basement , " Leaky drum ." Go down into the basement and find the barrel «ELDERBERRY WINE». Fill a mug of it , put it in the property Rincewind (otherwise the wine will drink on the way Porter ) . Give the blacksmith in the mines cup of wine , and at the same time , and a sword.
Find the mountains GORGE. When you first try to pass the monk reset Rincewind in the river. In the second approach , " use " on your opponent carpet. Enter the temple , take the bandage. Hook to Porter leash and wear a blindfold Rincewind . At the altar , fill the bag with sand ( look in the right-hand side of the screen to the altar ) and will substitute a bag of magic stone .
At the University go to the dining room and talk to the lecturer in modern runes on heroes. In the library find the magic book - it is roughly between the entrance to the L- space and suspicious type , which you bought a banana.

Act IV

On the square take the lady Ramkin key. Go to the nursery and its key open cage with dragons. To get around huchu manure on the floor several times try to pass it - though not the first approach, but it is you, in the end, turn out. Take the dragon Mambo. Go back to the area and "use" Mambo at the dragon. Give him a burning fireworks and "use" again. Finally, to finish the game, Dragon ugostite privorotnye gratin.
Ah, yes Rincewind, really, still won? It is not believed... And for good reason...