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Discworld (PS1)

Terry Pratchett Disc world PSX
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements
Interface: Point and Select
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Teeny Weeny Games
Released: 1995
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

Based on the incredibly popular story of Terry Pratchett, the game Discworld is a very entertaining and witty adventyuru. You are waiting for an exciting adventure in a magical land with a magician - a loser Rincewind in search of a fire-breathing dragon, he hides somewhere in the city and eats the local population, everywhere fires. The goal of the game is to defeat the dragon, for which you need to collect some useful items, along the way you will have to solve various puzzles, and some of them will require both time and resourcefulness to find the right solution. To find the right solution, communicate more often with residents living in the beautiful country of Discovery. It would also be nice if you read the books of Terry Pratchett, unfortunately, without the knowledge of books to go through the game is quite difficult (which, by the way, caused quite understandable discontent of some players). The game is so masterful that I just want to take off my hat! Humor is simply gorgeous! The graphics of the game are made in the style of a cartoon drawing, the sound and music accompaniment is performed at a very high level. For all quest adventurers in the Broken Sword style, Discworld will be a great entertainment.
- The real actors were casting the CD-ROM version of the game: Tony Robinson, Jon Pertwee, Kate Robbins, Rob Brydon and Eric Idle, known as a member of the comic band Monty Python. Eric voiced the main character, the magician Rincewind.
- The working title of the game in the development process: Discworld: The Trouble With Dragons.


Act 1

- Room Rincewinds: open the wardrobe, take the bag.
- Chancellor's room: talk to him.
- Toilet: Take the broom.
- Rincewinds room: use a broom on the luggage, there will be a banana.
- Library: give a banana to a librarian, he will get a book, take it and give it to the chancellor. You need 5 objects, a dragon's breath, a wand, a puppy, a hair roller and a pan for frying.
- Canteen: change the broom to the pan.

Outside UU: talk to the student. Take the frog. Double-click to open the university door.

You are at the city map, gently controlling the mouse to find: Drum palace, park, hotel, invisible university (UU), Lane (LS), City gate (CG), square and street.

Area: pick a tomato, throw it at the tax collector, pick up another tomato, look for a worm on the ground. Talk with street shooting and learn the science of a pocket thief and pierce a couple of times. Enter the psychiatrist, go out and enter again, take the net on the butterflies.

Street: Shop Toys: take a toy and a rope. Tie the worm to the thread.

Fish merchant: take a picture. Hairdressers: look at the hair roller. Twice talk to a woman, talk to the hairdresser when he is dreaming, pull out of his POCKET, a hair roller.

LS: Take the grain from the bag.

Palace: talk to the guard L. Enter the palace. In the bathroom, take a mirror.

Lane: Place the mirror in the R's inventory On the ground, the stone slab will throw you to the roof, look at the back of the tower on the roof Go to there Use the mirror on the tip of the flagpole Use the mirror again to correct the angle You catch the breath of the dragons. on the roof, move L until you see a flight of stairs, click on the stairs and it will fall on the luggage .To exit double click on the window.

Alley: Go further down the alley and to the right. Enter the door. Look at the box, push its lid, put the grain in the jar.

A double click on the shot will free him. It will come out to the right through the mouse hole. Use the worm on the rope to pull it out.

Drum: Talk to the frightened guy. Talk to the bartender. Get a beer mug and matches.

UU: go around the university, and take a sprayer. Put a net for butterflies in Rincewind inventory. Use the ladder on the window. Use the net to catch a pancake (it's easier to do when it's up).

- In the toilet, use the matches and take the pack.
- Kitchen: Take a banana and a pan for frying.
- Library: Look at the banana behind the guy's ear, talk to him about it.

Chancellor's Room: Give him a pan for frying, a hair roller, a shot, a rod and breath of dragons.

When the city map appears, move Rincewind down and to the left, clicking when you approach the dragon is the dragon sensor. When you find it, you will get to ...

Act 2

- Saray: go back to the barn and take a screwdriver.
- Library: Give all the treasure to get a golden banana.
- Hotel: Get a sheet from the bed and a foam bath from the bathroom.

UU: Take the urn from behind the university.

Kitchen: get Cornflour.

Library: give the librarian a golden banana, and he will open up, L-place. Go there, wait for the thief to appear and take the book. Later you will have the opportunity to take this book. DO NOT DO THIS. If you take it, you can not go through the L-pass, the screen appears dead with your friends. Push the book open the bookcase and go out. A night map of the city appears. Follow the thief to find the well.

Shelter: double click on the L-sided drainpipe to adjust it. Later you can eavesdrop on her password.

Hotel: Enter the bedroom, and use the leaf on the rincewind. Double click on the jewelry box. Appears with a hammer. A frightened guy did not tell you about this ...

Park: Use the frog on a drunk man. Use the net to catch a butterfly.

Street: Open the door, and read the inscriptions on the walls. Go to the corner and throw the butterfly on the lamp, take the pot on the windowsill.

Drum: Look at the picture behind the little guy, take his glass when he turns and start a fight. Using a ladder and a drum, remove the drumsticks. Return through the L-pass (enter the UU opening to enter the library).

Drum: Talk to the frightened guy again and ask about the hammer, look at the spirits (Wise wine) and ask the bartender about this drink. Take the glass.

Street: Get the clothes, get the doll from the toy store.

Return through the L-pass

Let the thief steal the book again, but get to the nychka before him. When He comes, with the glass on the right downpipe, overhear the Password. Use clothes on Rincewind. Watch the call, etc.

Hotel: Do the same as before with a leaf, this time you get a gate pass.

Pass the L-pass

Living room: hit the gong with a wand. Take the prunes outside the UU

Area: Enter the psychiatric office, talk to the troll, wait your turn.

Take ink blots from the therapist. Log in again to talk with the maid about the note. Get the donut from the dibbler, and give it a dunnyman. Talk to the street starfish.

Street: Give the hairdresser a note, use the machine - you get a GOLDEN tooth.

City Gate: Open the basket, take the barrel and fireworks. Exit the city.

Dark Forest: Take the basilisk, feather and egg along the way. Fill the pot with custard.

The edge of the world (look at the horizon): a double click on the coconut tree.

Using a grid, remove the coconut and open with a screwdriver. Take the light bulb.

Fish merchant: To get an octopus, use a rope. Put in the custard. Exchange prunes for caviar. Take his belt with a GOLDEN CLIP.

Palace: Puncture the ink spots with the guards and enter. Talk to the peasant. Give the urn a fool. Use a bubble bath in the bathroom. Take the cap with the GOLD bell.

Pass the L-pass

Shadows: Go to the right, enter the house. Talk to the big salt and ask about spices. Give her an egg, a coconut and grains to a yellow loaf.

Pass the L-pass

Area: Give the baron a shot to shake hands and get a bra. Use a bra on the stairs.

Shadows: Squeeze the Mason's hand and take the GOLDEN scoop.

Go to the right to the shack. Use the hidden stairs to move there.

Try to take the key, use the pen on the thief, take the GOLD PUZZLE.

Lane: put the doll in R "s inventory. Go to the roof. Use the doll on the chimney

Alchemists Shop: use a keg on the fireplace, and then a barrel on the string. Go out, matches the wick, dangling on the drainpipe.

You get a GOLDEN brush.

Barn: You now have all the gold items, give them to the dragon

Area: Talk to Nanny Ogg to get a carpet. Use sarcasm, she wants you to kiss her, while she waits, take from the booth a bag of custard. Go through the L-pass.

Library: Before the thief comes, take the dragon's book (she's safe this time) and double click on the package with the custard. This will change the book covers. Put a new book of dragons back.

Act 3

In this act you should get 6 items that will make you (talk to the city guard about it)

These products: soot (camouflage), mask, transmission (birthmark),

The Magic Book (magic spell), the magic item (the eye of the off-line), and the sword.

UU: Kitchen: take the spatula. Chancellor's room: take the Drum Hat: Look at the spirits (Klatchian cactus juice) talk twice with the host of the bar.

Take a worm from the glass and tie it to the rope.

Shelter: Strike to get acrid cream

Shadows: Talk to the big salt again. Shack: Open the bag and take out the knife. Fresco: (on the wall where the Mason was.) Using a spatula, take the soot.

Street: take hairdressing scissors and a diary

Area: Double enter the therapist, talk to the girl, take the autograph in the diary. You see a psychotherapist. Take a bag of leeches, open it. Use the knife on the rubber strap of the Dunny machine. Pick up the egg from the cockpit. Take the snake on the floor. Use a nebulizer, and then a starch on a snake. Talk to the Amazon.

Forest: turn the handle, fill the pot from the bucket, use a screwdriver to take the handle.

Palace: To get past the guards, use blots or leeches. Take the brush from the bathroom. Go to the right, past the throne, enter the dungeon. Stick the worm on the rope through the holes. Look and use the rat, which will turn into a devil. Using the handle in the crack, get a sword. Take the bone from the skeleton

Toy shop: Take the toy, use the bone on the jar with the glue.

Hotel: In the bathroom, fill the pot with soap. Going out, go right. Give the bone to the dog. You will have a talk with the seaman and the owner of hotel. Look at the sailor's tattoo and talk to him again.

Lane: talk to the alchemist when he comes out to take the grain, take the camera (box).

UU: dining room, exchange a snake for a rod.

World Edge: Use the whistle on Rincewind. Light the fireworks, and throw it in the floor. Use the broom handle to stretch the net, and get to the ground. Whistle moved over the edge. Look at the hat. Use the hat on the spear. Use a rope from handkerchiefs. On A-Tuin, find a flash, take it. With the help of handkerchiefs, go back to Discworld.
Hotel: Give a hollow and whistle to the pirate.

Livery: Water a brush in soapy water. Use the brush on the bumper bar. Look at the bumper, look at the numbers, look at the sticker on the bumper (Lady Ramkins now appears on the city map).

Alley: Place the knife in the Rincewinds inventory. Go to the roof. Cut the ladder with a knife. Go down the alley and talk to the killer. The donkey is now in the square.

Area: Cut the tail of the donkey with scissors

Lady Ramkins: Knock on the door with a hammer. Look at the melted pile, talk to her. Use the hammer again when it appears, go back and steal the rosette, the leash and the nail.

City Gate: Speak with carrots about swords.

Nanny Oggs: double click on the wool. Take the hammer on a wooden pile. Use the socket on the sheep. Use the imp. Camera. Use the camera on the sheep. Use the sheep picture with an octopus pattern. Go through the hatch. Look at the potions. Talk to Nanny about the medicines, use the soap with a caustic cream and kiss it. Take the medicine of truth.

- Mine: use the sword.
- Forest: Give the barber a diary.
- Street: Talk to the hairdresser.
- Area: Talk to the street starfish.

Lane: Place the rubber belt in your inventory. Climb to the roof, then to the tower. Use the belt on the tip of the flagpole and bungee to get the gear.

Broken Drum: Put the nail on the crossbar. Hang the sheep pattern on the crossbar. Talk to the braggart. If you have beer mugs, pour in them a potion of truth and continue the conversation, he will tell you where the temple of offliers. Ask the barman about elderberry wine. He should mention the fox.

Hotel: Go into the bedroom and look at the door. Unscrew the door. Talk to the guy with the cart (speak angrily)

Drum: Go down the hatchway. Look for elderberry wine. Fill it with a beer mug. Place it in Rincewinds inventory, otherwise it will be drunk on the way to Mine.

Mine: Give wine to the keeper of the sword, then the sword.

Gorge: move through the abandoned bridge, then cover the carpet of the monk. Enter the Temple. Take the mask, use the rope on the luggage, use the mask on rincewind. In the altar, fill the pouch with sand and attach it to your eyes.

UU: In the dining room they will talk with the lecturer about the hero.

Library: Look for the magic book (between the L-passage and the guy).

You are now a Hero.

Act 4

Area: Look for the key of Lady Ramkin, and take him

Lady Ramkins: Open the door of the dragons' door. Molten pile on the floor. To get over it you need rubber shoes. Anyway, if you click several times next to the blue patch, you solve this problem. Either way, take the Mambo dragon.

Area: use mambo on the dragon. Give Mambo a lighted firework, use it on the dragon again. To complete the game, use the love cream on the dragon.