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Creature Shock (DOS)

Creature Shock DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Rail shooter
Art: Video backdrop
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Argonaut Software Ltd.
Released: 1994

Events depicted in the game, begins in 2123 during this period of humanity, it is concerned about the lack of living space on Earth due to its overpopulation begins to develop other planets. Among other possible relocation sites selected and Saturn with its terms, Tami-satellites. Spaceships are sent to the depths of space to explore and, presumably, the development of new places of life. One of these ships, «Amazona», under the command of Captain bags, slim beautiful girls, also went to the reconnaissance flight. All went well, as planned, until the ship reached the moons of Saturn, where radio ended abruptly. Fortunately, radio beacon, thrown for a moment before death gave leadership spaceflight on Earth some information about the last minutes of the ship. Videotape obtained by the ground station, testified that the cause of the disappearance - contact with a huge ship or something else related to alien civilization.
Creature Shock DOS title
Mission Control Center do not know exactly, but we'll see that «Amazona» hit the tentacles of a huge, suddenly revived asteroid. What was it - the space station or the unseen monster mutant - is still unknown.
By the way, the crew was killed, and bags, according to the initial introduction, can, and live. That's just where it is, no one is clear.
In "Creature Shock" you - Commander Barr, a brave pilot scout who Admiral face maniac - a serial killer, requests to investigate everything that is connected with recent sad events in the "Amazon".
Let's briefly interrupt the narrative to explore the game menu and control system.
Main menu unusually brief.
PLAY - Begin the next mission. First you have to choose the difficulty level of the three: EASY, MEDIUM or HARD, and then run MISSION - the start of another task. The game is not the current state of the recording mode. But after the completion of the next level, you have access to the next mission (its name appears in the option MISSION) or can replay any previous selecting it from gradually progress through the story, fill out the list. To do this, click on the menu PLAY.
OPTIONS - Presets game. It's very short - the volume of music and special effects alone.
QUIT - Exit to DOS.
On the control we describe later, when I talk about the first two missions, as long as we give a list of "hot" buttons:
P / PAUSE - pause the game;
ALT + Q - output in DOS;
+ / - Reducing the size of the game screen. There are five modes, specify if you wish, but only works in levels, where the flight in the spacecraft;
T - Change the structure of the image (only for the third
SPACE - SMART BOMB - the bombs - your most powerful weapon. I only wish that they can be used only three times on the level;
M - on / off music;
S - on / off effects.



At a briefing before you set specific task; spend scout craft «Tellute» through deep space, and try to get to the "Amazon". Safety sensors to alert you to the presence of foreign objects around you. Carefully fly and avoid collisions with these fragments of asteroids. Sensors studies indicate the presence in the execution of the job a considerable number of "foreign" objects. Your fighter has two plasma cannons «Wolff» and a shield that absorbs energy. This gives you enough protection and offensive power to an end.
And then, finally, you're in space.
Just note that nothing much more than that, just wondering, the game in this mission of itself is not. Beautifully drawn, but, nevertheless, a banal space shooter with vvdom your ship back.
Control is performed with the mouse. With the help of the ship, still own fly forward, moves around the screen, dodging asteroid fields, enemy mines, energy and magnetic traps, and similar contrivances alien enemy. Then comes the mother ship, shoot lasers have terrible, spits armada shalt teley-bombers, etc. In addition, the air floating jellyfish and unimaginable something remotely resembling a huge prehistoric birds of prey. Lasts all this mess for a long time - eight to ten minutes. Your main task - just hold on. Destroying enemies - is nothing more than self-defense. If the purpose of passing by, God bless her, do not pursue. Better power saving and most importantly, the protective screen of your fighter, whose image is in the lower right corner of the screen. At the very start of the mission energy protection covers your entire ship. But, further, the more strikes you miss, the less screen. Once the protection disappears, you will immediately die. A life you (and it will at all levels) is only one. All have to start from the beginning. Especially hurt when you die, tormented in space, seven or eight minutes. To avoid this, open a little secret.
Success at this level can be achieved in various ways, including crumbling everything and everyone left and right. But, it will be useful to pass a level on the defensive. To do this, try to keep «Tellute * in the lower right corner of the screen, shooting only targets primarily fighters, which results agree exactly there. Other enemies do not touch, let them flying squirrels. Do not miss the only great horned red mines, as they explode behind you. In order to destroy the enemy cruiser, shoot him under the belly (when you see him, immediately understand what I mean.) The more your charges will hit the target, the sooner this nightmare is over and you can finally see the most interesting thing is that, as is done «Creature» one of the most exciting games of the year. Wade through MISSION TO SATURN must. If not, ask someone to do it for you.
Anyway, destroying the cruiser, you finish the level and get access to the second part of the game.


The action takes place in it at the living asteroid, who stole "Amazon."
Job that gets Barr sounds very dry and laconic if possible, to make a landing ship and examine for the presence of survivors. The plan of the interior is made with data obtained from the sensors of the study. Chances attacks. Use your weapon and personal energy shield for protection.
If you knew the commanders, with which Barr will encounter aboard the alien would not have sent him there alone ...
This is where the adventure begins and scary and unusual. Long your attempts to pass the mission will fail, because the level of graphics and animation are absolutely fascinating. Moreover, the station does not wander to find a way, then, to see a lot of ugly Mon ministers mutant so gorgeous they are made. By the way, do not get to play this mission at night. Nightmares, and even what will then dream all night. Wandering through the narrow and slippery round maze, entering the scary cave, just physically feel that you are inside a living creature. The walls themselves, some hidden mass seems breathe, leveling your character on terror. But he is not easily frightened. In addition, there is a blaster and armor ...
Navigate through the maze by using the mouse. But, in contrast to the first mission, led her on a table is not necessary. The interface is quite peculiar. Leading you forward rotating safety sensor - the pupil with an arrow. When it spins on its axis, no action occurs. Once you choose the right direction, the sensor indicates the forward arrow, and you click the left mouse button and start moving. To rotate or even turn in the opposite direction, select the appropriate position of the hands sensor.
If within your reach enemy appears, the "eye" is converted into a circular sight, with which to fire (again, the left button). It's simple and very convenient.
The helmet of your spacesuit are several displays that show the current state of your system hardware. Round LED on the left - it's a compass. With difficulty, but, nevertheless, you can focus on it, because no map you have not, and the labyrinth with three inputs at once, it's not very long, but it is extremely complicated and it is possible to wander for hours, if you do not know the correct way. In addition, many of the tunnels leading to a completely indestructible monster or just a death trap. So the pleasure of passing ABORT THE ALIEN SHIP can stretch for long. But back to the sensors under the helmet. On the right are displays showing during your walk condition suit and place of his injuries, as well as state-of-charge blaster. And then, and more - as a percentage. During combat values ​​vary. Three screens provide information (top-down) on the state:
- Enemies that you are fighting at the moment;
- Your protective spacesuit;
- Charge your weapon.
As for the restoration of energy consumed by a blaster - at one of the recesses of the maze you can find the red pill, which will help you with this. But most do not count. Instead, you will usually an unpleasant encounter with the evil little freaks. And you and without enough worries, only manage to pull the trigger gun. Speaking of shooting technique. Your weapons power, the ability to recover up to 150%. But this is only if you do not shoot. Each shot takes away some energy. Return to the previous state very quickly. The main thing that it was a critical moment, than to shoot. Is an important question, because many enemies fire water is not necessary. Each monster is vulnerable only to a certain place. In some people's eyes are open, others - growths on his stomach, the third - dock, angled cut at you. Of course, it is unpleasant when you maim, and you do not shoot and wait, but it's the principle of the game. Be patient, catching the moment and open fire zaboristye queue where it hurt the enemy position. One hit, especially on the higher difficulty levels, there is never enough. Wounded enemy or freezes in place, surprised and shocked by the pain, or crawls (flies) away to a new force to attack the poor Barr. Be calm and attentive.
In the battle scenes, when the battle is not in the tunnels, and in large caves, you should be shot by an army of enemies, often different. The most important thing to quickly determine the gravity of each one and start shooting with the most serious, without giving the rest of the approach. In Stock and you have three powerful bombs. A large gathering of monsters you can certainly use them, but we recommend to reserve these useful things for the final battle with the boss.
Anyone at this level only is not! This small, but very vicious and bloodthirsty birds. Killing them is not easy, as it is necessary to get a little head, and they move quicker than you oruduete his sight. Well at least that they will not peck very painful. There is also a nasty, slimy blue worms, you shoot beams of energy from their truncated tails. You can kill them, just getting into the cut in the instant before the return shot. Sinekrylye have giant dragonflies, rush you and biting his one, but a very formidable weapon.
  • TENTACLED HORROR - one of the most unpleasant and powerful opponents. This huge creature more than six feet in height. Waiting for you, usually in the center of the small room, tucked away in a pillar of mucus. Attacks claws and tentacles with suckers and fanged mouth, having a greater penetrating power. Vulnerability - eyes on the horns (but only when they are open.) Actually, it is better to avoid this monster.
  • CRAWLER - A cross between a crocodile and insects. The body is made up of segments, and good resistance to fire blaster, as well as the jaw, which it attacks. Crawling with incredible speed across the pipe tunnel. Vulnerability - the big black eyes. But to kill it, you need to get to them three times.
  • HONEY MONSTER - a three-meter crank, like a gorilla, but with impressive size gun in his right paw. Left acute claws, able to break your suit. Sore point - the build-up on the belly.
  • WASHY MONSTER - can change its color to camouflage. With the foot that has two mines, climbing on walls and ceilings. Bites him extremely sensitive and painful. Weakness - also belly.
List of monsters "Creature Shock" can continue for quite some time, but we will focus more on just one.
  • THE METAMORPH - monster final mission. He is able to take the form of any organic material, if comes into contact with him. Unusually strong physically. Powerful jaws and claws make it a truly deadly foe. The only weak spot - red eyes. Put all your energy blaster, firing at him. And do not get - you hang in the Museum of alcoholized monsters aliens at the main station (it was there, in a sense, to the station, the uterus, and you should eventually get there. But it will be a very long time, only the fifth mission).

And while you're still only at a live enemy cruiser. And wandering around the corridors, in the vain hope of finding a way out. And his search for and to what. You need only a single room, where he has come a bloody denouement.
To get there, you can go different ways. After all, even an accident can lead you there. But there is one treasured trail, though not very easy, but it is the shortest, avoiding the most evil monsters and desperate traps. For those who want to look for adventure on his head, the next paragraph, you can not read.
So, you in the enemy cruiser. For a start, as a small prelude, shoot a group of armed persons of unknown nationality. Since the back door is closed, the only thing left - to go forward. Here is a three door. Login to the right. Will continue fighting and not very complex, but the way to win one, Come all the time right up until, stumbling, not fell into a deep pit. Here - please! It will soon be branching. In no case do not miss. Pre-press to the left. Fell out of the tube and otryahnuvshis, work your way up to the first fork. There - to the left. Again small voynushka, then - right. After that, in the near Hall - a huge battle with a whole bunch of blue worms. If you destroy them (try to shoot when they are still hanging in the air, preventing them from attacking you with charges) and save 65-70% of your health, you can safely move on. The first turn - left. Here you are on the spot.
By the way, do not worry and do not like going on. Towards a beautiful Japanese woman goes, handbags, the same who commanded «Amazona». It would seem that the goal is achieved, you will find exactly that they were looking for. If it were so ... Her eyes were red and that's before you already creepy, giant monster, its vast open his mouth. Bah, it's METAMORPH. What to do with it, you know. If all ends well, instead of the defeated enemy on earth will lie bags. The truth is not clear whether live. But will not need to hurry. The rest will take care of your computer, and Barr briskly classifies beauty to your ship, and then to the control center to the admiral, who who got you into this.


All good things, as we know, ends. That's your walks through the maze of enemy ship gone. And while you relax, scientists are not awake. And this is what they got to the bottom.
Advance research captain bags after accident «Amazona» showed changes in DNA structure. Now, the management believes that the living organism - not bags, and a copy of the alien. (Wow povorotik!)
Intensive studies have shown that copy that somewhere close, the third moon of Saturn, has bgg base aliens. Believe that it is the center of the observation and collection of information about the Earth. Further, data is transferred from the solar system.
Your new job says: fly to Tesis and explore the exact location of the base. Weather reports indicate strong cross winds on the surface. Therefore, to arrive safely, you need to go through the canyons on the surface of the planet.
And again, as in the first mission, you control your high-speed fighter. The same rocket launchers and a protective shield in the corner. But things have changed. The flight from the level of "Saturn" will seem to you now a pleasant suburban cycling. To fly through the winding and deep canyons to the station, you need to show maximum skill, reaction and self-control. The only salvation - a strange vehicle that will be your guide through these nightmarish maze. Follow it, the only way to fly, do not hit the rocks. Your guide to the truth rather capricious. He then disappeared for a while, then split in two (chase in these cases left, it was he - the present).
As for the enemy - their abundance, to be honest, exceeding all imaginable limits. Solid hurricane and hail of fire. Council, only one - hold the left mouse button. Let your two notorious missile plants operate at full capacity.


If a miracle happens and all of a sudden you get to the enemy base alive, in return you will be presented with yet another brilliant story in the style ABOARD THE ALIEN SHIP.
The objective is simple - getting on base, destroy the transmitter, with which secret information about the solar system out to other galaxies, and exit from a base in one piece.
See the difference? Now the successful end of the mission will depend not only on the assignment, but also on whether you have time to jump out before the inside all smashed to pieces.
Entering the base, you will again plunge into the beautiful and sinister game world created by the authors to ensure that you spend hours wandering through endless, much more complex and confusing than in the previous case, the maze. We will not describe all the horrors that await you there at every corner, behind every corner. We only note that the list of monsters changes significantly. There are new, even more strange and mysterious than before. And the design of labyrinths, monsters and themselves become more sophisticated. Do not be surprised, some monsters have already had children. Do not trust them, even if they do not attack you. A good enemy - dead enemy, even if that baby mutants. Enemies become more vicious and violent. Huge crabs, mysterious ghosts ... Look at all the pressure points. And do not forget about the bomb. Reserving them for particularly fearsome predators. The principle of the game and will not be changed.
In his wanderings, try as quickly as possible to climb. Easy walking on level deep maze of useless and can last indefinitely. For lifting, use multiple lifts.
If you managed to get the same to the command post, take your time. It is better to put the game on pause and catch your breath, because it is now the fun begins. As soon as you shoot the main control center, the station itself will begin to crumble. Do you have time only to ensure that the shortest way to the main blast to get out. And well you remember the way? Of course - no, and this is not surprising. Useful guide not so much. But they are, after all, there is. Only with their help, and you can focus on the basis of the extent to run away get-away from the explosion. The compass did not expect. Thing, maybe it is good, but in this case is absolutely useless.
So, how much did you do it, but you got your ship and even managed to take off over the future of the ashes.
Exciting and challenging mission so that it may even seem that this is the end game. Not at all ...
Ahead you will find the latest, most important and secret mission. You are trapped in it besides their own will. So it has happened.
Even on your command post see you dead. One has only to read the report, "since the massive explosion that occurred on the alien base. During the explosion, Commander Jason Barr was there, exploring space. At the moment of his whereabouts and do not know anything ... "
But you do something for certain clearly where you are, and what happens to you. And you got to the tunnel, which connects directly to an alien base and the main enemy ship - a huge "Medusa *. During the fight with aliens patrol your ship gets permanent damage and his remains are sucked into a giant ship. Do you also find yourself "on the other side of the fence * and immediately goes into action.
"Medusa * slowly but surely approaching our solar system. Its purpose, as a minimum, to destroy the Earth. If you disagree, try to solve the problem alone.
Again, great graphics, elevators and hallways, closing doors and intricate lifts. And, of course, the monsters who must be destroyed. However, the experience you have now abound, and the rest, even the most important Gad - a matter of technology.
Try to solve the latter problem, and the Earth, so that the Earth, the entire solar system will be saved by Jason Barr. And you get great pleasure from knowing their own greatness, or, at least, of the distance to the end, exciting and amazing games.