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BlackThorne (DOS)

BlackThorne / Blackhawk DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Interplay Productions
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Released: 1994

Main - a graphical solution of the game. Standard for arcades side view brought into «Blackthorne» to an even greater height than in «FB». The picture is amazing and just caressing glance completeness of all elements of the image, a thorough portrayal of the smallest detail. But the most impressive is the protagonist. Absolutely vital look all running their movement. Walking and running, jumping, pull-ups, somersaults and shooting - all of this is more like a good cartoon than a simple game. The only difference is that you do not see the action on the part of, and control your character, and only depends on your decisions, he comes to the end or not.
Another feature that combines two games - not focus on the dynamics of action and the ability to think logically, to calculate the options and choose the one and only path to victory. «Black- thome» on some floors resembles rather a puzzle than usual arcade.
And one more remark. Despite the fact that all the action takes place in underground dungeons terrible, you have no game oppressive "basement" experience. It is the merit of the artists who were able to do «Blackthorne» as it is - exceptionally beautiful and unique.
Top action precedes a certain story that it is desirable to know. Then it becomes clear and the motivation of the characters, and some other details.
King Vlaros rules Androth race. Residents loved him for his kindness and justice, and the kingdom prospered. The king was growing up the son, Prince Kyle. Father of the future pinned great hopes on him, and everything would be fine if it were not for one "but" ... Evil Sarlak Lord, The Lord of the dark forces, whose castle is located in the heart of Tuula (the world in which the action takes place) He wished to seize the Stone of Light available to Vlad dew. Without this magic item power over the world was his, though large, but limited. One night he ordered his servants, scary monsters, infiltrate the royal palace, destroy all the stone and pick up.
This night was for Vlarosa last. Sarlaka army has done its job well. The palace was destroyed, all the people killed or captured, and the king and his entourage were killed. Kingdom was destroyed and conquered Sarlaku. But his goal he did not achieve. Blood spilled in vain, because for a moment before the death of the King of Rock Light passed to his son Kyle, a court magician in an instant the boy was able to move away from the scene of the bloody drama.
Twenty years have passed, and the words of his father until now. son do not give rest. "Kyle, son, take the Stone of Light and hide yourself among the earthlings. Defend him all his life. If he falls into the hands Sarlaka all perish! Over time, you will become stronger, and someday will return to Tuul to carry out their mission, "- said Vlaros before his death.
And the time has passed, and Kyle Blackthorne returned to avenge his father, Sarlaka destroy and rebuild the world in his justice.
From that moment begins operation.
After loading the game, and the initial screen savers you get to the main menu: PRACTICE, NEW, GAME OPTIONS, PASSWORD.
Consider them in ascending order of importance.


MUSIC - on / off music.
SOUND - on / off special effects.
Sound design of the game is wonderful. If your computer has the appropriate card, be sure to include at least SOUND, get great pleasure.


The game is structurally designed so that it does not have the recording mode. After the end of each level (a total of sixteen), you are shown the four-digit code. Can you write it down, and you can just see the end of this chapter, where you will find the complete list of all sixteen.
Entering the password is carried arrow keys UP / DOWN, move to the next letter - LEFT / RIGHT.


Quite an original way to get into the swing of things. By controlling a hero, you come to turn a few people Androth. Clicking next to them UP, you can get information from them about how the game is done this or that operation.
In principle, you can not do, because of all the management features we'll tell you right now.
The movement of the hero through the maze done with arrow keys.
LEFT - go to the left.
RIGHT - go right.
DOWN - sit down (after pressing Kyle is in a sitting position).
DOWN + LEFT / RIGHT - somersaults in the appropriate direction with a gun and without it.
UP - jump up and pulling on his hands, if there is a level above the platform;
- Turn sideways to the labyrinth, if you are not near the top of the platform. Need to dodge the shots enemies. At the same character as it is in the shade;
- Climb up the ladder when she was there, arms at the same time have to clean;
- Talk to people Androth if they are nearby. This should be done always. Androth - a good race, and very often they have things that are very helpful for you. To get one, you need to perform this simple manipulation.
S - get / hide the gun.
D + LEFT / RIGHT - running in the specified direction of the cursor.
F, (SPACE) - the jump from their seats. Pre hide the gun.
D + F (SPACE) + cursors - long jump on the run in a given direction.
SPACE (F) - the firing of weapons excavated in the direction of motion.
D - the firing of weapons excavated ago.
DOWN - standing next to the object, bend down and pick it up.
] Or [- select the item from the INVENTORY.
E - the use of the selected object. To bomb blast go to the last door for some distance, stand face to select the bomb and press E. Close to the doors do not come as you hit the blast.
UP / DOWN - the lift - moving together with the platform up and down.
Q, G, R - the ability to terminate.
The game, as it passes, except for the gun you get a lot of necessary and useful things. They will give you friends. Some will remain as a trophy from slain enemies. Be careful not to miss anything. You all come in handy later.
The list of items that can be found in the game and use.
KEY HOLE - keyhole, which must be open in order to pass on.
IRON KEY - iron key that you want to find and use later to continue the movement.
SWITCH - switch needed to open the doors.
HEAL POTION - healing drink. It restores your health to the maximum, so use it only in emergency situations, when the level of your life is equal to one.
HOVER BOMB - bomb lying in bags. They give you the enemy and leave friends. If the bomb does not blow the door, she starts to slide through the maze and explodes after a fairly long period of time.
LEVITATOR - a device that allows you to instantly go up, as if by an invisible ladder.
BRIDGE KEY - key pointing device comprising an electronic bridge, without which it is impossible to bridge the gap on some levels.
REMOTE WASP - RC bee, with which you can hit a powerful explosion in the distance, standing enemy.
BRIDGE CONTROL - the unit in which you want to insert BRIDGE KEY, to build a bridge.
FIRE BOMB - red and blue balls that can be discharged down to hit the enemy inaccessible by other means.
Some of these items can be carried with you to use in the right place. It IRON KEY, HEAL POTION, HOVER BOMB, LEVITATOR, BRIDGE KEY, REMOTE WASP and FIRE BOMB. The rest is used directly to their location.
Now a few words on the game board.
In the upper right corner of the screen are the red triangles. The number indicates how many lives you have left. You start the game with six. As you go forward, the number of lives increases. In the event of your death of one life is lost. If you lose at all, nothing very terrible had happened. The program simply asks you whether you want to continue. ' If "yes" - you start from the beginning unfortunately, tragically interrupted level, having left all six lives.
A vertical line on the right - your INVENTORY, a list of prizes to be filled as of their acquisition. Total can carry eight items. By the use of the ready, which is marked by a gray square.
Line the bottom of the screen duplicate the name of the subject, by which you are currently going through.
In the lower left corner of the image will appear lying next to you the prize.
Proper use of the game panel will greatly ease your passing game.

A few practical tips

- The right to count the length of the jump. In the case of the fall of your hero loses one life;
- At the far jump Get ready to catch hold of the edge of the platform, so as not to break down and shape up top;
- Only carry out long jumps from running start;
- Before moving on to the next, is outside the visibility of your screen, first move closer, remove the gun, crouch and tumbling tumbleweeds. In this case, you, on the one hand protected from hostile fire, on the other, ready for
- If the enemy firearms is near, Disguise, leaning against the wall. Being in the shade, you become invincible even in the vicinity of the enemy;
- The enemy also uses the method of "shadow * protection. Hit it can be only at the moment when he, once again, shoot is going to pull over to the wall. This moment lasts a split second, but you need time to make an accurate shot. The main thing - do not hurry so as not to run into the bullet;
- If you still get shot, do not despair. While the enemy laughs mockingly, you can easily get up and shoot him, but forever;
- An enemy who is below you, it is best to undermine FIRE BOMB, if you have it, of course. If not - there is another option: jump and hug the right wall. Then remove the gun. When the enemy finished firing, open fire themselves;
- Do not miss a call without any friends. Many do not have anything useful to you, but some in gratitude will give you something of the prizes. Importantly, do not forget them and then pick off the ground;
- Do not forget to pick up and prizes that remain next to the corpses of enemies;
- If the road is blocked by your force field, it is necessary not to blow up the wall itself, and the source, who is often at the other end of the maze. This gray device with a flickering blue screen;
- Save bomb. Do not blow them what can be more cost-effective way to destroy or even slip by;
- Any enemy can be killed, stuffed it with plenty of ammunition. You need only patience. If nothing in particular does not prevent you - shoot his health.

Level 1

Having started the game, go right, up, up the stairs. Chained prisoners you no help. Go away to the right. Near the door, pick up the two bombs. With a single punch a pass on. Before you go to the next screen, remove the weapons, and clicking, just hug the wall. I stood in front of the monster never you will not fall. Seizing the moment, every shot and can move on (cartridges, by the way, do not regret. They have an unlimited amount). Walking past the corpse, pick up the bomb. Climb the stairs up and explode the bomb door. Pick another bomb and release the prisoner. Talk with him, he will give you the HEAL POTION (end the conversation and pick up the prize - SPACE). Climb up the stairs and go into the blackened hole in the wall. Below you will find the monster. Take the gun, jump down and hug the wall. Choosing the moment turn around and hide again. Monster shot several times past, then kill him. Pick up a bomb and blow up the door (the clean gun is not necessary). Enter the doorway and forced against the wall, as you are waiting for another duel. What to do - you know. Then hide the gun, jump through an opening, lift the bomb and go to the next screen. They blow up the door and go up on the lift. All. The first mission passed by you, and in front of waiting another fifteen.
By the way, do not flatter yourself, more and more difficult to pass. Monsters will be more and force them will always grow, and puzzles and mazes significantly increased.

Level 2

Remember the code level and go to the left. Next unfortunate prisoner will not help, however, as you are to him.
Before you go to the left screen, remove the weapons. Then a second glance to the left and head back to the lift, so far as standing monster will roll out on you a bomb. Wait until it explodes, and shoot down the enemy. Pick bomb it (you know, that at the same time to hide the gun is not necessary?) And go left. Blast door. Go to the edge of the track and pull up, do not forget to hide a gun. Immediately "go away into the shadows." Wait until the enemy is finished firing, pull out a gun and, after a pause, shoot him. On the lift go down a few screens and go left. Beware, in your face empty bomb. Jump back into the elevator up and leave, and after the explosion, get down again and rolled to the left screen and kill the enemy. Hiding a gun sign in the doorway. Pull up. Right you are waiting for the monster to whip your new opponent. "Shadow" will save you from his blows, but with a gun to kill him is not easy. After each shot immediately pressed against the wall. But the best way to undermine his bomb. It you pick BRIDGE KEY. Go down and jumped over the span stand on and use the BRIDGE CONTROL BRIDGE KEY. In the resulting bridge the gap and go go all the way to the left. Podtyanuvshis, continue the way through.
Climb up and enter the doorway. Chained the prisoner will give you a bomb. Pull up the left side, and blowing up the door, climb already on the right. Fight the door and force the enemy to throw a bomb. Dodge and kill him. Pick HEAL POTION and the bomb. Climb on the lift, blow up the door. Next - a duel, the bomb and the stairs up. Bomb blast force field (just stand in this as far as possible not to zashiblo explosion) and climb up and right. Take HEAL POTION and head back down. Jump over the span and killing the next enemy to leave the elevator.

Level 3

Beware, beware of hanging guns. To pass it, you need to cross the screen like a top or step on the panel in the ground. Go down into the abyss on the edge and at the bottom lift HEAL POTION. Then kill the monster red (have you noticed that they are much more tenacious green?). We collect BRIDGE KEY killed and jumped into the pit lift, stand on the BRIDGE CONTROL. Using the key will be taken to the other side and find nothing more ... The secret is simple - you missed a secret door on the bridge, hidden in a waterfall. Sign it. On the left you will see SWITCH. Walk up to it and press UP. Thus, you raise the elevator in the shaft through which recently jumped. Get on the elevator and go down. You are waiting for two floors and which one to choose, you have to decide. But from that moment the game becomes more challenging mazes - intimidate and puzzle - more difficult. However, using this knowledge, you can still get to the end.
And end all this mess sixteenth level at which you have to fight with the ill-fated ruthless Sarlakom. And even though you survive before him with his hero a lot of adventures, one another steeper final match can not be compared with anything. On the tiny patch of the screen, at the distance of a direct hit you will have to destroy the enemy in a fight face to face. After exchanging insults, get down to business. Any specific tips to hard too have different weight categories. The scale of health Sarlaka occupies almost half of the screen. This prevents very quietly to fight, especially since the health of the enemy loses unbearably slow. One did not take the gun. Try to gain more combat HEAL POTION and prizes. Sarlak moves quickly across the screen and does crushing blows with their fists. Dodge its electrical bombs and fireballs even harder. Maneuver, running away from him, shoot as soon as possible and, in the heat, do not forget about the bombs. In order not to lose precious seconds on the shot, keep the fire is not turning (D arms when taken out).
If there's a little miracle, and you'll get the enemy, you do not worry for your computer. Terrible shake pictures - this is not a fault monitor. It symbolizes the collapse of the empire Sarlaka and he whitewashed explodes with her. And your character as a direct heir, receives royal title and begins to wisely manage their people. In subsequent years, the remnants of the army Sarlaka will be destroyed, burned the castle - restored, and the King Kyle "Blackthorn" manifest itself in a fair and far-sighted ruler, beloved friends, and terrifying enemies.

And now the promised code for the lazy:

2 - FBWC;
3 - QP7R;
4 - WJTV;
5 - L8VJ;
6 - ZS9P;
7 - XJSN;
8 - CGDM;
9 - RVKT;
10 - GSG3;
And - BMHS;
12 - Y40J;
13 - TNLQ;
14 - NRLF;
15 - MJXG;
16 - KZSN.