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Worms (DOS)

Worms DOS
Genre: Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Artillery
Interface: Direct control, Multiple units/characters control
Pacing: Turn-based
Narrative: Comedy, War
Published by: Ocean Software Ltd.
Developed by: Team17 Software Limited
Released: 1995

The action of the game just does not happen in our time, it's either the distant past or the future is even more strange, because where have you seen that ordinary earthworm grew a head and hands, and began to learn to speak like the people so that repeat basic human error race - are continuing ravages of war? Groups worms, heavily armed with modern guns and missile weapons, hand grenades, bombs and mines, own methods of unarmed combat and equipped with a variety of equipment, fighting among themselves in a life-and-death struggle. However, even worms and bummed around a rich military arsenal, to think for themselves, they have not learned, and therefore it is right for you and will have to do for each of its worm-Soldi-the one that will eventually cause-did your favorite team to victory .
Despite its initially given militaristic idea of "blood-vavost" game «Worms» amazingly cheerful, thoroughly imbued with humor. Everything happening on the screen, from the screen and ending each individual scenario, without a smile is impossible to perceive. Why are there only! A variety of gags and jokes (sometimes quite black) there is no end or edge. And, surprisingly, all this does not get bored and, even more strangely, it is not distracting from the game. We have deliberately not going to repeat in this article that you and see for yourself by running the game.
Worms DOS title
As for attempts to define its genre, is perhaps mention the other two games as a result of the "fusion" of which, in all probability, and we've got «Worms». First of all, it's good old serials «Lemmings», which have in common a new game very similar style image area (which, by the way, in this game, every time is randomly generated, so it would seem, is one and the same situation all the time looks Different-mu), and the presence of the worms of various professions (however, in contrast to the same lemmings in the current heroes still has his head on his shoulders.) In addition, gamers will remember from the experience and this is a very old hit, a wonderful game called «Scorched», where a few pieces of artillery were trying to kill each other, finding the right angle shooting and not forgetting to take into account the wind direction and strength (though now live guns themselves may move in any direction convenient for them.) So, if creatively combine the above two games, add external charm and a lot of interesting findings, we get «Worms».
Now a little about the basic principles of game. You own a team consisting of four superchervyakov, and can fight with one, two and even three enemy brigades simultaneously, and it is easy to implement as one computer or on several, using a local area network or modem cable between COM-ports of your machines. To maintain the global interest in the game, the league set up, which includes all fighting team, and the statistics of who and how many matches won and what were at this loss of each participant. When you consider that each match consists of several separate battles rounds (the number you can determine for yourself), all are often decided at the last moment, which also fuels the interest of the players, often until the last seconds of not knowing what is in the end it will end global confrontation.
Finally, it is worth mentioning the intelligence of computer games. His efforts can request one or all of the teams in the league already described above, or simply play in a separate mode, walking with his unit one by one ready-made scripts. However, should nevertheless be noted that playing against the computer is not very interesting - depending on the level of difficulty, or not at all, he gets into your soldiers, or pounding with mathematical precision (he and the computer to calculate the trajectory).
Anyway, it looks pretty nice and simple game really has a lot of subtleties and details that (and not only for them) and we will cover in this article.


In this game, the start menu has quite a few normal options, including the least interest are:
CREDITS - Information about the creators of the game;
EXIT TO DOS - out of the game.
Besides them, the menu includes six main operating modes, each of which we will take a separate submarine fleet.

Playing several participants, the option PLAY GAME

By selecting this mode, you get to the team selection screen, participants prostrate future competitions. There are only sixteen teams, but you have to choose between two and four of them are proposed. It is worth noting that the team 1UP, 2UP, 3UP and 4UP default controlled by human players, and all the rest - your computer opponents. With the option TEAM ENTRY you can edit the parameters of existing teams or create them on the spot at all completely new.
So, back at the beginning of the game, but before that we list all available on this screen modes:
DOWN / UP - This option allows you to select one of the two pages that accommodate eight-team names;
LEAGUE / FRIENDLY - used to select the type of game:
- LEAGUE - the outcome of a game created by the league;
- FRIENDLY - a friendly match, the results of which are not recorded anywhere long-term;
EXIT - exit out of the screen select commands back to the start menu.
You might need to team participated in the match, click its name cursor, with this inscription will turn white. Clicking the name of the command cancels participation in the contest.
After you check the above method, two or more teams will light up the option START, clicking on which you start the game directly.
Each team has its game statistics, and after a few games you'll see it change. Decipher the meaning of all the available options:
TEAM - team name;
R - the number of games played;
W - the number of games won;
F - the total number of soldiers killed by enemy worm-eaten;
A - number of lost your heroic superchervyakov;
D - the difference enemy killed / lost their soldiers. If this number with a plus sign, it means you kill more than lose, keep it up!

Editing of commands, optional TEAM ENTRY

Edit screen that appears when you select this mode, is uniform for all participating teams and consists of the following control options:
NEXT and LAST - through all the available commands in the forward and reverse;
HUMAN / CPU - the option of choosing who manages this team - the person (HUMAN) or computer (CPU). Here you can also select one of three possible levels of computer intelligence:
- CPU GOOD - the most powerful version of the computer opponent, his style is reminiscent of the famous firing precision strikes - that no shot, then a direct hit;
- CPU OK - the average level of the game;
- CPU POOR - the easiest option of management;
TEAM NAME, CAPTAIN, WORM 2, WORM WORM 3 and 4 - starting with clicking on the option TEAM NAME, you consistently enter the names of the team, the captain and three worms soldiers under his supervision;
ENERGY - with this option sets the level of health of the worms of this command. The value of the figures corresponding to this varies from 75 to 500 in increments of 25;
GRAVESTONE - selected tombstone sign, which will mark the place of death of your valiant warriors;
SAMPLE SET - you can set any of the numerous variants of the language of the chat will be your master cloak and bazookas;
CLEAR - clear the values ​​of all positions;
EXIT - exit the editing mode.

Installing the game settings, optional WORM OPTIONS

Game parameter setting screen, in turn, consists of five options, each of which is responsible for setting strictly defined modes:
GAME OPTIONS - screen rules of warfare. In addition to the options related directly to the rules, here there is an auxiliary position CLEAR ALL LEAGUE STATISTICS, with which you can reset all the statistics of previous battles. Note that all the rules of engagement are located on three screens, serial switch between them using the option NEXT. Much of the pre-game settings are governed by two values: ON - on and OFF - OFF.
Thus, the basic rules of engagement:
- ROUNDS TO WIN MATCH - the number of rounds that must be won for the overall victory in the match (1 to 9);
- ROUND TIME IN MINUTES - the number of minutes set aside for one round (5 to 30 or OFF - off). After the time allotted for the round, turn combat mode until the first hit;
- MOVE TIME IN SECONDS - the number of seconds allotted
the course of a single worm (from 10 to 60 or OFF - off);
- WORM PLACING - placing the worms in the early rounds: RANDOM - random, TEAMS - pokomandnoe;
- MAXIMUM NUMBERS OF MINE - the maximum number of mines on the battlefield (1 to 8 or OFF - mines, absent);
- AUTOMATIC ACTION REPLAY - automatic repetition of the bloodiest scenes and the final volleys;
- ROUND TIME DISPLAYED - on-screen display of time remaining until the end of the current round;
- SUDDEN DEATH AT TIME OUT - for entering a fight until the first hit, after the end of the time allotted for the round. In this mode, the health of all the worms are on the battlefield, it is equal to one;
- ACTION TRACKING - support "camera," the trajectory of the issued worms deadly projectiles;
- TELEPORT DELAY - delay before possible teleportarovatsya (1 to 3 rounds or OFF - no delay);
- AIRSTRIKE DELAY - delay before you can use air raids (1 to 3 rounds or OFF - so there is no delay);
- HOMING MISS. DELAY - delay before the advent of the ability to use self-guided missile (1 to 3 rounds or OFF - no delay);
- CRATE DROPS - the frequency of drop boxes of weapons and medical kits, adding worms health (MIN - rarely, MED - medium, MAX - often OFF - not to throw at all);
- WIND STRENGTH - wind speed (MIN - weak, MED - medium, MAX - maximum and OFF - wind turned off);
- FALL DAMAGE - getting injuries when falling from a height worm exceeding safe;
- STOCKPILING - transition unused weapons for the next round match;
- BOOBY TRAPPED CRATES - mining crates of weapons, in which they turn into a deadly trap for the unfortunate worm, trying to refill your ammo impoverished (MIN - rarely, MED - medium, MAX - often OFF - trap canceled at all);
- DUD MINES - the presence of non-exploding, damp and therefore completely safe min;
- MINE EXPLOSION DELAY - delay before the explosion of mines (1 to 3 seconds, OFF - explodes as soon as it will come);
- CONTINUE ON SAME LANDSCAPE - continuation of the match on the same type of terrain.
WEAPON OPTIONS - selection of weapons and equipment. Opposite the names of the types of weapons and equipment (for details, see the chapter "Arms" and "Equipment"), you can set the number of units of this type, adjustable from 1 to 9 and turn it to the continued use setting to ON, or even cancel its use - OFF.
LOAD / SAVE OPTIONS - status management game. Under the status in this case refers to the current results of matches and all game settings. With the options available in this menu, you can:
- SAVE STATUS - record the current status of the game, this operation is carried out automatically at the end of the match and when you exit the game;
- LOAD STATUS - restore the previous recorded status of the game;
- DEFAULT STATUS - to set the default status of the game, and the reset all match results and game settings are set to "factory" values;
- LIST CUSTOM FILES - download for use in play by their own local landscape and sound packs votes for worms.
AUDIO OPTIONS - setting the following sound settings:
- MUSIC VOLUME - the volume of the background music;
- EFFECTS VOLUME - the volume of sound effects;
- TEST EFFECTS - test through all the available sound effects;
- TEST MUSIC - test through all the options available to musical accompaniment;
- AUDIO QUALITY - installation of sound quality.
VIDEO OPTIONS - adjust the following video settings:
- FULL MOTION VIDEO - use the full-length video series;
- DOUBLE BUFFERED SCREEN - the use of dual-screen buffer (if permitted by standing on the characteristics of your computer graphics card);
- ZOOMING BETWEEN TURNS - use the zoom mode of the battlefield in the intervals between turns worms.

Table of personal achievement worms, optional WORM RANKINGS

This screen is a list of the eight most distinguished themselves in combat worms, where;
WORM - the name of the heroic worm-riot police;
OWNERS - the name of the team to which it belongs;
PTS - the number of points scored for the ruthless destruction of the enemy.

Play in campaign mode, the option CHALLENGE MODE

In this mode, only one participant plays with his team against computer units, consistently passing one after another pre-created scripts. Not to start a rather long route every time anew, after a given mileage level password (PASSWORD) move to the next mission. By entering the correct code, you can safely continue to try to beat the last episode has not yet passed.
In general, the screen of the games for the participant is identical to the version of the battle for several players, you only have to pick one single command, which you want to control, and once there is an option to press START.

Table of records campaign mode, the option CHALENGE RANKINGS

This table represents the top ten teams that played in the campaign, and their accomplishments are characterized by the number of points and the percentage passing the campaign.


The playing field «Worms» consists of several parts, the core of which is the window of the battlefield, in fact, it takes up almost the entire screen, and you can see it about a quarter of the country, which at the moment is a fight, as well as their own and other worms. Landscape, as expected, has its coloring and randomly given relief. Also visible on the surface, sometimes not immediately noticeable, gray blyam-barrels, which are deadly landmines - gape, too close and ... soldiers worm, losing much of their health, flies a good distance, to meet new threats (however, if the appropriate option in the settings, mine might not explode, remaining no more dangerous than an ordinary stone in the round).
Now a little about the actual worms. Above each of them you can see the name and number, showing the current state of health. And then, and more appropriately colored, well-defined for each team color. As noted above, in the battle-field is visible only a quarter of the countryside. To move across the battlefield, simply move the mouse in the desired direction, respectively, and the movement will change the contents of this window. If you are to make the right strategic decisions need to see more, by pressing M you can change the display scale of the territory, although, alas, in this case, the whole place entirely in the window of the battlefield will not fit.
At the top of the battlefield are located scale public health teams fighting (in some cases, to see them, you need to move up the window itself). Total of such scales can be from two to four, each of which corresponds to the name of a specific command, and has a "signature" for the command numbers. Early in the game scales filled to capacity, but as of injury and death of the worms, the length of the bands gradually decreases and it can be estimated to determine the current balance of power, although sometimes with one team, but completely healthy worm may look rather than a detachment of four the length and breadth of wounded soldiers.
In the middle, between the scales of health teams, is the counter of time allocated for the current round of matches. If the appropriate option in the game settings, it is being gradually reduced, and when its value reaches zero, the movie fight until the first hit (DEATH MODE), in which the health of all worms in all commands, down to 1, and in this situation is enough lightest injuries, even the weak shock waves through their instant death. If the time limit is not specified, the value of this counter is always KO.
In the lower right corner of the screen are the power indicator of the weapons used (about it in more detail in the section "Management of worms") and light wind strength and direction (WIND) in the form of the two scales are the right and left above the English name. The partial occupancy of a bar shows wind direction (right or left) and his power (the longer the bar, the stronger the wind.)


The worm, which you have to manage, clearly indicated a large red arrow pointing directly at his head. So, what can make your unusual character?
Movement - you can only crawl in both directions, left and right, using the corresponding arrow keys on your keyboard. The interesting thing is that all the others battling worms, both his own and others', are essentially areas of the countryside and it is safe to crawl and even literally sit down.
The choice of weapons, ammunition - pressing the right mouse button, and the first press of a list of all weapons, the second - a list of equipment and additional features, the third - again the list of weapons, etc. as long as you do finally something will not select (complete lists of weapons, equipment, and additional features are given below in the appropriately named). To choose to use the type of weapons or equipment, you must specify the cursor on it and press the left mouse button, and the list will be hidden in the bottom of the window shows the name of your chosen weapon or equipment. For the exploding weapon next to the name you can see the current time delay detonator (the number next to the SECOND) and the value of jumping on rebound (BOUNCE).
The use of weapons or equipment - before you start shooting, or use certain types of equipment, you need to aim. Aiming is used for all major weapons worm but strikes from martial arts and mining (of course, the list falls and teleportation-tation, and to apply their method is used airstrikes targeting, separately described in the chapter "Arms") As for the equipment, targeting only requires ninja rope. Actually the sight looks like a dagger, which is dependent on the direction of gaze managed worm-action movie on the right or the left. To raise or lower the sight, but use the arrow keys "up" / "down" key on your keyboard.
Now directly on the conduct of the fire or the use of ammunition. For the implementation of these actions are only two possibilities:
- Pressing the keys SPACE - weapon or equipment used for its intended purpose once. This type is especially common firearms, martial arts techniques and almost all types of equipment;
- Press, hold and release at the right time of the same key SPACE to set the force used prod-flight pass - this type includes a bazooka, homing missiles, and all types of explosives, including dynamite and, of course, excluding the mines. For precise adjustment of power settings departure ammunition is appropriate indicator in the bottom right corner of the table, directly under the bar direction and strength of the wind (WIND).
Jumping - made by pressing ENTER, with a worm-driven soldier jumping on a shallow parabola in the direction of his gaze. If, in addition to exercise and movement in the selected direction, the probability to jump to exactly where you need is greatly increased.
Now some strategic advice on keeping the fire: first, First, do not forget to take into account in addition to the obvious strength of the wind and the pull of the earth - the farther the distance, the higher it is necessary to take aim, and, secondly, after a shot you usually show flight of the projectile and the consequences the action of the weapon, but at the same time you can exercise and movement, you only need to plan in advance the direction and while watching the scenes of flights and explosions hold down the appropriate button on the keyboard.
Here we note a few extra control keys:
P - pause the game;
F1 ... F11 - quick on the right types of weapons or equipment. Keep in mind that each key, you can select more than one type of equipment, and two (switching between them is added by pressing the appropriate F-key);
ESC - menu change the battlefield, consisting of the following:
- SUDDEN DEATH MODE - switch to the battle before the first injury;
- DRAW THIS ROUND - settle for a draw in the current round;
- RESUME GAME - continue the current game;
- EXIT TO MAIN MENU - to end the game and return to the initial menu.


  • BAZOOKA - fire rockets, the most useful at medium ranges, melee rocket explosion can cause the most damage and arrow, and with too much distance is difficult to accurately aim. A significant impact on the trajectory of the missile provide the direction and strength of the wind. Be careful or the same wind can "blow out" the rocket back to the shooter. It is also necessary to constantly make an amendment to the law of gravity - a missile fired from a bazooka, does not fly in a straight line, and on the flat to the ground path.
  • HOMING MISSLE - Able to get any opponent almost anywhere, except for the shelters and underground passages. Shooting such a weapon is not related to specific problems - just with the mouse cursor to select an enemy soldier-worm and a missile straight up as high as possible, then a dangerous weapon itself will find its prey. Firing on a high trajectory to avoid accidental collisions with the protruding parts of the surface.
  • GRENADE - has a smaller radius than the bazooka and homing missiles, but allows you to get the enemies in the most remote places, including hiding behind obstacles. A specific feature is the ability to delay grenade explosion by determining the time delay fuse. This is done using the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (not on KeyPad'e), establishing, respectively, the time delay gap of charge from 1 to 5 seconds. The longer the delay, the greater the distance can fly grenade before going to explode. In addition, by pressing the "+" you can set the maximum jumping in rebounds (MAX BOUNCE), and by a "-" to set the minimum value of jumping (MIN BOUNCE).
  • CLUSTER BOMB - According to the principle of use is different from the normal grenades, in the same way to set the delay and the value of the explosion after jumping bounces. An important difference is the way of this insidious and dangerous weapon - a bomb explosion at the time shared by a further five grenades, each of which flies farther along its path and explodes separately. Naturally, this causes maximum damage to enemy soldiers, but due to the fact that the trajectory of the fragments are random, it may suffer and your standing close to the soldiers. Due to the fact that the weapon has a large lethal power, too much for even a healthy worm, not to mention the wounded, the most effective way to use the bomb is to calculate the delay fuse so that the weapon exploded in flight over enemy positions - in the case of good luck you will deal more damage to the enemy and possibly touches several of his soldiers.
  • BANANA BOMB - byte bomb, more powerful version of the cluster and completely replaces it with a list of weapons before the end of the current battle in the capture of weapons-box with the inscription BANANA BOMB. The application of this is identical to the use of cluster bombs. The only difference lies in a fact that it is divided into five bananas are also emitted in different directions, but have a substantially greater capacity of explosion than a cluster bomb grenade.
  • SHOTGUN - This weapon is effective in close combat, and the ability to produce from it two shots in a row makes it a very convenient way of finishing off enemies, because after the first shot with a shotgun soldier can move to a new position (closer to the enemy flown away) and make a second shot. Note that you should not get carried away shots at close range and at very close range - as a result of possible bounce your worm also at risk of suffering, and even more than the enemy. Despite the fact that the shotgun, as noted above, and as we know in life, is a melee weapon, thought to be fire, and from the middle and even from long distances, taking into account that a flight fraction wind almost no effect - you will only to find the right sight and, for example, bring down the enemy from the island of land, hanging in the air, which is difficult to obtain and rockets, and bombs.
  • UZI - rapid-firing a heavy machine gun, all of it can cause damage no less than a direct hit by a rocket. Everything said about the shotgun is fully applicable to the "Uzi" - do not stand too close to the enemy and do not be afraid to shoot from distance, that version of "Uzi" even easier, as always there is a small spread in contact with bullets at the target- twitching of the machine in hand (?) worm.MINIGUN - The weapon you get in the moment pick up a box with a weapon that has an identical name. The machine gun is completely replaces the "Uzi" in the list of weapons by the end of the battle, and differs from the latter only increased power density and fire.FIRE PUNCH - This is not a mechanical toy, but a real martial arts warrior-worm, the fruit of his many years of hard training - high jumping, he is a powerful blow to the standing next to the enemy. This type of explanation of the relationship is very handy in tight spaces because they do not lead to a mutual injury and at the edge of the screen, taking off for that, the enemy, whatever it was neither health, will not return. An interesting feature is that, thanks to the stunning power of the jump during a stroke, a worm-karate punches all terrain encountered in its path, thereby forming a vertical tunnel.
  • DRAGONBALL - the next step in the knowledge chervyachi martial arts. Highly focused and your warrior shoots himself out of a blue ball (probably nervous energy or something like that), which flies in a straight line a short distance and, if ingested, a strike force is not less than the FIRE PUNCH, but your worm remains somewhat side, and it can be useful in the future when finishing the enemy.DYNAMITE - terrible destructive force of arms, of him is the biggest game in the crater, from which the surviving worms sometimes it's not so easy to get out. The principle application is simple - put your feet sizzling gift for the opponent, and very quickly to a safe hiding place. After a while, there is a loud explosion, and who did not hide, he is guilty ... In addition to the victims directly in the epicenter of the explosion of the shock wave, and many will get even the seemingly far-standing worms. In order to quickly escape from the scene, and to defeat the enemies with elevations of you a very useful opportunity to throw dynamite at least for a little, but still distance.
  • MINE - In this case, you have the option to add on the battlefield, another mine and thereby undermine the plot area to stop the enemy troops. However, as your mine is quite clearly visible, and if necessary, is easily overcome by the same teleportation, the chances that it will undermine the enemy, almost none, in fact, an even chance that your mine also prevent you further in the game. However, all is not bleak. Usually used dynamite very hard and often ends, but using mine as his replacement, immediately you will succeed. Mina, a position directly under the feet of the enemy, will work as well with a slight delay, allowing escape from the site and, although the power of the explosion is slightly less than that of dynamite, the effect will be no worse than a direct hit missile.
  • AIRSTRIKE - induced by radio aviation deals a massive blow in the area of ​​the pixel. Well, if the area are only enemies, but if there were, by chance, and your worms, they will get nothing less than the opponent - on the bombs of the "friend or foe" is not (as, indeed, do not have it, and in any other Weapons).TELEPORT - This is a unique opportunity to get to any, even the most remote place of the battlefield. If your worm-fighter himself alone against several opponents, you can try to teleport to just hike to the enemy, and while his friends go, to try to destroy it with impunity. However, for the overall win your opponents in such a situation may well sacrifice their soldier and erase it into powder along with yours.
  • MOLE BOMB - Despite the fact that it is on the list of equipment, it's still a very real weapons. The bomb digs straight down to any depth and explodes there, destroying accident trying to escape from your holy wrath in the bowels of the earth. A significant advantage of this weapon is that as for bombs and grenades, in this case it is possible to set the duration delay fuse (1 to 5 seconds), to thereby increase the risk of explosion in the immediate vicinity of the target. A significant disadvantage of this weapon is its extremely rare occurrence for use. It is worth noting also that the Mole bomb samozaryvayuschayasya at its core, yet also has the jumping ability, the value of which can be initially set at the event that weapons will fall into an underground niche.


  • BLOWTORCH - a stronger version of a blowtorch. Is indispensable for the creation of vertical and 45-degree tunnels. There are only six possible directions, and selection of the right is using the arrows on your keyboard.
  • PNEUMATIC DRILL - pneumatic hammer, allowing dig straight down, and, for a good distance.
  • NINJA ROPE - useful equipment borrowed from the Japanese ninjas. With this rope you can climb up, then retaining the ability to use weapons. The very process of climbing is as follows:
- Take aim at hanging over your part of the area;
- Release the rope (press SPACE) - it should be fixed for the area where you were. If for any reason failed, ninja jure drawn back, and you can try as many times as yet, of course, if there is no restriction on the time course of the worm;
- When the rope finally hold, you can use the arrows "up" / "down" to catch up or go down, and using the key "right" / "left" shaken, if necessary;
- Released the rope and pressing SPACE, and if all goes well, the worm soldiers occupies a new, higher location.
  • BUNGEE - rubber cable, this time designed to walk down the steeps and really tall objects whose height should at least exceed the height of the fall of the safe. The process of using BUNGEE almost completely identical to the application of the ninja rope, but there are some differences. First, you need to come to the edge of a hill from which you are going to pull a worm. Then you press SPACE to use, but there is a subtle point - you do not see, attach a rope or not. You can check it, but taking a step into the abyss, and if all goes well, you'll see a worm dangling on elastic. Then you go down gracefully and / climb like a ninja with a rope. If something went wrong, it's over spectacular, though most likely a harmless fall.
  • GIRDERS - building structures, steel trusses. After selecting this option, you must decide what size of farm is and how it will be located. This is achieved by repeatedly pressing the left mouse button and, therefore, exhaustive search of all available options. Once the desired shape of the farm is found, select the location where you want to put it, and press SPACE - if the specified point is suitable for the construction, operation ends successfully, if not - need to continue to search for a suitable site surface. The most common obstacle to farm installation is its imposition of unfavorable terrain or to combat the worm. A particularly useful application of such structures is very cumbersome guidance reliable crossing over a precipice or install them so that you can protect yourself from the murderous enemy fire.
  • KAMIKAZE - the name itself does not require any special comments, we describe only the basic principle: a worm that uses this fighting reception, quietly puts on his forehead povyazochku white with a red circle and flies strictly horizontally in the direction of the gaze of his eyes. However, he breaks through all the inanimate, that is on its way, and hurt badly, and then throws the edge of the screen all the live objects. The hero suicide bombers while, of course, also dies, leaving the confines of the battlefield. A similar device extremely useful for heavily wounded warriors - they are all the same, but the whole enemy can be hard to come by, no matter where he was hiding.
  • PROD - soft push, without causing any damage. It can be applied to their worms (for example, in order to remove someone from the area of high-value fire) and to the enemy (say, both caught on a small pristupochke over boiling lava, shoot or beat dangerous, and look to himself piled up, that's the time came for unobtrusive wishes "happy flight")


  • SKIP GO - check '. Useful if you do not want to do anything, like a game with no time limit on the course of the worm, and with the limitation of the time. After selecting this option, be sure to press SPACE, to actually use the travel pass - as a result of the action will move to the worm enemy.
  • SURRENDER - option for notorious alarmist - if your party suffered heavy losses, and you think all is lost, with this disgusting possibilities you can surrender at discretion, and to avoid unnecessary casualties. Instructions for use is extremely simple - select this option and press SPACE. As a result, the current round will be lost, and with it, perhaps, the entire match, so we advise to think twice before you throw out the white flag ...