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Leisure Suit Larry 6 (DOS)

Leisure Suit Larry 6, LSL6 DOS
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 3rd-person
Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Narrative: Adult, Comedy
Published by: Sierra On-Line
Developed by: Sierra On-Line
Released: 1993
Platform: DOS

Series about the amorous adventures of Larry Laffer chronic loser is one of the oldest firms game series "Sierra". In fact , although the last game is number 6 , was only 5 games in this series , because "Larry - 4" in nature does not exist.
In the last two games of the series significantly changed the look of the Larry and all the surrounding areas. If the plot had all happened more or less seriously , but now all of the game " fun " as if laid in a silly appearance , Larry , and the authors of the game as if mocking him. Some people like it , to someone - no.
All games of the series almost unrelated to each other , except for personality of the protagonist , so you can start with any game . The plot is all about Larry games are almost always the same: Larry Laffer goes in search of the ideal sexual partner , along the way he always unlucky with acquaintances , but in the end everything turns out well .
Leisure Suit Larry 6 DOS title screen

At the beginning of "Larry - 6" poor man puts on a difficult television show " Studs " , where as a result of stupid misunderstandings Larry takes second place ( two members) and wins two week holiday at La Costa Resort with full payment of all expenses . Of course, for privacy here Larry opened the richest opportunities.
Manage in something other than a mouse , so uncomfortable , that is not worth discussing this option. Methods of using the mouse will be explained below.
When the game begins infomercial . It is quite long , so seeing him once, in the future , you can interrupt it by pressing the mouse button.

Appears on the screen with five opportunities to continue :
Open Game - load a previously saved game.
Continue - to continue the movie.
Intro - look intro to the game.
Credits - a list of people who created the "Larry - 6" .
Play - start the game from the beginning.
The main part of the image of the game takes the game screen , that is the image of the place where Larry is at the moment. This part of the screen not only shows what happens to the hero of the game.

It clicking the left mouse button performs actions over various objects - for example, to open the door , you need to make the mouse cursor to a hand and pointing it at the door, schelnut left mouse button (of course , this method will not work if the door is locked with a key ) .

At the top of the screen is a menu . To open it , click the left mouse button on the bar at the top of the screen and hold the mouse button to select an item of the following ( in brackets are given keys and key combinations corresponding to this point) :

File - basic file operations.
New [F9] - start again.
Open [F7] - load a previously saved game.
Save [F3] - save the current game.
Save as ... [F5] - save the current game under a different name.
Quit [Ctrl + Q] - out of the game in DOS.
Game - functions that are essential for the convenience of the player :
Controls [Ctrl + C] - setting the parameters of the game. This fully corresponds to one point of the bottom of the control buttons , and at this point it will be described in detail.
Music On / Off [F2] - enable / disable music.
Save- 0 -Matic - enable / disable the automatic save game after reaching the next important results.
Auto-Save - setting mode automatically save the game after a certain time interval. If you specify a save game at 0 minutes, the auto-save will be disabled.
Help - whole scattering functions that have no practical value - for example, where you can get technical assistance , to buy a book with tips , etc. We will not even dwell on them .

At the bottom of the screen is the control area . Most importantly, there is in it , * the seven control buttons . Six of them correspond to the basic functions of the game, plus there is one auxiliary button . To use the button , simply click the mouse button on it . The buttons have the following functions :

"Go" (walking people) - move to a specific spot on the screen or go to another screen.
"Look" (eye) - get the description of any object on the game screen.
" Act " (hand) - all transactions with objects from the door opening to the tickling . Desired action is selected automatically depending on the subject .
"Take" (hand lifting something) - to find himself in the subject property. This function has another use: it can help someone to choose subjects of their property for use anywhere on the game screen .
"Speak" ( cloud ) - say something animate any object in the game. If you then talk to him again , then most likely , the replica will be another Larry , so you should always was having these up until the replica will not be repeated .
" Undo " ( fastener ) - undo or undress .
Customize game settings ( engine control ) - Select values for the main parameters of the game :
Detail - the level of graphical detail .
Volume - the volume in the game.
Speed - speed Larry.
Text - text output speed on the screen.
? - A certificate stating that mean different buttons in this window.
OK - end settings .
EXIT - This button is not always present , but only if you are considering in more detail anything and want to return to the normal screen.

When a feature is selected , the mouse cursor takes the form of the symbol of the function. Moving the cursor and clicking the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen , you can try to use this feature there . Of course , you can select functions by clicking the mouse button on the bar at the bottom , but still convenient sequentially through them by pressing the right mouse button . However, this way you can not choose to use items from the property.

Another worth mentioning that in some game situations , not all the buttons - in this case, the image is temporarily unavailable buttons like " shaded " D:

In the right side of the control displays the current account , ie the number of points. Points are awarded for every correct action . Ideally, at the conclusion of the game dialed 999 points , but this is optional - you can finish the game with a much smaller account .

At the bottom is a strip with all the items from the estate of Larry. If all items do not fit on the screen, you can scroll strip , clicking a mouse button on the arrow buttons on the left and right of the strip.

Recall that to select an object on the screen to use the easiest way with the " take".