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Jagged Alliance (DOS)

Jagged Alliance DOS
Genre: Role-Playing (RPG), Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
pacing: Turn-based
Published by: Sir-tech Software
Developed by: Madlab Software
Released: 1995
Platform: DOS

So, again, another war - this time in the tropical jungle. This war, as befits most wars conducted for the redistribution of spheres of influence. And there is that divide - in the mysterious jungle grow trees, fruit processing which brings fabulous profits. Yes, judge for yourself. At $ 500 a day income from each tree - in my opinion, sour. The only true, trouble - greedy boss says the first thing that he does not intend to fund this enterprise wide, though allocates some money for its development. But these tools you should be enough for a lot. First, you need to hire people. I am sure you will enjoy the process. Personalities come across very strange. This, for example, a criminal, ready to take on any task, if it promises money, not very "wet" and there is no smell policemen. There were here without Russian Ivan. As always in a fur hat with pineapple, Ivan, by the way, constantly compares the decaying capitalism to socialism developed, oddly enough, in Russian. Among other prominent personalities can be noted retired colonels and assassins. Remarkable Cuban named Fidel surprisingly deftly managed with different kinds of mines and detonators.
Jagged Alliance DOS title screen

Hand on heart, I'm not sure what the truth is on our side, but to win this war is necessary. Once you will type with grief in half a team consisting mainly of various rabble (normal people go to this company very wisely refused - someone will refer in this case the lack of time, some other promise, and someone straight you express your opinion about the whole undertaking as such, and its leader in particular), you will have to spend some money on a helicopter that can throw the unit in the desired square card. And after all this you still say that you have the only existing plant, capable of processing the fruit into something useful, lacks some semiconductor trinkets. Then either find this part or Conquer enemy factory - not dazzle, and on the way to it you will be welcomed not as a best friend. But finally you go on a mission, and the fun begins ...

You - in the sector. Here, it appears, go to some people, but do not rush to kill them - they are able to benefit. Home is your task on its territory - to find all that your people are able to carry out, and then everything - the boundary of the sector and ...

And the enemy is not ... Although, if you do not see, it does not mean his absence - will have to search and destroy. Knotted real battle, according to the rules. The soldiers disguised lie on the ground, hiding behind trees - a bullet because a fool, and your arms - rubbish.

But the weapons, probably on that and weapons, so it can be to get in a fight. True, at first did not come across decent. At best, you will get some "Colt" or the "Beretta" The only thing that will warm your soul and body to the enemy - is a grenade, but not enough of them, so do not rush their spending - will see, they will come in handy in the future.

But back to our soldiers soldiers had wandered into the thicket of the forest, there are first injured (by the way, if they do not tie up, they may die). Fidel on this score - a strange fellow. It knows that hurt, but do not shoot to take the "ne fly" the enemy will be hard to repeat that busy. Eka importance. By the way, can treat wounded not only in the field but also in the hospital. To do this, sufficiently early in the day to send the group to specify who leave as a patient. But it's easier - not to expose people to the bullets. As well as not to send defuse mines who worked all my life only with a crowbar and shovel. You can easily be undermined not only himself, but also to bring a better world into good company.

But the day is over, it's time to sum up. It's time to pay the salaries of the mercenaries - they want money every day, because the war extremely short life. As if the way it turns out that the money tend to spend money, and with extraordinary speed. And not only alive - may need an escort to send to the "mainland" body of the dead. If it survived, of course. Upon payment of the soldiers may grow insolent - say, you will be asked to expel anyone from the team, saying that he only gets in this case, I recommend to follow the request, or they will turn to the boss, who will not stand on ceremony, but still the same and you will fly.

And now you're back into the same room from which started the game. This room is great with a single property - it is very similar to the present. On the bed folds the blanket on the wall calendar, folded sheet, with difficulty opening the door ... But we "poke" mouse in the bed, and the night passes, begins another day in the hot spot.

It would be nice to start it with the redistribution of people: whom to leave on the basis of th e tren, send someone on a mission, one to be treated, and who - just fire. In addition, we must not forget to place the protection of plantations and to send workers, people profitable. But placing safety, do not forget that everything in this world is worth the money. Let not such what are your "commando", but decent, really. The first two or three days you will not have a lack of funds, but it is illusory prosperity. By the way, if you have injured, they can be left on the base and from a purely mercantile reasons - their salary is decreased almost twice.

Now a little about the course of time. If you are on its territory, then calmly walk while you have the time just goes - from 7 am to 7 pm. At seven in the evening - to the helicopter base. It is not necessary for him to be late. If you are in enemy territory (or territory are not yet free from it), while there is still, but there are moves - every soldier can make a certain number of moves to complete. The shot also "eats" a certain number of moves. And the fact that you have the time and moves and makes think that if you do not capture any square before nightfall, it is tantamount to a retreat from this square and if you are injured, they may die during the retreat - apparently because of appalling insanitary conditions. This, in turn, will reduce your ranking, which will not allow to gain more "cool" warriors.

And now I'd like to talk a little bit about the things that are not related to the plot of the game. Firstly, it administration - at first hard for comfortable with combinations of mouse buttons. Left + Right is not the same thing as Right + Left or Right shift plus mouse down a little. Getting used to the management, you realize that this is probably the best game interface. After the game - a lesson for the rest, and a strategy game - this is one of the laziest form of entertainment. Secondly, the full orientation mouse most commands can be given from the keyboard. For example, the TAB key markedly alters the playing field, and the key "C" you can enable the compression of time, to quickly come evening.

Finally, I note: I think if this game does not tear off from the affairs of anyone who sees it, it's probably already a lost cause.