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Hi-Octane (DOS)

Hi-Octane DOS
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Hovercraft
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Bullfrog Productions
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

So, according to the authors, you - the pilot of a super-modern car (or aeromobile) taking part in the races. The prize in them - win, bet - your life as sports principles of chivalry and nobility to venture competition organizers have nothing to do. All you need is to come (or fly, as the machine does not roll on the roads, and glide over the surface of a meter) first. Which means mapping is achieved, not interest anyone. How many will suffer when your opponents - is not important. More precisely it is important, but with the "minus". The more victims, the better. Your opponents are set not less bloodthirsty, so you can easily fill up the tragic statistics of racing.
What-what, and enough weapons on the road - from minipushek (by no means not small caliber) to homing missiles. And all the weapons, as it should bgg the bright future, is controlled only electronics and beats very accurately. Especially of the cars of your opponents.
Tracks are equipped with the very latest technology and the future are in different countries, on different continents. There are even Chernobyl. This is a gorgeous, whimsical and even sophisticated forms of tracks, ready to "visitors" and send them to the last journey at any time of the year.
HiOctane DOS title
Zone of "hostilities" serve amazing beauty and elegance of robots - aircraft technical services, ready for any part of the track to come to you for help. But not in order to save him from death is very likely, then only that, topping up the fuel in the tank, again bring to the arena, if you are distracted or view of the prevailing circumstances of fatal and inadvertently missed a refueling stop. So, stepping down from the start, do not expect one piece pull over and perezhtsat storm. By the way, you too would get there - and go and shoot your computer opponents are adept at all levels of difficulty.
Environment, especially when you see the progress of the fight from the outside, is fascinating. Three-dimensional landscapes, steles, schiysya fog, haze on the horizon, and against the background of all this - turbouskoriteli roaring, screeching brakes, fractional roar of guns and gnashing of twisted metal. It seems the very air smells of burning and gunpowder. In any case, check to see if it lights up your monitor (it may be inadvertently touched any of the participants). And do not play in «Hi-Ostane" a very long time. Sleepless night, otherwise, you will be guaranteed.
After an impressive start and see a demo of that quality is not inferior to the main game, you find yourself in a small main menu of the program, but first, if you installed the game just select a language and enter your name. If gape and do not touch the keyboard, be able to see another demo, this time the story to see firsthand how difficult it will be your task.
Yet before the game case ever come to that.

Main menu

- RACE - jump directly to the plot;
- OPTIONS - many settings that can help to "you" to communicate with the program during its operation;
- QUIT TO DOS - go to the DOS (you decide on this, we are sure, will not soon).
Start always with the basic settings the game.


CHANGE NAME - change the name by which you will be registered in the list of players in the tournament (something decent, but no more than eight characters).
DETAIL OPTIONS - set the level of detail. This is probably the most important component of the overall shry. Focus on the possibilities of the computer and try to squeeze out all the potentially available resources:
- SHADING - the presence of shadows on the highway and around it;
- SKY - on-screen display of the sky;
- TEXTURE MAPPING - five modes coloring degree of individual picture elements;
- SCREEN RESOLUTION - installing graphics resolution.
This option is just the trouble lies:
320x200 with 256 colors - this is, of course, good. But the charm of the program you will not see;
640x480 with 256 colors - perfect, affordable, unfortunately, only «Pentium», even with a fast video card;
MAIN OPTIONS - returns to the menu OPTIONS.
SOUND OPTIONS - sound system. The level of music and special effects set separately.
REINITIALISE JOISTTCK - initialization of the joystick. COMPUTER PLAYERS - participation in a future race computer opponents with all the ensuing consequences. Otherwise, will race around the track in splendid isolation, fighting only with time.
DIFFICULTY LEVEL - three modes of the overall level of difficulty. This choice depends on a number of factors - the degree of control of the vehicle on steep slopes turns, the reliability of its protection from the enemy's fire, the degree of skill, aggression and bloodlust of your opponents, and more. MAIN MENU - return to the main menu of the game.


Preparing for the race and directly involved in them. You first need to decide on the main - what kind of competition you prefer at the moment:
- CHAMPIONSHIP - the beginning of the new season;
- SINGLE RACE - single race.
Let's start with the latter, as the most simple in the sense of the primary with the game. This is a single "friendly" with a preliminary check the arbitrary choice of some conditions that are not available in the regular season.


First, you can choose one of six tracks, which are all league competitions, including major championship. By the side arrow keys you can select the track to his liking, focusing on their rotating schematic images. Of statistical information is available, only one - the number of laps (NUMBER OF LAPS), which will consist of the next race. However, in the mode SINGLE RACE you can by using the UP / DOWN, install the version from 1 to 50 laps. Some specific features of the tracks.
  1. AMAZON DELTA TURNPIKE - the first and in all respects the most simple route. High-speed oval, almost regularly shaped track with two long straights. Getting lost almost nowhere, although there are two branches, one of which is a service of the renewal of protective shield. Refueling and reloading weapons are next to each other directly on the road, in the middle of the ring.
  2. TRANS-ASIA INTERSTATE - track T-shaped, with a lot of steep climbs and descents. A lot of long straight sections, suitable for high-speed transmission regime. But a lot of very short, sharp right turns. Reloading weapons and restore the shield located on a long branch from the main high-speed route. Filling fuel - on the main track before the long tunnel flooded with water. Deadlocks and traps do not.
  3. SHANGHAI DRAGON - track in the form of irregular eight. Speed ​​sites is not much, but it is full of sharp turns. Refuelling is located right on the highway, just before the start line, repair and recharge shields of arms in the far-spaced left-wing "pockets." Crossroads in the first intersection can be confusing, especially if too closely follow the signs on the road surface. You can make a mistake, stepping down sharply to the right. As a result of laps because of the truncated portion will not be counted, but you should not lose a lot of time. Many parts of the road stretch at high altitude. In some of them there is no fence, and there is a good chance to fly away to the snowy abyss. The ego is not your death, just once you miss a precious second. In the low efficiency of the tunnel enemy fire is especially high.
  4. NEW CHERNOBYL CENTRAL - another "eight" with a very cool ring. Second - simpler, more direct and convenient for quick passage. Adding fuel, repair and recharge shields of arms are directly in the path of your route. Crossroads is not complicated. In one of the segments has a direct canyon. The main route is laid on the bottom of it, but on both sides of the above can be found and some accessory equipment prize. However, it is in abundance on all routes, and talk about it special. On a map of the Chernobyl track missing one primer branch, which can confuse you. But you can get there only by having a sufficient degree of fantasy. Places from which to falling over the edge, there is little, since the entire road runs along the bottom of the canyon.
  5. CLAM CANYON - half of the trail is a long, straight cut. Refueling is on the opposite side of the circle, away from areas of repair and shield of arms. All of these services are located in the left off the main road. Crossroads is not, but there are a large number of poles, blocking the way. Be careful. There is one branch, completely non-functional, only to lengthen the road, and a huge jump before the finish. You can only drop down to the parallel, bottom-paved road.
  6. THRAK CITY - the most sophisticated configuration, sometimes snow-covered trail. The abundance of cool under 180 degree turns, a few confusing intersections, the ability to break into the icy abyss and the two intersections. A long narrow tunnel - a favorite place of all your opponents for precise shooting. Of the tunnel are two exits. Left - to the repair and refueling shield (do not miss). On the way out of it is necessary to leave immediately to the left, so as not to go to meet the other participants. Do not Bump into the fence, literally obstructing the road. The next part of the way to go on the ice. At the second fork not forget to turn left. And after a series of dizzying twists get to the point of reloading weapons. The second refueling is right for the next fork in the road. On this route, develop decent speed can not be due to the fact that many turns of the road instead of just "breaks" and goes to the side at 90 degrees.
After selecting the track to decide what kind of car you will drive in the race. The cursor keys LEFT and RIGHT to "browse" the six available models, rotating slowly in front of you. Although the machines are relatively few, they are significantly different from each other. The first thing that catches your eye -
Naturally, their appearance. You can stay on the stamps, more familiar to today's eye, such as KD-1 SPEEDER,
looks like a modern passenger car, or SUGGA, similar to an ordinary trailer. And you can select something more exotic, to today's automotive industry has not completely irrelevant. The four remaining models are different in size, more like a fantastic fighter, a place which in space rather than on the racetrack. Nevertheless, they are available. However, the choice of the vehicle should not rely on the appearance of the car. Critical it has not. Small SPEEDER may be more useful than any other, powerful and bulky model. Determinants are four main characteristics that are essential for all vehicles admitted to the competition:
- SPEED - speed of movement;
- WEIGHT - the total weight of the vehicle;
- ARMOUR - power armor;
- FIREPOWER - firepower.
If you rely on skillful driving, choose a velocity model. If more believe in the power of weapons - machine has a maximum firepower. But, most importantly, do not miss the sight of the armor. This, in our opinion, the most useful component, as it will bring you a little while to postpone his own death. A skillfully using the accessories, you can even get to the end of the track.
KD-1 SPEEDER: speed - 6;
Weight - 5;
Armor - 4;
Weapon - 5.
FLEXIWING: speed - 8;
Weight - 4;
Armor - 4;
Weapon - 4.
OUTRIDER: speed - 8;
Weight - 4;
Armor - 3;
Weapon - 5.
YAMPYR: speed - 6;
Weight - 6;
Armor - 4;
Weapon - 4.
SUGGA: Speed ​​- 4;
Weight - 6;
Armor - 5;
Weapon - 5.
BESERKER: Speed - 3;
Weight - 6;
Armor - 5;
Weapon - 6.
All parameters of cars in the game are, so make your choice consciously.
In addition to the means of transportation in this menu, you must define the command that you will submit to the contest. You can choose from eight. Each company has its own color, by which it will be possible to distinguish between rivals on the track, and most importantly, the electronic map - display showing the progress of the struggle:
«BULLFROG» - green (the creators of the game could not resist the temptation to become parties themselves and races);
«MAD MEDICINE» - white;
«ASSASSINS» - black;
«GOREHOUNDS * - red;
«FOO FIGHTERS» - yellow;
«DETHFEST» - blue;
«FIRE PHREAKS» - orange;
«STORM RIDERS» - purple.
Team selection can be done using UP / DOWN. Pressing ENTER will load the track and bring you to the start, where, after a green signal, you can start a movement. The first meters are overcome blindly. This prelaunch acceleration. A little later, you will see an image of all the indicators and instruments to help with the management machine, a monitor for the weapons systems and life support systems, and evaluation of the current situation on the track. The displays look very peculiar, and their importance requires special attention.
At the top of the screen are the following sensors.
Zig-zag green bar on the left - in the protective shield protects the car from premature destruction. Feature «Hi-Octane» is that physical fighting machines do not cause significant damage. Therefore we can speak only about the trauma caused by enemy fire.
Long blue-expanding strip on top - filled ABILITY.
fuel tanks of vehicles. If it takes all the space allotted to it, the fuel on board the maximum amount. Reduce the length of the scale indicates the expenditure incurred. Once the level drops to a critical state, the screen appears the inscription: FUEL LOW (about mid-indicator). Beep will inform you about it, and that all fuel is running out: FUEL EMPTY (narrow end of the scale). If the worst happens and you miss a gas station, should not dramatize the situation. The screen will display: AWAITING REPAIR. You will pick up a little bit and refuel released on track again.
Zig-zag thin green bar - gas. In this case,
You can say otherwise - the engine speed of your machine. When you activate the turbo boost, the scale is painted in white.
The broad yellow stripe - the speed with which you sweep over the track. The higher it is, the more the color changes from yellow to red.
The zig-zag yellow stripe at the top right - an indicator of the availability of existing arsenal to combat homing missiles. Zig-zag orange band just below - heating mode minipushki installed on board. At long shooting scale length reaches its maximum value at the time and the weapons off. To restart the fire must wait until the scale will disappear (and do not forget the ammo).
Two red numbers shot through the left - a position that you occupy in the race to date, and the number of participants who are currently on the track.
Blue numbers shot through with arrows - traversed the circle and the total number in the current race.
Red numbers and a skull on the left - the number of opponents killed by you in the course of the struggle.
Three orange indicator in the center - left to right:
- Increase the capacity minipushki (three lanes);
- Increasing the capacity of rocket fire (silhouette flares);
- Increasing the efficiency of turbouskoriteli (white arrow).
In the selection of the road corresponding additional prize of equipment, the size of several indicators increased, suggesting the potential use of these modes with maximum efficiency.
Blue numbers at the bottom of the left - the number traversed at the moment of the circle and the time it takes to overcome it. E-map track - it is located in the lower right corner of the screen and displays the current status of the fight on the track:
- Gray horizontal line - a place the start and finish;
- Multi-point - cars race participants, depending on the team colors;
- Throbbing larger point sizes - your place on the Track;
- Blue stripe - a place fueling;
- Green band - a protective shield repair station;
- Yellow stripe - minipushki point recharge. At the bottom of the screen, depending on the prevailing situation has text information about some of the changes in the status of your machine - low fuel level, which occurred just refueling, reloading weapons, and more.
In addition, the electronic system of automatic identification and targeting the enemy was on the screen marks of persecuted for you. The green frame means that the unit is accompanied by an opponent, but the guidance is not yet complete. Red indicates the availability of the entire system to the management of the impact of rocket fire. The inscription next to it is the identity - that is, information about who controls this machine. Try to shoot missiles only after final completion of the guidance system. This will give you an opportunity to save ammunition in long races.
Bullet marks on your windshield - a sure sign of the upcoming repairs related to the partial destruction of your machine. Try to drive past the near post to repair the shield and follow his condition on the green indicator in the upper left corner.

Special prizes and road signs

Apart from the purely subjective factors, such as skilful driving and accurate shooting, the success of «Hi-Octane» is defined and three technical components - a timely refueling, reloading weapons, and the presence in the arsenal of ready-to-use system of turbo boost. Without them, not that defeat even reach the finish line is almost impossible. Location maintenance items indicated by traffic signs placed along the edges of trails in the immediate vicinity of the respective objects or next to them. They are the shields of different colors to put on them with special icons:
- Blue - fueling (silhouette gas station);
- Yellow - reload (contours gun);
- Green - repair of protection (a shield). These signs are mounted directly to the respective technical areas.
Those boards, but with the right and left arrows indicate the shortest access roads to these points on the road and are located, respectively, at a certain distance.
Activation of all three modes is done automatically at the time of the direct drive past the technical points. Slow down the speed and slow down when not needed. Despite the availability of technical services at each track services provided there is still not enough for a full-fledged fight. Therefore, the organizers of the competition liberally sprinkled along the route options are refueling, recharging and repair. These unique awards are three different configurations. Triangles increase the power of the systems of ten standard units, diamonds - a hundred, hexagon - by two (corresponding to the number applied to each prize). Prizes blue - emergency refueling fuel, yellow - to replenish ammunition minipushke, green-circuit board repair.
In addition to them on the track and you can pick up prizes in red:
diamond with six black dots will increase capacity guns, hexagon with a silhouette of the rocket will increase the number of missiles in your ammunition, and the diamond with a white arrow will add energy system, turbo boost.
All this equipment is strategically imperative, as save you from arrival to technical points, sometimes located in remote "sleeves" track. Thus you will save significant time passage of the next steep. Furthermore, sometimes even prizes should be selected at the expense of speed, turning on those portions of the route which is directly on the track, nevertheless located away from your shortest path of motion (for example on the outer edge of the turns in short or sidings).
If you foolishly tear down the embankment and overpass and thus have lost some seconds, all the more so look around - on the roads, too, can be a lot of things worthy of your attention.


If you want to start the regular season, choose.
RACE is the mode. Further actions are as follows:
- NEW CHAMPIONSHIP - to start a new tournament;
- LOAD CHAMPIONSHIP - to play one of the previously initiated and recorded after the completion of one of the races;
- SAVE CHAMPIONSHIP - the current championship record to disk in order to save it, and then play from where it (five slots to choose from);
- QUIT CHAMPIONSHIP - stop championship and return to the place of selecting the type of event.


This option opens a new tournament. In the list of drivers you will be registered under a name entered in the last time in the previous menu.
Championship itself is consistently walkable from one track to another series of races in which you must, at a minimum, to survive and get to the end, to be eligible to participate in the following. However, even here there is a difficulty. Pass to the next round only in the event that will occupy space on the top lines of the summary table. Otherwise, all have to start from the beginning. In contrast to the single race in the championship you are unable to choose the order of passing tracks. They are strictly defined rules of the competition. Also, as the number of rounds to be held in each race.
Tournament starts with the first track of the order «AMAZON DELTA TURN PIKE», the length of eleven laps.
Selection of machine and the command that you will act championship, similar to the corresponding modes in the SINGLE RACE.
Then - the start and the fight for sure a high place on the podium.
At the end of the race summary table shows the technical results of the just concluded-in, where:
- HIT ACCURACY - accuracy (in percent);
- KILLS - the number of destroyed your opponent cars;
- DEATHS - the amount of your broken machines;
- AVERAGE LAP - average lap speed;
- BEST LAP - the fastest lap time;
- RACE TIME - the race;
- RATING - your overall rating;
- POSITION - the space used in the race.
POINTS The following table shows the number of points gained by all participants in advance. In the first place is awarded 20 points, second place - 16, for the third - 13 Further, respectively.
And, 9, 7, 6, 5.
The overall results after a few races are in the table CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE. This specifies the total number of points earned by drivers in all previous races, and, depending on the amount, location, on which the applicants.
If the (track) you passed successfully, the following menu will contain a new championship option - CONTINUE CHAMPIONSHIP. It will allow you to immediately continue the championship. However, it is better to record the current state of the game to disk option SAVE CHAMPIONSHIP, and then proceeding to further procedures.


Regardless of the machine, your machine is controlled by exactly the same.
UP - acceleration.
DOWN - brake.
LEFT - left.
RIGHT - turn to the right.
Z - shooting minipushki.
X - rocket salvo.
With the - enable turbouskoriteli. detail.
1 - view of the road from the cockpit.
2 - view of the car from above.
3 - view of the car from top to rear.
4 - view of the car with a top-to-back distance.
With all the above modes of management is carried out in full. These indicators and displays are present on the screen, allowing you to navigate through all the nuances of race and performance of your machine.

Some useful tips

  • Tactics race depends entirely on the type and characteristics of your chosen device. Still, given the need to constantly hold high places, we recommend a fast car that is capable to break away from his pursuers at a distance, inaccessible aimed shots. - Led the race from the start only makes sense if you firmly believe in their ability to break out far ahead. Be a target for those who walk in close proximity to the rear of opponents - a thankless task. The same applies to a desire to beat the competition by more than a circle. Having gone far ahead, follow the map to his pursuers and those who are hopelessly behind and is somewhere ahead, you separated the safe distance.
  • Actively use the turbo mode. Long press the C key allows you to accelerate as much. After that, the energy of turbocharging supercharger falls. The ego is reflected in the display speed (green bar on top). Advise pressing C after crossing the starting line, do not let go of the key to the finish. Appropriate prizes will hook you during the race, and turbo will be repeatedly turned on, driving your car.
  • Shoot the enemy only after his unit will be accompanied by your steady guidance system (red frame). This applies not only to fire missiles, but also out of a cannon. In order to "capture" was complete, after the appearance of the green frame enable turbo. After a closer tracking of the target will be complete.
  • Attack the enemy, at the same time using both types of on-board weapons. Do not neglect the gun, it is also very effective. - After the enemy's machine is broken (no matter who) of it to the track vypatset many prizes. Try to be more agile and other pick them first. - Try not to miss any of the service station. This is particularly true shield and fuel (without weapons, in the end, and you can do).
  • Play «Hi-Octane» convenient and joystick. The push button A is responsible for the shooting of minigun button in launching rockets. - On tracks have little tricky branches, finding that you can slightly reduce the length of each round, without violating the basic rules of the competition.