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Destruction Derby (DOS)

Destruction Derby DOS
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Vehicular: Automobile, Vehicular combat
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Reflections Interactive Limited
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Of published recently in the car racing simulation PC «Destruction Derby» company «Psygnosis» stands alone. Moreover, there is hardly a game like this at all. What you're dealing with the simulator highly unusual, it is clear from the first demos of the program.
Racing cars in a circle rather than try to finish as each other trying to inflict the maximum possible damage. Constant clashes, the mountains of twisted metal, scattering debris in all directions - all of this is «Destruction Derby», to destroy competition, a kind of «Mortal Kosh-bat» on wheels. And yet - no ostentatious and blood, one continuous dynamics of a few really do not like each other scenarios.
The only thing you have to regret is the lack of in-game real SVGA-graphics in the style of «Need For Speed». The authors did not bother to exploitation latest achievements of modern computer technology, and all the attention focused, obviously, on multiple, is not similar to each other game modes.
Destruction Derby DOS title screen
Maybe it's for the best. Picture and it turned out very nice, but the game turned on at full detail does not require high-powered processor (486DX/50 quite amiss).
After downloading the program, you get to the main menu of the game. It really is such as the course of action to work with it you will have the time.

Left to right (top row):
- The mode of choosing the level of difficulty;
- Menu for different tracks singles competitions;
- The type of the game (the choice of driving style to the scenario);
- HD - recording mode and playback championship game postponed;
- GO! - Run that type of competition;
- OPTIONS - pre-game menu settings.

Since then, and let us, as before go to a track, you need to install some pre-game options:
MUSIC TEST - volume control and options for music.
DETAIL - level detail graphics game, where:
- TREES - trees on the edges of the image track;
- TRACK DETAIL - detailed images of individual elements of the track;
-TRACK - drawing pavement. (Two options graphical display modes tracks connected to each other not only logically, but also in software);
- SMOKE - image of smoke from the exhaust pipe and smoke car after numerous accidents.
FASTEST LAPS - record time, as shown by passing a circle on each of the game trails, and the best results in the mode TOTAL DESTRUCTION (see below).
These tracks are turned over to the arrow-side cursors.
CONTROLS - choose the device that controls the game:
- KEYBOARD - playing with the keyboard.
By taking this option, you have the opportunity to immediately assign a unique distribution of buttons control the car. The default value is:
LEFT - turn left;
RIGHT - turn to the right;
DOWN - brake (BRAKE);
SPACE - The rapidly rotating wheel (FAST STEER);
A - switch types in the game (VIEW UP);
Z - the same, but in reverse order (VIEW DOWN);
- ANALOG JOYSTICK - choose analog stick (and calibration);
- DIGITAL JOYSTICK - choice of digital controller (and calibration);
- MOUSE - Mouse, as the primary management tool. The most convenient way of driving in «Destruction Derby» is the keyboard. We strongly encourage you to choose exactly it.
At this training is over and you are ready for the game itself.


Start with the level of complexity. This choice has a direct impact on the skill of the opponent and bitter confrontation from computer racers. Going into the appropriate menu, side arrow buttons, rolling out the bowl derby cars, indicating a certain level of complexity.
ROOKIE - simple. Machine silver. Belongs to the team «Psygnosis» with the appropriate logo on the side.
AMATEUR - average. Car black and white. Team «Grim Reaper».
PRO - the most difficult level. White and green. Team - «Smoothie».
Rolling his right machine, press ENTER, confirming thus the level of difficulty.
Names of the teams in the future will not play absolutely no role, and the selection of cars (as such) in «Destruction Derby» not at all. All drivers in all divisions are racing to the goal on the same machines. All automatic transmissions, and the technical bells and whistles of all there is only power steering, helping turn the steering wheel at higher speeds (see the distribution of keys).


Early in the game you are offered a choice of six tracks that are significantly different from each other. Selecting any of these needs for training runs, races in the MULTI-PLAYER mode or duel with a rival.
In an embodiment of the championship scenario remains unchanged. In its first stage, you will be given the route, already familiar to a single race.


SPEEDWAY - the most simple oval track, with no navigational difficulties. Turns left entirely alone. Length - 12 laps;
CROSS OYER - difficult track, with almost no straight sections, with the crossroads in the center. The main difficulty is to drive through the intersection in the right direction, and if a second before you have an accident in which your car spun several times. Length - 10 laps;
OCEAN DRIVE - the most picturesque track. Motor Speedway, located on the ocean shore and is a winding ring with a few twists and restrictions of the roadway. Length - 10 laps;
CACTUS CREEK. Prairie and cacti - not the main feature of this track. The main problem (as in the CROSS OVER) - two crossings, makes the route in collisions. This route - the most difficult in the mode of training, time trial and the first round of the championship. Length - 8 laps;
CITY HEAT - a fairly simple circular track with a pair of small gyri. Turns entirely just right. Overall length - 10 laps.
Selected tracks after running the appropriate mode side cursors. OK - confirm and return to the main menu of the game.
THE BOWL - this is another track that is not on the list. To access it, you need to select the type of game menu setting to DESTRUCTION DERBY. When you return to the main menu, THE BOWL appears in the tracks. This is a very special track for a very special type of game. It consists of a closed bowl at which the car bullfight, the meaning of which is composed exclusively of machines in clashes with each other (see below).
After installation complexity and run, on which there will be another race, you need to go to the selection of style race, type of competitions and all that is connected with it. Will be devoted to the main part of this description. However, not to be interrupted later, briefly describe the recording mode and game downloads.


In «Destruction Derby» can be written (SAVE) to drive the current state of the championship at any one of the eight slots recording (GAMES) at the end of each regular tournament race. In addition, viewing the video just past check-in, you can save it separately and on one of the eight other (special) slots.
In order to load (LOAD) interrupted the championship, then HD, then the row of menu GAMES and press ENTER. To play the repeat do the same thing, only with a list of REPLAY.
Along the way, a few words about the movie playback mode of arrival. By means of a special panel that appears at the beginning and can be called at any time by pressing ESC. The leftmost button - change the Camera Angle. The regular version - the race is broadcast multiple cameras that can automatically switch when the car passes them by. You can change the default view to top view from a helicopter. Run tape - the third button on the right, return to the main menu - the extreme right. If you watch replay immediately after arrival, burn it to disk, you can, using the key with the image of the hard drive. SAVE REPLAY menu, select an available slot and the tape is named. OK - save the information.

Styles race

The whole game depends on what you choose styles. More information about each of them, and the nature of the competition held in each of the styles you will learn later. And now - the most fundamental thing that distinguishes one style from another.
WRECKIN 'RACING - the essence of all the competitions held as part of this style is not about that, as in any other races to come first, and to act on the road most aggressively, smashing right and left all the cars opponents. It does not matter who will win in the end. The main thing - to get more points for the successful conduct of the collision.
STOCK CAR RACING - normal driving style. Its main purpose - to come to the finish line first. For «Destruction Derby» it is characterized, however, a "power struggle" on the track, directed, however, not to damage vehicles opponents, and the fact that they simply push apart and clear the way to the operating room.
DESTRUCTION DERBY - bullfight in the cup THE BOWL. All drivers ruthlessly butt each other. Trying to keep up with you. And do it as long as all the machines will not be defeated rivals (which, in fact, unlikely) or until your car is on the move (and last, as a rule, not very long).
For successful attacks are awarded points, the number of which is determined the winner.
TIME TRIALS - a race against time. Your task - to show the most rapid results that, if successful, get into the "Book of Records" - menu FASTEST LAPS. However, as regards the regime TOTAL DESTRUCTION, here things are different. But this - later.
You have chosen to level of difficulty, the track and driving style. You can then go to the start. In each mode, there are several options.
RACE PRACTICE - normal single check, which you can practice to hone a particular driving style. Depending on the type of game, you'll get points for collision or a second wind in the hope to get to the finish line. Ultimately, all this does not matter, because the nature of the race is only training. There are no winners or losers, and the results undocumented. You may at any time terminate the race by pressing ESC. The program will ask you if you want to continue the contest after stopping (CONTINUE), or return to the main menu (EXIT).
At the end of the races you can see videopovtor to analyze the mistakes that have been committed by you in the fight (REPLAY). Return to main menu - again EXIT.
Practice mode is for WRECKIN ', STOCK CAR and DESTRUCTION DERBY. The racing on a temporary student record record the fight starts immediately.


This is the main game modes for all styles (except TIME TRIALS). What's that, and the competition in this version «DD» is really very complicated and twisted his script so that the chance of winning you will not be very long.
You are not just a driver, a member of a team. The main thing - you are a member of a certain league (LEAGUE), which consists of sixteen drivers. All of them (the degree of slope, which, however, does not affect the overall results) are divided into four divisions (DIVISION 1, 2, 3, 4). Championship starts for you in the fourth division, the weakest. Your job is to the results of the six races to surpass totals not all members of the League and only three competitors in their division. If you gain the most points in the division (in WRECKIN 'DESTRUCTION and beaten for your car of all other participants in the league, but STOCK CAR - Points for the next ranking, again, to all riders), you will have the right to continue the championship in the division number 3, etc., to victory in the most powerful, the first group (DIVISION 1).
Thus, moving from a lower to a higher division, you get access to six new tracks, on which to continue the struggle.


So, you started in the championship, the essence of which - to score maximum points for the damage caused to other cars.

During the race you get points for:
- Destruction (full and final) rival machines - 10 points;
- Double the target for 360 - 10 points;
- 180-degree turn - 4 points;
- Turn 90 degrees - 2 points.
The figures for the race summed, but more than 99 points you will not be able to dial. It is - possible maximum above which can not jump. (However, this result is almost fantastic, and do not expect to come close to it, even on easy. Maybe then one day you get lucky ... but not soon.)
The procedure for starting the championship is that - in the menu select the type of game the appropriate style and form of struggle (in this case WRECKIN 'CHAMPIONSHIP), then type the keyboard name that will act in the league, and, returning to the main menu, start the GO!
The next screen - the next track. Nothing can be changed. The script will guide you on to SPEEDWAY THE BOWL. Pressing ENTER you download the track and, after the inscription GO!, Start moving.
Pay attention to the design of the game screen. There are no such necessary for normal races parameters like bit rate, number of transmission, engine speed. All this for «Destruction Derby» does not matter.
However, some information on the screen is.
In the upper left corner - RACE POINTS. Is the total number of points you accumulate during the race.
Top right: LAP NO., The number of laps in the race, where the first number - the current range, the second - the total amount.
Bottom left: the first (large) number - your ordinal position in the race, the second (smaller) - the total number of participants in advance. Since this is a WRECKIN ', any value it has. You can easily come to the finish last, and in the end, to win not only in the division, but in the league as a whole, if this will effectively push apart overtaking your opponents podkaraulivaya when they rush at breakneck speed by. However, there is one point on which it is better to reach the finish line of the first (see below).
Lower right - silhouette of the car with six sensors damage. Green light - the car is in good condition. Beige - are seriously damaged, red - the situation is critical, and the race will stop for you just as soon as possible, after a couple of new clashes. If at this point to the finish line (the last round) far - you are unlikely to end the race. However, you should not particularly upset. If at this point you have accumulated enough points, you will take a worthy place in the table - disqualification for the broken car or even self-termination race (ESC) in «DD» not. After saying RACE OVER mode CALCULATING all participants have completed the fight without you. (About the struggle on the road, you will learn the names of the movements of the riders on the table.)
In the end (the same as if you made it to the finish), you will be the final race menu.
VIEW LEAGUE - Championship main table, where all members are in their divisions in the field, corresponding to the total number of points dialed (for all previous race). This indicator after the sixth stage, THE BOWL, and bring you up to the top flight in the lower or leave to start a completely new tournament. Racers in the table are numbered from one to four and the number of points scored for a successful "military action.
By the way, how are relations with the members of your division, you can track directly on the track. Your competitors' machines marked 1-st, 2-nd and W-rd. This way you can always see where your main rival. And one more tip - Points for successful collision is doubled if you are "offended" the leader of the race.
VIEW REPLAY - Check to see replay and record it if you want (see above).
VIEW RESULTS - table of results of the race. All drivers are based on the number of points in one list, which shows the number of occupied space, the name of the racer, as well as:
- FINISHED - place racer took the finish;
- POINTS - number of points.
If two or more drivers will be equal to the figure, a place higher in the table take the one who came to the finish line faster than others. This is, indeed, the only occasion on which you may still should pay attention to the actual race, not just the "dispute" on the road.
NEXT RACE - the transition to the next stage of the championship.
SAVE - write to the disk of the current situation in the league after the just-completed race. If you found a good result, be sure to sign up, especially when in principle not very confident in their abilities. In this case, completely lost the next race, you can play the championship with a pleasant situation for you and once again to continue the fight.
EXIT - to stop the tournament and return to the main menu. This program will take care about the fate of the interrupted championship and ask you to confirm the command.


Choose this type of event, name, and returning to the main menu, start the GO! Tracks and their order - the same. Remains unchanged and the number of rounds and the number of participants, divided into four divisions. To win the part, then to be able to continue the championship. The game screen is slightly different - the same silhouette of the car, the light laps LAP NO. and, in the lower left corner - your position on the track, among others. Unlike WRECKIN ', this information is of immediate value - the higher will be your place at the finish, the more bonus points you get in return.

The score according to the ranking:
1 - 50;
2 - 40;
3 - 35;
4 - 30;
5 - 25;
6 - 20;
7 - 18;
8 - 16;
9 - 14;
10 - 12;
11 - 10;
12 - 6;
13 - 4;
14 - 2;
15 - 1;
16 - 0.
As can be seen from the above list - the difference between a winner and a loser is huge. Therefore utmost to ensure that one of the first to arrive. If you succeed, you will have chances to overtake members of your division by the number of points. (During the race for their positions guided by the marking machine, similar championship WRECKIN '. But even better place to gaze at the list and focus on it, because if you finishiruete first three of your competitors with no options will be below you in the table. ) As crashes and power of the race, we recommend to avoid collisions, as otherwise you simply will not reach the finish line. Tremors in STOCK CAR should be justified only by the struggle for a higher place in the caravan in situations where a similar technique actually helps you eliminate another competitor. (By the way, your car breaks down and the collisions with fences, so be careful on the turns. Agree, pretty insulting to lead the whole race and in the end, smashing the car on the curb on the last turn, do not reach the finish line. And such situation «DD» happens all the time.) If you are out of control early, enjoy online CALCULATING absentia further course of the struggle.
The final race on his menu modes coincides with WRECKIN '. Table VIEW RESULTS all riders are in the finishing order, indicating the score. In the VIEW LEAGUE, as usual, is a summary of results for the last race in each division separately. A final comment on STOCK CAR. If you are out of the race early, it does not mean that you have shown is the worst result since several riders could get out of control before you. (However, this is cold comfort, as underdogs on the tracks is not as much as we would like.)
Record of the current state and the transition to the next race are identical to those described above similar modes.


Championship this kind of competition is a series of six "battles" on track THE BOWL. Everything that happens in the cup, the words is hard to convey. Sixteen cars begin hunting each other to the highest number of points (see WRECKIN 'CHAMPIONSHIP), occupy the highest place in the league and in his division. In addition to those points, which are drivers of successful attacks, another ten are charged only for access to the arena. So, if you have never failed to excel in the cup, his 10 points you do get. (However, it is not enough to get away from last place.) Competition in DESTRUCTION continued until failure of your car (or any other), but here, more than 99 points you can not dial. If a match is interrupted by failure of your car or you are forced to exit the game (ESC) - CALCULATING mode completes counting of the results, and the final page, you can see the results (as in the previous type of championship).
However, three tournaments in a script «Destruction Derby» are not limited to - the menu select the type of game you can set the TIME TRIALS - race against the clock. Do not forget to pre-select the track, which are going to set a record lap times. You go out on the road alone. All that will take care of - is the technical condition of your machine (as usual, the silhouette of the car at the bottom right) and time shown in the lap (top left - a record that will then be entered in the register FASTEST LAPS, if it is worth it, and at the bottom in the middle - the passage of the current range).
The number of rings that you will pass on the highway, is not limited by anything except the fortress of your car and common sense. In other words, until the car falls apart or you will not get bored. Stop check at any time by pressing ESC. If you installed the game record, the program will congratulate you: WOW! WHAT A LAP! - And prompts you to enter the name under which the record time will be stored in the registry as a guide to future rounds.


Among other things, to «Destruction Derby» a mode games for multiple players in each of the styles (WRECKIN ', STOCK CAR and DESTRUCTION DERBY).
Behind the wheel of car computer can simultaneously accommodate up to 16 real-world drivers, that makes the game special charm and emotion. Unfortunately, today's Russian realities are unlikely to «Destruction Derby» unite so many people.
While TEAM PAIRS involved 32 riders at a time. They are divided in pairs on 16 teams, and the task of each pair - work together, covering each other in order to end up at the finish line to take the place as possible. Whichever is the points scored by the team in total (that is, the two drivers together). Maintains a table of the league, etc. Another option - TAG. You opponent chasing each other, and for you being chased by angry gang of fourteen competitors, literally tearing your car apart. (This is the original game in the tag.)
The next type of competition for several players - SEEK AND DESTROY. When you and your friend start the race, each of your machines persecuted for seven cars opponents. With all opponents, which you will encounter in the course of arrival will immediately switch on the car of your opponent and attack it. So the purpose of this kind of competition - to push as many cars to thereby divert their attention away from you. But be careful if your opponent is on the road doing the same thing, and a quiet life on the track you still will not.
Finally, another option game in MULTI-PLAYER - DUEL. The track is empty. Only you and your opponent on another computer. In our opinion - this is the most venturesome in combat «Destruction Derby».
However, we emphasize that access to all these exotic competition, you need to have a network of linked computers, and before running the program in the SETUP mode to configure the COM PORT SETTINGS option and then run the option game RUN LINKED GAME. After that, wait for the game to connect to partners and choose the correct type of competitions.


In this case we are talking about the option that is chosen directly from the main menu of the game and available for one player. Your only opponent playing a computer opponent.
In modes WRECKIN 'STOCK CAR and simple - you choose the level of difficulty, the track and go to the start. In the course of the fight all the usual - in the first case the points awarded for successful attacks (you still try to reach the finish line first), the second goal also common for STOCK CAR - first place at the finish.
In addition to the two race mode against the computer opponent is present in the form DESTRUCTION DERBY. By selecting this option, then enter the next menu, and run OTHER OPTIONS DUEL.
Automatically places you in a bowl track THE BOWL and confronts you with one single car. Fight goes so long as one of the cars will not be destroyed. Catch an opponent in a large bowl rather difficult, so here you have to do even greater maneuverability than any other race.
But that's not all. «Destruction Derby» OTHER OPTIONS menu offers another (now the last type of competition) - TOTAL DESTRUCTION. The essence of it is this.
The arena THE BOWL out all sixteen participants. This competition for destruction. However, in contrast to the normal mode, where each defends its interests, TOTAL DESTRUCTION you find one on one with fifteen computer drivers, whose main task - to destroy your car as soon as possible. The more time you will be able to hold out, the real chance to get into the registry the best achievements of the game (in the menu FASTEST LAPS / TOTAL DESTRUCTION). The counter at the bottom of counting the seconds, during which time the match continues. When, finally, finally you will trample, the message YOU SURVIVED ... SECONDS. If the result is in the top five, you'll learn about it by greeting WOW! WHAT A TIME! and the need to write his name in the record books TD. (Believe me, it's hard to hold out even just one minute!)
These are all modes of the game «Destruction Derby».

Finally, some practical tips on driving

  • When you approach the next turn of the track, will move to the outside fence. It is an ideal point to enter into a turn, because, first of all, if you and touches the curb, hit will be negligible on a tangent that does not slow down and almost no effect on the state of your machine, and second, after turning on the taxi straight length is much easier with the outer part - in this case, you quickly type in the maximum speed;
  • If you were on the heels of pursuing an angry opponent, try to slow down dramatically. Impact will be much more painful for the enemy than to you, and damage it more precisely, he will;
  • If you see that you are overtaken, do not try to "cut", this action often leads to what you and deployed on the track at 180-360 degrees. Thus you own You give opponents 10 bonus points and, in addition, to temporarily lose control and lose speed. Therefore, try to miss the car a little ahead of the enemy and strike it from behind the side (near the rear wheel). Such an action can bring you extra points, but at the same time and for some time will clean the track of a competitor;
  • If the opponent is going before you start to slow down in a curve, add gas and sharply freely from behind. Almost certainly at the same time he has been impacted by the wall and suffered serious injuries;
  • Also highly recommended to push the opponent to the outer and inner sides of the fence. Friction on the concrete does not help extend the life of the car in general and in «Destruction Derby», in particular;
  • Going to the head-on collision, walk right up to someone else's car, and then abruptly swerved to the side to get damaged at the time, the enemy will break the engine. Front shocks are much more sensitive and, ultimately, deadly.
Follow these rules, and after a long training success «DD» will come to you.
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