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Destruction Derby 2 (DOS)

Destruction Derby 2 DOS
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Vehicular: Automobile, Vehicular combat
Published by: Psygnosis Limited
Developed by: Reflections Interactive Limited
Released: 1996
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
Destruction Derby 2 DOS control keysThose who play the first part of the game understand us perfectly because there they did the same, and let strangers come to drink tea, they would still be interested.
For have not lost the desire to join the section of road ... uh-uh ... freaks get down to the main part of the report. All modes encountered in the first part of DD, are left intact and sohran¬nosti (even if one was added, honest!). All the same race on points for prizes and ofkos itself Destruction Derby. It is proposed to pass seven new routes and to try his hand at four arenas of total destruction. What else? It introduced such a thing as a pit-stop. Those who are born only yesterday, I hasten to inform you that this thing comes from motorsport and represents a repair box, where you can call in during the race, so podremontirovat. And as on the road jokes do not understand, we're going to look back very often.
Management implemented an unusually slow-witted. Not only is the car, got in the first alteration becomes wayward, like a horse Comrade Budyonny, so more and the buttons on the keyboard do not give normal set up. For example accelerate. Agree, a very powerful, but it can be a DD any button except, of course, "UP". Quite a strange approach, is not it? Fashion for the replacement of "UP" letter "A" has gone from MicroProse, but it was done for the convenience of the shift. But even here there is no neutral.
So, raking the abracadabra, we reach finally to the process ...
Destruction Derby 2 DOS title screen
Rendered in general is average car, hitting a group of their own kind, it looks almost perfect - in the world, and death is red. However, dear pseudo-fotorealnuyu picture racing destruction, alas, still, spoil abstraktsionistskie foreign inclusions in the form of triangles, squares and parallelepipeds, which are flying off the collisions car parts. I understand in a hurry to God in heaven, but why so much changed in the face?
But opponents ... Oh, what a rival! A vile and disgusting another. And it pleases us already, from the chorus girls' orphanage. If your car suddenly turn over on his side, the boys, as one would not will pass by, and definitely somewhere you kicked. Yes pobolnee. The consequences of such attention is an interesting spectacle, which runs counter to all laws of physics: your iron horse soars high and for a long time makes it all sorts of funny pirouettes.
The approach, of course, original¬ny, but too neozhidan¬ny. As soon as we land, we hasten to do good as asked that a classic. Why we catch up the nearest soperni¬ka and ... First, give points, and secondly, resentful motorist taxied to the pit- stop (one bastard less), and thirdly - just nice.
Those who appreciate the thoroughness around, have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their immediate bandmates unfinished drivers - in the sense that from now on only to batter them, without wasting energy on other scum. Group Four, and we start the fourth. Who has taken the right place in the season, it mixes the next troupe, etc. The transition from the lower "league" in the highest should be your primary goal, as the last three in the list of the routes will pass, if you are in the third, second and first groups, respectively.
Note that the rivals are traced in a rather colorful manner and every second of its kind designed to make you spontaneous defecation. They are by no means exclusive angelic faces, and this, plus, as two such faces could not coexist within the same planet. (Especially the sorrow I wrapped one elderly individual, easily constitute a danger to the sum of the three competing Russian heroes from the famous painting by Pablo Picasso - in terms of size, of course. We immediately see - the girl with the fate severe, as a legacy of microcephalic.)
In short, the "entrance fee - a reasonable", and in the most literal sense. Now, I think you understand that you can always lose (Game Over) at the hands of a born idiot. On the face of kamikaze fun more than fiziyah your opponents. Therefore, do not expect mercy.
The apotheosis of all this mayhem is called "Destruction Derby". You are allowed to choose either Practice, or Total Destruction. I must say that this fad is very interesting from the point of view of applied psychology: in other modes the game offers in any way, but still reach the finish line, that is, have a minimum reasonable goal, the Destruction Derby you have to beat the hell his car and, if possible, more strangers. And all this just for the bare idea. Yes, it is tasty, this idea, it is wonderful, you see, I'm sorry ... Somewhere every day a young Negro boy Jim, almost stale snack chips, running the crack of dawn on the car factory of Mr. Ford, where, dressed in ragged overalls, becomes a vertical drill press to drill a hole 15 mm in diameter in the sleeve, which, if it does not penalize the master is put on the propeller shaft, which is ... And you say, their urine, Nick! .. It is not good as the -So it turns out ...
After each race (this also applies to the notorious destruction of machines at the time) you will be given the opportunity to look happy as you have them, or, more likely, they have. But on the road (in the pen for Avtorodeo) At your disposal are two cameras (during Replay - one): the first hanging "behind-the-top", and the second most, in my opinion, insane of all existing cameras in the world, under the name "you - the front bumper," is, of course, on the front bumper. Watching the events in the world with it, you can not help feeling that someone for something carries your beautiful and intelligent person spat on the pavement. A lot of positive emotions.
Not only that, since the first part of artists-creators have not learned how to paint the wheel, they also removed a third chamber, which, remember, was just above and slightly behind the first one. So gone is a great opportunity to cast a glance for the killing of globality. Everything that you see - is a maximum of a meter to the right, the left meter. Not rich ...
Sound. Changes cat laugh, that is not at all. The same man with his cries and groans. Any meaning these are not burdened sobs and called, probably only to massage the eardrums playing. And the voice of the guy's disgusting. Very annoying. But the load we have signed on to a dozen soundtrack. CD after all. 650 megabytes breaks.