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Death Rally (DOS)

Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: Top-down
Gameplay: Shooter
Published by: GT Interactive Software Corp.
Developed by: Apogee Software, Remedy Entertainment Ltd.
Released: 1996
Platform: DOS
Death Rally DOS control keys
But, of course, is not a "formula One" for number one, and in simulators se no idiot does not write, but in F1 from machine gun not shoot, was not it? And the mines, though you can enclose, but alas. Secret . And then the trouble will be. And then, please, as much as necessary. Why the game came out and - Yum: lively, spontaneous and from the heart.
In the beginning, you, of course, be asked: will use weapons? You have to be evil, stupid and naive (and still constantly listen to David Bowie) to answer "no." Actually, the answer thus is immediately try to put some other game. For pacifists are filthy broom. They do not appreciate, therefore.
just seeing mugs, I decided to watch the race from exactly the same point where I like to pass the turn. Who said it was a sidewalk? From the one who said it, leaving only the red stripes on the asphalt.
Waiting on Death Rally, it will help you to prove in the sport, - the evil, stupid and naive.
Death Rally DOS title screen
That is unlikely. A game where the race micro machines can be seen from the altitude shaving low urban reptiles (pigeons, sparrows, kwacha, etc), barely beaten out in the simulator. Even if it strongly treat, but in the arcade - easily. But what is the fundamental paradox of the theory used by the "MI" in povsed¬nevnoy work? The fact that none of the simulator does not replace reality. And to discuss the game it successfully replaces. Especially thin non-sporting fans, but bloody - I warned in "Formula" you for mines on the head do not pat, because death by cutting off their heads everywhere abolished.
But our delight (Death Rally) close to another reality. Here you can come Rich Pinocchio (in the terminology of the game - the sponsor) and ask you to collect on the track laid out colored pills. You all the same for her circles cut, nowhere to go, and his business. Agree, give money. Patrons, by the way, the game is abundant: among them there is a banal, scattered on the road Bucks rich uncle (skvalyga rarely arrive last - the money taken back), as well as humanitarians giving money to help your opponents in a speedy approach the end way (of life). The highlight of the season played a lovely girl, whose head covered with a hood, and hand tighten the braid. This happily roll away you as much $ 5,000 in prize money, you happen to get to the finish line in splendid isolation ...
To become a certified champion (rid of rivals from the risk of falling off the pedestal and break), you must zatarivatsya useful - such as the bumper spikes, mines, rocket fuel. The most valuable thing in the local jerk - a lively kids, ready for a small bribe to cut (and perhaps gnaw - the process itself, alas, not shown) brake hoses from your friends. You should not feel remorse, better to ask the question from the category of the sacred, why these freaks in the beginning of the race can be up to hundreds of points and most powerful car, and you have - zero and a hole in your pocket.
So, injustice can and should be corrected.
Incidentally, the most heinous champion named Duke Nukem. Push it - a matter of honor, valor and courage.
Man is always in mysterious money, so - with the most advanced car. Even when the kind-hearted fans Quake, revenge for the honor of all the forces of Marines blow up this red armored indecent.
Last useful figure on the black market - a good guy moneylender. Money provides. Present. Then it will be back to pick up, but it will be then ...
Yes! Also many illegal favorably marked also the legal market. That is the usual car shop, where an honest man, no one openly can buy a new engine, renew wheels and so on. The most useful in the harsh conditions of our lives, when guns are stored not only underground, but also on the bumper cars, and also periodically of them firing. Draw conclusions. Again - you can buy armor, and to fix the minimum. After the race brave Okay repairers asked nose (required looking into his eyes, or what was left of them ...), why are you. boy, rolling on the nuclear test site? Never mind - hapnuv money they will make it!
I feel, colleagues, you are nostalgic for, drooling disbanded, Death Track remembered ... and justice. Death Track and turned, only a game, mikroskopiche¬sky, Clippers tiddly and funny, the audience again and drip funny (but as a cry of death!), Shooting, explosions. Plus - a top view of impact: Shoot 'brother, have no sight.
Add laughter and razbro¬sannye bonuses on the track. Not collecting them - to live hard. The cartridges run out - cling hanging. A toati in accelerators, I ask you, you may need? And then! The most dilatory bonus - Lophophora Williamsii. You understand dine mushrooms, opponents are a lot of fun. Himself, too, can upotreb¬lyat, it looks very nice. For aksakovtsev hereditary, that is to say the Patriots "quiet hunt" even provided a special password "drug". Type it in the game (you can before the start) - and the world will become Prigogine (see, the picture on the left)! During the race.


320x200, but very beautiful. It looks not just nice, and more than. We can say, instructive and impressive. Background three-dimensional, with a feeling that they are counted in real time. Bridges and tunnels annoying sometimes even more than the mushrooms. Used very curious palette, allowing disadvantages of low resolution are almost invisible. By the way, changed yushki made in high definition.


During the game sounds unobtrusive music sports, as well as very specific sounds are heard. Firstly, onlookers push not only you and someone moaning predsmer¬tnye (we called the song) constantly hearing delight. Second - shooting and explosions. And most importantly - the roar of engines. In other words, the game is not without sound effects.
Moreover, the inclusion of speakers, so loud, it helps to live, you know, and build.
The most meticulous of course, interested in the goal of the game. Or at least the construction of the storyline. The answer: it is an arcade-competitive sports - any time you can choose from three races, differing class participants, the prize fund and the number of points. If you are weak, then the track for real heroes you will not be allowed. Each race - four participants, the top three places - prize. When the number of your points will allow to take the most grandiose in the table of participants, you will meet tete-a-tete on the super highway with a certain super car driven super racer. Man is truly terrible, afraid to even a hundred guys, sabotage (hoses bite - remember?), So that the chance to puncture the tires of his cars have you not. It is useful only minimal honesty. But you can shoot.
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