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Alien Trilogy (DOS)

Alien Trilogy DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Released: 1996
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
Alien Trilogy DOS control keys
Films are so powerful on the atmosphere, the energy of one charge of such a film is enough for entire volumes of all kinds of subjects. James Cameron took off in 1986, his "Aliens" probably could not even guess how many different movies and igroproduktov borrow a brilliant idea later. The basic idea of Aliens saga is simple: "Do not we all met in space creation will say," We come in peace ", because there will be those who are very, very not able to speak or even think, and can only ..." Yes, of course, These lovely and perfect (in terms of survivability) animals by clearly unhealthy reason (legal father of the whole idea © - R. Scott) really began to slowly emerge after the films, implicitly or explicitly, especially in games. But the truly successful and addictive game - 3D-shooter, set in the authentic dark and eerie atmosphere of the great film Aliens, was published by Acclaim only 10 years later, in 1996, and the name of this creature - Alien Trilogy ...
Alien Trilogy DOS  title screen

Is devoted to the game once the entire trilogy, and not just the movie Aliens, because by that time there was a film Alien 3 (1992). Trilogy further emphasized the Triple sequential change of the main arenas: the complex colonies Weyland-Yutani corporation on the planet LV426 (the second film), a prison on the planet Fury-161 (the third film) and mysteriously crashed alien ship (the first film). Total for each arena with 10 missions. Dominant eerie atmosphere and even the sounds are taken, of course, mostly from the second film of the trilogy. By the way, in the opening video game 3D-animations that perfectly recreates the epic space landing special forces on the planet LV426. Not to say that exactly one to one, but it looks great, just like in the film original.

You play this time not for a very "standard" character - not for any of the next anabolic martinet with animal face, and for the famous woman - Lt. Ellen Ripley (for years patiently reprized this role Sigourney Weaver), who apparently on race was written only one incredibly heavy Fate - life ruthlessly destroy a deadly alien vermin. Even the voice in which the main "character" is often said different "slogans" in the game is very similar to the original voice in the film.

In the gameplay is simple. Walk, push the button, the door opens, perform tasks outlined in the text briefing. Types of jobs - frustratingly little of either blow up or kill so many, or to find and hit something. There are barrels that explode spectacularly from a shot of a large weapons. There are secrets in the levels. Jumps in the game, that I was at first greeted with indignation, then even liked to move around the map and look for secrets without jumping - so interesting. All the adventures take place in confined spaces such as a corridor, so do not expect an abundance of beautiful alien landscapes. Heavy legacy "Platform" - you can save only fully complete the level. Although I was just two hands "for" in terms of these more stringent conservation principles. This further increases the degree of gameplay and makes serious about playing, learning its entire inventory.

Weapons and special equipment - everything is simple and clear. Weapons include 9 mm pistol, a shotgun, pulse rifle, flamethrower, and some futuristic guns. Flamethrower in this game, of course, is the most "desirable" and effective, such as that famous weapon BFG10K of a popular game. Ammo, health, and other useful items are often abundantly scattered throughout the level. "Sekretki" can be found with explosives - it grenades and seismic charges. There is a night vision system and shoulder lamp. There is an excellent implementation of a low-key gameplay elements, perhaps most strongly affects the heart gamer and make the most power of all the atmospheric film. You guessed it, what am I doing? Right! This radar. When you see on the radar with a dozen points that are simply rushing at you, you start to feel the same as when you watch a movie for the first time. Radar with you always, he - an essential element of the game panel. Only displayed on the radar of the enemy and nothing more. But do not worry, there is still a handy map browser. A similar technique to the radar was well implemented in another game with other people, which was published in 1999.

Bestiary is designed in strict kanonichnom style trilogy, so much species diversity creatures in the game. True, there are still many infected colonists and other anthropoids, somehow opposed to you. Total strangers claimed six species. There is a classic face-Hagger, he tries to suck directly on the screen, but then disappears and becomes dead. Interestingly, this is where he will do (and then some health-unbroken), and then decided to die? There is another warrior - he is quite large and looks really awesome. Well, of course, at the end of each of the three arenas you looking forward to the "Mom" - the largest representative of others, serving as the boss. Occur in clumps of fallen small animals is not recommended - it's a little soon to be removed character's health. Also in case of total health outcomes will be shown a movie in which very accessible show how death Ripley took it from the kind stranger, who has finished it yet.

Despite the atmosphere, the shortcomings in game definitely is. This is not exactly a good resolution sprites and textures. The feeling is that the game in 320x200, but the screen resolution put to the parameters like double that. Rather monotonous course of game play, and all of this is multiplied by a dark and oppressive atmosphere of the game. I for this reason (uniformity) once "broken" and even gave up the passage. But it is not all bad. After all, we have to remember that the game twice had to overcome some kind of "curse." The first is associated with a typical label "game, filmed the movie" - often these moves for game developers ended in failure of the product in terms of commercial success. The second "curse" due to the fact that the game was originally planned for publication on the PlayStation, and then it was published for the DOS-platform. But personally, I control the game very much. I would not say that the release of the game in the first platformers platforms negative impact on the interface of gameplay. I believe that the game was a success. 1996 turned out to be just bright for 2,5 D-and 3D-revelation, and this has a negative impact on the visitor described my game that just did not notice, but I hope that many fans kinoserii Aliens, among whom are the author of this description, properly rated this a good game without losing particles of the ineffable atmosphere outstanding film, the best of which today, unfortunately, probably will not remove anything.Alien Trilogy DOS cheats