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Alien Trilogy (PS1)

Alien Trilogy PSX
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Probe Entertainment
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

The game is set up almost everywhere indoors and in narrow aisles, just like in the Alien series. There are a few open places, but only large rooms like depots, you do not see open air rooms like in Doom. Despite this, the graphics of the game are very good and the fact that the game is set in corridors makes it more frightening. There are enemies everywhere, more and more, which are becoming more difficult with the passing of the game. There are also many secret rooms, which are difficult to locate, but provide weapons and ammunition in large numbers.
Another game about Aliens for PS1 - Alien Resurrection.


Cheat Mode: 1G0TP1NK8C1DB00TS0N
Level Select: GOLVL + the number of the desired level (for instance, for level it it's GOLVL 8)

GameShark cheats

  1. Infinite Energy                 8009A040 03E7 
  2. Infinite Armor                  8009A042 03E7 
  3. Infinite Charge Grenades        8009A058 03E7 
  4. Infinite Handgun Bullets        8009A046 03E7 
  5. Infinite Shotgun Bullets        8009A04A 03E7 
  6. Infinite Flame Thrower Rounds   8009A052 03E7 
  7. Infinite Pulse Riffle Rounds    8009A04C 03E7 
  8. Infinite Pulse Rifle Grenades   8009A050 03E7 
  9. Infinite Smart Gun Rounds       8009A054 03E7 
  10. Infinite Batteries              8009A05A 03E7 
  11. Infinite Boots                  8009A044 03E7 
  12. Have Shotgun                    8008F33E 0029 
  13. Have Flame Thrower              8008F34A 0029 
  14. Have Pulse Rifle                8008F342 0029 
  15. Have Smart Gun                  8008F346 0029 
  16. Have Auto Mapper                8009A03C 03E7 
  17. Rapid Firer                     8009A024 0001 
  18. Infinite Shoulder Lights        8009A05C 0014 
  19. Infinite Night Vision           8009A060 0014 
  20. Have Cheat Option (Main Menu)   8008CDA8 0380 


At the behest of Lt. Ellen Ripley, the player is inserted into the story of the Alien franchise, finally concluded with Alien 3. But along with scenes in CGI animation, the story is told through texts with instructions that guide the player through a story oriented , different from the specific history of the films.
The game is divided into 3 major episodes:
  • Levels 01-11: Relative to the second film (Aliens): The first episode is characterized by the ambiance of the player with the game. It usually has few enemies and few puzzles to solve. During the episode the weapons are made available to the player. It also presents few types of enemies.
  • Levels 12-21: Relative to the third film (Alien 3): The second episode has a higher level of difficulty as it features many new enemies and puzzles that challenge the player as the frequent discovery of points where they open doors. As new enemies, the humanoids, who shoot the distance with the Pulse-Rifle and the Aliens-dog, are quick and difficult to hit by projectiles because of their high speed.
  • Levels 22-34: Third and final episode relates to the first film (Alien): The climax of the game. Since Phase 22 an immense difficulty arises, even in the easiest game mode. The stages are very complex with many doors and secret items. Enemies arise in flocks and are abundant especially humanoids armed with Pulse-Rifle and even with the Smart Gun that cause extreme damage even attacking from a distance.


  • Pistol: The basic weapon of the game that the player already begins with it. When the player has no more weapon ammunition the pistol ammunition becomes unlimited since there are no physical punch blows and the player would be disarmed.
  • Shotgun: Extremely strong when shot close to the target, the Shotgun is the second weapon the player uses. Despite the high damage at short range, if used at a greater distance its damage is very reduced, becoming nil if fired at too long a distance. It is very useful against Aliens who do not shoot projectiles, but little effective against human enemies that use Pulse-Rifles and can reach a great distance. Each pack with collected ammunition (shell) provides 10 shots and the Shotgun can carry a maximum of 100 shots
  • FlameThower: The flamethrower is an effective weapon against Aliens, but ineffective against human enemies. Aliens have fire as a weak point, with the use of the flamethrower it is possible to keep them at a distance and hit them. Against human enemies becomes inefficient due to the short distance the flame strikes and the little damage done. Their ammunition is also consumed very quickly.
  • Pulse-Rifle: Undoubtedly the most versatile weapon in the game. It can target targets at a great distance and cause great damage, both in humans and in Aliens. It is very fast in its use and shoots bursts of 4 shots, even the player pressing the firing button a single time. The Pulse-Rifle has a very high ability to carry shots, up to 999.
  • Pulse-Rifle Grenades: Explosive grenades that are launched by the Pulse-Rifle. Its range is far superior to Seismic Survey Charges and causes similar damage. It can only be fired with the player using the Pulse-Rifle as a weapon.
  • Smart Gun: A kind of machine gun away. The most deadly weapon in the game. Their ammunition is very rare to be found by making little use of it in the game. But its gust is very strong and fast, it causes damage superior to the Pulse-Rifle. It is great against enemies' cams, quickly decimating the enemies on the screen. Each Smart Gun Magazine carries 100 shots.
  • Seismic Survey Charges: Bombs that explode on launch. Its range is very low, but its damage is very high. Also serves to open certain places in the game that can only be exploded with Seismic Survey Charges or Pulse-Rifle Grenades.