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Rebel Assault II (DOS)

Rebel Assault II DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Art: Video backdrop
Gameplay: Arcade, Rail shooter
Vehicular: Flight / aviation, Space flight
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: LucasArts
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1996
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

The game, which will be discussed in this chapter, was one of the most anticipated programs of 1995 and it is no coincidence. «Lucas Aits», releasing in 1993 the first part of «Rebel Assault», literally conquered the most refined of all the graphics, the abundance of high quality (at least by the standards of 1993) video, interesting story and lots of various levels. No coincidence that «Rebel Assault» then became one of the most popular games of the year.
Star Wars: Rebel Assault 2 - The Hidden Empire
However, in the old game were some very unpleasant moments spoiled the blood of many gamers. The main drawback of the first game - the inability to save the current position after the mileage level. Accepted lives, you have to start the whole story from the beginning. Given that the game was very difficult to pass, in principle, all this could not annoying.
However, do not let the bad, and move on to a new subject. We note at once, everything that you come across, logically built in a two-part feature film, in which diverse gaming scenes are not simply related scenes with live actors, and each successive story follows logically from the previous one. As a result, the picture turns very cohesive, not breaking up (as it often happens with other games) on a simple set of arcade fragments. This, in our opinion, the main artistic merit «Rebel Assault II». For example, after the first successful battle (THE DREIGHTON TRIANGLE), you stay alive and continue the flight along with his partner. However, fall under tight enemy fire. Your partner is dying, and you, at the last moment to catapult to find yourself in the desert, close to the underground imperial base. Fight to the stormtroopers in the premises station (THE CORELLIA STAR) need to destroying the enemy to get to the fighter who is in the hangar. The next chapter (MINING TUNNELS) - flight on this machine by an eerie underground mines, etc. Everything is connected and smooth transition from one "stories" to another. On a purely gaming qualities about them at a special subject, the benefit of the new game has a lot of new products and the interface, and in terms of recording levels, and in terms of editing the degree of difficulty.
Now, first things first.
In general, the meaning of the story of "Star Wars" is the following. The rebels, destroying the Imperial cruiser "Death Star" have proven that they can solve the most seemingly impossible tasks. But, of course, in the confrontation between the forces of good and evil was too early to put a point. Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire did not give up. Moreover, by using a new, more modern weapons, they made every effort to ensure that once again beat the rebels.
In this situation, you and step into the fight as a starfighter pilot of the rebel forces. Since its way neobstrelyannogo rookie, you consistently go through 15 game scenarios, each of which is original and different from others. There will battle with armadas of imperial fighters in open space, and suicidal missions in the maze of narrow, pedestrian and "walk" on the surface, controlled by Imperial stormtroopers, etc., etc. In each mission is the highlight, but the most difficult, in our opinion, are traveling through the narrow maze, every collision with walls which causes significant damage to the body of your vehicle, quickly bringing it into complete disrepair and making again and again to start the episode again. If you manage to pass all the subjects to the end, the plans of the Empire will be destroyed, and the rebels would win another victory ...
After starting the game, you immediately find yourself in the main menu start.


PLAY REBEL ASSAULT II - the beginning of the game. After seeing the demo, you will get access to the main game menu, from which the launch of the next mission, and all that is somehow directly related to gameplay.
However, before you go directly to the story, you may need to make some changes in the configuration of the computer. In addition, the start-up menu allows you to select and adjust the positions of the two dozen levels of future games.
SETUP - This menu allows you to change the sound, video and installation associated with managing the game:
- AUTO DETECT - option will automatically configure your sound card will detect the joystick, and select the appropriate level (depending on the power of the computer);
- SOUND CARD - manually select the type of sound card;
- TEST SOUND - check the quality of the sound. In this case, you can set the volume balance of the stereo option SET TEST VOLUME LEVEL;
-IRQ - manually set the IRQ, used a sound card;
- BASE - set the base address of the card;
- DMA - set the DMA map;
- SPEAKER ORIENTATION - setting the left and right audio channel (NORMAL - normal variant, REVERSED - change channels in some places);
- CONTROLLER - select the device to control the game. From the SET CONTROLLER TYPE There are three options - a joystick, mouse and keyboard. Depending on the nature of the next mission, you can each time to choose what is in this case, you want the greatest way. So, if you're driving a fight in open space and you are required to quickly move around the screen crosshair cursor, the mouse will be the best (as well as in those episodes where you shoot the stormtroopers, driving again, mainly sight). For flights in the maze is to install the keyboard or joystick, and missions in the style of «Dark Forces» (Battle in a maze with a first-person) is most convenient keyboard;
- DETAIL LEVEL - set the level of detail (low LOW for slower machines to high-HIGH - for fast). Naturally, the higher the level of detail, the more pleasant and finished picture looks like a game, but the quality negatively affects the speed of the program;
- RES - choose one of three options for graphics resolution
LOW - 320x200;
LACE - 640x200;
HIGH - 640x400.
The latter option is preferable, but the pre-vote on your PC for speed and, most importantly, on video (card, VESA, monitor, etc.).
For the average 486's with not a quick graphics card must confine LOW. However, even at this level, the game looks pretty decent.
- ADVANCED SETTINGS - detailed optimization of graphics and sound. This purely technical menu, you can edit the speed of updating information on the screen, improved sound quality, etc. Especially highlight VESA. Installation - AUTO is the usual choice, if the device is in the configuration of your computer. FORCE UNIVBE - compulsory universal driver download from the game CD, if your car is nothing like that.
- RESET DEFAULTS - reset the settings to their default associated with self-test system.
When the SETUP menu operation is finished, you will have to write the results to disk (SAVE CONFIGURATION ...).
MANUAL - a summary of the installation of the game and the main
DIFFICULTY EDITOR - this regime we devote a lot of space, as it has a significant impact on the entire course of the game further, allowing not only to choose one out of four levels of difficulty, but also providing the ability to create two different versions (at a time), manually edit 21 position.
In the editing menu of four options can not be modified. Click any of them, you thereby specify the optimal (from the point of view of the authors), the ratio of different components for a given level:
- BEGINNER - option for beginners;
- NOVICE - level for new recruits (much more difficult);
- STANDARD - regular, medium variant;
- EXPERT - the most difficult.
In order to adjust the position and create your own, use the CUSTOM 1 and CUSTOM 2. By selecting any of them, you can make changes to the digital options (vertical row on the left) of any of the fifteen game scenarios (upper horizontal line). In order to adjust the number of points in the desired position, select the click of the cursor (yellow square appears). Then type "own" a numerical value and confirm with ENTER. (BACKSPACE - erase digits). This way you can completely reshape the game, it is even possible to facilitate comparison with the level BEGINNER or complicating a lot more than the EXPERT. To save the newly created option CUSTOM 1 (2), click on the option in the menu COPY COPY FROM DIFFICULTY select CUSTOM 1 or CUSTOM 2. In the future, starting the game, you one-click restore fruit own imagination and, on this basis, continue the game or start it from the beginning. This possibility distinguishes «Rebel Assault II» from the first game, where even at the level EASY win was extremely difficult. But do not assume DIFFICULTY EDITOR versatile tool with which you can easily pass the whole game in one go. No matter how you simplified the set parameters, the game is still a game and you have to show a reaction and skill to get out of the rough and tumble, that would put you plot (again, first of all it concerns the jobs of flight technique).
Now the main thing in the editor difficulty levels - what are the variable parameters and what are the minimum and maximum possible values ​​entered. (Note that not all items are present in each level of the game. See table editing in the game.)
- NUM 1/ROLL RATE - enemies in the first pass (for a ground battle with stormtroopers) / speed turns the ship (in the "rear view") in missions to pilot technique - from 2 to 500.
- NUM 2/LIFT RATE - enemies in the second pass (ground fighting) / lift vessel - rate of climb (back to flight missions) - from 2 to 500.
- NUM 3/SLIDE RATE - enemies in the third pass (ground fighting) / force with which the ship turns to the side (rear view flight missions) - from 2 to 500.
- NUM 4/DRIFT RATE - enemies in the third pass (ground fighting) / slope of the trajectory of the ship turns (back to flight missions) - from 2 to 500.
- LASER DELAY - how long the laser beams is required in order to achieve the goal - from 0 to 10.
- SNAP DISTANCE - sensitivity automatically target (in pixels) - from 0 to 30.
- MISS DAMAGE - damage is calculated how many points you if the shot is not a necessary goal - from 0 to 255.
- DODGE DAMAGE - damage caused by collisions with obstacles - from 0 to 255.
- SHOT DAMAGE - damage taken by an enemy accurate shots - from 0 to 255.
- TARGET MAX SIZE - aims to limit the size (in pixels) - from 0 to 50.
- SHOT ACCURACY - enemy's shooting accuracy (in%) - from 0 to 100.
- HIT POINTS - the number of points received for the shooting of rotation
- DODGE POINTS - the number of points for the timely avoidance of obstacles.
- TIME POINTS - Points for a while.
- LEVEL POINTS - Points for the implementation level.
- SPECIAL POINTS - specific to a particular level bonusovye glasses.
- EXPLOSIONS - whether or not the bombings.
- TARGET LOCK - Lock-on Laser or not.
- TARGET HDDS - marked or not the attacked your target on the screen HUD'a.
- HINT ARROWS - in time to dodge the obstacles, there are no special or red arrows - navigation tips.
- WARNINGS - there are no warnings or collisions.
Finally, with regard DIFFICULTY EDITOR. The values ​​you entered are stored as long as you do not exit the game. To save changes, be sure to record them in the CUSTOM 1 (2) - SAVE SKILL CHANGES - YES.
The rest of the menu options have value only run for the initial installation of the game.
TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE - how to troubleshoot problems that occur when you run.
SHOW SYSTEM INFO - testing your equipment's suitability for the game in the «Rebel Assault I". This is a very useful mode that tests the memory, CPU, CD-ROM and video - if the mug on the screen next to one of the options whiny pulled a grimace, you need to think about how to remedy the lack of cars and the requirements for it to play.
MAKE BOOT DISK - make a bootable floppy disk;
To go directly to the game, use the option PLAY REBEL ASSAULT II.
After a short introduction video you will come first in the list of the best pilots, and then - in the main game menu.


START GAME - beginning of the main game (see below).
- OPTIONS - setting some specific options:
MUSIC - turn on / off the background music;
VOICES - enable / disable the speech of characters;
SFX - turn on / off sound effects - explosions, gunfire and so on;
TEXT - enable / disable subtitles;
CONTROLS - switch management options "up-down" to the other (for the levels on the technique of flight)
- NORMAL - Normal Mode (press DOWN corresponds to lift the ship up, UP - down. Joystick - the handle itself - up from himself - down);
- FLIPPED - on the contrary.
- RAPID FIRE - Enables the automatic firing.
- JOYSTICK SPEED - the speed at which the joystick responds to your commands.
- BRIGHTNESS - the brightness of the screen.
- RETURN TO MAIN MENU - return to the main game menu.
CALIBRATE JOYSTICK - calibrate the joystick.
CONTINUE INTRO - if you cancel the preview clip precedes the main action, this option will allow you to watch it again.
SHOW TOP PILOTS - a list of the fifteen best drivers in the game, where:
- RANK - military rank assigned as you progress through the story;
- NAME - name of the pilot;
- DIFFICULTY - level of difficulty, which was shown to result worthy of getting in the top list;
- CHAPTER - how many chapters (episodes) of the game passed to the pilot;
- SCORE - the total number of points scored.
SHOW CREDITS - Information about the creators of the game and the actors who played the main role.
RETURN TO LAUNCHER - back to the start menu.


Beginning of a new and each subsequent games.
The first thing you have to do is to take its place in the list of pilots «Rebel Assault II».
ADD NEW PILOT - Pilot choice. First on the menu DIFFICULTY LEVEL determine at what level of complexity are going to play. Four plus two options you have created manually (see above). This is the fundamental pre-game moment, because of it will depend largely on how quickly you can move up the script and go up in rank. Confirm with the ENTER, you return to the previous menu. The selected level of difficulty will be a temporary name of your character. To enter a new key BACKSPACE delete written and type the desired result. Using a specific pilot, all his achievements are stored with the transition from the completed scene to the next. So, if you stop the game by the same name later, you come back to continue the fight from the place where you left off last time. In addition, if the results shown in any of the completed script for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return to this subject and try to beat him again in order to improve the bottom line of "health" or account. These new results will be copied over a previous attempt.
DUPE PILOT - used to have multiple copies of the state of the same pilot (later to safely replay episodes and always have thus recorded and untouched version). To copy the current state, select the appropriate name from the list and press ENTER. A copy will remain in the list of pilots marked COPY.
DELETE PILOT - remove the player from the list if the result you are no longer interested (functions similarly to DUPE PILOT).
"Sheet" list of pilots, you draw on the screen (in the lower left corner) the level of complexity and the number of episodes that will play this player.
Having defined the player by pressing ENTER you go to the menu CHAPTERS. Structurally, the game is built around the same way as, say «Creature Shock», - after the passage of the next job, you get access to the next, but you can play if you want any of the already passed ... Thus, a linear lined up one behind the other scenes you get to the end. However, if an episode is not you in the teeth, you can skip to immediately go to the next scenario. However, the program writes UNREGISTERED - that is, the previous episode was not performed and, accordingly, is not registered. In order to proceed, you need the password of this level - PASSCODE REQUIRED (but it - only for very very impatient as having at hand the difficulty level editor, it is possible to play the game by yourself without the help of codes. Only then will you get from playing those the feeling that it is worthy).
Anyway, place the cursor on the name of the next episode (in this case the bottom line will show information about the number of lives you have left - PILOTS, glasses - SCORE and military rank - RANK, mined on the battlefield). Press the fire button and proceed to the execution of the next job.
After the end of the mission (successfully, of course), there is the final statistics menu, which lists all your major feats - namely, the accuracy, the total score, bonus points, etc. (Depending on the nature traversed episodes). At the top of the screen, under the word CHAPTER COMPLETE password is displayed tolerance to the next level (though you'll need it only if you play on a different computer).
In the course of the mission at the bottom of the screen is the most important statistical information that provides the ability to control the game.
Left to right:
- The level of difficulty;
- DAMAGE - the scale of current health damage to a ship or a hero. The absence of markings indicating 100% survivability. The green mark - damage, red - the critical level. Caption WARNING - a state as close to death;
- PILOTS - the remaining number of lives you (goes with you from level to level). There are only four lives - the first original and three additional in the form of silhouettes of ships. After losing the last life, you end your current game, but can always play it from the beginning of the episode, which was your last;
- SCORE - the total score, the number of points you from the start.


As already noted, the game is controlled by one of three devices - mouse, joystick or keyboard. Choosing the right depends on the nature of the next episode.

The sight and movement are carried out using the arrow keys:
UP - up the nose of the ship, the sight - down (for space combat);
DOWN - down bow, sight - up (for space
In ground combat operations:
UP - sight up;
DOWN - sight down;
LEFT - left;
RIGHT - right;
CTRL - shooting;
ALT - to increase the speed of the cursor on the screen;
SHIFT - additional action (say, to hide in the shelter, see below).

- The movement by moving the mouse.
- Left button - shooting.
- Right Click - additional action.


All variety of scenarios «Rebel Assault II» fit in four different ways in which you control a character and watch the passing around events.

You are moving, but a little differently than in the previous series of games. Manage accounts and sight (moving across the screen), and the ship itself (more limited freedom of movement, but still ...).
So you are targeting and independently, and dodge enemy ships or manually. Keep in mind to do something, take some time and you will always be in time trouble. Therefore, the earlier you start the maneuver, plan their actions, the more successful will be the result.

This mode looks much similar to the popular game «Creature Shock». Your character is shown from the back, and you control the crosshairs, followed by turns and barrel blaster. From one scene to the other characters go without your participation, through the stunning animations. In the course of the fight, using additional key actions (without pressing "shot"), you can hide from enemy shots in the shelter - the angle of the walls, columns, boxes, etc. In some cases, the controller is used and for which side to jump out from behind cover to quickly attack the enemy.

This is a test of piloting skill.
Do you see my ship back, having full control over it in terms of choosing and adjusting the height of the flight direction from left to right.
Note that the maximum slope turn you reach the first side under the car sharply to the right side and then pulling back on the joystick itself (in the form CONTROLS - NORMAL). It is this principle, in fact, used in piloting a real aircraft.
The flight itself forward automatically without your intervention. Slow down or speed up impossible. Note, it is important to react to the prompts provided by the program in a mode HINT ARROWS (red arrows select the direction of flight).

This mode is closest to the games, such as «Dark Forces». You find yourself in a maze and lead the battle with Imperial stormtroopers looking at enemies and surroundings as if through the eyes of the hero himself. Rotate the body, you deploy and weapons. Targeting the enemy, open fire button CTRL.
Now, briefly dwell on all fifteen levels of play fighting. We will not repeat the content of each episode, just a note on what you should pay special attention.

The battle in the open space with Imperial fighters. The problem is, in principle, is not very complicated. All that you need is aiming crosshair on the enemy ships and quick laser fire. The fact that the enemy was captured and is accompanied by a tracking system, prompt you to four bright points appear in the center of the sight, and, most importantly, the pulsed signal. If you hear it, immediately shoot. By the way, levels similar to this, the game will be a few more, to be exact - the fifth, eighth and fourteenth. They are different from the starting only minor nuances - the scenery, the selection of the enemy's ships and several increasing difficulty. The basic principles of combat that are unchanged.

Beating the Imperial stormtroopers. Here, everything is clear - saw shot and hid. Whose response will be faster, he wins. Essential to the second and third level has the screen on which side you will jump out of hiding before the next attack.

Flight of the winding mine tunnel. This level - generally one of the worst in the game. For many, as far as we know, it was he who was the last one. And, indeed, fly away with the imperial base is not easy, you will need for this truly masterly control your ship. Advice here may be one - watch carefully for the arrow - pointer directions, they will sooner or later lead you to the ultimate goal.

Flying in the asteroid field. This, too, is no easy task. In-First, you need to skillfully maneuver of giant boulders, second, shoot the enemy, sensing the tracking system of your vehicle. For a more accurate navigation, again, follow the arrow direction. And shoot down enemy traps long before how to approach them.

Battle with Imperial fighters, almost similar to the first level of the game.

The next test is the art of managing the ship, yes, also with abundant shooting. At first, everything is pretty easy - tunnel smooth and clear in what you have to shoot. Then pass expands - here and start major problems. First, the weight goals, and secondly, all the space is cluttered wide variety of obstacles, third - mines, whole shields. As for the goals - shoot everything that hinders your progress. Navigation - follow the arrows and promptly react to their instructions. Now mine screens - to fly through them, there is no need to shoot all the charges-cell. Select the desired square and "off" him, destroying mines, with which he is "attached" to the other sectors. After that boldly flying in the breach.

Training in piloting TIE-fighter'a. At first, as usual, it's simple - a picturesque canyon, not very sophisticated arochki and smooth turns. Soon, unfortunately, the situation has changed and you have to poterzat lever to push the car, constantly changing dramatically, not only the direction but also the height of flight. In such a three-dimensional disorder without the help of the arrows, pointers do absolutely impossible.

Another battle with the imperial fleet (the same with what you've already dealt with on the first and fifth levels, the only enemies are a little more).

Passage through a minefield. Trouble in this episode you can expect from ugodno.S one hand, this asteroid, between which you want to tack, focusing on the direction arrows. On the other - mine and mine barrage screens that need to be shot. In addition, a serious threat to your ship to laser guns of the enemy, cleverly set into the asteroids. With them also do not stand on ceremony. However, oddly enough, with all this abundance, this level is quite passable, at least at low levels of difficulty.

Flight of motorcycles on the forest. Everything happens very fast route turns unusually steep, and the absence of any protection it gives to the fact that the slightest collision with trunks of trees brings you significant harm. But at this level and will have to shoot (as for the opponents, they are so exotic that no notice will be hard, but that's to get, given the complexity of the management, will be much more difficult.) And as always, watch for the red arrows.

Another pedestrian battle with Imperial stormtroopers, this time - at a basic enemy ships. As long as you shoot, your workmate, instead of helping you, is engaged in intellectual work - open combination locks, throws open the doors and so on. However, in combat is quite possible to do without her help. As in the second episode of the game, there must survive three military locations. Moreover, the real challenge will be just the latest skirmish, as in the battle, in addition to Imperial stormtroopers, you have to shoot and bomb enemy's equipment which will be in abundance you sprinkle a tiny balcony. Not deal with this problem - certainly perish.

Continued hiking adventures. This time, they are decorated very differently, something vaguely resembling the unforgettable «Dark Forces». Only once you have limited freedom of movement and the surroundings you see in the infrared frame. Screens that you have to act, more than in the previous mission, and the problem here is much more complicated. Enemy soldiers have the ability to appear disgusting in twos and threes at the same time, and - from all sides. So, you have to pull the mouse very vigorously. In addition, from time to time in the corridors of the enemy robots will appear, shoot you out of a fairly high-power lasers.

Flying in the mines of the enemy ship - a very serious challenge. Maneuvering, shooting on numerous flying enemies on the guns on the walls, the need to constantly dodge the moving and stationary obstacles. And all this - against the background of a very dense barrage of enemy fire and hung around mines and barrier screens.

Another battle scene - the battle with Imperial fighters in outer space. Only this time the opponents are much higher than in previous similar episodes.

The last decisive battle in the endless mines, corridors and maze of enemy strongholds. The path that you have to fly, has a completely different areas - from narrow, winding wells to huge wide halls, the eyeballs scored the most diverse and extremely hostile to your enemy vehicles. Flying a first, relatively simple cut, already in the second you will realize that the enemy really is seriously concerned about your presence in the territory. However, the hands are still on the screen, the system of goals tracing works, energy, lasers abound, so that it is now past, the job you should be able to do. The main trouble at that level yet - the need for rapid maneuvering among the various obstacles, mainly from collisions with which suffers and your fighter.

There is nothing interesting has not - win, congratulations, kisses, in short - a total happy ending ...
Now, for those who are fighting some of these episodes will absolutely not on the teeth, is a list of access codes to all the game levels.
Before introducing them to the mission selection screen, start a new game, enter the name of the pilot, and then select the level of difficulty «Beginner».