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Lost Eden (DOS)

Lost Eden
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Released: 1995

History of Eden

For many generations, the peaceful inhabitants of Eden have lived in fear of the tyrant, Moorkus Rex. With his bloodlusting hordes of rampaging Tyrannosatirs, Moorkus Rex has mounted a terrible campaign of destruction against the human and dinosaur races. His ultimate goal is domination of Eden.
YOUR ultimate goal is to prevent his aggression and end his reign of fear forever.
In the game, you are Prince Adam of Mo, heir to the throne of the kingdom of Mashaar. You are ambitious and courageous, anxious to begin shaping the future—shaping not only your own future, but that of Eden. And foremost in your mind, is the need to defeat Moorkus Rex. Your father, King Gregor, is an old man with little fighting spirit left to face the I yrann leader. His own vision of the future is bleak. He believes that nothing can prevent Moorkus Rex’s ultimate victory; and it will simply be a matter of time before the Tyrannosaurs conquer Eden. You respect your father, but you do not share his grim vision of the future. You believe that, with help, you can defeat Moorkus Rex and his army.
Lost Eden title
The game begins on the day of your Coming of Age. Ever since your mother and your sister were murdered by the Tvrann on the plains of Mashaar, King Gregor has forbidden you to leave the safety of Mo. As you are the last surviving heir to the throne, you must not be exposed to the unnecessary dangers in the world outside. But you long to leave Mo and see the magnificent lands of Eden with your own eyes. You do not share his pessimism and are determined to halt the fyrann wave of death, before it is too late. You already have a formidable defense to use against them...
Your home—the great citadel of Mo—is an impregnable fortress, which will never be stormed by the Tyrannosaurs. But while your own subjects are safe in Mo, the Tyrann’s rampage through the surrounding lands, killing and enslaving your would-be allies: the other races of human-types and the peaceful dinosaurs.
In vour dreams, you have foreseen an end to this destruction. A future free from the tyranny of Moorkus Rex. You have great heroic ambitions—ambitions to unite the humans and dinosaurs as allies against the Tyrannosaurs. And you have a plan—a plan which will persuade the others to rally to your cause. If you can build citadels like your own at Mo, in the valleys where the other human-types live, they will be safe from the Tyrann attacks. With a network of such citadels across the land, there will once more be hope for the future. Convinced of your noble intentions, others will rally to the cause. With the rest of Eden allied against them, the Tyrann will surely be defeated.
There is only one problem...
The great secret of the citadels has been lost!
Your great grandfather: Priam, known as The Architect, built the Citadel of Mo. This gargantuan fortress defies all known laws of construction.
Its very existence is an enigma—a source of wonder to all who behold it. How could The Architect have built such a structure?
But alas, this great secret has been lost in the mists of time. All knowledge of its construction was purged from history by Priam’s own son,Vangor, a cruel warlord who sought a treacherous alliance with Moorkus Rex. Vangor, who became known as The Enslaver, had all who had been involved in the citadel’s construction put to death to prove his intentions.
Sincerely, you believe The Architect’s great secret can be rediscovered. Therefore, your mission has two stages. First, you must rediscover the great secret. You must learn how to construct citadels like the one at Mo. And then you must visit the valleys of Eden. In each valley, you must build a citadel to defend the inhabitants from the Tyrann. You must also persuade these inhabitants to become your allies—to join with you in a campaign of war against Moorkus Rex and his legions of death.

Game interface

Controls - it is two control strips (top and bottom edges of the screen), between which a game window, and cursor. It has two main forms: a hand - to select the elements of control strips and magic cube - to perform an action movement, talking, "grasping" and viewing. Depending on the action potential in a given situation or in relation to the object, the image changes on the faces of the cube: Local traffic - large triangular arrows, one on each side (if the movement is not possible in the desired direction - blank faces of the cube). Clicking the left mouse button stops the animation box. Calling cards for onward movement - two narrow arrows, two on each side. The conversation - the human figure. Click on a character to begin the dialogue. Clicking on a character in the dialogue skips to the next "portion", aside from it - stop dialogue. "Grasping" - palm of the hand. View - The Eye (the cube starts to pulsate).
The lower control band - this is your "basket", which are added to the results obtained and gift items. When you select the object to use the cursor changes to its shape. Reusable items must be returned in the "basket" to restore the normal cursor shape.
The upper control band reflects your location and your companions figures. When you are in the Valley of the name of a place apart (left) map appears Valley (right). The map shows your position (black cross) you encountered herds of dinosaurs (red cross) and place of construction of the fortress (yellow cross). Clicking the mouse on the map leads to the exit from the Valley and access to the card for long-distance moves. A mouse click on a window with figures gives you a view on the part of your company. In this mode, you can talk to your companions and give them the necessary items from the "basket", to use magic items (taking them and clicking on the image of Adam), and to access the main menu of the game. Enter and exit this mode, you can also use the right mouse button.
In the main menu you can:
- Enable / disable captions dialogues in one of three languages ​​SUBTITLES. To enable subtitles during the opening sequence, edit Eden.bat, which will create an installation program as follows:
- Default: edenprg amr s .......
- Fix for: edenprg eng s ........
- Adjust the audio settings and check their MIXER TEST;
- Load one of the saved games LOAD;
- Save the current game (maximum of three games) SAVE;
- Complete the game QUIT;
- Start over RESTART;
- Return to the game RETURN;
- View recent conversations TAPE.

Playing the game

After an introduction from Eloi the Messenger, the game begins. YOU are Prince Adam. It is the day of your Coming of Age. But it is not a day for celebration. Your father is about to learn of the latest strike by the Tyrann. He has summoned you to the throne room. As you share the terrible news with him, your determination grows. You must find a way to defeat Moorkus Rex!

The Citadel of Mo

The adventure begins in the Entrance Hall of the magnificent Citadel of Mo. You will need to find a way down to the inner sanctum of the citadel, where your father awaits you. Explore the citadel and meet its inhabitants: Eloi the Messenger, Jabber the Executioner, Thugg the King's loyal sergeant-at-arms and Monk, your father s wise Chancellor. Your first mission must be to rediscover the great secret of citadel construction. Has your great grandfather’s secret been lost forever? Or can you solve the mystery and learn how new citadels can be constructed to defend the other races against Tyrann attacks?

Outside the Citadel

If you discover the secret of the citadels, you can leave Mo. Find your way back up to the Entrance Hall and leave through the main entrance gate. Once outside, you will want to travel through the valleys of Eden, sharing this secret with your allies and initiating the construction of your defenses against the Tyrann. Leave the citadel by pressing the A button on your controller anywhere in the sky. The cursor changes to a chevron for long-distance travel. You will meet many strange.creatures and mysterious races of human-types. You must win them over and persuade them to rally to your cause. Many will join you on your journey. You will also discover many enchanted relics and deadly weapons, which you can use against the Tyrann.

Moving in the Valleys

When Eloi takes you to the first valley (Chaamar), you will be shown a view of the entire valley (Aerial View). The instructions for movement described below apply to all valleys.
As you move the cursor around the Aerial View of the valley, it will ZOOM. Notice the small Plan Map in the top right of the screen. You and your travelling party will be seen as a green square. If you press the A button on your controller when the cursor is somewhere in the view area, you will be transported to that part of the map where you will see the new view from that region. Once actuallv in the valley, you move around by pressing the A button on your controller having moved the
cursor with the direction pad in North, South, Hast or West direction (the edges of the Main Screen). Yon will move one step in the direction chosen. See how the small green square on the Plan Map moves with you. You can return to the Aerial View bv either pressing the A button on your controller on the small map in the top right or you can use normal movement to move off the bottom of the Plan Map. From the Aerial View, you can zoom directly to any region of the valley by moving the cursor and pressing the A button on your controller.

Leaving a Valley

To leave a valley, get back to the Aerial View (press the A button on your controller on the Plan Map) and press the A button anywhere in the SKY beyond the valley (top part of screen). Eloi will ask you where you want to go, and will follow your instructions according to where you have moved the cursor and pressed the A button.

Building Citadels

Before you can build any citadels, you will have to discover The Architect’s Secret within Mo itself. Once you know this, you will realize that you need help to build citadels. Help can be bought. But you must discover how and from whom.

Protecting Your Citadels

While your citadels are under construction, you must beware. The Tyrann will try to destroy your citadels before they are finished. And often citadels will come under attack while you are in a different valley!
You must be prepared to drive the Tyrann off if they attack. You will need to fortify your citadels to make them safe. You must learn from the people and creatures you come across on your travels, how to drive off the Tyrann and fortify your citadels...


Winning the Game

If you fare well on your quest, you will face Moorkus Rex himself.
There is only one way to defeat him. You will have to discover this, too. You can bypass sequences of speech or animation by pressing the A button on your controller while they are playing.

Tau’s Shell

If you have already been given Tail's shell, you can use it for advice when you get really stuck. To use the shell, simply go to the Companions Screen, then pick up the Shell and, using the direction pad to move the cursor, click it on Adam by pressing the A button on your controller.

If You Have To Leave A Game

While in a valley, the dinosaurs are not necessarily safe from a Tyrann attack. Because this is a real-time adventure and you have to leave the game, go to the Options Screen and save the game. When you return, you should re-load the game as described in the section “To Load A Game”.


The game begins in the hall on the ground floor of the citadel . Go to the elevator and then to the throne hall. Listen as snivel King Gregor, at the same time hear the howl Eloy pterodactyl . Go to the storage room of corpses, there met a monk which will give you a seemingly useless little thing - a talisman of courage. go to yourself room. Eloy tell you that Dean dinozavriha spot , eager to meet you, Prince Adam . Go to the back door . Dean tells about his dying father (very touching! ) , as well as the fact that this very old dying per ... that is, I wanted say , dear dinosaur dying tells nonsense . The only thing that you ‘ll blow as a result of this conversation , it’s sink, which can dunuv see dead dinosaur and a knife of your ancestor.
Once your journey back to the castle to the silent executioner already inserted Dinu talisman of courage, as soon as she starts to fear . Dean will transfer you moo silent . His gift - a tooth , use on the mummy of his ancestor in the room Monk . Go to the dungeon again paste canine skeleton skull on the wall. when pass terribly terrible secret passage in the room pick up the lens . now start looking at the frescoes , while Dean will not give you the flute.
Go back to Monk . Put the prism of a strange sign - turn the TV with leading program Morkus Rex . Get a sign as a gift.
Came to the throne room , begin to swing right , saying that I or Prince Prince I adult and the like , so I’m going to fight nasty Morkus . The Pope shock, but what to do , you have to let go. But you in the protection given Silly Sergeant Tagg . On the back you Eloy tearfully leave Mo native citadel . Chamara forward!
In Chamara to welcome you Mungo - bride Dina . Send meanwhile Eloy fly far away. Find a tribe of friendly natives. now memorize : brontosaurus like mushrooms with a large hat and a short leg , and Apatosaurus - nest growing on trees (and without eggs). After feeding found herd brontosauri mushroom and playing his flute, talk with the leader of the local tribe - he will give you the Moonstone . After arrival Eloy go in search sled lizards. They play the flute , so they ride you to Uluru.
Under the old scheme “ met tribe found brontosauri fed the fungus played on flute “ and start building here. When Eloy bring news of the threat cessation of construction in Chamara because dastardly tyrannosaurs , go there.
The solution is simple : find there another herd brontosauri and orders him to build a citadel . Return to Uluru , visit the construction site of the citadel . Learning about Tribe Coba go there. Coba will not build until you hire velosereptorov . Go to Uluru . There in the top right corner of the map is Elders cave . He will tell you that velosereptory love gold . addition wise advice he will give you an amulet - Eye of the Storm . Gold is found commonly on banks of ponds . Drive to Chamara , get there velosereptorov give them gold and amulet. Then you go to Coba . Hearing that now velosereptory with you , chief Tribe agrees to help build the citadel. Look here and brontosauri velosereptorov ( velosereptoram have to do for now only in gold ) . And beware tyrannosaurs ! In the upper left corner of the cave with rock find drawings. Pick gold there inkblot - Sun Sign . Look at how the building, you get a mask.
When pterodactyl bring news of the victory over the tyrannosaurs in velosereptorov Chamara , go to Uluru . In exchange for the mask in the cave can be found at choice one of the amulets - Sky Hammer in a hand or Fire in the Clouds ( lightning ) . Take the zipper. It is necessary to give velosereptoram to Coba . Actually know what amulet needed velosereptoram this land can be throwing into the pond apple, which can be taken from Tagg . In some areas of the reservoir are found ichthyosaurs . They and tell you what the amulet afraid tyrannosaurs in each country.
So, taking the zipper Custodian Ulele traditions , give it velosereptoram Coba. Pterodactyl Eloy tell you about King akvazavrov . We have to go to him and knife show that you took at the very beginning of the game in a cave dying Dinynogo grandfather. Only he and his loyal akvazavriki may transport you to the land Tamara . There will be a battle . As a result, you lose the battle Mungo . Dean begins hysterical . Find locals. After the conversation get brontosauri and start construction. Try to leave this region - and you'll hear that without compass you it does not float away. Compass - this is the stone with a cross, which gave you a pterodactyl . This stone and give tribal chief - well, what with cap on his head . Now swam in Kantur . Dean moves away from you in Tamara and chieftain of Tamara remove cap. In a cave on the left Cape locals ( more precisely speaking figurines ) take this leader hostage. Flying back to Tamara. Dean is on the coast . Incidentally , it is possible to first fly Uluru and take the Custodian amulet called Heavenly Hammer . It is necessary to give velosereptoram Uluru.
Dean does not agree to go with you . Look at it in the very first sign of strange metal. Seeing a loved one 's head , Dean will go with you wherever you go.
Returning to Kantur , you will be returned in exchange for Eva Dean. grateful kanturiansky people will give you a mask. In exchange, it will still Uluru two mascots : so called
In and Out (ordinary skull ), and the Eye of Cyclone . Eyes give tornado velosereptor Kantur and In and Out - tamariyskim velosereptoram . Besides the mask you offered to answer three questions . At first give Sunstone , the second - Moon , and of the third pouch give ground. For this you will be given another strange gray plate.
Eve taught ditty that manages Triceratops . Now in each locality you need to find a herd of herbivorous and give them an empty nest , which can be find Each one of forest trees. If the nest with eggs - do not worry , Tagg eat enough to give eggs to the nest was empty.
Once you talk to the last stage , your dad dies . go to Citadel of Mo to take the horn and there remains the pope. You have a long road to balzamirovschitsam . However, have to return once again to the citadel - see, for rite of embalming need someone to cut out the dead heart. This « someone « will mute executioner , enough to give him the horn.
Priestess of Death will give you a mask and say that they can give a terrible weapon , if of course you prove their belonging to royal blood. Well with mask clear what to do - Uluru it can not wait . Harder with the rights of inheritance : need to find the royal sword , a lost long ago.
Sword there , if you fly into a new area - Shandovru . There governs your sister, but she will give you the sword only when you start to build a citadel there.
Show sword priestesses now drum, bell and whistle . In Sandor give Monk bell , drum Tagg , and leave the pipe itself . Once meet with tyrannosaurs - blow into the tube ! Dispersed only his music three flocks tyrannosaurs the game goes on.
Sword is also the key to the entrance of the maze , which begins just beyond throne Mo in the citadel . Simply plug the sword depicted on a mural Morkus Rex. Going go straight to the labyrinth , then to the left , now to the right , right again , then right , then left , then right, and here you enter the sacred store eggs pterodactyls . Give egg Eloyu . Embark on a white arch now earned a record.
And why these records are needed? Flying in Kantur , take Dina Square Dream , back to the white arch and take root. Welcome to the valley of the dead dinosaurs ! Show most ancient dinosaur leftmost gray plate . Hear what it is .
When you go on Morkus , turn right and take the first sixth plate.
Now, up the stairs to Morkus .
When you defeat , then fly to the Arch . When Eloy ask to break an egg , crush.