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Lost Eden 3DO

Lost Eden 3DO
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Graphic Adventure
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS

Let's begin by tradition with the plot of the game (which for the quest is one of the most important elements). His narrative is from the face (muzzle) of the old Pterodactyl Eloy. He talks about the adventures in which he was fortunate enough to participate in those times when he was still young.
The game takes place in fairy-tale lands, which are inhabited by people and dinosaurs. For a long time people lived in peace and harmony with these majestic animals. Together they confronted Morkus Rex, the leader of the Tyrannosaurus, who wanted to destroy all life on Earth. But times have changed. The king of those edges at one time ripped all friendly relations with dinosaurs. Now it will be much easier for Morkus to destroy the disunited alliance of people and dinosaurs, between which there is no consent and no confidence.
In those lands there is only one safe place - the citadel of Mo, from which governs the territories under his control, King Gregor. In the game, we will act as the son of the king - Prince Adam. The hope of the world is in salvation from the ruthless Tyrannosaurus, and this hope is you.
The gameplay of the game, in general, boils down to the fact that our prince travels to different lands, builds citadels there and defends them, calling for help from the Raptors, the main enemies of Morkus Rex.
Do not think that the whole process will be monotonous, as, say, in the first Dune. Travel between different regions is carried out with the help of a kind of expeditionary groups, and not without the help of dinosaurs. At each location, as I already wrote, you must, after building the citadel, eventually protect it from the Tyrannosaurus. In addition, you have to search for items and artifacts, perform a variety of quests. In passing, you will win the favor of the most diverse dinosaurs, with whom all relationships have ceased, as it turns out later, the grandfather of Adam himself (remember that king?), Figure in the fate of his team members, find various creatures, negotiate with them about "cooperation," and seek way to destroy Morkus Rex
A little about the team. When you arrive in the new territory, you need to find the main representative (the leader of the Amazons, the head of the cave people or, say, the mysterious girl - leader of the detachment of soldiers). After that, this leader joins your team. The members of the team can always ask for advice, and sometimes get the object necessary for further progress on the game.
The game really turns into an exciting adventure, in which you become the main character. Gradually, Adam (read the player) learns the history of the relationship between people and dinosaurs, the history of the kingdom, the details of the biographies of people and dinosaurs, whom he meets during his journey, and many more interesting things.
The replay value of the game is quite high. Especially often play it, I think, will (and play) gamers, old-timers. And any player who understands play console games, I think it will be interesting from time to time to launch a CD with Lost Eden, in order to get the "spirit" of old console games.
Control is very simple. Like the game interface. You get used to them quickly and painlessly. Well, you do not have to expect another from the quest.
Graphics Lost Eden does not cause any complaints. For its time, it was amazing. Characters, though painted, look very beautiful and believable, and even during dialogues they open their mouths (mouth in the case of dinosaurs and other creatures) "exactly in the text." In addition to this, there are a lot of beautiful videos in the game, which are demonstrated both during the movement in the locations, and during travel to the regions, as well as in key moments of the game.

Sound and music

To play the dialogue recorded professional actors, so that in their quality can not be doubted. The most interesting is that the voices are suitable for all the characters, and flaws in this aspect in computer games are sometimes met. There are few sounds, but their number is far from the main thing in such games. In general, everything is done fairly well.
I want to write about music in separate paragraphs. Look at my opinion about the soundtrack of the game in its ratings. In my opinion (judging solely by myself): a gamer can listen to any musical direction, whether it be pop, rock, electronic music or something else. But he does not perceive the soundtrack of the game not according to whether he is composed of compositions of the popular genre or not, but by how much music approaches the game. Well, its quality, of course, must also be present.
In Lost Eden, in my opinion, the composer of the game Stefan Peak created a masterpiece. And not only on the background of the game (although the music for the game is ideal), but in general, if you just listen to the songs separately. I will not say that I am a very impressionable person (especially with regard to music), but the soundtrack of this game touched me to the depths of my soul.
After several months of painstaking searches, I could still find the original soundtrack to the game, which was released in 1997, and now I listen to it very often.
Well, okay, words can not be described here - it needs to be heard. One thing I can say for sure: in Lost Eden you have to play at least for the sake of some songs only. Connoisseurs of game soundtracks, I think, will appreciate them with dignity, and just a man who understands music even a little, I'm sure, like at least a few melodies.


In my opinion, Lost Eden - in the top ten games in the history of the genre is exactly. If you look at this game through the prism of 3DO, then, no doubt, on the console there is only one - two games that can compete with her for the title of the best quest on the platform. Gamers with at least a decade of experience, of course, appreciate the dignity, the younger is not quite sure, but it should be interesting to them.


Learn to move the hero, examine objects (eyes), take them (palm), talk with the satellites (little man), give them objects. If the cursor does not turn into an arrow, not allowing you to leave the screen, then your interlocutor did not finish.
On the clinic in the right upper corner, the red-marked dinosaurs met, yellow - a built-up citadel. The bottom of the screen shows the items you collected.
To leave the area where you are now, on the general plan, raise the cursor up until the picture of the hang glider appears in it. Press A and you will be on the terrain plan.
The most "subtle" in the game moment - taking the right items. Without them, the plot "stalled" and will need numerous returns.


Go down to the three aisles and go through the middle one. In the throne room, talk with the king and pterodactyl Eloi. You will have a talk with the adviser Monk (the door in the corridor on the left), he will give you a talisman. The right door is waiting for Eloy, he will give you a stone with a cross.
In the right direction go to the dinosaur Dina. Together with her in a mountain cave, talk to the dying dinosaur Tau. He will give you a sink, allowing to communicate with the dead. From the table take the dagger and return to the palace. Monk's talisman is given to Dina. The left turn leads to the executioner, which Dina will help to understand. Obtained from the hangman's tooth, apply to the mummy in the room Monk-will open the passage to the dungeon. The tooth will help to break the skeleton, behind it - the continuation of the secret passage.
Take a prism from the table. Examine the frescoes until Dean gives you the flute. Showing her Monk, apply the prism to the plaque on the table of the adviser. Monk will give the sign. You will have a talk with the king and together with Eloy and Tagg go to "Chamaar".
Applying the prism to the plate, you will understand the essence
After you are joined by Mungo, take the mushroom in the lower left corner on a short leg with a large bonnet. The leader of the natives will agree to be your guide.
Having given a mushroom to bronzosaurs and playing on a magic flute, you will start building a citadel. Never build a stronghold in the forest - "stop" the game.
After talking with the leader, you will receive moonstone. After a meeting with apatosavramn, go to "UIuru". To move from the valley to the valley, tame the apatosaurs, giving them gold. Now, when you go to the general map and specify the desired terrain, they will transport you.
The leader of the tribe, who lives in the upper right corner, takes you to the Brontosaurus. Again, look for the mushroom, play the flute and start building the second citadel. The leader must give you a sign.
Run away from tyrannosaurs, and then eat them. In Chamaar, build a new citadel.
In "Uluru" you will have a talk with the leader and take a sun stone in the upper left corner. The keeper of the antiquity (in the cave) will give you a green bottle of "eye of the storm" and tell you that you can bribe velosiraptorov. Look for gold in squares filled with water.
In the "Kobu" talk to the leader, give the gold bike rifle, lay the citadel. The leader will give the mask.
Go to the "Uluru" and in exchange for a mask, take the magician's hand or lightning from the guardian of old times. "Eye of the storm" should be handed cycling in the "Chammar", "hand-hammer" - in "Uluru", "lightning" - in "Kobu". After talking with Eloi, go to "Narrima", there you will have a talk with the leader of the natives and show him the dagger.
Find the natives in the Tamara, build a citadel there, take a bag from the ground with Fag. Give the leader in the mask a stone with a cross and go to the "Cantura".
To free Eve, find Dean in "Tamara". She will agree to go with you when you look at Monk's plate. Now you will be able to build a citadel in "Cantura". To the natives who gave you a mask, give: 1) the sun stone, 2) the moonstone, 3) the earth. Do not mess up the order - and get the third sign.
Go to the "Uluru" and give the mask to the lover of antiquity. "Skull" acts in "Tamara", "eye" - in "Cantura".
In each of the five regions, find triceratops, feed them an empty nest (search in the forest for "Chamaara"), and let Eva sing. This will allow you to complete the construction of the five strongholds.
Eloy brings you the news of the death of your hero's father, King Gregor. Return to the castle and after talking with Monk take the horn.
Go to the cemetery - "Tribe of the Embalmers" and go to the cave of masters of embalming, talk to them. Give the silent hangman a horn and together go to the masters of embalming. They have a mask for which the keeper of antiquities will give you a "necklace". Go to the "Shandovra", build a citadel there and take the golden sword from Sister Adam. Masters of embalming, seeing the sword, will give you a drum, a horn and a bell.
In "Shandovra" give the drum to Taggu, and the bell to Monk.
Finding tyrannosaurs and using a horn, you will overcome them. Stabbing the fresco of Morkus in the castle of Mo, you will find a secret passage. First go straight, then left. Twice turn right, go straight, left and right. Give the egg to Eloy. At the white arch Eloy will give you the fifth tablet.
In the "Canturu" take Dina's root, take it at the white arch and show the first tablet that lives in the next world to the forefather.
From the entrance to the lair of Morkus go to the right. There's a sixth plate. Go up the stairs and poke a monster with a cube of tablets. It remains only to break the egg of fate and to know the future, i.e. our present.