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Jazz Jackrabbit (DOS)

Jazz Jackrabbit DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Published by: Epic MegaGames
Developed by: Epic MegaGames
Released: 1994
Platforms: DOS, Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Targeted primarily at children, this is excellent, with warmth and love to paint, witty and lively arcade like and adult. Even those who are not fond of the genre as such, could not fail to note the beauty and sophistication of the graphics program.
Gorgeous animation, quite on the level «Alladin» or «Prince of Persia» combines «Jazz» with a larger image of the character and extraordinarily vivid colors. Sound design keeps up fine series, creating a unique atmosphere of fun and celebration. And it's in the game, filled with struggle, soaked in a dramatic confrontation between the forces of good and evil. However, in the fictional world of turtles and rabbits.


JazzJack RabbitThe leader of the terrorists turtle Devan Shell stole all your favorite bunnies princess Eva Earlong. Moreover, he overran the galaxy his goons. Rabbits in distress. Really hope for a brighter future collapsed? Of course not.
Carrotus fate of the planet to decide a single rabbit. Its mission - to save the Princess Eva and deprive Dewan fund its insane plan turtle rule. To do this, he has to steal goods from under the nose and constantly wage war with devanovskimi "armed forces."
This game is one golden rule - if you can not take anything, shoot, that it has not got an enemy.

Main menu

Start the game from the beginning. You must then select the desired level of difficulty:
JazzJack Rabbit- TURBO.
Last choose not advise. The game will be very difficult.
Download the game from the disc. There are four.
Brief instructions for managing a hero in the game, and information about the authors of the program.
Control Settings and parameters of the game, depending on the speed of your computer.
- MUSIC VOLUME - volume of the music.
- SOUND FX VOLUME - the volume of special effects.
- SETUP JOYSTICK - joystick calibration.
- CHANGE KEYS - change the control keys on the keyboard (the cursor to the direction of the pointer, press ENTER and enter the "" button.)
JazzJack Rabbit title DOS- GRAPHIES DETAIL - the detail:
HIGH (for fast pc).
- COLORS - color mode. Since the game is very bright and colorful, are asked to select your desired option of the three, depending on your computer's ability to process information:
FAST COLORS (for a good computer).
Information on the distribution of the game and some of its episodes.
Exit to MS-DOS.
Jazz Jackrabbit - arcade-adventure game plan. You control a little funny bunny armed with a big gun.
In order to successfully complete all six episodes of the proposed authors must follow some basic rules:
- Collect all you can. Each level has its treasures;
- If something moves - shoot. If - not move, shoot, too;
- Find and shoot-tale signs. They marked the areas that belong to the turtles. When you destroy these icons, the area goes into the possession of the rabbits. At each level, there are two such characters. The first is located on polpuga, second - closer to the end of the level. If you shot the first sign, and then died, the adventure will continue with this place;
- Be careful and accurate, jumping in the area, which can not see, there may be a lot of enemies: As soon as there is the slightest doubt - shoot;
- Do not collect carrots, when your energy is full. Remember, you can go back and refill if necessary;
- Try to save ammunition;
- Look for the secret room and area. At each level, a lot of them;
- The faster the rabbit runs, the higher he jumps. When his feet flashed so quickly that they are not visible, the velocity is the highest, and with it, and jumping;
- Collect quick-firers as much as you can. If you collect ten or more, Jazz get more fire
- If you find AIRBOARD, jog back to where you were. With this kit, you can find and explore previously unclimbed region;
- Periodically, during the passage of some levels, you have to compete in fights with monsters, not to participate in the main game. If the duel is over for you, tragically, have to start the level from the beginning. To avoid this, do not get involved in a simple skirmish. After each shot hide in the shelter. And so - to the very end. Do not get carried away with shooting - your opponent is extremely hardy and very dangerous in attack.


This shows the vital statistics and information. It helps orient during the adventure, keep up to the health, weapons and the like. The highlights:
- Blue stripe - vitality. Every time the Jazz a punch, it loses some energy, but in the end - and life. Additional health can be obtained by collecting the Carrots;
- The image of the rabbit snout - the number of remaining lives. Complete loss of health and leads to the loss of one life. Additionally, you can get by collecting images of large green rabbit heads or additional three-level bonus (BONUS STAGES), clearing them from the crystals;
- Eight-digit display on the health - account. Shows how well you are doing in the game. Points are given for the destruction of enemies, broken objects, and collect the treasures, as well as for completing the level in the allotted time;
- Hourglass - time it takes jazz to complete the level. If you do not meet - will lose one life. Additionally, you can get by collecting watches.
- Display the image of the arms, which uses the Jazz at the moment. Replacement is appropriate button. Ammunition scattered throughout the maze. Amount of each species indicated on the display of the image display of weapons.


Jazz may have four main types of weapons and a few special ones.
- Blaster LFG-2000 - principal and permanent weapons. Firepower is good enough, most of all, it does not require ammo, unlike the rest of the special weapons. Speaking of cartridges. You can find them in the range of 2 to 15. Orb gives 2 shots, and the container with the orb inside - 15. In order to get the bullets to shoot the orb or container. But, nevertheless, LFG-2000 - not the best weapon. In order to get a more powerful and rapid-fire, look for ammunition.
- TOASTER - collect red orbs. Shots of this "gun" is more powerful and fly horizontally faster and farther.
- Missiles RF. Ammunition - green orbs. Shoots while two charges with a divergent course. Cause significant damage to enemies, and above and below.
- Flare IWT. Look for the blue orbs. It's top secret weapon. On the effect of actions like plastic explosives. Shoots across and destroys everything in its path.

Special Weapons

With sufficiently careful search, you can find quite a few special weapons.
- TNT - the most powerful of the entire arsenal. Located on episodes from the second to the sixth. Pretty rare. Destroys all enemies flash of bright light. In order to get it going to fly and save their charges.
Rapid-fire mode - catch flying cannon. Hold down the fire button to increase the rate of fire of the weapons, which uses the Jazz at the moment. The higher the rate of fire, he gathered, the faster the fire.

IMPLEMENTS, amplify the power of jazz and facilitates ADVENTURES

- Red sneakers. Take them to improve jumping ability of the hero. The more you find, the higher he soars.
- Turtles have one great weakness - feed birds (vaguely evoking eagles). If Jazz release of one of them, shooting the cage, the bird becomes his companion. It will attack on their own initiative all that it believes will harm her savior.
- Quick feet. Shooting at one of these icons, the Jazz will get a very high speed for about twenty seconds. Try to make the best use this prize.
- Falling Star. Collect them, and Jazz will be invulnerable for fifteen seconds.
- Giant jewelry. Find and Jazz transported to an additional bonus level.
- Air conditioning. Walking up to her, jumps on top of Jazz and will fly wherever you want.
- Shield. Shoot the icon with his image, and Jazz protect themselves rotating gems from one hit.
- Fire Shield. Shoot the appropriate icon, and your character will be protected from the blazing jewels four hits.
- Big Green Rabbit head. Finding it, you will get one extra life. They are very rare, do not miss.
- Carrot. Eat it to restore lost health.
- Watch. Give extra time to time to pass the level. You need them, if you play on the last two levels of difficulty, with a time limit.
- Beware of thorns, cactus and everything else that looks sharp.
- Overall there are springs. Use them to reach a higher layer of the surface.
- Do not forget to shoot the "tick marks" signs of land ownership. Dying, you start from the same point.
- On many levels, use large magnets to their own benefit.
- Some floors are passable only in one direction. Beware of falling into the trap, being on this floor.



In this part of the Jazz started its war against the evil turtles. He must win three of the planet:
- DIAMONDUS - beautiful planet with a healthy atmosphere and a lot of useful things. That is why the tortoise and plundered the land. Beware of bees and search the secret passage, shooting the wall;
- TUB ELECTRIC - this planet is full of a variety of electronics. Big factory was abandoned after an accidental explosion of a nuclear reactor. Use the transport tube to penetrate the different parts of the planet;
- MEDIYO - this ghostly atmosphere of the planet is incredibly sad. So much so that it is constantly rain. It is covered by a huge number of ancient ruins, which contain many secrets. Avoid the rush and ghostly swords.


After the Jazz released the first three of the planet, its ability to dramatically increased. He opened the Galaxy highly area where combat Dewan builds a spaceship to destroy the planet jazz.
- LETNI - Here is a supercomputer Dewan ENORMOUS, created to build warships, cruisers, missile launchers and other "iron." Avoid magnets and infuriated chips in the system.
- TECHNOIR - swimming in the suffocating atmosphere of the red, RSA planet has no vegetation. Turtles here - the only organic creation. They filled the planet with tanks, rockets and flying mines. Be very careful, this is a real war zone.
- 0RBITUS - being the main tenants of this planet, turtles are cool equipped. You will find incredible intricacies of pipes, as well as anti-gravity jumping floors and walls. One way or another, but most of the time spent in the Orbituse, Jazz will have to jump.


Jazz receives a fax from Princess Eve, where she points out the exact coordinates of the location of Virgo. Jazz finds ships
- FANOLINT - under the desert surface of this planet is something like a greenhouse, where the turtles grow flowers death to feed their soldiers. Destroy them all, but watch out for the defending enemy armor.
- SCRAPARAR - it's a dump of the universe. Here turtles steal metal and parts of its warships with robots. Destroy, as usual, everything that moves, beware of the electromagnets.
- DEVAN'S MEGAIRBASE - it's space base Dewan. To destroy it, you must destroy all the tanks, missiles and equipment remaining sluggish leader.


Jazz destroyed the base, but Devaney managed to escape, and, of course, captive princess with a fax machine, he took with him to his ship. And Jazz, meanwhile, found that turtles bifurcate themselves with the unit SUPER COPY 2000. The place they chose for this galaxy, which has almost no contact with the modern technology. There they are going to raise their twins. Stop this venture - the next task jazz.
- TURTEMPLE - secret temple turtles. & Of luck. Now the Jazz can really bring real harm Devaney and his vassals. Destroy everything, but beware of scorpions and giant cacti.
- NIPPIUS - Complete a mission in turtle temple and stole their spaceship, Jazz was on the next planet - a frozen ice bowl filled with penguins and turtles snow. Be careful when you slide on ice into danger.
- JUNGROCK - temperature changes, so that makes jazz pneumonia. Now he is in the world, covered with jungle filled with insects and snakes.


Jazz meets his nemesis face to face.
- MARBELARA - is a secret court guards Dewan. Battle with powerful guards give you a lot of trouble. At this level, shoot even ordinary-looking trees.
- SLUGION - mazes inside the planet contain untold treasures. But you can collect them, only killing and a strong arm.
- DREEM PIPES - this planet is the repository of the fuel for the ships maiden. It is covered with purple liquid, and Jazz must swim through it to reach and destroy the plants Dewan. Shoot the switch to raise and lower the water level.


Dewan warships appeared already at quite a distance within reach.
- PEZROCK - large frozen blocks form impenetrable maze that Jazz should get around, avoiding deadly, bristling spiked balls.
- CRYSILIS - once simply cold tundra, now a shining jewel in the night sky. This store is looted Devaney jewelry. It is time to remove them.
- TWIN MEGS BATTLESHIPS - turtle ships built their destruction. And they appeared in the distance, armed to the teeth and ready to fight ...
Jazz, flying on its air board finds its way into every ship and destroy the central computer. Beware of generators and other mechanical evil Dewan.
It remains only to find the place in a computer where the kidnapped Eve and release it ...
Throughout the game, your main opponents will be the countless hordes of enemies of organic and inorganic origin. On dismantling them, it will take most of the playing time.

Bonus level

If the Jazz were lucky and found a large red gem, it will be transported to a 3D prize level, where he would have to collect blue crystals.
Having done so in sufficient Jazz get an extra life.
Keyboard control at these levels:
UP - move forward;
LEFT - turn and run to the left;
RIGHT - turn and run to the right;
ALT - jump over obstacles and traps;
SPACE - roll. Jazz rolled into a ball and faster than running, rolling forward. Be careful using this as Jazz wins in speed, but loses the ability to maneuver in time;
F1 - detail level. If Jazz is running slow, press this button to speed it up. The game will go faster, and you will lose quite a bit of image quality
Look carefully for the Exit icon. They will keep jazz away from the crystals, regardless of how much time they have left.
Watch - on bonus levels give you extra time to collect crystals.
Blue crystals - treasures that are scattered here Dewan. Take them as much as possible.
Antigravitator - collect them, and the Jazz will fly through the air.
Rotator - when you stand on it, Jazz will spin around its own axis.
Water - try not to fall into the pond. They significantly slow down.
In order to successfully finish the job, Jazz must pass six game series episodes. Actually, you can start with any, but all are best to do it in order.


- TUETLE GOONS - Devon's first line of defense. With them you will face in the beginning. They are slow and helpless. Not dangerous.
- TURTLETTS - small turtle, is also not much of a threat. They walk around, anxious, above all, the search for food.
- BUMBXNG BEES - huge bee with big enormous eyes. It is easy to find jazz, and their bites are caused him a lot of trouble.


- SPARK - flash, similar to the wandering lights, but much faster and bigger. Do not turn your back on them for a second. Shoot immediately if.
- BLASTERS - defense artillery, located in the floor, walls and other such places. From guns can not escape, but their shots, with proper skill, and can be avoided.
- SPARK-BARRIERS - sparking defensive walls. Jazz must shoot them to pass on.


- HELMUTS - turtles have lost their shells in past battles. They replaced their usual protection for helmets.
- GHOST RAPIERS - there are two types of dangerous and sharp weapon in the shape of a sword. First flies forward to hit you, the other - to be turned around.


- BUGS - two types of insects in the form of electronic circuits, is rapidly running across the floor. They attack anything that comes to their attention.
- ELEC-BARRIERS - electric barriers. Small, but a more dangerous version of flare protective walls. Inflict serious injury to the rabbit.


- TANKETY TANK TANKS - ironed completely unimaginable. This tanks Devanovskoy Guard. Jazz waiting to destroy him from his pineapple guns.
- MISFIRES - Turtles teenagers who decide to play, jumping in front of missiles before they shoot.
- MINI MINES - flying mine traps set Devaney for you. Cause very great damage, so do not hesitate to shoot them.


- BEHOLDERS - these strange creatures come in two versions - purple and silver. They - and the natural inhabitants of the planet are not in league with Devaney. Killing everyone they see, including you.
- SILVER SNAKE - silver snake. Strong opponent. Need a hefty supply of weapons to kill them.


- POTTED PLANTS - the flowers in the pots are dancing the dance of death. Shoot in all directions, which makes them very dangerous opponent. Well at least that they are in their
pots and can not pursue jazz.
- FLY FLOWERS - flying flowers. Move very quickly and kill all the children in their path. In the battle with them will vigorously run.
- SUPER TANKETYS - tanks advanced model
faster than previous ones.


- RQBO-TUETLE - robotic turtle. Move very quickly. This is the last model, the creation of which used search technology rabbits. Hate you and persecute mercilessly.
- GUNNER DRONES - Devan put these powerful guns to protect their radar. Rate and very strong. Jazz may well put a few exact hits.
- LAUNCH CARTS - non-stop shooting at passing rabbit. Way to deal with them - to move as quickly as possible.


- MISSILES - big, fast and powerful flying devices, bombard you with incredible speed.
- DOOFUS GUARDS - one of the most powerful opponents. Beware of him, and be careful.
- SUPER SPARKS - superoutburst. The new model of previous outbreaks. Extremely fast and will do anything to stop the Jazz. Move as quickly as possible and, perhaps, survive.


- JETURTLES - turtles, fired from his jazz automatic dense and frequent bursts. Running into their bullets undesirable as in wait can wait a few turtles and injuries suffered in combat, may be fatal to jazz.
- SCORPWEENIES - scorpions mutants. Very dangerous. Shoot them without hesitation. Three or four bites - and start the level over.
- BOULDERQLLS - rolling boulders. They do not cause harm to jazz, and can push it up. They can be used to cross dangerous areas.


- SKITURTLES - rolling skiing turtles. Dangerous because they are very fast. Your task - to move even faster.
- SKATE PENS - riding on skating penguins. Not the weakest opponent in the army to put.
- SNOGOONS - mutated, ever hungry snow people. Their huge mouths are big enough to eat the rabbit.
- JETSNAKES - snakes, moving with great speed. On the ground, very hard to see, so look carefully.
- YELLOW BUZZERS - flying evil mutants.
- RED BUZZERS - the same thing, only more evil, fast and dangerous.


- SCHWARZENGAURDS - shvartsenstrazhniki. Some of the strongest monsters Dewan. Their shots are very sensitive to gentle rabbit skins.
- DRAGEENS - flying dragons, which are very difficult to kill.
- FIREBOMBS - if the Jazz will stumble on them, it will be only from the smoldering lumps.


- REDBATS - red bats. Consist solely of the wings and eyes. And nothing more.
- SLUGGI - slugs crawling on jazz and does not promise anything good.
- DRAGOONS - Brothers flying dragons. Smaller and slower, but it does more hits.


- TERRAPIN-SWIMMERS - these turtles are here on vacation. But when the water level rises, make sure that you have going on behind his back. Turtles are waking up.
- MINES - mine machines. There are two types: one, big, jumping around, looking for something suitable to knock, and the smaller accompany their big brothers.


- CLAMMYS - strong ground and air clams, puzzled only one need - to bite someone else.
- GREEN SNAKES - green snake. Their teeth are sharp and poisonous. A rabbit for them - a favorite treat. Extremely swift.


- LOOGUARDS - private guards Dewan. They fly around in their air boards. Dodge their prosecution is difficult.
- GOLDENBOUNCE SPIKES - jumping gold peaks. Fly and jump on the ground. Sharp and dangerous.


- BOUNCESPIKES - jumping peaks. Prevent the rabbit to continue their journey.
- GENERATORS - shoot fire bullets from the walls of the vessel Dewan. To get them, you need a good response and agility.
- SUPER-BEES - sverhpchely. At the beginning of the game you have already destroyed a lot of bees. Now they are back, but they have become insane. Devan armed them with guns and turbouskoriteli. Attack you with redoubled fury and might.
- ARMOR-DOOFI - strong battleships, armed with swords. Their mission - to protect the ship. Save ammo, that was enough for these freaks.
- CPU MONITORS - computer monitors. Main computer each ship starts shooting Jazz, on seeing him. Jazz have to destroy them, to destroy warships Dewan.
This is the basic information on the wonderful arcade game «Jazz Jackrabbit».
We hope that it will bring you much pleasure and joy of going through each of the next level, and disclosure of all the many secrets and hiding places, which in game countless.
JazzJack Rabbit