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Fire & Forget II (Amstrad)

Fire and Forget 2 Amstrad
Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Vehicular: Automobile
Setting: Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Titus France SA
Developed by: Titus France SA
Released: 1990
Platform: Amstrad CPC

Continuation of the game Fire and Forget, little like the first part, but because no less interesting.
The plot of the game has become more meaningful: now instead of abstract salvation of the world we are saving our hometown from the car gangs of terrorists. Terrorists, led by a terrible creature, half-human-half-machine (we will show it), for some reason very much want to destroy our city, for which they send columns of gasoline tankers filled with explosives. We, like in the first part, operate a steep military vehicle with a gun with a third-person view, our task is to prevent the columns of gasoline trucks from getting to the city.
In total there are five levels in the game. They are of the same type in content, but they are different in form. Formally, everything is the same everywhere: we are chasing the petrol tankers and shooting them, after the destruction of the "head" truck, the level is considered passed. In practice, the levels differ primarily in the complexity of the passage - one should not think that the terrorists did not provide for the protection of their convoys. But now we have one very serious innovation, which greatly reduces the chances of our enemies. If you remember, in the first part the enemies had helicopters, which brought us a lot of trouble. Well, here we have the opportunity to transform our car into a combat aircraft, therefore, air units do not represent a special threat.
The game was created during the "radical break" in the graphics of computer games. Just two years separates it from the first part, but the difference in appearance is huge. If to the schedule of the first part still it is possible to show certain claims (and that unless from a position of modern fastidious players) to the second - any. Especially pleasing is the drawing of our car and enemy fuel tankers.
The result is a beautiful old race with shooting, a good continuation of a good game, even if it does not have the "spirit" of its predecessor, perhaps a little less dynamic, but more playable.