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Dark Forces (DOS)

Dark Forces DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct Control
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1995
Platforms: DOS, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)
Dark Forces DOS control keys
Questions arise regarding the possibility of future use Kyle Katarn as a freelance agent. The reason - his past service in the Empire and the status of a temporary mercenary. Answers should be given to making Kyle a permanent service in the Union of the Resistance.
Katarn comes from Sulona , Sallasta moon . Like many of our recruits , he grew up on a farm and is very attached to his family , especially his father. In order to follow in his footsteps , he then entered the Academy.
There Kyle discovered his penchant for studying the theory of cybernetic systems and information technology . During his studies , martial art classes and shooting did not leave time to think about politics , although this time the Empire is more change . Peaceful life was broken official notification that Kyle 's parents were killed by soldiers of the Resistance during one of the operations . The final blow was the failure of the Academy to help with the funeral .
While Kyle had no reason to doubt the validity of the cause he served. Overwhelmed hate the Resistance , had robbed him of his parents, he accepted an offer to enter into a special division of the Imperial Army . It was then learned Katarn and cynical nature of the state .
I met Kyle a few years later while working in the Information Corporation Empire , where he was as a double agent , scout Resistance. Constant communication with him showed that for excitement and serenity hides growing frustration of the imperial army and all that surrounded her . Our friendship was strengthened after I showed him the reports that actually happened on Sallaste .
Dark Forces titleWhen I opened and put in prison , Kyle service in the army of the Empire ended as it started preparing for my escape , and then helped to get to the base of the Resistance.
Katarn joined me a few years later , on the way to the far-off worlds , where in the company of smugglers and pirates got a huge experience in organizing sabotage, and as a result has become extremely valuable for the Union.
When we said goodbye , I knew that he was not yet ready to join our ranks . Emotional turmoil caused by his Empire, turned young idealist trusting in dangerous , cunning smuggler whose trust can be earned, but you can not buy.
It is quite obvious that , even if it does not fully trust us, he will never forget that the Empire had done to him . He saved my life and is one of our best secret agents. A hatred of the enemy will guarantee its reliability.
It's sad , but the cruelty and disregard for human life agonizing Empire provides us with volunteers and recruits " - Jan Ors .
This message introduces us to the wonderful atmosphere of the game «Dark Forces», issued by «Lucas Arts» at the end of 1994 "Star Wars" continues. Empire is still formidable , but the Resistance forces applied to it blow by blow , seeking to overturn the hated enemy .
At this point, Kyle Qatran former imperial soldier special division , side and Alliance with arms begins to fight for justice .
Exit Games is expected with great impatience. Ardent fanatics «Doom» jealous of the project , considering that reach heights «id Software» nobody can . Today is safe to say - they were wrong. This game became the undisputed leader of the genre, leaving all competitors far behind.
Unfolding before our eyes is fantastic and in fact, the beauty of the image and action. Carefully traced , varied landscapes and flat space stations , intricate , narrow labyrinths and huge , incredible size , halls , deep cellars and swinging at a dizzying height narrow stairs, elevators and bottomless mine - this game has everything that is near and dear to fans of the genre Action. Describe some of the fourteen episodes that make up the action is useless. So immense palette of colors used by the creators of the program .
Better to include this game , and we will help you to understand it .
In «Dark Forces» no episodes with the passage of a certain number of floors . Everything related to the one scenario consisting of fourteen tasks which must be strictly defined sequence Kyle perform the game.
Each task - separate independent game with their enemies , the specific purpose , and if it sounds in order , return to the initial landing site to fly in specially for you to send transport vehicle ( number of lives , weapons and ammunition goes with you later).
Start another job can only end up doing the previous one. The program automatically to record your victory , and you will be able to play again , or , or repeat any of the episodes , passed not very successful ( with the loss of a large number of lives, primarily or ammunition ) . In this case , playing , for example, the third episode and having the opportunity to go to the fourth , you are repeating the second (to improve current performance ) , will then have to beat the third ( of course, if you want to continue the game with the best performance ) .
Thus, «Dark Forces» what is missing whatsoever intermediate record . This means that , taking the first step , you must pass all the tasks to the end without a single signature. On the one hand it is good because mobilizes player on serious game . On the other - mazes in each job , except the first, huge, occupy , often several floors and a whole stack of cards. So is hurt when sitting for the execution of a job, the whole evening , killing hordes of Imperial stormtroopers and robots , and did not find that raisins, due to which was welded shut and all this mess , we have to shut down your computer , the next day to start all over from the beginning.
However, this advantage or disadvantage of the program - a matter of taste , and we go to the main menu of the game .
NEW AGENT - create a new agent . You just name it and he will get access to the first level of the game .
REMOVE AGENT - remove the agent from the list of players. Be careful , erasing the name and signature you destroy all passed jobs .
DOS - Exit to DOS.
BEGIN MISSION - in the upper right corner of the list are passed missions and another , indicating the level of complexity at which the game is played . Mark the desired cursor .
Selecting BEGIN MISSION, you can set the desired level of difficulty EASY, MED, HARD. Then, using two cursors on the screen, follow the steps in the mission. It consists of :
- BACKGROUND, which sets out the events leading up to this episode , the current situation at the time of the action ;
- MISSION - maintenance job outlining some very useful detail , knowledge of which will protect you from unnecessary suffering and unsolved mysteries ;
- MISSION OBJECTIVES - the points of a specific task ;
CANCEL - to cancel the job ;
OK - download mission and start the game.


We offer you the option given to the "default" . If something does not suit you , you can use CHANGE CONTROLLER SETUP in SETUP MENU before starting the program .


UP ARROW - move forward.
DOWN ARROW - move backward without turning around.
LEFT ARROW - turn left .
RIGHT ARROW - turn right .
SPACE - use ( open , push , pull )
or ALT + RIGHT ARROW - move to the right without changing the direction of motion ,
or ALT + LEFT ARROW - shift left without changing direction.
C - lie on the floor .
C + ARROW - crawl in a given direction of the arrow cursor . SHIFT + ARROW - run.
CPSLCK + ARROW - go slow .
X - jump up.
X + ARROW - high jump in a given direction .


PGUP or 9 on the KEYPAD - look down.
PGDN or 3 KEYPAD - look up.
5 on the KEYPAD - central view (back to normal) .


CTRL - shooting . It uses only one trunk .
Z - shooting . Multiple guns firing from all barrels simultaneously .
1-0 - Select Weapon for further use ( in detail - in the chapter " Weapon ")
F8 - to hide the weapon in the holster .
F9/F10 - iterate weapons in order.
BACKSPACE - switching from the previous current weapon and vice versa.
ALT + F8 - ENABLED - replace mode weapons if the current out of ammo ;
- DISABLED - replacement weapons is not happening.

Special control

TAB - a quick call to the map screen of the current maze.
- Caused by zooming the map.
+ - Zooms .
F1 - call PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT, personal computer (more about this mode in the relevant chapter ) .
F2 - on / off mode infrared goggles .
F3 - on / off mode in shoes with spikes.
F4 - on / off mode in a gas mask.
F5 - Enable / Disable additional lighting .
Button F2 - F5 work only if you have the appropriate equipment .
F6 - mode on / off animation gait ( swinging arms with the movements of the hero) .
F7 - on / off HEADS UP DISPLAY - sensors in the lower corners of the screen .
PAUSE - pause the game.
ALT + + or - to change the size of the game screen.
You may want to bring a hero to control joystick or mouse ( three-button mouse ), but the special benefits you get from it .
ESC - exit in the game in a submenu , where:
ABORT MISSION - abort the current task ; CONFIGURATION - setting numerous parameters of the game:
- SCREEN SIZE - the size of the game screen ;
- GRAPHIC DETAIL - graphic detail ;
- SHIP DETAIL - detail of the ship ;
- GAMMA CORRECTION - screen brightness ;
- MOUSE SENSITIVITY - mouse sensitivity ;
- JOYSTICK - the sensitivity of the joystick ;
- STATUS DISPLAY - enable / disable the sensors in the lower corners of the screen ;
- SUPER SHIELD - enable / disable enhanced power protection (your hero becomes invulnerable and bullets rikoshetiruya from his shield , hit enemies. This is not immortality . Kyle can break , poison gas , and the like );
- GAME: SOUND FX - the volume of special effects in the game ;
MUSIC - the volume of music in the game ;
- CUTSCENE: SOUND FX - the volume in spots ;
MUSIC - the music volume in the cutscenes ;
- CALIBRATE JOYSTICK - joystick calibration .
QUIT TO DOS - Exit to DOS.
RETURN TO GAME - back in the game .


At any time during the game by pressing F1 , you can display information from a personal computer Kyle.
Your computer contains the data of five modes . The selection is done with the mouse .
MIS - the full text of the job obtained before level .
OBJ - the basic tasks of the mission. Circle indicates their execution (in this case , if it is painted .)
INV - items that Kyle brings keys, coded e-cards , infrared goggles , gas mask , shoes with spikes , and so on .
WEAP - list of weapons and ammo to each of them .
IDA - full map mode .
In the upper right corner of the four arrows . With their help (and cursor control keys ) can move the map around the screen. - And + to change the map scale. Arrow button in the lower right corner - look through maps of all floors in this mission. Oh - the card number of the first level in the building. Then - S1, S2 , and so on ...
The game screen «Dark Forces» consists of an image of the surrounding action , weapons, selected first for shooting and THE HEADS UP DISPLAY, two displays in the lower corners of the screen .
They deduce the main current information.
left :
- The first number - your state of shielding ;
- The second number - the health of the hero ;
- The third - the number of remaining lives ( moves from level to level . When life ends , and the game ends ) .
If in combat hero died , but life still has in store , press SPACE, and the action resumes , but just before the point where it was interrupted . Enemies destroyed before you , not raised, all the open doors remain open and so on ... Orange circle in the center of the left display - indicator of health status, two layers dotted semicircle - status light shield.
The right display contains the following information : the digital display - ammo ; indicator in the center - a rocket ; point above - Recharged


Resistance forces have limited resources. Everything is there, and so is the front. Therefore, in these operations you have to capture all that is possible, the Empire. 
You will meet this opportunity early in the game. Its only advantage - does not require ammunition. But lethal force too little. 
Compared with other types of weapons of imperial blaster very slow. Original is a gun, which produces one bullet. Modification, which has Kyle, more powerful and accurate. However, the power of the gun, as well as any laser weapons, decreases with distance. Ammunition ENERGY UNIT (one block for one shot). 
STORMTROOPER LASER RIFLE - assault rifle laser 
Blaster faster, but has less accuracy and requires more ammunition. The gun has the same tendency to lose power with increasing distance. Ammunition ENERGY UNIT (two blocks a shot). 
THERMAL DETONATOR - pomegranate 
This weapon has two modes of operation: Basic (CTRL) - explosion occurs directly from the impact and the additional - (Z), when the grenade released three seconds after the fall. The longer you hold down the button, the farther the cast occurs. 
IMPERIAL REPEATER GUN - imperial rapid- gun 
Basic mode (CTRL) - single shot, an additional mode (Z) - triple shot. Ammunition - POWER CELLS (one for single shots, three - for a shot at one gulp). 
JERON FUSION CUTTER - Quadruple reactive installation 
Was created as a working tool, but is used as a weapon. Basic mode (CTRL) - shot of a single trunk, optional (Z) - four trunks on the conical trajectory. Ammunition - POWER CELLS (one on a single shot, eight - for a shot at one gulp). 
I.M.MINES - mine 
Basic mode (CTRL) - three-second delay explosion to have time to run back toward the installation, an additional mode (Z) - provides the mine registrar movement. One second delay, and then it will react to any moving object. Recall hang around any minute should not be. 
Shoots grenades that explode then. Ammunition - one grenade at a shot. 
STOUKER CONCUSSION RIFLE - gun, causing a concussion 
Shoots bullets filled with ionized air and creating a shock wave. Ammunition POWER CELL (four at one shot).


SHIELDING - protection. Saves from energy weapons, but does not protect against direct physical impacts (eg, falling). 
KEY - keys. Many doors are closed on the floors. To open them, you need to choose the appropriate color key. 
HEADLAMP - personal light (requires a charged battery). 
INFRA-RED GOGGLES - infrared goggles. Allow you to see in the dark (require charged battery). 
ICE-CLEATS - shoes with claws for walking on ice. 
AIR MASK - mask (requires a charged battery). 
BATTERY - supply of equipment for Kyle. 
SHIELD UNITS - enhances your energy shield. 
ENERGY UNITS - ammo for weapons 2, 3. 
POWER CELLS - ammunition for weapons 5, 6, 9. 
MED KIT - medical kit. 
OBJECTS, boosts your abilities 
SHIELD SUPERCHARGE - invisible shield. 
REVIVE - complete recovery and energy shield. WEAPON SUPERCHARGE - doubling the amount of ammunition. LIFE - one extra life. 


Imperial War

STORMTROOPERS - stormtroopers (in white armor). It soldiers advanced units of the Imperial Army. They are not smart, and armed only with a standard laser gun. But fanatically devoted to the Empire, which are the true support. 
IMPERIAL OFFICERS - ordinary officers in the field form and forage caps. Consider it below their dignity to wear a combat weapon, i: j marksmanship pistol more than compensates for this weakness. 
IMPERIAL COMMANDOS - commanders (in uniforms and helmets). Of course, they are from the officers and their relation to the same military weapons. But laser guns and intense physical training makes them much more dangerous. 


GUN TURRET - weapon tower. Stationary, but powerful laser capable of firing in a circle. 
PROBE DROIDS - research droids (flying balloons on thin "legs"). Do not be deceived by the slow movements of these inventions - the power of their lasers is not less than the power of a standard laser gun. 
INTERROGATION DROIDS - reconnaissance droids (black flying balls). More dangerous model. Equipped not only homing weapons, but also with special devices to search for escaped prisoners. 
REMOUTES - remote aerial robots (gray flying balls) These small droids have a relatively small laser cannon, but have a very high rate of movement and the sharp acceleration. Are predominantly painful stimuli! 

Other enemies

TRANDOSHANS - last carnivorous reptiles perform temporary work for Darth Vader. Now they - his constant fighters. Favorite Weapon - CONCUSSION RIFLE. 
GRAN - a long time these rascals served in the court of the underworld boss Jaba Hatga. You immediately know them - they have three eyes. This skillful fighters collected. You need to approach them so as not to be detected by thermal sensors, hidden from monsters in the sleeves. 
GAMORREAN GUARDS - guards. Piggies & e creation, very strong and armed with primitive weapons - axes, Key masterfully. Just do not let them close. 
DIANOGA - sewer creatures. It seems that those arising out of the ground freaks are the fruit of a sick imagination. If you're lucky, and you will notice them before they get you - immediately shoot. Dianoga swim and there are usually right in front of your face. Remember, do not save energy protection. 
Vova FETT - an armored monster. His mastery of the hunter has become a legend, as well as ruthlessness, agility and quickness of movement.


Mission that you have to perform, lead Kyle to places that other party would have bypassed. If they look deadly - they were and are. The best strategy here - do everything possible to avoid an accident. Remember - energy protection will not save you from all the dangers of the galaxy. 
Many things to look out for: 
QS1000 - WELDING ARM - welding hands. Although they were not intended as a weapon, can still be very dangerous. Keep a distance; 
MINES - mines. When you first approach them, they work. So look carefully at his feet. Shoot mines need afar. Better yet, throw their grenades (a large gathering); 
CHEMICAL GAS - be sure to take a gas mask; 
CHEMICAL STORAGE - store chemicals. Again Empire received over industrial waste. Here mask will not help; 
POWER GENERATING UNITS - power generators (similar to small banks). During the battle watch them. The laser can backfire. P.G.U. often found near the spacecraft and equipment.
Now a few tips for those who are going to join the ranks of the resistance forces and go with Kyle Katarn deep into imperial bases.
- Try to complete the task with the greatest possible number of lives. Nobody knows what lies ahead for you. It may happen that it is absurd life lost will not be enough for the final victory. 
- Save cartridges. Ammunition at levels not so much. Be especially careful at the end of the job ammunition. Go on with empty shops will be at least ridiculous. Better to beat the mission. 
- When shooting at the enemies, located at the top or bottom, use the opportunity to turn heads. This will greatly increase the accuracy of the results. 
- Move crawling in narrow underground tunnels. 
- Do not get carried away by false routes, which at each level set. Not always, locked on "firm" key contains something interesting for themselves. There may be nothing at all. (Oh, if only to know in advance ...) 
- On many levels, the path lies completely hidden passages, where it will be not just a cache of useful things, and the main road, or a manhole leading to victory. Carefully inspect the wall. For cracks in the panels - the empty spaces. Undermines passages grenades or mines. 
- Missions saturated balconies and spans, do not get long jumps. From falling from a great height will not save any protection. And the right way, meanwhile, will lie completely there. For example, it may be that from the balcony should not jump over the yawning abyss, and just quietly slide down on the veranda located just below, which begins a new, very important corridor. 
- Pick up all the power batteries, which see. After the destruction of the Droid, radio-controlled mines and other imperial "gifts" they remain on the floor. Without them your special equipment (goggles, mask, etc.) will not work. 
- Do not hesitate to pillage. Run a killed by enemy soldiers and officers. In addition to the banal ammunition you'll find far more exotic things. For example, code keys and magnetic card, without which it is impossible to open some doors. 
- Combination locks can be discovered by elementary selection combinations. If you do not do it haphazardly, leave seven or eight minutes at the door. If you have taken from the dead officers keys can view INVENTORY code and type it on the dashboard immediately.
- Firing of any weapon, be careful to bullets ricochet bouncing off the stone and armored panels, not harm you. 
- Establishing their own mines, do not forget to take a safe (the farther the better) distance. Remember to beat one, unsuccessfully traversed segment impossible. All have to start from the beginning. 
- Look carefully at his feet. Beware spaced min (including in the dark recesses) and radio controlled improvised explosive devices (black boxes with antenna). Shoot them with the greatest possible distance. 
- Throw a grenade, hold as long as you want to throw it away. 
- Starting the game, decide which mode will be F6. Swinging arms while walking looks good, but seriously hampers accuracy. 
- Turn the key combination ALT + F8 to automatically replace weapons, which ran out of ammo, on the other, loaded. Otherwise, at the critical moment of a powerful shot instead hear only dry click descent trigger. And nothing more. While you do to change weapons, you already hailing. A kill imperial soldiers can, and very good. 
- Those who do not have much experience of such games, we recommend you use the first mode SUPER SHIELD, put up the menu CONFIGURATION. Remember, however, that the shield only save you from enemy energy weapons. Poisoning, falls, and bites monsters will bring you and when you use it serious harm. 
- Use mode "transparent" card, causing it directly on the game image using TAB. It will help to better navigate the course of action. But do not use it under the threat of enemy attacks. Unlike cards, viewing mode PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT, «transparent» yurt does not stop the action, and to see the approaching enemy, the more accurately aim, will not be possible.
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